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The Auckland DVD Duplication Fairy

Friday, September 20th, 2013

I am still making slow but steady progress improving various sites such as this one, for the marketing of my dvd duplication and cd duplication processes right here in Auckland, New Zealand.

I guess duplication can be known as other names, dvd copying, dvd reproduction or dvd pressing and dvd printing, not to mention the dvd packaging with inserts, sleeves, slicks, there are a lot of names to cover so that when you have clients searching for a particular service such as auckland dvd duplication then you’re able to make yourself visible and findable to them.

Cd and DVD duplication along with the printing and auckland postering we do will stay steady to some extent over the years, and I will not have to do much work. I’m just looking for one or 2 business ideas that I don’t have to make a huge commitment to to make work enough so that with something else to keep me earning for the next 15 or 20 years, so I’m good for cash.

There are business ideas I am looking for that cover particular strengths – we want the high margin service. We want the upsell. We want to be able to put in a system that new people and less experienced people can work, get these ideas going. I want to be able to earn a lot of money in a short time. I can entertain, and I can finance various ideas so we use those strengths to our best advantage.


I am committed to doing my pirate show and I am also getting committed to the idea of eden park. Being able to do something there at the games, but also being able to shift that operation elsewhere, and double down with the pirate thing and some kind of food truck that also sells DVD’s etc. could it all be used to promote, or be promoted by dvd duplication?

The idea of a food stall is that it is not hard or challenging work, and I can get out there and entertain to bring value to a product everybody wants any way – food!

You’re aiming to get 100 people to spend $10 on some food and a drink. I even reckon you could serve coffee in the garden, sell 50 of those at least, And set up the usual fare in your mobile stall, ill get out there hustling as a pirate, I reckon you could take $800. Staff, $100, coffee, food etc, $200. Make $500.

Then when there’s not a game, you go somewhere and set up with the pirate and fairy, do an hour, try to sell $500, drive somewhere, do another $500. Staff $100, Coffee, Food, $200, gas $50. So I go out and make $600 in 4 hours. But what I’d really be doing, is negotiating to bring my truck wherever I perform. So I get our fee for $250 to come and perform, while quietly the truck takes in $500. I should come out with $500 out of that.


So I am getting talent prepped up for video and I am thinking about the long term possibilities in kids entertainment, when I put everything in place. Once we have a picture of how we want hings to look, then I guess we can start putting together a path to get there.

My plan is to do an average of 1 show and one birthday every week which with youtube and merch, would put me solidly pulling in $500 – maybe not next year, but 2015! I’m really getting my heart set on making this happen. I think I know that I probably wouldn’t catch up on the gap but if I can do 20 shows and 20 parties next year, and 2 x 30 in 2015, I’d be well placed to go to 2 x 40 in 2016.

So at the moment for talent we have Shannon, Claire, Rose, and possibly Katharine and Alice. Once we have 5 locked in, I say we leave it there for now.

What do we plan to do with the fairy thing?

Well, a lot of girls want to be fairies or what not. We channel them into youtube and doing lots of practice type stuff, improv, finding out what different girls can do, in fact we could start developing different shows and storylines with girls, and then just start condensing as necessary.

It’s like this, you start off doing skits then you get a story going, characters, and then you start nutting out how to create a story to string the funny bits together.

At this point I need to be advertising, and I need to be roping fairies into promo ideas. Then, we’re doing 1 or 2 parties a weekend, but we’ve got our fairy to take over padding out the show.

I can expand the fairy wing, but I would have to school my girls on the fairy game and have them play hardball, knowing it’s not the end game for me. I want to see where I can book, and start pushing for better gigs. But at some point, we must have a show to present.

30 minutes, for $500. 2 fairies. They get $60 each a show. They do their own party, they get $100, they do one with me, they get $40. They do a 3 hour prmo appearance, they get $50. $200 for 3 hours work? I would of course get $380, $50, $140 and $200 if I do one of each, $770. Let’s minus expenses and call it $700. Let’s scratch the street and say we’re doing 1 show and 2 birthdays OR a street appearance and I’m getting $500. Looks good, especially as I say if I’m bringing in another $50 on youtube.

If the girls are losing enthusiasm for being a fairy, I have a series of open ended skits – god, modelling, key girl – as well as the standard music video production and promo video production ideas, I guess, we gauge how much we can get out of them before we pay, and then decide what we’re prepared to pay for.

So the facts are there will be very little money, and that’s where we’ll lose these girls, if they don’t love working with me, they’ll soon realise there’s no money. We have to wait for that one in ten who just loves to do it any way and start collecting those ones. I’m such a collector.

Okay you make it $400 a show as long as you get 2 shows a day. you do 3 days, then play a DJ gig, then do a hall show then a DJ gig, then a hall show!

How does a hall show play? Well $10 a head and you haope for $1000, plus $500 in merch and snacks. Hall hire is $300. So let’s say $700 door and $300 merch. $700 profit. 6 x $400 = $2400 2 x $200 = $400 2 x $700 = $1400

TOTAL: $4200

Accom: $500
Petrol: $200
Fairies: $1000

= $2500

But yknow. 10 shows. But yknow. A months worth of work.


