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Value in Auckland Video Production

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Hi this is Matt at Kurb Promotions, Auckland and we offer a range of digital media content services for organisations and groups on a budget – Video / CD / DVD copying, printing, duplication – plus design, auckland poster printing and distribution, and video production.


So recently we decided to start cleaning up the blog by putting in a little more effort to make the blog a bit more interesting to read.

Rather than raking over the same minutiae of my business and various half hatched aspirations, I decided I wanted to attempt to make the blog something that if somebody found it, or I started directing people twoard my blog, or because they were interested in what I was working on, they could read and engage – more reader focused than a personal problem solving focus. I know I have some writing skills but if I don’t stretch them then I don’t have the ability to demonstrate them or put them to use improving my situation. I can’t link to my posts, because they are not good enough for the average reader, but by working on this, slowly, I may get to a point where I can begin letting people know I have a link, I have some writing.

When I post comments on others blogs, or a new community I find, then the trails that lead back to me don’t give the appearance I’m simply a muppet in the game trying my luck trying to drum up support and business, because I’m desperate to establish myself in this.

One of the little things I’m doing is I will be publishing more links which I feel have interesting points worth mentioning. Not necessarily to promotion, or specifically business related themes, but items of interest related to being more understanding or successful in various operations.

In a my clean up post I talked about an article discussing how you can work on yourself as much as you like but the results will only ever be measured in terms of what you can offer the world. If you’re not getting what you want, it’s only because you’re not offering enough to get it.

It doesn’t matter how much work you do to become a better person on the inside, the result it produces is what you will be measured by.

This made me think of my archiving work, my website work, my promotions on my artists site and how so much that I do is failing to provide value to the outside parties – the fans, the clients – I need to attract to make the thing work.

Even writing these blogs endlessly, I mean sure, it looks like I’ve plowed through over 1000 words today already but to what purpose? Make that 2000. Sure, it proves I can write a lot of words. But to what purpose is it all ultimately serving?

So we’ve begun by taking the step to make the blogs more readable and accessible so at least it provides a good look, I can’t really call myself a blogger just by vomiting words onto the screen for the purpose of pushing up search engine rankings, once they become readable articles, well then I have the opportunity.

One idea I had today was that it was time to get on with resolving the issue of all these blank printed discs we have that aren’t really doing anything. But then I realised, again . . . this is just a selfish idea that is convenient for me.

Does auckland, does new zealand want 1000 old CD’s burned with some crappy misprint on them full of my songs or videos? I’m not sure. Just because it’s convenient it doesn’t mean it’s something that’s worthwhile. What I think we need to focus on right now is what people want.

One idea that struck me though is that on one hand, you need to be valuable to other people in order to get what you want.

And yet the less you want, the less you are required to find a way to be valuable.

Let’s have a link then. This from philosophers mail

The dirty truth about Capitalism is not that it is inefficient, but that its ambitions as yet have been so lowly and so restricted.

When we get furious about bankers’ bonuses . . . What we really hate is the idea of bankers getting paid a lot of money when we can’t see how they have helped other people.

Rather than wanting to wind back big corporations, we should have a different and better ambition: we should want them to learn to make their profits by a strangely odd-sounding but in fact plainly obvious goal: truly helping other people.

I guess that explains a little of why we’ve chosen to blog this way, and leads to more to be said for trying to really help people, really look to what they want and need.


Because of this return to the value of production, we slowed up on our archiving project, and switched round and started firing out more videos. I’m not sure what we’re heading towards, but we know when you want to produce videos or anything else it starts with getting started.

We’re getting started showing our skills in presentation and fronting up.

What comes after that?

Well more videos. You have one more music video you want to complete in the next month. And also the cohort getting cohesive. We set up a page, and we set up ads, wow it’s really ambitious. But it is also the point from which our honest investigations into local new zealand youtube culture can begin, now that we’re cleaning this blog up a bit more so you can actually read and follow it.

So I want to reach out on star now. I want to jump on star now and say check out my music videos im doing teamed up with auckland actors on star now, who wants to get out there and make some god damn videos for youtube new zealand, okay???

So we get people starting to roll up because they want to be into video editing, they want to be shooting filming auckland youtube videos, theyre in there, doing the yards and we’re producing videos, a lot of videos, and we’re getting good, we’re getting better and better and youtube video production!

We’re doing pirate videos. This is serious. We have a lot of funny kind of “get out there and do it” kind of concepts we want to roll with but we need to get real we need to get serious with these cohort people who want to get out there and do it with us!

A lot of the material we’re doing now, is just warming up for more assured material coming further down the line because we know how the professionals, the showmen work – they have their routines which they work through, we just have to convey that kind of assurance.

But it’s a lot of work scripting and shooting these videos!


I have finally finished shooting 4 vlogs, wow how did it take me 48 hours to write and shoot 4 videos of me just sitting there talking? I guess I kind of forgot how hard this work is, but that’s a reminder that it’s not an easy skill which is what makes it valuable. Also it’s important we do some more this month, so we keep our youtube video presentation skills sharp.

