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Auckland Videographer Media Promotions Intern Job

Thursday, November 6th, 2014



I have been doing a lot of blogging about how to get things moving here at kurb when I’ve got lots of money to spend to really get some new initiatives off the ground, but I want to be expanding into doing other things that are more interesting for me.

I can’t leave without beginning the process of making sure everything keeps running smoothely and I can make the money available, and we need someone willing to take on auckland media jobs.

Today’s deal we’re doing numbers and straightening it all out. It’s good to know what’s happening now rather than living in dreamland. We need to capitalize in trading, so we can establish the cashflow we need to pay our new bills.

First step is to get our trading account jacked up.

We have already but one ad up on the big idea, what will happen if no one is interested? Well I guess we try the film schools and star now.

I now believe we will try trademe too, because I want this to happen now, I am getting too tired, I need people on this.

It seems that this blog will now very much be about the transition from this point where income from the business supports my lifestyle getting into trading, and as I increase my trading results, using that to make the business independent of me, and have new people push it forward, whoever those people happen to be.

I don’t really want to rush headlong into the intern situation, although I will work with whatever is on offer. My woofer driven strategy – organic strategies that don’t rely on my stewarding, that is what I’m looking for. Strategies that draw on me for a commitment of anything other than money are to be avoided.

We still have the issue of the video editing though. That is what I see driving it, that I can afford to spend a few hundred trying some people to come around and help me or whatever. We can start looking around the film schools if we are prepared to pay them.

It is about staff, about learning to pay people to do certain jobs. I am looking on odesk for locals now so we’re into it. Odesk, star now, we need to use internet powers.

We do need to by a new dvd cd duplication machine though.

It’s hard to believe all those ideas about food trucks and everything are all to be blown away, they are all happily rearranged by the fact I have an easy way to simply make lots of money. Now I just need to think about how I will go about spending it to make the things i want happen.

Again we need our organising people.

We need that person who’s going to come in for 12 hours per week and take $200 in the hand. But these are just details, it remains solid, a person has to come n and do things, or I get too bored to deal with it. Until we have an apartment lets focus on the work person first.

To have one main worker established will be very strong when I move out also.


So tell me again what the deal is? We just sit and wait until the money and the employees turn up? Yes. And try not to take on too many rubbish jobs.

I think we will go for trademe if nothings happening, we’ll size it up. We have one applicant so far but what I see is with woofers and interns coming, we just make it happen, just bring it on.

What do they do? Well they can learn what we do with woofers and models. But really it’s about what has to be done. CD DVD duplication comes first.

Then what? Me and my personal problems with videos. We have to get these videos done. We need to make improvements to what we’re doing with videos, I will set them off to edit video, whereas also, we will sit and edit video together. Mainly the idea is you just watch what I do and take over where you can.

There’s disc stuff, and then video stuff, and with the video stuff we go on to the odesk stuff.

Then there’s pirate stuff, and booking stuff, and talent stuff.

I mean if I’m paying them and they’re coming here, what’s next? What’s next? It’s NYL.

We have to level with them about these ideas. Promoting artists and artist management is another diversion, but I would have to be ramping some capital.

I need the capital for the apartment so I can move forward. Also the process where we swap over to me no longer running the thing. There are areas to work on.

I just don’t want to be standing there in 6 months with hardly any work and having to pay someone. Well, we’d go to work on our videos, and push the talent agency.

Will I get to the limit where I am having to find work for myself to pay them to help me? No way.

There will always be something. Pirates. Talent. etc. there will always be something and it’s teaching me to be the boss.

Also, we will replicate the situation. Once we have one person, I will give her the job of recruiting another person. Intern #1 comes to work, she already has intern #2 and woofers to do the work.


Check print jobs > call print shop (I have to send print jobs)
Check packaging > package discs (I have to stock cases)
Collect Printing / Packaging / Do Deliveries + Postage (I need to provide addresses and contacts)
Finish Packaging / Arrange Deliveries and Pick Ups.

Part of the deal is that we have to start telling people it will take a day longer. every job is 3 days. Or they can pay urgent fee.

I still make sales, i would hand over photoshop later, and I have to stock the place.

So it’s on me to deal with art, and I would probably have 2 printers and a burner with me so I could do any job that was just discs and produce a sample.

Now we actually have workers turning up, so we need to be clear on what they are doing. We have a lot of cd duplication / dvd duplication to be getting on with.

We need the workers to be doing that so that we can be investigating into when and where the next moves forward are happening, so we’re going ahead. My job I guess is to go in on the bee video once and for all.

It’s easy if there’s dvd duplication to get on with, posters etc., fine. If there’s an especially annoying job such as the bee video and the new beats videos that have just been so annoying and in the way, what else would fit into that category coming up?

Well so begins the cohort, so begins the examination of our whole video deal. Are we set up for editing and such. organising, filming, editing. those are the main jobs, right? That’s where the cohort begins. We need now the next person. The real trainee. Their job is to spend up to a day doing the initial edits, for which I give them $50.

Video Production Videographer Work Experience Auckland

Monday, September 1st, 2014



So I am on the hunt for people who can help me with my video production and youtube videos, developing these concepts I’ve got. Just paying them to come in when I need help, just getting them in on my terms, and paying them, and then hoping things can loosen up.

I need to pay them something, but I am also hoping they will get in behind what I am doing, they have to understand that I will pay everyone the same – not much at first – but the person who does the most work and helps out will be the one I’ll be calling back first.

If you want this kind of auckland video production work email

But I am really looking for people who want to help me, and i wouldn’t be surprised if I have people working for next to nothing soon, because I am encouraging them to support what I’m doing.

So What’s the deal? Just say, look, I’m giving you $40, I need you for at least 2 hours, maybe 3, just please come and help. Do extra, takeaway homework, you’ll be the one asked back. Maybe we can work it out so I can slip you $50-100 to do a lot of the editing work.

with two $40 pods I should be able to produce 2 x 2 minute videos every week. But I could make it 3 or 4, depending on who was around and wanted to rock, what we did together, what the vibe was.


I was just browsing star now for local people who work both behind and in front of the camera, who have skills and want to develop experience.

I run a successful promotions company, but long term I am developing my youtube channel with a combination of music videos, kids videos, comedy, vlogs, etc. it’s just a hobby for now but I would like to take it somewhere, so I am looking for more people I can work with to get more productive and make better content.

I am more of a front of camera person, and I can tell big gaps in my technical knowledge is letting me down.

It wouldn’t be very regularly and I cant pay a lot, but I will pay something.

Just finding out who might be interested. Thanks!


So yeah I do a range of stuff, I’ve had this one man band approach and worked with lots of keen models, doing the whole thing myself – mainly music videos at this point, but ive done plenty of skits, road movies, vlogs – organising, performing, shooting, editing, the works. needless to say, because I do that all myself I spread myself pretty thin and the effect is pretty cheap, and I accept I am selling myself short.

As I said I am not that technical, and mainly focused on my performance, so that aspect of my videos is suffering.

I thought it would be great to find technically experienced people who are also interested in jumping in front of the camera with me, so I can get the most out of it and keep my super streamlined approach running.