But yknow as I say, most weeks I will be angling to do a stall once and a show once, and pull $500 out of those. I might still do a party but I want $200.

Or maybe I could incorporate the whole thing, do a party and a stall, Make $250 at the party, $400 at the stall, $80 for staff, $120 for gas and food, make $450, I’m happy. So it’s either

a school show $400
a birthday and stall combo $450
an eden park stall $500
or a fair/street market type situation with pirate matty $500

Any two of those. And I’m still making $1000 p/week doing posters, auckland dvd duplication and such. Dvd printing.

We can take the food cart on the road. I mean after the performance we could say 100 kids get an ice cream and a DVD for $5. Costs me $100. Make another $400 just like that. Could take no less than half an hour to give the kids their treat though. And your petrol costs would be an extra $100. Sell it for $800 as a package a 40 minute show with 3 performers plus a snack and dvd for every kid? $650 if I can get another school close by?

So any way, great to brainstorm a lot of ideas to do with my kids shows, a food stall or food truck and of course keeping the auckland dvd dplication and cd duplication going as always as kurb here.

Auckland Duplication – Printing and Video Websites

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Alright now we’re rocking out because we’re picking up the game – it’s good to have momentum, but not without direction!

It can get very finely detailed and elaborate trying to pick out the faults and flaws that are holding you back, but once you’ve got the energy to hound down the higher standards and efficiency you’re looking for, you just go to it!

Moving forward on our talent websites, but of course also our pirate sites which means not only our main sites, our obligations there to maintaining a minimum standard, are sort of complete and fulfilled there. It never ends with web development does it because it is always developing.

Moving forward with video production, working on a new music video, which was always part of the plan, but it was quite nice how I just got it done with a few short bursts and it didn’t need to be a drama, just rolling through, but that is merely because I am maintaining within my comfort zone.

2 things happened, or more, I went to my outsourcers and started getting a new video locked in, and then I took the opportunity to get some ideas happenig for the new talent site . . . and then . . .

Oh . . . moving forward with newsletters! We realised that the only success that can come from refining our websites and video production and ad campaigns is to actually have people who are interested signing up!

So firstly back to the websites, because we’ve still got $1200 in the kitty for that, $500 should cover our current projects, leaving $700 in the kitty for the kurb site really, but the next things we want to do will be the artist blog, and possibly the music marketing blog, I’m sure a cash injection of a grand would solve all my problems unless I wanted to work on a new site, unnecessary but perhaps advantageous to use the resources I have here now.

I think we will be looking at putting another $500 so we can chip away and by the end of the year have a formidable artist site, and also have dealt with all the strange branches of this site, weird old pages from years back needing a dust off. Then we really don’t need to consider it until fortunes go elsewhere.

So quick sums, $2700 down, – $500 for now, $500 for kurb, $700 for 2 x blog, $500 for further artist and kurb improvents. thats only $2200, should do, for 2012 at least! It just gets better! We could spend more, and I’m sure the sites wont win an award, but whats most important is not looking weary and amateur, as long as you look like your actually care that your site isn’t an embarrassment. There’s a minimum standard to communicate to people that you mean business, you are to be taken seriously.

We set up the next video production task, and we start projecting in the same way for the video production, though we measure it by music videos, I think there’s plenty of room in those budgets for smaller projects, but of course, the budget is there to spend on mainly editing, special editing and animations and talent.

I cant remember what the breakdown was, $100 for raw edit, $100 for abstract edit, $100 for special edits and $100 for talent, if you wanted to spend $100 on miscellaneous shooting expenses – costumes, gas, road trips, food, supplies, props – well im sure that would pass. Each of those budgets could be trimmed to $60, making the whole thing $250, and I think we should make that distinction.

What that means is we have a $250 music video production package that we can push for . . . $500 or $800 including talent and filming, the $500 package would be $1000 or $1500 including talent and filming.

It also means if we really get on a roll we can have a $200 editor, who takes half an hour of footage (which i’ve cut from 2-3 hours) on sunday and by tuesday has a 5 – 12 minute webisode uploaded to youtube with titles and everything. That wouldn’t happen overnight but it’s not unrealistic to pay a guy $150 for 16 hours video editing and 16 hours should be enough.

It may be unrealistic to think I couldn’t do final edit, but maybe I edit to 20-30 minutes and he can take it from there, keep the essence but shaving it all down, and using tricks and snappy editing to create more of a vibe.

The point I’m making is editing would be less of an issue, and I would be more worried about the shoot and content. focusing on that for the weekend would be much more manageable and what I’m seeing is if I can keep my business where it’s at and funnel the time I have correctly, none of this would be that difficult.

The newsletters I’m worried about are only for artists and talent right now, and I believe the solution is to let video drive the newsletters. I need a new video for talent any way! So really it’s about connecting with talent to get these videos happening.

Then we can really kick off our adwords, and what will be happening then? More fans, more talent. For the moment we focus on our product and getting those you tube videos going up!