The skill is only valuable as long as I can maintain my skill level and improve. Not that I see a big future in presenting videos! I just want to be able to push my efforts forward in this area, to take a shot, have a go, and comeback with thoughts on how to improve for next time.

I am now slightly confused about where I’m moving to now, and what my thoughts on this whole process will be.

The first answer is we go back to the 27 archive entries. But as discussed we also have video and the youtube video producers cohort on this list, and then music and video promo is the next thing coming up.

Are we ready for promo? Are we ready for the cohort? Before we ask those questions we can see how it’s all flying at us now we’re not working so much, the highway is getting chewed up as me roll through. It won’t be long until wide spaces begin to open up where we get to shape new priorities and new directions.

Yes I am sensitive to the fact that none of this is putting money in the pocket, it’s not arresting that issue of producing value and could be considered a distraction, but at the same time I salute the ability to march onward, we build on each hard fought step forward, we don’t know how many steps remain but we soldier on regardless, not tied to the belief that salvation lies around the next corner. We are ready to turn a lot of corners before we get back to where we want to be.

A few extra hundred dollars, well up until recently, it would have made no challenge, and we have to remember out fortunes could easily change, and we have to prepare to answer the question of where we can go once we’re back on budget with our core services of auckland cd dvd reproduction and printing.

Cheap Online Video Production Service

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

I’m looking at websites here again, I want it done with, but I’m also thinking that I really don’t need to be worrying about a website that is not already making money, or money or profit, revenue related to websites at all! I’m really not looking for big exhausting growth, I want to have some solid business ideas waiting in the wings for when cd duplication and dvd replication isn’t so strong.

But my video production website is so ugly it doesn’t even have a chance!

We will spruce up the artist website, the pirate website and the video website for appearances, but we won’t even touch kurb for another 6 months unless things change. It’s all about having some forethought and putting in preparation so if the market shifts, I’ve got a few plans in place.

It’s a nod to the future that I can do video for 20 years most likely, just an idea and you can take it anywhere, but that’s all so fanciful, you need to keep abreast of practicalities. The whole youtube partnership advertising thing – 3c a watch? $30 for 10,000 views? 10,000 views is worth so much more than $30, 10k youtube views should get you 5 willing fans or buyers at least, get them coughing up $800 each every month for their video production and video marketing and you’ve got a business!

But surely there will be a year where we struggle to hit even $1200, and we’re not uncomfortable, but we have more spare time, and we know what’s coming.

In as little as a year it could be $800, and things will pinch a little, but that’s the point, we’ve got 2 years, in theory to make video happen if we have to.


What’s my idea for the video production site? A better website? Sure, but what’s the product we’re selling? I’m not sure we know! We have to produce some videos and say that this is what we do before we go getting all excited! What kind of job a re we looking for? A quick youtube presentation, with a campaign, for like US$800, so we might be better off $500 once we’d paid all the contractors, without doing more than half a days work.

And because we’re doing music video production, we should advertise that. Video and promotions package for $795, and the videos we put up initially probably won’t be much chop but in a year or two we should have a couple of decent videos, but even then it’s kind of . . . well a lot of 2 way traffic, traffic coming from youtube to look at the deals on the site, so we just need some examples, and some deals and links etc the blog, and that should do.

We honestly have to shake up the content. It’s pretty sad, the rest would be simple, in terms of just getting a designer who can do something flashy and standard and going with that, but how do you expect it to play? In 18 months our videos are getting good and they draw attention to themselves, people want to pay $1000 for the video and promo and we’re doing one every month and pocketing $650.

Right now I reckon I could charge $600 for the video plus promo, and I would pocket $400 but that’s still 2 nights work, okay but not that worth it, we have to start with the $795 package, a promo package and a few straight video packages.

So yeah we do want to re do the video production site but we need some kind of idea of where we’ll be in a year or two when we actually want to push it.

Really I just want to spend $200 getting it looking smarter, and let video push the message. Pirates right now can look after itself, and don’t see why we should worry too much about kurb for now either, there’s just no reason to develop it much while it’s still doing well.


We’re still looking for that assistant, if they were coming on monday they would be helping to pack up what we’re sending, the band cd duplication, and maybe a trip to penrose for the dvd duplication services. Then we might be thinking about picking up cd cases for cd replication but it really depends what jobs come in.

This helps with packing and delivering, and even printing and supplies pick ups, where are our other issues? In admin. What’s taking up my time?

Worrying about websites and photoshoots and office rearrangement?

What’s this admin business?

Payment Reminders
Design stuff?

Meeting clients and customer service is not something I can really bow out on, and it will always involved people coming and going.
Art + Design Masters
Print Orders

CD DVD Copying, Printing, Video Production – Smart Choices

Friday, November 11th, 2011



right now I am hopeful for a lot of new opportunities in business, we’ve been on a long journey. Business, enterprise, industrious works – that’s what I do, but you have to remember to keep yourself growing personally – it’s not just all about business, because business for the sake of itself isn’t a way to live.

Wanting to bring wealth and jobs to your community is admirable, but you’re part of this too – dreams have to be kept in check by the foreseeable reality.