This is how I compete, by being small, fast, and agile.

I run a successful promotions business already we do printing and cd’s and dvd’s it goes great and I don’t have to attend to it full time.

I am also a chilldrens party entertainer, I dress up as a pirate, so there is a part of this that is already working as a business, it’s just my video production is not a professional operation right now, it is still my hobby but I am prepared to invest into it because I want to take it somewhere.

I would like to think if I could build a solid team with my previous business experience I could probably make this into a business opportunity also, but that is long term.

I would probably need help for a few hours once or twice a month. I will need to have several options just so we can all be flexible, im not relying on just you so youve got some freedom if you cant make it when I need a hand, and I can have a little network going.


So yes one response so far from some teenage girl – it’s as I’ve said before, we need to find jobs to put them into to begin their development. I am encouraged by bonnie, knowing that if I can get the girl through a few sessions with me, then they will find out what I’m about and worrying about the girls, like with bonnie, won’t be so much of an issue, worrying about whether they can handle themselves.

Now have had another girl interested – so we definitely have to start aligning what we want to do with where we can bring these girls on board.

We can put drunksploitation up there. RC1 episode, pirate stuff we definitely recognise.

The push to have our pirate story, our pirate dvd locked as a basis for our show is a business milestone, it means we can make a show we can take on the road.

And very clear guides pop into place here. I said I’d pay 2 people say, starting on $40 for 2-3 hours work helping me to make 2 x 2 minute videos.

$160 over 2 sessions of 3 or 4 hours for me, and that could create 8 minutes of footage for the weekly show. Well I’m trying to work with the concept, within the confines. Maybe a 5 minute show every fortnight? No you’re constraining the wrong parameters. Because we can’t go into that kind of production right now.

The fact is we would work through our stuff, right through to business stuff, we’re working the pirate stuff, we have our show, and pushing through out the other side to what else we can offer.

– pirate party / show
– DJing
– Girls appearance
– event management
– corporate video
– wedding video

We can go on adding stuff to the mix, we can crowdfund and all the rest, but what’s the conclusion its heading to?

Well me pulling in $500 a gig doing either pirate shows or DJ shows. and doing 3-4 gigs a week.

In order to do that we may have to really get down with these girls and tell them how it is if they want to breakthrough which means doing the work. From the work, the opportunities will arise.

Think of milford market day, lots of fairies coming down, lots of filming, a tight little ad for milford and pirates and whatever created.

Opportunities being worked.

But the resolution reached here is that there are so many possibilities, it’s mind boggling to orientate ourselves to that. Yes, use the dreams, pitch specific dreams to lure you forward because those are lures that work, even if it is to trick yourself into something meaningful.

You can have a plan like basically falling away from gigs to focus more on the cohort, because that’s a plan for now. Plans are for doing. Dreams are for focusing plans.

We’ve had some nice dreams and seen what they look like, we recognise the pattern, we can choose our path forward, we just need to make the right choices traced back to needs we truly recognise are legitimate. Money is not really a legitimate goal in of itself.


A major issue is that we are backlogged with so many videos to edit, it just makes me think we need to instigate our coaching regime weekly do get that caught up, and we will be blasting through because we know our financial goals are tight, to have that same hold suddenly erupt in video, that would be great.

But before we go in deep on auckland video production let’s look at what else there is to do.

The landing page for the cohort ads and links is going to be the next thing. We’ll start with some copy. Then design it up. Do we really think we’ll go forward? Now that we’re recruiting elsewhere? Well at some stage, of course.

We’ll give our interns interns.

We need to be thinking about how we’ll be bringing people on board moving forward.

Drunksploitation, Pirate videos, Editing – editing has to be seen as a big part of this now. The more I shoot, the more I fall behind.

Which means I can ask them to do the bees straight away. I could ask Michelle to edit the first bee video, the dnb bee girls. Then followed by the bonnie skits, I mean seriously that’s 20 hours of editing, 2 weeks going hard. Easily worth $500.

We could get help for NENB. Again, $80, 2 x $40 but this is also a great tester, because it’s so easy. But if we found someone with a good camera or who was into hipster emo cinematic stylistics, that’d be great, we would also of course do Flatmates. A really good camera person. Put aside $100. $500 for bees and bonnie. And then we come to all the gig footage. What we’re saying is though it’s a big job if we break $600 for that too then what we’re saying is we could jump forward swiftly with cash, I can see that now.

By the time we were doing drunksploitation, which could be any time because we’re rolling in with tanks, I’m not doing gigs, I can spend on this.

Then pirates and lord perhaps even RC1 we would be way beyond our video requirements. But the girls would need more, and so on we ride!!

Productive Auckland Video Production

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

DVD duplication, CD copying, postering distribution, printing services of posters, printing screens, stands and displays – this is still our main work here at kurb, but as that is steady for my needs keeping the core business ticking over.

But we are creating lots of opportunities for us to continue to develop our video production services so that we really bring the same vibe to our content creation as we did with the disc duplication – so cheap and so fast, getting it done in a way that you didn’t know was possible to pay that price and still get the result because it’s about combining resources online with the skills to put it together so that you get a suitable and appropriate outcome, without it costing you all that extra money just to get it perfect.

The first indication we are improving in the videography making services we are offering in auckland and around the world to different clients requiring interesting, low end video presentations for promotions is that our whole process is becoming streamlined, and we are able to produce videos made of royalty and copyright free footage in a very short time and these can be useful for promotions for songs, or just really getting your youtube fleshed out.

I’m also developing my skills in online video production myself, shooting music video and short films with little narratives, I am doing as I have always done – learning how to do it cheap and easy without the fuss you expect from hiring real talent.

As an artist I like to work on music videos because I’m working on my skills learning to make videos, and I am able to produce something I can upload that presents my music and ideas that represent it.


Soul Science hits back delivering more soulful experiments from deep in the lab, brooding back alley urban vibes are sliced and diced with broken and cut beats, and basslines delving deep into the heart of the night. Hitting hard with this one off the “Summer Days” EP on the Liquid Drops imprint going deeper with their signature liquid funk sound coming out of Auckland, New Zealand

It’s not that great, but I am learning to do it more quickly and more effectively, and that means as I develop my video editing and production services, I can charge less, and the services I offer are becoming more viable. So I’m learning.

At the moment I am mainly working with a lot of montages splicing up found footage to give my music videos a theme. This is because I used to film original footage but it turned out to be heaps of work, and it seemed like a waste when I’d only get 200 views on my videos, it seemed a bit sad, spending 40 hours on something that was only ever seen by 150 people.

I felt I had to learn better editing techniques, better understanding of formats, compression and preserving a crisp image, there was so much to learn before I got involved in how to improve my actual footage! I had to break it down.

Now I’m making videos and learning techniques but not working so hard for such a small response. You have to stay motivated which means you have to give yourself a couple of carrots to keep going. I will begin to bring back original footage, to music videos, so I can balance these aspects to get the right feel I want, feeling it out my way. But this is probably only after I have gone in some new filming directions, trying out a few video productions based on narrative and narration.