Blogging in Auckland’s CD DVD Duplication and Printing Game

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Hi this is Matt,

Where abouts do I blog now about the things that matter? I don’t know I’ve just been noticing that though I’m continuing to churn out blog posts at a semi regular rate, the income from the ads I place on my blogs has gone down dramatically to the point where I have to wonder whether they are really worth it.

The main commitment I have to fulfill is to finish off all my websites, the main ones being the pirate birthdays site, and perhaps then the talent site, that’s my minimum, I’ll look into different stuff I can do with my artist site later, which will then become the focus.

I don’t see the point in fixing this site until my hand is forced, or just becomes nonsense not to blow a grand on something and improving the website would be a big help for general branding purposes because that’s where all my new clients find me.

But right now, it comes down to blogging in a lot ways, the reason I got so into blogging was that I saw that it provided benefits in so many areas.

– Good for search engine promotion
– Good for unwinding and processing thoughts
– Good for representing ideas

And you could also earn a few dollars a day from ads, well not that’s gone done to a few dollars a week and that’s pretty sad, if I was actually serious about writing something on my blog I would probably give the ads a heave ho.

But it really is about your vision for blogging. My vision is to not think, just write because that way blog get posted and ideas keep coming, and my site keeps ranking. Ad revenue is really pretty irrelevant, but the emerging opportunities can’t be denied, at some point you may have to recognise that 1 well written article will be worth 10 time more than 10 poorly written articles of my just rolling words out.

The point is google is on a mission to deliver the content that people want, and people don’t want lazy content, there’s too much information, you have to have some respect for the overall trajectory of online information, and that is to eradicate spam, noise, useless information and bring people the information they want, and me just mentioning cd duplication and dvd duplication in these blog posts and talking about cheap printing well, I don’t know if that can go on.

It can, but it, like so many other fads and passing windows of opportunity can just become so ineffective that it becomes pointless, so we need to be aware of how we can measure the response we’re getting like good marketers. For now, it’s not broken, so we maintain our position, but we certainly wont be becoming complacent, we know serious shifts will arrive within the next 5 years – winter is coming. And our preparations make the difference whether we segue through to other activities not leaning so much on cd dvd duplication and replication services and we barely feel the pinch at all, or we find ourselves scratching together a hundred or two here or there each week and we are called upon again to dig deep and get ourselves running in a valued market.

To be honest, given my experience, I really don’t see myself having any problems. We will always find something we can do that people will pay for. It may not be easy work, I may have to work more than 4 hours a day and leave the house to do it. As long as I can scratch together $1000 most weeks, then I may not live like a king, but I’d find a way to live a life I was happy with. I reflect that if I did make $1000 p/week, my life would be different, week after week only doing 20 hours at the very most, earning from hobbies, life would be different and other things would blossom, I don’t see how it could last more than a year, and the way I am, there’s always a danger I’ll come up with something brilliant and set myself up again.

Or just as likely set myself up, on top of already having set up my first business, so that I have more than enough money for myself and I can move into more creative and charitable stuff, particularly social entrepreneurship, ideas that may turn a profit, but I principally design to help those in need.

What can we do where we’re focused on what has to be done right now.

You got two situations, the workflow is managed and I’ve got more spare time, or the workflow slows and it really would have to slow a lot to be an issue, but it’s certainly managed, and the result is the same, more spare time, more opportunity to invest effort into the business to keep it robust in terms of brand etc.

Once the sites look good you’re waiting until blogging doesn’t work any more to promote cd dvd duplication and auckland printing.

Auckland CD DVD Duplication, Printing and Video Production

Monday, April 9th, 2012

So I’m doing write ups – copywriting for my landing pages for two businesses I’m keeping simmering in the background in case the cd dvd duplication business falls sharply and I’m left in a tight situation.

We don’t want to be working on what we want to get done later, but what we want to get done now!

I’m not sure what our actual video content strategy is outside of the business timeline, we know we may have to do a lot of online video production before we actually can get paid for it. Well we could do something good if we thought about, or we could just do something and keep trying.

We have to make some plans for later on, that aren’t just fancies.

I’m honestly giving it 4 years before I’m noticing slowing, but it could slow very quickly, by 2018 I think I will need something else contributing significantly to my income and I believe I could make $1000 from video production and related activities and also my pirate entertainment every week, which would be enough. Effort I put in now will help me in the long run however.

We just don’t want this complicating everyday business for us now that’s why we set the very basic goals of at least having a half decent website, then we really only need worry about as time dictates, the inevitability being the less cd duplication we do, the more time we will have to consider other business options.

For the video production website we will be putting new packages together, and then adding new copy and new videos based on that.

But we want ad campaigns ready to launch as well, having them simmering away on $20 p/week, ready to go to $50 the moment we want to see real action. I’m testing new approaches to ads on my artist website.

But there’s no real deal there to sell people on.

When is something a waste of time, in terms of just being driven by vanity? I seem to have too many ideas that I can indulge because I can afford to spend money on them without knowing if it will work. You can never really know. But you can’t just say “once I’ve spent $5k, $10k on promoting my business, it’s bound to be successful.”

Given my track record you might agree, but usually I felt my way to where the money was out of desperation, now, I can’t just hope spending up will land me somewhere near somewhere where money can get made in video production.

With artists websites it’s even worse, we have no guarantee of something that could work. That’s why we need a strong brand. So how much is it worth to get a free trip overseas and 500 people buy every one of your tunes and 100 people coming to every gig? How much is that worth? To be making $10k a year and getting free trips all from music?

Surely that’s worth a lot more than $5k.


I’m trying to organise better systems and processes in my business which extricates myself from the situation. I want to be able to be on top of my business within a few hours, and ready to do some awesome video production.

My plan is to have a employee who connects with the print staff to complete the packaging and delivery of all our cd dvd and printing jobs.

So my main jobs become sales, print orders, and supplies. Once that happens I don’t become involved again until the invoice gets sent out. Then I have to send reminders, then on isolated cases, I have to get serious. Which is a drag.

Also we need clearly defined lines. When writing off $2k is as bad as it gets, it’s no picnic but it’s not really a disaster. We’ll live. Any more than that is a bummer and it’s not worth going with.

So what I’m saying is more discipline is required to keep the job under control. But there is the option of getting it completely outsourced, the reminder emails anyway, but that may be a false solution. Being more disciplined about not letting people run up big accounts will be the best solution, because it means not ever having the problem in the first place.

So I do the sales, I process the printing orders, I collect supplies and I follow up invoices. Then I’m done. I wake up in the morning go to the cafe where I can do all my sales emails, print orders, and even send invoices and reminders. I may have to pick up supplies, I may have to check in that everything is going smoothly, and check in on sales emails later in the afternoon.

Other than that I’m free to do video production, but the way things are changing are we really committed to growing any extra business activities?

With video production it’s really just my own stuff I should be getting on with. What is the first opportunity to make money? Lots of hits for viral videos so I think we need to get on with our schedule there, the more music videos we produce ourselves, the more online video production we roll out, The more we’re able to say we can do this.

I had some great ideas going on the video production blog about how to break down the costs of each part of the post production so that I can be producing these video as a service, but also get access to the talent I need to roll out 100 videos that would get 1000 hits every week.

We need to consider the long game. What are we really trying to do here? A lot more performance and content revenue over time, the issue is it’s just not rewarding. What we don’t want is in 10 years time to be barely scratching $600 out of kurb, and relying on entertainment to raise $800 every week.

But we’ve got video production, and various marketing stuff, wedding video production, don’t forget the trading, and gardening! If I was doing 2 pirate shows, pulling $200 off song sales and ad revenue from 50,000 hits on 200 videos every week, and doing $1000 worth of video production a month, and doing some trading, I’d be alright.

8 years is a long time which is the only realistic expectation for things to decline that much. It’s just good to know what the plan is when in 2020 not too many people are going to want discs. But we still have to help people deliver their content.

Improving Auckland CD DVD duplication systems

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Now I’m really churning into the new year wisdom. We had big plans as usual until we recognised they were all doomed because I was getting ahead of myself. I haven’t sorted out my main business and I cant establish another in that case.

Last few posts basically have been pretty clear – I’ve got too much on my plate as it is to be fully invested into my entertainment services.

So I was wondering what I could do, to progress my business that had more certainty and security to it. This obviously comes back to strengthening my core business.

Not having decent portraits isn’t the issue. Stress that leaps up is the issue but I’m learning to get control of it.

Cheap printing is a big part of my business and it is really very little effort on my part, except in dealing with the clients. To me making $50 over this stuff is worthwhile, but is it? How often would I have given $50 to be that much less busy? It’s not the work of forwarding the design and driving down to pick it up, it’s the responsibility for the job, and often when they are coming to pick up the design, it means being tense and unable to relax knowing I still have one more client coming.

Often, a day can seem stressful just remembering I have to pick up some printing or meet a client to get that printing to them. I know that there’s been times when I could have had the day to myself after 2pm but for having to wait on the printing and get it to the client.

I think if my income drops, $50 will be something I’d be a lot more interested in. When I got desperate in 2010 when I hit a very rare dry patch, I remember I delivered some flyers across town for $30. So don’t get too haughty just yet!

With the poster distribution and flyers, I think we need to put the prices up for a start. No actually, keep the prices the same, raise the level of service then wait for demand to increase. We need to be using more glue and more glossy posters that stick longer. Glue is getting too expensive, it’s almost doubled in price. we need to find better options. But gas has gone up a lot too, so it’s something that is justified in rising costs. So I just bought $180 worth of glue $70 online that should last me 2 months at least.

It’s not the saving, it’s the fact that having to go and get glue is not a weekly issue, and I’ve noticed a lot of that stuff in my life, that’s why I probably wallow more than I used to. because I can.