This gives me a chance to come back to filming and shooting video without the pressure of conveying the vibes you need to make a good music video, fun, funky, energetic, youthful, cool – now I’m set to discover new moods to project, and bringing that experince back to music videos should help me improve my scope and range there.

I am already back on fiverr getting various guys to do titles and other littles that I can make part of my music videos but also re use when throwing together montages for future songs that are not that important that their video needs a big deal made.

This is all about training and producing something while I’m learning that can help promote me, I’m hoping that the appearance on my channel will be as if I am someone serious about projecting my concept.

I don’t expect I’ll be a great director one day but if I can get my point across, well that’s what it’s about. Having the skills to put something across.


For the original positive vibes video we’re going to start by laying down all that visual stuff as a bed, then we might put the kings video on top and mix it in with about maybe 50 odd photos from the early soul science era that we’ve never used. It’s from that point we’ll do positive vibes remix by pulling most of the photos and adding over the top all our new found footage. We’ll also have a couple new clips from fiverr.

All the new content – happy people, rastas, party people, will then go over the top and that should all be fine.

Second chance will be the first video derived from this hulk of content, but it’s base will mainly be arty kind of VJ videos we’ve peeled off youtube and vimeo.

It’s saturday. It’s very hard to get motivated. It’s easy to make a plan, but getting something to happen is a bit harder. That’s when I get frustrated and I want to see things happening, just about anything!

But I also believe now that all this writing I like to do has value, because I think of the great minds of history, they were all the types of people who would just write and write, they’d write every day, and even though it’s not structured it is about working to build ideas for life, ideas you can take forward, knowing that I have my issues with concentration, twitter, and news, and items are so tempting to your curiousity, I am always keen to pick up new knowledge but from being on the internet all this time I have learnt that it is simply trash knowledge, or you absorb this stuff and you just glide on, still not yet capable of putting your plan into action and I want to action my plans.

It seems fruitless to write endlessly in the way that I do, but it means that eventually some kind of confrontation with what is holding us back must occur.

I gave up cigarettes and it was huge, it was a step I’ve taken in a new direction which has made my life better ever since, and the same could be said about other steps I’ve made in my personal life.

Now writing on this blog, I don’t make a distinction between what is kurb promotions business, and some of my more creative projects, because reflection on those projects, about how to be successful and promote creative concepts, well that’s what this business is all about and always has been, me looking for successful promotions strategies and then scaling them to create a competitive and viable business.

Just as I making videos and music videos, cheap online video production, I am learning skills to off this service, so that I can be working in this area, learning short cuts, learning techniques, learning from mistakes, and the general quality of what I can produce will rise.

We are still thinking of plans. Plans that are going to get me more creative engagement, and more opportunities to be involved in what is going on.

But there are always background tasks that require attendance, so that we can take advantage of what opportunities there are.

When identifying a problem – like no one to sort out the tours, we then have the opportunity to reflect on a solution.

We need someone to organise the tours. The problem is in identifying whether its a recreational purpose, or it’s actually something you want to scale.

We can only take the mildest step, and another tour for March might be the next plan.

These feel like serious thoughts. I’m going to find my way forward. I blog because I’m serious about finding the direction I want to go with business and creativity. I believe there is a place we can get to where it’s all clearer.

We have to have a stronger vision for the future, where we’re not doing DVD’s or blogs at all, because I’m doing what I want to do.

Old CD and DVD Copying Jobs

Friday, August 1st, 2014

We are still dealing with all these old DVD’s – old dvd masters for cd dvd copying that are now years old.

The most basic appraisal is that I am not using the space for anything else. But I felt that resolving the physical space in my life is a strong concept of minimalism.

What is the purpose of these objects now that my obligations to the clients who have long since exited the scene are fulfilled? My thoughts turned to a future where the information on these DVD’s could be the only evidence of such a thing ever existing.

We used to have this idea that we would save them all and make some kind of time capsule. It’s a weird one.

Is there a future where a computer could watch all these DVD’s and pinpoint the individuals, and build data from being able to place so many individuals at an exact time and place, to be able to render them into actual realities? If it is so, is it important? Is it important to who I am right now.

We go on pretending that somehow these things matter, when really it just takes up space in our mind.

Suddenly the themes seems to be that if I make a video about it, then that’s what it is all about. It’s not about preserving the DVD’s so much as my experience of it. But what we’re talking about is the digital experience. What is the meaning of these DVD’s, the content they hold, what is it’s meaning from now? What is my responsibility to it?

Well it’s obviously something I am thinking about, and I want to use video to create communications, so this is where the overlap exists. I just can’t help but think that it’s a little indulgent. Continuing to make videos about whatever I think is important, simply because I’m thinking of it, so it must be important.

But no it creates the space for some interesting ideas about preserving the past, why we do it, and what we are hoping to achieve, and how that aligns with what I am trying to achieve. There is a story that bridges small business, personal histories, technology and how it’s changing, and the philosophy and emotion of it, not to mention the minmalist approach. And to be able to write something up that communicates that spectrum of messages coherently, and also provides visuals and can be used as an example of my video production presentation material. As well as knowledge of CD and DVD copying of course!

This is an effort to create content more regularly. In the past we have been disappointed to work so hard on video productions that haven’t really been paid much attention. Now we are looking to produce content but in ways that don’t take much effort.

It’s hard to know what will interest people, but as long as I’m attempting to tell a story, which is perhaps only interesting to me because it’s my story, at least I know it’s interesting to somebody! This is my job to make these concepts more interesting.

Now we also have to think about the CD copies, the issue here is that in a lot of cases we won’t know what state the audio is in. We have to start listening to what we’re getting so if we have a clear idea that it’s not worth saving, we can flush it out.

What’s not worth saving? Anything where the music is unexceptional and the recording has been damaged. Just forget it.

What are we hoping for? Well if we can salvage 50-100 recordings and lock them into an archive, then we can offer selections some great recordings that may have been lost otherwise.

That’s the story, we did a lot of CD’s over the years for aspiring artists, most of who would never make it, but often they may have had a tune or two with a little bit of magic. It’s a story that holds on to what could have been, at that many come so close, and yet that’s still meaningful. Many don’t get to have their dream simply because so few do, and I am of a generation where many believed they could be the one who cut through, not realising how many voices were calling for their ideas to be heard and seen.

There’s a story in that, and in that story, I get to clean out my spare room, and see if I get some extra samples. Discover something. This was music that came to me. Perhaps only a handful of songs will prove to be of any use, but I have audited this, and I will send them on into the night with peace.

But then after the process, whatever comes from it, I have emptier rooms, emptier hard drives, and emptier life, but with space ready to be filled by what could be this or that.

It seems like the incessant need to create more money and more space have a limited application if you are successful at requiring less money and less space to be satisfied. Sure it sounds like I’m no longer talking small business or am I? I feel like I’m successful because my business is successful in meeting my needs, I don’t work full time and I don’t require a full time income because of the way I’ve streamlined my whole operation.

I wouldn’t be being honest if I was blogging about bleeding every source dry in pursuit of financial success. It simply doesn’t need to be that way.