But core business is still dvd cd duplication, so what is the process of cd dvd duplication that can be improved?

make sale – generally solid. customers spending $500 or more are the ones who really matter. people spending less than $200 who are being funny should be discouraged by being told they will face a wait. Tell people you can do a demanding job but always offer a disclaimer based on them having the right materials and paying upfront.

payment –
demanding/urgent job – upfront or cash on collection
normal job – 5% off for upfront payment, otherwise cash on collection, or 50% upfront and 50%
corporate/government – payment within 30 days.

receive art masters – add 2 days for design or $25.

receive content masters – master cd or – add 2 days or $20 compilation fee. buy dvd player.

– only orders over $500 should receive free design and free download + compilation.

supply prints – assistant doing print run
supply packaging
supply discs – discs and cases should be stockpiled.

except for sleeves, we’ve never run out of sleeves.

1000 x cd
1000 x dvd
200 x slimline
200 x jewel case
500 x dvd case

supply ink – ink should be continually stocked.

– assistant with car doing cd/dvd/cases/plastic/ink/print supplies run

print discs
burn discs

– assistant

assemble packaging

– assistant
10 point programme!

Super Auckland Video DVD Production Services

Monday, December 19th, 2011

I am getting so super organisational at the moment! I guess well, I might even start blogging about something that matters or makes a difference because as I’m getting more organised my brain is speeding up and I’m getting stuck into things faster.

Recently I was interested in how to get more productive because I had this habit of doing everything that needed to be done at the beginning of the day and then slumping out kind of directionlessly, so in the afternoon I was bumming around when I needed to be pushing other agendas I had planned.

So practically we turn up 3 examples:

– I have to do my tax or I’ll keep stacking up late fees and interest. Because it’s hard to understand and it always seems like I owe more tax than I thought it seems like this untamed beast.

– I have to continue archiving to know where I’m at with every single physical and digital item in my possession. Total control of my environment in order to create gardens of creative and innovative space free from being tied down to concerns of objects that we don’t know really if even matter.

– The childrens entertainment concept is clearly leading out of the gate in terms of where I want to develop my business. We have to PLAN video production and photography

But if you follow what I’m thinking you’ll see that before you can do something creative and strategic, you have to plan, but before you can plan, you need to unclutter your mental and physical process, but before you can unclutter, but you can’t unclutter yourself and rid your gardens of weeds if you have serious actual situations to deal with.

But I don’t need to deal with tax, I can just wait for it to become a problem and then deal with it, but the problem is tax and acc together, if I deal with the tax first I can then tackle acc, they’re a slippery bunch, you can just tell that give them half a chance amd they’ll be racking up insane penalty fees for anything you can think of. That’s what I’m worried about, them getting cheeky and sneaky like that.

How can I seriously unclutter my life when I’m never sure a nasty surprise from that lot isn’t coming? I’ve seen this stuff play out, suddenly you owe grands and you’re not sure how you got there. That’s what my gut is telling me.

The point about being diligent is progressing to a point of what? Nothing can go wrong? Now we’re talking about the end game. The point of diligence is to be prepared and aware, when your prepared and aware you can get everything processed to where it needs to be, and the point of processing is to create a pure and streamlined environment for planning based on creative and innovative thought.

My tax is ready to go, I only need to spend a few hours getting it in order and I can go to the accountant. The new business is much the same.

So in the spirit of the first call, to diligence, what do we need to be aware of? All our administration being sorted out. Then it’s marketing and assistant. Stocks up and ready to go. Power up and out.

I guess we won’t know where the next place it is we have to be smart is until we come up against it.

Sorting and archiving. Even approaching writing and video, the archiving won’t be done, because we have boxes of physical material to digitize and apply, and really, will much happen if I don’t wildly push this archiving?

Well then you’re coming back to core motivations, it’s about why you choose to move forward in the direction you choose. Pirates is the best way for me to play a part. I look in financial advantages and I can contribute more money to getting my video production going and my pirate thing going.

I don’t think there’s any point in pushing marketing talent right now, I think this energy is better focused now on pirate stuff.

Pirate stuff is all planning!

After I meet my fairies, I just think we get straight to cranking out youtube stuff! From that I’ll get good ideas for our little show, roll them up and get to my girl who’s going to do all the agency booking, what do we need to be doing?

– meeting and filming fairies
– arranging ideas for a show.
– updating website
– adwords
– photos and videos

What’s the online wave of attack once you’ve got this sorted?

Sure we want to profile our fairies but the most important thing is pirate matty and a fairy


I look at some of the stuff on my to do list and I really think is this something I need to just not think about now? What about my music marketing blog, that continues to get lots of hits? If I had to chose between the music marketing blog, the video production blog and the auckland copying which would it be? Copying probably makes me the most money but it’s already kind of done. the music marketing and the video blog is a hard choice but I don’t think I should even worry about those choices to be honest they just don’t matter now.

Cheap auckland printing is a funny one because it’s an easy way to make a few hundred dollars but it can sometimes be a hassle answering emails etc. in the new years it will be the pirate thing I’m pushing with ads, and maybe auckland copying. How can I push my music marketing if I don’t even want to do music marketing?

CD DVD Copying, Printing, Video Production – Smart Choices

Friday, November 11th, 2011



right now I am hopeful for a lot of new opportunities in business, we’ve been on a long journey. Business, enterprise, industrious works – that’s what I do, but you have to remember to keep yourself growing personally – it’s not just all about business, because business for the sake of itself isn’t a way to live.

Wanting to bring wealth and jobs to your community is admirable, but you’re part of this too – dreams have to be kept in check by the foreseeable reality.

When your business starts growing, and you’ve established a core service as I have with cd dvd duplication, cd printing and general printing services, you look to replicate that success but it’s different when you’re already maintaining one successful business. You need concepts to minimise drain on your time and energy, because committing to new ideas could honestly see you going backwards, and losing the foothold you’ve got with your first business.

Last night I was talking about my pirate entertainer thing that I do. This was all about focusing on one aspect of my business I’d like to improve and feel I could improve. It’s not only the pros of this venture such as that it pays well and that it gives a good feeling afterwards but also avoids the pitfalls of some of the services I will be downsizing such as graphic design.

When I’m a pirate I turn up for a set time, and then I leave. Graphic design and web marketing, video production can sometimes go on and on, and it’s hard to set expectations that are clear with clients.

I think it’s important to focus on a limited amount of ideas, I can see now in the past I tried to have too many ideas going, I wanted it all to happen and I just had blind faith that if I got the train steaming, the tracks would be there. Now I’m focused on laying tracks in front of me. There’s things I know I can’t do unless I have an assistant to help me manage everything, or it just wont work.

Pirates is a whole different thing, because I’m not relying on resources I don’t already have. This is really key because I don’t have to expend in any opportunity to get established, I am established. The other options – video production, talent, haven’t shown any promise. Music Marketing has had it’s moments but none of this can happen without somebody else driving it, or 4, 5 years from now when what I’m doing starts to slide.

When you think about video production long term you can look at the income in different ways. We used to think about doing a video job worth $500, but how many views is that a week? 125,000? 3 channels with 50 videos on them averaging 1000 views a week each? I’m just saying. And of course it rolls over, the more performances I do, the more people watch the videos, the more it’ll get around what I’m doing and the more it grows.

I guess what I’m saying is that I may have my hands full and the move from cd dvd copying and duplication to doing video and entertainment may not be that structured. It may take years for cd duplication to decline, but it may take years before I’m making $600 every week from performances and youtube partnership etc.

It’s interesting, the point is I don’t really have to worry about pushing anything but pirates and doing my videos, if 6 months I’ve done a whole lot of video and interest is building, then excellent. But until my cash starts to drop then I won’t be interested in any projects. Or I will kick the video production and video marketing packages off at $947. Even with that deal it just screams out that I would have to pay people come in and sort all the cd dvd copying stuff out while I did the video production.

Don’t forget the wedding video production stuff as well. It’s all on – except it’s off. It’s all ready to throw the switch, but it could be years before that switch gets thrown.

We leave cd dvd copying, printing as it is
We grow pirates
we do more gardening or we leave that where it is.

we get assistant, open up marketing and more video production. etc, etc.

So seeing as pushing pirates and gardening is the only thing, we’re pretty limited in our focus around marketing the pirates. All we need to focus on is pirates. We’ll talk about the real options and how to do it.

Growth for Pirates, Printing and Promotions, Auckland

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

There are always new opportunities in business but the important thing is to focus on what matters to you – it’s your business, you should get the things you want out of it. The mistake I often make is in thinking that more money, more profit, more revenue more turnover is what matters, and for the first few years, getting going becomes an obsession.

But as I’ve not only grown my business but actively shut down parts of it to reduce the stress on me, you begin to appreciate a little more that it’s a different approach taken when you’re looking to capitalize on your success, rather than grow something big from the beginning. My best idea recently allows me to pull back if I get too busy, but also stockpile so there’s no wasted effort. It is a limited enterprise, but that’s not an issue because I only want something small I can grow with low maintenance.

I want to have ideas on the ground so that if my main business declines, I have options. There’s another business there that just needs 3 months hard graft to get up and running rather than a year or more.

A lot of the old ideas were all about rolling out this business model and replication of systems but systems so often break down and as you progress you start to ask yourself whats the value in constantly fixing them? Business like that for the expanding entrepreneur doesn’t work because they divert attention and frazzle the wits. You’re looking for low maintenance business commitments.

How do we get there?


It’s almost as if from this point I can only expand with an assistant baring everything that would have been lumped on me as the entrepreneur forging the way. What do I do with all the music marketing, youtube promotions and graphic design, website design – all these enquiries coming in for me? I know better than to take them on. But when does it get to the stage that an assistant could make a living out of my offcuts?

How does the assistant fit with what I want to do personally? That’s why I always have my reservations, I don’t want to waste time telling some employee what to do when I’d rather be doing what I want to do.


I have not been advertising for 2 months now which means these blog sessions that help my seo are pretty much the only form of marketing I am doing and I am always looking for ways to leverage my blogging even further than simply writing more and more. A readership would be nice, but at the end of the day, it’s the search rankings that matter and SEO and it’s modern state must be considered.

Writing blogs is great, but article marketing doesn’t really seem to suit the bill because of how no follow has spread. Writing often serves me well but a little bit of organic action – links, fans, buzz, whatever, well it couldn’t hurt. I think we need to recognise how we can repeat the success of the cd duplication services and apply that to new ideas.