So it gets interesting when you settle to a point you’re happy with your income, happy with your environment, but want to strive to do more, to change your life so that you feel fulfilled and empowered.


I just was able to do a full music video edit in less than a day, took about 9 hours, the whole thing! This has got me very inspired, not just for my channel but the idea that I can charge US$300 for this standard of work, and people will get a decent video. I will get a fairly decent days pay, but what’s more, it’s more experience and more footage I can put under my belt.

Definitely a hustle worth playing for.

But how would we push that out? Advertising and blogging, and then going from there.

It’s an exciting possibility but right now it just doesn’t seem to be something we want to invest money and effort into, I will simply keep posting on the blog, and keep dealing with the inquiries as they come in, and keep pushing the idea in thinking areas such as this, that we could get into producing these super budget music videos.

We can’t do it until we’re ready to give it the big push, in the mean time we focus on the content itself, improving the videos for my own creative satisfaction so that in 2 years time when we do offer a music video production service what they’re getting for $300 is a sweet video. I need to keep pushing on.

My idea now for the buzzing music video is to shoot about half a dozen girls in the bee outfit, then shoot tama, and shoot me in town, plus some bee videos, yay its done. Okay so we spent $100 on costumes, oh well. Maybe $100 or $200 on talent, well it didn’t cost so much. Let’s just get on with it, and part of what we’re doing is paying to get good videos with our marketing talent in them. We just are not succeeding in finding a way to use money to make something happen and now I am believing we can just zap something together for buzzing.

We’ll also be doing Your Mine, with the digital neon cowboy vibe, I think we can work it, again, just getting these girls to do some basic shots.

We’ll have to deal with the old cd and dvd copying archives at some point, but until we do, the primary production of new content we can offer comes first.

Music Industry and Video Production Work

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014





At the moment, I am really look for strong new promotions directions, and the thing is we still get a few people coming to us with skills who want to work doing promotions with music, or have video production skills.

We need to able to offer these services in the form of a product that our customers, clients want to purchase. But how, why?

They see examples. They see examples of the work, they get the message they see our ability to deliver that message on a budget.

This is where we could see ourselves as an ad agency, if we’re trying to sell ourselves, sell our stories, sell a story that can sell to our customer’s customer, then we are an ad agency. I just want people who know how to promote.

At the moment we don’t need this idea, it’s just me getting excited because I want to do promo stuff, and I see the potential when you can deliver a product.

But there’s no point in launching into such a risky large scale undertaking, for now, I focus on short term promotion, promoting myself, my music, my videos, and my first step is through involving others in what I’m doing, hoping to spread my influence. But the ideas obviously do need to be stronger.

Maybe there is more to be seen in the content of the work, but the point is, we want to bring people’s skills on board in order to advance a model of promoting a product through producing media cheaply. We experiment with what can be achieved on a budget by trying different things.

There still seems to be an opportunity to bring people together to work on projects, such as this cohort concept, that we bring people on board to get involved so that we are immediately exposing our ideas to new people who are invested, and will push your profile, brand and content so that it can reach new audiences.

How do we deal with these people? Well it depends on the level on which we are being approached or are approaching and the first group this concept applies to are those who are approaching me about my business and getting a job doing a music industry job or video production work. I have to tell them there is no paid positions established presently.

So what do I tell them to give them a clear idea?


I don’t have any paid positions available at the moment, but there is still a lot of opportunities available for those interested in learning about music and online promotion, interested in co-operating around online music promotions projects, and building up skills you can make available should the opportunity for paid work arise.

It’s not usually the sort of thing you walk straight into a job doing, you have to commit to holding an intern type of position until you have learnt skills that the clients that approach me will want to use. However, there is a lot of opportunity to move into the gaps once you have those skills as I am mainly focused on CD/DVD production and youtube now, but all the channels I used to carry out this work are still open and ready to be used by someone who’s willing to learn.

These sort of skills and knowledge you can gain about digital promotions will be useful in any commercial situation, and there is the opportunity to use what you pick up primarily testing ideas promoting yourself, your own content, your own work.

There are opportunities if youre interested, you just may have to commit some effort upfront investing into your skills before youre in a position to earn an income.


Thanks for your mail. I’m not sure how much you know about my operation, but in terms of video production it is a little bit of an empty vessel at the moment.

My specialty at the moment is crafting media services at ultra competitive prices and my main business is producing CD’s and DVD’s which has been very successful up until this point, but I am also aware that due to technology this cannot continue long term.

That is why I have begun setting up the video production business in preparation for taking the same approach in the future as I did that made the CD / DVD business so successful, that is, being extremely competitive on price in order to establish a viable client base.

I am confident I can do this, but this may unfold slowly, however if there were people who had the technical skills that I lack available, that would give me more confidence going forward – my strengths are in marketing, business, customer service, not in technical skills, thought I am learning.

What that means is that there is not paid position available nor is there likely to be this year, however it would be useful to me to have someone to offer editing skills, especially on my own projects as I am working to lift the standard of my product to a more professional level, that shows clients some good examples of work that is adequate to what they require.

Unfortunately, part of getting established means there may not be a lot of money initially, but if you were interested in freelance projects and were able to offer competitive costs that I could work with, then that allows me to produce a better product, be more confident when approaching potential clients, deliver good work at low cost, and establish a viable ongoing clientele.

Also theres modern aspects of outsourcing to consider. Cheap labour means that a lot of work can be completed cheaply elsewhere, but this still requires somebody with technical proficiency to supervise and evaluate the standard of work produced by editors working overseas, and most likely do little fixes and patch ups in situations where a client is requesting particular details and changes.

There is a lot of opportunity here of course because I can also deliver these services for clients overseas, which means we can be very competitive on price on certain projects delivered potentially to australia, america, UK, etc.
I currently practice by doing music videos and working with models, this is not something I am able to charge for, however if you were willing to provide some support on these projects at a modest – perhaps very modest rate – then that means I can get closer to the point where I am confident in the product im able to present, and can focus on my strengths, which is marketing, business development, and working with clients.


I’m thinking about promotion but I’m also thinking about productivity, I got some stuff on trademe finally, we want more stuff going out the door, out of here!

We want to be more focused we talked about that, which means cracking down on distracting online, ocd type behaviour, I think it would be horrifying to see how much time is wasted simply dawdling.

What is the next step in terms of this?

Actual concrete ideas to break through. We need to deal with these videos, so my plan is to go and buy some costumes and enlist people to help with filming and then get it going organically before I start to involve different models.

I was getting frustrated because I got these issues happening around the situation with these models and such.

I didn’t sell it well, I was unconfident and unsure, and it hasn’t worked out in terms of getting the girls on board.

I needed to know how to take a step forward. Any step forward to get me moving out of the mud because I was stagnating, frustrated that I couldn’t get these models together in a way where I felt I could deal with them.

As usual it’s about momentum, getting the wheels turning means we can start gathering the momentum to make the jump.

So first the letter for the music industry job applicants, rolling forward our cohort process, I was back on the invoice game, pushing that out, I slapped out another one just then, I wanted them out the door, I get jumped up. Doing my adsense, doing these little tasks, I am looking at the forex. The truth is forex and domains are little out the back business issues where no urgency exists until we are sitting here with no work. If I have money coming in there’s no need to concern ourselves with this.