Focus your advertising, blogging, link building etc. on pirates or talent or whatever new ground you’re trying to break.


Blogging is not responsible for 100% of sales obviously, it just keeps my search ranking up, and people are coming to my site, seeing my deal is straight up, and it’s all happening from there, more people are using google, etc. to find the services they want, so my strength in online promotion has meant I’ve risen with that tide, but because I’ve been going so long, at least half the sales I get are repeats or word of mouth.

It bodes very well for the future , and will probably have me reviewing being aggressive with cd dvd duplication again next year. But I can’t be aggressive with anything without the staff!

But how do we grow word of mouth and repeat business, is there any way to do what we’re doing, better or is it simply to do it knowing the next few years will probably be an easy run? I think we’ve been over its and it’s simple: don’t aim for more work unless you’ve got the system and people to handle it, otherwise I’ll just be stressed out.


Pirate birthdays are now a focus because we’re looking for those opportunities we can grow without too much stress. It’s not always easy gearing up for a party but it’s 1 hour and it’s done. I do need to be ready to put my prices up also. But it appears that youtube may be where I have the opportunity to make money, if I do a pirate video every week, and I’m getting 50,000 views a week, well I’m making $150 youtube partnership. That’s not too bad, because that’s what I’m talking about in terms of boosting income.

A key to this is that I don’t need more staff or resources in the short term to grow. It means lower commitment and being able to move forward here with th resources I have. Until I find good staff I have to maintain that approach. But what’s more interesting is that once you get to that level then I do become in demand, there are more possibilities opening up in terms of media etc.

Secondary income streams opening up, the main one I see is really doing youtube videos, as I said, and then well I’ve talked about shows – you perform to 100 kids for $5 a head for 40 minutes – well you’re making $500 a pop. it’s certainly something I have to build up to, but the marketing, and establishing myself in SEO, word of mouth, online advertising etc., that’s the important part for right now and anybody reading this.

You do your online marketing in advance. I don’t know when I’ll be able to support graphic design and music marketing and youtube promotion and video production so I’m not planning in advance, but the pirate birthdays is different, I can do it now so I can do the marketing now.

Cashflow-A-Gogo for Auckland Printing, CD/DVD Duplication

Friday, November 4th, 2011

There’s going to come a point where I can collect on that late payment from a certain company and it’s going to be a huge relief for me. My whole approach will be refreshed, it’ll feel less risky what I need to do. Which is nothing that’ll take heaps of work! For now . . .

That’s because my business does fine, so my biggest priority is balancing everything so I can’t plenty of time away from just doing business all the time – that’s real success. Looking for ways to do business that are more expressive to me, or maybe, just involve less situations where a client is on my back.

So lesson one – don’t down gear your business without taking care of arrangements, a significant outstanding debt is not something I can abide by, even from one of my best clients. What I’m positive about is the reminder that you don’t want to get into a tricky space, the tricky thing about $6k is that I can’t just let that slide or wait for it to fix itself. I’ve got to deal with it.

But it’s possibly an effective motivator to think about the benefits we can look forward to when we have that money back – because rather than worrying over a little issue, we’ll be charging forward with ideas – little things will be just knocked over – like getting the second office space set up. These are little things that are positive towards growing the business but also create a more agreeable vibe.

A front room office which is nice and pleasant to enjoy, and a dirty work floor office where the action happens – all the printing and CD DVD duplication for our auckland clients and budget bulk services for customers all over new zealand and australia.

With a super streamlined and minimal approach you get to waking up! no brain dead concepts for how we’re going to maximize this and explode that. You need to look at the basics and make sure you’re streamlining and optimising the whole thing. I can be kind of negligent because I’m always thinking of the next thing. I’m pretty sure I only need one more good business idea and I won’t have to worry too much.

Obviously having my websites sorted out becomes the next top priority but it’s already under way. Artist and Copying first, then Pirates and talent marketing. Then finally music marketing and video production, but we can’t go there until we know we’re ready to do the work. Right now we don’t even want to do that work. If we are
doing that work we want to be able to demonstrate what we can do, what the client should expect, and deliver it.

I might make a few initial improvements, just rudimentary stuff, tinkering, but the big upgrade has to be seen as part of a series of events to expand the business into something that works. It’s realistic at this stage to suggest things need to change here before I can approach that. I either need an assistant or the method of the work I’m doing currently needs to change to free up more energy.

But this is what I’m saying, I’ve experienced it before in business. Once debtors and websites is something I needn’t think of, it clears so much space in your mind, and I’ve become used to not really thinking about things too much because I can’t forget that I need to get my websites up to standard and get money owed collected before I can agree that I needn’t be more than passive in my approach until I recognise that my income is dropping.

If my income never drops, even as i roll out new ideas, hire staff, maybe even establish retail or other commercial locations,

then really it’s about

But seriously when that money is collected we have nothing to do save fix our websites which includes the photoshoots. Then you’re honestly saying aside from a bit of archiving and usual day to day operations, we have nothing planned. Nothing. What we can do at that point is wide open.