Although this only takes us back to the point where we do have to deal with the models, at least I feel clean and clear heading back into deal with that. That was the whole point now I feel ready to tackle it.

I’m going to buy a suit for myself, then I feel confident back in my own zone, doing me as the crazy guy, not asking the girls to do anything I’m not doing. When I can get going filming without the girls, with my own costume, then I don’t feel dependent on the girls to make everything happen.


I need to stop trying to do too much. I just have seen how easy it is to mess up a shot, so I try to do as much stuff as possible so we know there’s something to use. But it’s getting out of control and we stagnate.

We need to have clear ideas. We need to visualize more clearly exactly what will be seen, even if you have to write it out.

Youtube promo is about commenting and connecting in various ways, but we see the extension of the cohort. Models are being paid, video editors are being paid, we’re getting a better product, we’re building the cohort, then we stretch it out from there. Who wants to be involved. What are you trying to do? Make good youtube collaborations. If you’ve got an idea, cool, otherwise I’ve got an idea I’m working on.

How do we attract people? Online, we’re growing out, there’s starnow, big idea, we’ll be on youtube, and then I will begin to advertise, and I will begin to advertise worldwide for kids to contribute video productions to a drum and bass channel and be paid if I use their stuff.

We have seperate ad campaigns we have videos targeting video editors, video producers, kids, models, people looking to work in auckland too, this is where we begin to build the cohort. I’m sure we’ll gather our dirty dozen like that and I will be able to reward them, especially as they reward me not only kickstarting the quality of the content to a much higher level, but also the beginnings of a fanbase, having a crew.

Then again we must look at promo options, and how the content will hook people in and how I’m planning to push it forward.

Well we’re making video. I don’t care if there’s money in it, I’m doing what I want to do, what I’m excited about, that’s what I said, when you’re excited about something, be excited because it doesn’t last.

The Domains of Auckland Video Production, Printing and Copying

Friday, June 13th, 2014

So I am trying to get my latest music video projects moving but it doesn’t seem to be making much progress I need more people in auckland – auckland models, auckland camera operators, auckland video editors auckland film crew auckland videographers, auckland people who can help me because the good news is we seem to have good business in dvd copying once again, but we’re stuck on pushing our video projects forward and that in turn stifles the flow of other concepts we hope to have bubbling up.

We are not near to connecting in a big way with video and music projects, doing that promotion, so we need to be moving faster, not getting snagged up dawdling over video projects, that’s why we need to pay ninja commandos to come in, models on the screen, camera persons shooting them, and awesome editing fx people making it all look awesome so I just have to think of all the stupid ideas and the awesome crew of the brilliant underpaid young cohort will have me producing video that gets thousands of hits and that I can show off and promote and sell sell sell on the quality.

I’ll bring high end arty swish quality to my kurb promo vides saying look, come on, hey, I will sell you this. This thing right here you will look professional and awesome the cohort are all coming to do it, models, cameras, editing and fx, here’s hundred bucks each for half a days work and I’ll put $200 in my pocket and we’re all happy now.

I also need to practice optimizing my outsourced video costs and providers retained for such tasks.

What I am really selling here is access to cheap skilled labour and the means to communicate between parties in those regards, which I can also use to do my own little video projects, which in turn spread to push other enterprises, pirates, gigs, food carts, talent services, whatever.

Here at Kurb it’s the auckland printing and copying services – especially dvd copying and cd copying and printing that keeps us busy by my oh my isn’t so much going on in the background!

We know we are too dependent on dvd printing and duplication services and we are trying to scuttle about getting ourselves future proofed and one of the ways of doing that is offloading costs and a bad one for me as an entrepreneur is too many domains. That’s up there.

Too many ideas that are never going to turn into something so do everybody a favour and knock it on the head. Give yourself more potential with less opportunity, less choices, less investment spread too thinly across too many ideas, just forget it!

Which one? I’m not quite sure. All the vanity sites and the dodgy sites too.

I was talking about potential issues that can distract us moving forward – making sure all bills and taxes are up to date – I still owe ACC money. I haven’t handed in my tax, but I’ve done all the numbers, I just have to hand it in before August.

I still have 65 domain names, at least 30 I’m trying to sell and I have to get rid of them – I counted 34 I want to sell or ditch in the short term, this year. I have to accept that a lot of those domains will never sell and I’m better to cut my losses before I lose another $15. Of the 30 left well, I would a dozen are fundamental for business and art, and another dozen are fall backs, back up positions for particular activities.

Still costs me $500 a year, $10 a week to run those domains. That’s quite a bit, I counted 16 sites that I felt were absolutely worth $15, so it will be my aim within 2 years to have only 20 sites. Will not renew, so I’m aiming to have less than 50 by the end of the year, 30 by the end of next year, and 20 in two years.

I see that I have 25 sites currently up for sale. I am putting them down again, and sites with customized lay outs and good domain names are going out the door, it makes me think I should spruce the whole thing up. I have already established my desire to make $3k out out of these sites, and I believe I should try peddling them elsewhere, as self contained businesses, for example.

Doesn’t it just seem like something that could be done? 10 of these could easily be pushed off for $500. Or $1000 as part of a bigger package to set someone up and support them.

Is that something I ever want to do? Writing sites, design sites, video sites, youtube sites, other sites, I could build them all into a beautiful package and make $20k but is that something I would want to do? Well I’m lucky enough to believe that 40 sites would pull in the $3k I need to make back even if it costs me $1000 to keep them going for 2 years until they all sell. I just might have to be realistic that they won’t sell on godaddy.

There are 17 somewhat dodgy sites I could try and sling for $1000. leaving me with almost 30 sites with some of the juicier offerings there. Because it’s likely by this time next year, I will have to ditch them, and cut my losses some $500 at least, so we have to move on it.

If I start making a lot of money I will make the cut myself, simply because I want to see this resolved because it’s a potential goblin, it’s a good $600 a year I don’t need to be spending.

There are about 10 websites that represent writing, graphic design and youtube services, music services, those are the ones that could kick up $200 or maybe $500 sold to someone with the direct attention, they’d be sold last in the last hope of recovering $2000.

There are about 10 there that are related to business ideas I’d like to push – video production and talent management, I want to keep the idea of those businesses alive even though I couldn’t really sell those domains, but I am willing to spend over $100 a year to wait to see if I want to take that idea forward, solid ideas that could work, that are an insurance policy in a world where I only need to make $500 a week to live comfortably.

So now that the domains are under control, I have to think about the websites I am developing themselves.

The plan I am laying out for websites is to wait for the 27 entries to be done, but I am also pushing forward with the cohort section, and I’ll have a separate plan for the cohorts, and I might think about a new front page with a new vibe. But I might wait to see where my next video direction is going now I am turning away from music videos and towards videos that tell a more intimate and artistic story.

This may give me new ideas about how I want to front my site, what I want to hit people with when they first arrive from that direction.

But right now with domains as with the site, we’re waiting for leadership and ideas to come from elsewhere before we make the decision.