What is stopping the big move from the office to the spare room, the engine room?

I wanted to shoot scenes for two of my videos in the empty rooms.

What were we going to do? Get an assistant.

I mean remember we had the trademe idea, well that’s a separate little thing I’m doing with one person, in fact I’m sourcing out a lot of these tasks one at a time.

The assistant who drives around. The assistant who does trademe. When do we make the brochure? When we feel like making it. When we feel like upgrading the music marketing and video production sites, we will.

But we’re talking about real aims here that are opening me up to new things. Stuff like doing my own garden and thinking about my spending all the stuff stuff – the core processes of my business, there’s still lots of wastage I could be targeting. And the reward isn’t more money, it just leans towards a less stressful model, your putting less stress on your system and so it flows better.

There are business models that are more favoured toward more organic growth. What do i like about growing organic herbs? You harvest as you supply (to local restaurants) and you don’t have to deal with fussy clients and annoying computers so much.

There are opportunities alright. I’ve spent so long trying to get decent websites set up, to try and get accounts receivable under control, I just began to feel that it would never finally happen. I could be doing a brochure or a flyer now, or building up the video production but there’s just no need. It’s not just that I don’t need the money but realising how I’ve got myself into trouble so often by being to aggressive in trying to roll these services out. Not being ready.

In the long run with graphic design, website design, video production and music marketing – if I don’t need to do this stuff then I’m better off not doing it. All I need to remember is that I am have back up plans. But we are definitely going to be looking for the sweet spot where we can earn without stress.

Auckland Duplication, Reproduction, Printing and Copying Website Looks Good

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

I just can’t relax until I’ve made a little bit of an effort with my websites for all the services we offer from cd duplication, dvd duplication, reproduction, printing, colour copying posters – a1, a2 – all that stuff we offer here in auckland new zealand – well it couldn’t hurt if I decided to really make all the websites look better and I’ve got the opportunity now.

If you’re interested in the best service and cheapest price contact me Matt at Kurb –

I mean, what is the obvious thing? The websites don’t LOOK like they should be doing that well, so with a little improvement, I’m sure it’s the easiest thing to do long term. If I was to be slacking off for the next few years, I could afford to do so if I didn;t forget the basics.

Website has to look good, for the benefit of that significant part of the market who look for visual cues of professionalism. I could be missing a whole part of the market who think that my sites are too cheap and it doesn’t give them much confidence in the level of my skills.

I am still chipping away on the auckland colour copying website, I am giving it a new, bolder heading without flowery pictures. The only picture I’m planning is a picture of myself, which will come later when I do my new photography, then I’ll decide if I really need a picture of printed posters and flyers for really stupid people to understand what the site is. Well you know – people just have to be instantly knowing what it is they’re dealing with, the cues have to be there.

I think a picture of me holding out some flyers and brochures in front a big poster should do, but it’s about revising and seeing what works, the only problem is that each revision can be expensive.

It’s just like with my video production, you actually have to make some thought out preparations to do something properly, thinking it through, or you’re just going to end up wasting time and energy.

As the copying site and the artist site comes right, now I’ll be thinking of my pirates site, then the talent agency. Yes, I would like to develop the music marketing and video production sites but there’s no justification right now, I don’t want the work, so it’s pointless to work on something when we’re not certain if we even want to go ahead with it.

The pirates will be about getting my man to go to the format with the thesis theme, and again on the marketing talent site. The marketing talent site needs a new front page. Here’s the bill:

artist site, links and pages redesign: $120
pirate and talent wordpress design: $120
talent front page design: $60

$300. Not bad. We’ll get on to the video production and music marketing sites then but I won’t think about it too much. I think we come up with some quick ideas for our talent site and just get them rolling.

So then I need to think about my photo before I move ahead again:

– one with cd / dvd
– one with posters / flyers
– one with video
– business portrait
– hamming it up – I need like full length shots and shots of me pointing for websites.
– pirates

So it’s pretty weird to think at that stage, come january, there’sno more business development for me to do unless cd dvd duplication, reproduction, printing and copying drops off. If it doesn’t drop, then I’ll keep cruising – though staff will actually still be a big agenda. Getting staff to help me cover the work while pushing out little ideas like the online retail activity.

Specials and great everyday prices:

colour 100 x a3 / 200 x a4 / 400 x a5 / 800 x a6 = $95 Delivered (+ $15 for glossy)
200 x a3 / 400 x a4 / 800 x a5 / 1600 x a6 = $175 Delivered (+ $25 for glossy)

colour stickers: 100 x a6: $75 / 200 x a6: $110 / 400 x a6: $180

paste up distribution cost: a3: 70c a2: $1.20 a1: $2.25

colour 10 x a2 / 4 x a1 = $130 delivered

Ask about our weatherproof / Tearproof banners from $195

terms and selling points

– excellent prices on $50-$1000 spends
– free delivery
– 1-2 day turnaround
– so competitive on combined jobs
– poster / flyer distribution and design services
– cheap banners and sticker printing

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