Cohort is the concept we can solicit support for auckland video production services and projects.

We need to face up to the actual challenges and this is what the cohort means. The cohort is about enlisting support, and we need a payroll, we need to have a budget to pay people to help make what we’re doing good. If you can’t think of what to spend your money on, well, it’s the cohort. Pay people. Your biggest issue to push through right now is making videos that people will think are awesome.

When you revisit the challenges of getting these next two videos done, use your surplus to grease the wheels, get moving to the next challenge.

The next challenge appears in the shape of the pirate game. Again, how can we make decisions about the domains, the website and our pirate performer business when we don’t know what’s happening around it? Is money coming from DVD duplication? Well then we won’t want to do pirates, and we’ll be happy to spend on improving our websites.

If not, we need pirates in the equation we need to fall back there.

SO we have all the B plans on standby, what’s the A game? What is the game based on the fact that DVD’s will sputter along and keep us alive somehow for 2 years?

Well that is video production coming through and hopefully the ideas from that pushing the website forward with ideas that will resonate, that projects that are good content that is what the website is behind, its not really a thing in itself. Video production is also pushing the pirate thing into the niche it fills whether being it’s own marketing or evolving into something else.

The pirate thing is evolving, the website is evolving, I am somehow making my $500 and I am somehow finding myself with 40 less domains, I think that is adequate. If we want a new domain for a new auckland website whether it for printing or copying or whatever else, I’m sure it can be managed as a new

Yes well that’s fine but where’s the clear plan?

Complete music video production, then move onto more narration / narrative based productions, we’re talking about new beats, the new RC, which then flows onto new pirate story videos.

So the truth filtering through is how dependent we’re becoming on video progress to make any progress at all, and is that to say we’re dependent on auckland video production ideas to move forward, is that where our goals lie?

Video Production and DVD Reproduction Auckland

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

I have been going okay in my efforts to make this blog better in terms of posting blog posts that actually make sense around a theme.

And one theme is getting things done by breaking it down and getting on with it.

In the last post I finally got my video update for the business up on the blog site here, and I was talking about a few issues – I think we have solid strategies in place to weather the storm, we have enough nuts collected, my concern has been making the very most of the down time and thats where my frustration was at, getting inspired and motivated to push forward with video communication – using videos to get messages across, that’s what this update was all about, practicing for presentation of information.

That’s what my interest in video production is based around, the power of video as a communication medium that is falling dramatically in its cost to produce and distribute. This is where I made my money with DVD reproduction and CD burning services over the last few years, technology allowed me a gap of 5 or so years to provide that service of producing CD and DVD printing etc. and a very competitive price where new kinds of consumer behaviour meant that people wanted to use cd and dvd duplication for as cheaper price as possible.

As for the future of communication, cheap video production is valuable, it matters, we have to keep our skills sharp in this area. That’s why I bothered to film an update, because I can always use the opportunity to sharpen my skills when business is slow, and to think about the long term future of this business providing budget communication and media services.

So that’s why it’s still all about the videos. I’m continuing to work on my own video production projects to bring my skills up while the dvd duplication keeps the bills paid, and it seems we have enough jobs coming in to take the heat off now, so while I don’t have the same total freedom of time, I’m not under pressure to make changes to make the business sustainable.

The more time we buy, the better, in fact I think of all the ways this has helped me to refocus and to consider all the options available when eventually I can’t rely on dvd duplication to pay all the bills.

So firstly we are finishing off a few more music videos before we change direction.Although we’re waiting on the audition to sort themselves out – which means I have decisions to make before things can move forward.

It’s getting harder to simply wait for things to happen, and that is a poor strategy regardless. It seems like the time grows now to be more active especially in video production where it seems it’s going to take more work to break the surface.

Things can get sloppy, mistakes get made, results are regrettable. But that’s what you have to deal with, we seem to be trying to reach beyond the plans we have in place so we can start formatting new concepts in video that could connect a lot better, that could work. Could work to get me more excited, more involved. I want to do something people are interested in.

But right now we still have to push through these last few music video projects. To do that we need to get excited about what is coming next.

What’s coming next is a transition from focusing on the music videos, to doing more arty style vids that are on the fly, and give me an opportunity to investigate concepts, using narration, seeing what can be done when shooting under compromising circumstances. Because we still have to complete the music videos first, we won’t go too much into that.

We are trying to finish a music video for the song “Shadows”, but it’s hard to get excited knowing people aren’t really interested in what’s going on here, it doesn’t seem like it’s something worth spending more than a night or two on because people just aren’t that interested. We’re only doing it so that we feel that we’ve stayed on point with what we’re trying to do.

Which really is about setting ourselves up to making videos people are interested in, and often to create a quality product, you’re on a journey which is going to involve a lot of lessons. Another reason why we want to reach out to others interested in cheap video production and youtube video production.

So in other areas beyond the actual video projects we have down to be completed, I want to start looking at the cohort, which is a concept i developed to get people involved in doing video projects. Again, this concept is about having these last 2 music video projects completed, so I can put my first modest little project video up. Then I have a video to start basing new page lay outs around. Once I have a video and a landing page, I can set up an ad campaign, just to see how it feels, take a step back and look at what it looks like.

We’re looking for a selection of people who are probably in their 20’s or maybe someone similar to me, still looking for an in late in the game – who are pretty unlikely to be pretty girls for a start, they are not actresses or models but people interested in producing video. so my aim is to find a few people who want to commit a few hours either once a fortnight or a month to filming something, whether it’s a music video, a comedy skit, something weird or arty, anything – I help them do something one time, they help me one time. A co-operative attempt.

What are you trying to achieve from this?

Well taking my video to the next level – not just my skills, but my ability to deliver something that people want to see and are getting excited about. They want to share, they want to be involved.

But it’s also about getting me excited. I’m not giving it everything right now because I’m tired of doing music videos on my own. It doesn’t it matter what I try next, I want to be excited and confident about it, and I know if I’m connected with other people who are excited I can possibly achieve more, learn more, and reflect better on where I could improve.

Hopefully I will have an opportunity to reflect on what we could do, what kinds of video we could produce that is effective and simple.


What are your plans in business outside of these preparations in cheap auckland video services? Well advertising I think can add $200-$500 to weekly turnover in auckland dvd duplication, so it’s worth pursuing.

When we reach the stage with video production we are looking at pirate stories again, then we have to think about wether that’s what we want to be doing. I think we are certainly not backing off. Whether we want to build an empire, I’m not so sure. If all we really want is to do a couple of parties a month, then maybe we have to think about that.

But this question is coming up because we want to move forward and we have this question of what we want to make more money with, and what we want to do with video and the pirate stories concept is strong there, but we have to be sure that that is what we are excited about doing.

Value in Auckland Video Production

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Hi this is Matt at Kurb Promotions, Auckland and we offer a range of digital media content services for organisations and groups on a budget – Video / CD / DVD copying, printing, duplication – plus design, auckland poster printing and distribution, and video production.


So recently we decided to start cleaning up the blog by putting in a little more effort to make the blog a bit more interesting to read.

Rather than raking over the same minutiae of my business and various half hatched aspirations, I decided I wanted to attempt to make the blog something that if somebody found it, or I started directing people twoard my blog, or because they were interested in what I was working on, they could read and engage – more reader focused than a personal problem solving focus. I know I have some writing skills but if I don’t stretch them then I don’t have the ability to demonstrate them or put them to use improving my situation. I can’t link to my posts, because they are not good enough for the average reader, but by working on this, slowly, I may get to a point where I can begin letting people know I have a link, I have some writing.

When I post comments on others blogs, or a new community I find, then the trails that lead back to me don’t give the appearance I’m simply a muppet in the game trying my luck trying to drum up support and business, because I’m desperate to establish myself in this.

One of the little things I’m doing is I will be publishing more links which I feel have interesting points worth mentioning. Not necessarily to promotion, or specifically business related themes, but items of interest related to being more understanding or successful in various operations.

In a my clean up post I talked about an article discussing how you can work on yourself as much as you like but the results will only ever be measured in terms of what you can offer the world. If you’re not getting what you want, it’s only because you’re not offering enough to get it.

It doesn’t matter how much work you do to become a better person on the inside, the result it produces is what you will be measured by.

This made me think of my archiving work, my website work, my promotions on my artists site and how so much that I do is failing to provide value to the outside parties – the fans, the clients – I need to attract to make the thing work.

Even writing these blogs endlessly, I mean sure, it looks like I’ve plowed through over 1000 words today already but to what purpose? Make that 2000. Sure, it proves I can write a lot of words. But to what purpose is it all ultimately serving?

So we’ve begun by taking the step to make the blogs more readable and accessible so at least it provides a good look, I can’t really call myself a blogger just by vomiting words onto the screen for the purpose of pushing up search engine rankings, once they become readable articles, well then I have the opportunity.

One idea I had today was that it was time to get on with resolving the issue of all these blank printed discs we have that aren’t really doing anything. But then I realised, again . . . this is just a selfish idea that is convenient for me.

Does auckland, does new zealand want 1000 old CD’s burned with some crappy misprint on them full of my songs or videos? I’m not sure. Just because it’s convenient it doesn’t mean it’s something that’s worthwhile. What I think we need to focus on right now is what people want.

One idea that struck me though is that on one hand, you need to be valuable to other people in order to get what you want.

And yet the less you want, the less you are required to find a way to be valuable.

Let’s have a link then. This from philosophers mail

The dirty truth about Capitalism is not that it is inefficient, but that its ambitions as yet have been so lowly and so restricted.

When we get furious about bankers’ bonuses . . . What we really hate is the idea of bankers getting paid a lot of money when we can’t see how they have helped other people.

Rather than wanting to wind back big corporations, we should have a different and better ambition: we should want them to learn to make their profits by a strangely odd-sounding but in fact plainly obvious goal: truly helping other people.

I guess that explains a little of why we’ve chosen to blog this way, and leads to more to be said for trying to really help people, really look to what they want and need.


Because of this return to the value of production, we slowed up on our archiving project, and switched round and started firing out more videos. I’m not sure what we’re heading towards, but we know when you want to produce videos or anything else it starts with getting started.

We’re getting started showing our skills in presentation and fronting up.

What comes after that?

Well more videos. You have one more music video you want to complete in the next month. And also the cohort getting cohesive. We set up a page, and we set up ads, wow it’s really ambitious. But it is also the point from which our honest investigations into local new zealand youtube culture can begin, now that we’re cleaning this blog up a bit more so you can actually read and follow it.

So I want to reach out on star now. I want to jump on star now and say check out my music videos im doing teamed up with auckland actors on star now, who wants to get out there and make some god damn videos for youtube new zealand, okay???

So we get people starting to roll up because they want to be into video editing, they want to be shooting filming auckland youtube videos, theyre in there, doing the yards and we’re producing videos, a lot of videos, and we’re getting good, we’re getting better and better and youtube video production!

We’re doing pirate videos. This is serious. We have a lot of funny kind of “get out there and do it” kind of concepts we want to roll with but we need to get real we need to get serious with these cohort people who want to get out there and do it with us!

A lot of the material we’re doing now, is just warming up for more assured material coming further down the line because we know how the professionals, the showmen work – they have their routines which they work through, we just have to convey that kind of assurance.

But it’s a lot of work scripting and shooting these videos!


I have finally finished shooting 4 vlogs, wow how did it take me 48 hours to write and shoot 4 videos of me just sitting there talking? I guess I kind of forgot how hard this work is, but that’s a reminder that it’s not an easy skill which is what makes it valuable. Also it’s important we do some more this month, so we keep our youtube video presentation skills sharp.

The skill is only valuable as long as I can maintain my skill level and improve. Not that I see a big future in presenting videos! I just want to be able to push my efforts forward in this area, to take a shot, have a go, and comeback with thoughts on how to improve for next time.

I am now slightly confused about where I’m moving to now, and what my thoughts on this whole process will be.

The first answer is we go back to the 27 archive entries. But as discussed we also have video and the youtube video producers cohort on this list, and then music and video promo is the next thing coming up.

Are we ready for promo? Are we ready for the cohort? Before we ask those questions we can see how it’s all flying at us now we’re not working so much, the highway is getting chewed up as me roll through. It won’t be long until wide spaces begin to open up where we get to shape new priorities and new directions.

Yes I am sensitive to the fact that none of this is putting money in the pocket, it’s not arresting that issue of producing value and could be considered a distraction, but at the same time I salute the ability to march onward, we build on each hard fought step forward, we don’t know how many steps remain but we soldier on regardless, not tied to the belief that salvation lies around the next corner. We are ready to turn a lot of corners before we get back to where we want to be.

A few extra hundred dollars, well up until recently, it would have made no challenge, and we have to remember out fortunes could easily change, and we have to prepare to answer the question of where we can go once we’re back on budget with our core services of auckland cd dvd reproduction and printing.

Auckland Duplication – Printing and Video Websites

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Alright now we’re rocking out because we’re picking up the game – it’s good to have momentum, but not without direction!

It can get very finely detailed and elaborate trying to pick out the faults and flaws that are holding you back, but once you’ve got the energy to hound down the higher standards and efficiency you’re looking for, you just go to it!

Moving forward on our talent websites, but of course also our pirate sites which means not only our main sites, our obligations there to maintaining a minimum standard, are sort of complete and fulfilled there. It never ends with web development does it because it is always developing.

Moving forward with video production, working on a new music video, which was always part of the plan, but it was quite nice how I just got it done with a few short bursts and it didn’t need to be a drama, just rolling through, but that is merely because I am maintaining within my comfort zone.

2 things happened, or more, I went to my outsourcers and started getting a new video locked in, and then I took the opportunity to get some ideas happenig for the new talent site . . . and then . . .

Oh . . . moving forward with newsletters! We realised that the only success that can come from refining our websites and video production and ad campaigns is to actually have people who are interested signing up!

So firstly back to the websites, because we’ve still got $1200 in the kitty for that, $500 should cover our current projects, leaving $700 in the kitty for the kurb site really, but the next things we want to do will be the artist blog, and possibly the music marketing blog, I’m sure a cash injection of a grand would solve all my problems unless I wanted to work on a new site, unnecessary but perhaps advantageous to use the resources I have here now.

I think we will be looking at putting another $500 so we can chip away and by the end of the year have a formidable artist site, and also have dealt with all the strange branches of this site, weird old pages from years back needing a dust off. Then we really don’t need to consider it until fortunes go elsewhere.

So quick sums, $2700 down, – $500 for now, $500 for kurb, $700 for 2 x blog, $500 for further artist and kurb improvents. thats only $2200, should do, for 2012 at least! It just gets better! We could spend more, and I’m sure the sites wont win an award, but whats most important is not looking weary and amateur, as long as you look like your actually care that your site isn’t an embarrassment. There’s a minimum standard to communicate to people that you mean business, you are to be taken seriously.

We set up the next video production task, and we start projecting in the same way for the video production, though we measure it by music videos, I think there’s plenty of room in those budgets for smaller projects, but of course, the budget is there to spend on mainly editing, special editing and animations and talent.

I cant remember what the breakdown was, $100 for raw edit, $100 for abstract edit, $100 for special edits and $100 for talent, if you wanted to spend $100 on miscellaneous shooting expenses – costumes, gas, road trips, food, supplies, props – well im sure that would pass. Each of those budgets could be trimmed to $60, making the whole thing $250, and I think we should make that distinction.

What that means is we have a $250 music video production package that we can push for . . . $500 or $800 including talent and filming, the $500 package would be $1000 or $1500 including talent and filming.

It also means if we really get on a roll we can have a $200 editor, who takes half an hour of footage (which i’ve cut from 2-3 hours) on sunday and by tuesday has a 5 – 12 minute webisode uploaded to youtube with titles and everything. That wouldn’t happen overnight but it’s not unrealistic to pay a guy $150 for 16 hours video editing and 16 hours should be enough.

It may be unrealistic to think I couldn’t do final edit, but maybe I edit to 20-30 minutes and he can take it from there, keep the essence but shaving it all down, and using tricks and snappy editing to create more of a vibe.

The point I’m making is editing would be less of an issue, and I would be more worried about the shoot and content. focusing on that for the weekend would be much more manageable and what I’m seeing is if I can keep my business where it’s at and funnel the time I have correctly, none of this would be that difficult.

The newsletters I’m worried about are only for artists and talent right now, and I believe the solution is to let video drive the newsletters. I need a new video for talent any way! So really it’s about connecting with talent to get these videos happening.

Then we can really kick off our adwords, and what will be happening then? More fans, more talent. For the moment we focus on our product and getting those you tube videos going up!

Auckland CD DVD Duplication, Printing and Video Production

Monday, April 9th, 2012

So I’m doing write ups – copywriting for my landing pages for two businesses I’m keeping simmering in the background in case the cd dvd duplication business falls sharply and I’m left in a tight situation.

We don’t want to be working on what we want to get done later, but what we want to get done now!

I’m not sure what our actual video content strategy is outside of the business timeline, we know we may have to do a lot of online video production before we actually can get paid for it. Well we could do something good if we thought about, or we could just do something and keep trying.

We have to make some plans for later on, that aren’t just fancies.

I’m honestly giving it 4 years before I’m noticing slowing, but it could slow very quickly, by 2018 I think I will need something else contributing significantly to my income and I believe I could make $1000 from video production and related activities and also my pirate entertainment every week, which would be enough. Effort I put in now will help me in the long run however.

We just don’t want this complicating everyday business for us now that’s why we set the very basic goals of at least having a half decent website, then we really only need worry about as time dictates, the inevitability being the less cd duplication we do, the more time we will have to consider other business options.

For the video production website we will be putting new packages together, and then adding new copy and new videos based on that.

But we want ad campaigns ready to launch as well, having them simmering away on $20 p/week, ready to go to $50 the moment we want to see real action. I’m testing new approaches to ads on my artist website.

But there’s no real deal there to sell people on.

When is something a waste of time, in terms of just being driven by vanity? I seem to have too many ideas that I can indulge because I can afford to spend money on them without knowing if it will work. You can never really know. But you can’t just say “once I’ve spent $5k, $10k on promoting my business, it’s bound to be successful.”

Given my track record you might agree, but usually I felt my way to where the money was out of desperation, now, I can’t just hope spending up will land me somewhere near somewhere where money can get made in video production.

With artists websites it’s even worse, we have no guarantee of something that could work. That’s why we need a strong brand. So how much is it worth to get a free trip overseas and 500 people buy every one of your tunes and 100 people coming to every gig? How much is that worth? To be making $10k a year and getting free trips all from music?

Surely that’s worth a lot more than $5k.


I’m trying to organise better systems and processes in my business which extricates myself from the situation. I want to be able to be on top of my business within a few hours, and ready to do some awesome video production.

My plan is to have a employee who connects with the print staff to complete the packaging and delivery of all our cd dvd and printing jobs.

So my main jobs become sales, print orders, and supplies. Once that happens I don’t become involved again until the invoice gets sent out. Then I have to send reminders, then on isolated cases, I have to get serious. Which is a drag.

Also we need clearly defined lines. When writing off $2k is as bad as it gets, it’s no picnic but it’s not really a disaster. We’ll live. Any more than that is a bummer and it’s not worth going with.

So what I’m saying is more discipline is required to keep the job under control. But there is the option of getting it completely outsourced, the reminder emails anyway, but that may be a false solution. Being more disciplined about not letting people run up big accounts will be the best solution, because it means not ever having the problem in the first place.

So I do the sales, I process the printing orders, I collect supplies and I follow up invoices. Then I’m done. I wake up in the morning go to the cafe where I can do all my sales emails, print orders, and even send invoices and reminders. I may have to pick up supplies, I may have to check in that everything is going smoothly, and check in on sales emails later in the afternoon.

Other than that I’m free to do video production, but the way things are changing are we really committed to growing any extra business activities?

With video production it’s really just my own stuff I should be getting on with. What is the first opportunity to make money? Lots of hits for viral videos so I think we need to get on with our schedule there, the more music videos we produce ourselves, the more online video production we roll out, The more we’re able to say we can do this.

I had some great ideas going on the video production blog about how to break down the costs of each part of the post production so that I can be producing these video as a service, but also get access to the talent I need to roll out 100 videos that would get 1000 hits every week.

We need to consider the long game. What are we really trying to do here? A lot more performance and content revenue over time, the issue is it’s just not rewarding. What we don’t want is in 10 years time to be barely scratching $600 out of kurb, and relying on entertainment to raise $800 every week.

But we’ve got video production, and various marketing stuff, wedding video production, don’t forget the trading, and gardening! If I was doing 2 pirate shows, pulling $200 off song sales and ad revenue from 50,000 hits on 200 videos every week, and doing $1000 worth of video production a month, and doing some trading, I’d be alright.

8 years is a long time which is the only realistic expectation for things to decline that much. It’s just good to know what the plan is when in 2020 not too many people are going to want discs. But we still have to help people deliver their content.