When your business starts growing, and you’ve established a core service as I have with cd dvd duplication, cd printing and general printing services, you look to replicate that success but it’s different when you’re already maintaining one successful business. You need concepts to minimise drain on your time and energy, because committing to new ideas could honestly see you going backwards, and losing the foothold you’ve got with your first business.

Last night I was talking about my pirate entertainer thing that I do. This was all about focusing on one aspect of my business I’d like to improve and feel I could improve. It’s not only the pros of this venture such as that it pays well and that it gives a good feeling afterwards but also avoids the pitfalls of some of the services I will be downsizing such as graphic design.

When I’m a pirate I turn up for a set time, and then I leave. Graphic design and web marketing, video production can sometimes go on and on, and it’s hard to set expectations that are clear with clients.

I think it’s important to focus on a limited amount of ideas, I can see now in the past I tried to have too many ideas going, I wanted it all to happen and I just had blind faith that if I got the train steaming, the tracks would be there. Now I’m focused on laying tracks in front of me. There’s things I know I can’t do unless I have an assistant to help me manage everything, or it just wont work.

Pirates is a whole different thing, because I’m not relying on resources I don’t already have. This is really key because I don’t have to expend in any opportunity to get established, I am established. The other options – video production, talent, haven’t shown any promise. Music Marketing has had it’s moments but none of this can happen without somebody else driving it, or 4, 5 years from now when what I’m doing starts to slide.

When you think about video production long term you can look at the income in different ways. We used to think about doing a video job worth $500, but how many views is that a week? 125,000? 3 channels with 50 videos on them averaging 1000 views a week each? I’m just saying. And of course it rolls over, the more performances I do, the more people watch the videos, the more it’ll get around what I’m doing and the more it grows.

I guess what I’m saying is that I may have my hands full and the move from cd dvd copying and duplication to doing video and entertainment may not be that structured. It may take years for cd duplication to decline, but it may take years before I’m making $600 every week from performances and youtube partnership etc.

It’s interesting, the point is I don’t really have to worry about pushing anything but pirates and doing my videos, if 6 months I’ve done a whole lot of video and interest is building, then excellent. But until my cash starts to drop then I won’t be interested in any projects. Or I will kick the video production and video marketing packages off at $947. Even with that deal it just screams out that I would have to pay people come in and sort all the cd dvd copying stuff out while I did the video production.

Don’t forget the wedding video production stuff as well. It’s all on – except it’s off. It’s all ready to throw the switch, but it could be years before that switch gets thrown.

We leave cd dvd copying, printing as it is
We grow pirates
we do more gardening or we leave that where it is.

we get assistant, open up marketing and more video production. etc, etc.

So seeing as pushing pirates and gardening is the only thing, we’re pretty limited in our focus around marketing the pirates. All we need to focus on is pirates. We’ll talk about the real options and how to do it.

Growth for Pirates, Printing and Promotions, Auckland

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

There are always new opportunities in business but the important thing is to focus on what matters to you – it’s your business, you should get the things you want out of it. The mistake I often make is in thinking that more money, more profit, more revenue more turnover is what matters, and for the first few years, getting going becomes an obsession.

But as I’ve not only grown my business but actively shut down parts of it to reduce the stress on me, you begin to appreciate a little more that it’s a different approach taken when you’re looking to capitalize on your success, rather than grow something big from the beginning. My best idea recently allows me to pull back if I get too busy, but also stockpile so there’s no wasted effort. It is a limited enterprise, but that’s not an issue because I only want something small I can grow with low maintenance.

I want to have ideas on the ground so that if my main business declines, I have options. There’s another business there that just needs 3 months hard graft to get up and running rather than a year or more.

A lot of the old ideas were all about rolling out this business model and replication of systems but systems so often break down and as you progress you start to ask yourself whats the value in constantly fixing them? Business like that for the expanding entrepreneur doesn’t work because they divert attention and frazzle the wits. You’re looking for low maintenance business commitments.

How do we get there?


It’s almost as if from this point I can only expand with an assistant baring everything that would have been lumped on me as the entrepreneur forging the way. What do I do with all the music marketing, youtube promotions and graphic design, website design – all these enquiries coming in for me? I know better than to take them on. But when does it get to the stage that an assistant could make a living out of my offcuts?

How does the assistant fit with what I want to do personally? That’s why I always have my reservations, I don’t want to waste time telling some employee what to do when I’d rather be doing what I want to do.


I have not been advertising for 2 months now which means these blog sessions that help my seo are pretty much the only form of marketing I am doing and I am always looking for ways to leverage my blogging even further than simply writing more and more. A readership would be nice, but at the end of the day, it’s the search rankings that matter and SEO and it’s modern state must be considered.

Writing blogs is great, but article marketing doesn’t really seem to suit the bill because of how no follow has spread. Writing often serves me well but a little bit of organic action – links, fans, buzz, whatever, well it couldn’t hurt. I think we need to recognise how we can repeat the success of the cd duplication services and apply that to new ideas.

Focus your advertising, blogging, link building etc. on pirates or talent or whatever new ground you’re trying to break.


Blogging is not responsible for 100% of sales obviously, it just keeps my search ranking up, and people are coming to my site, seeing my deal is straight up, and it’s all happening from there, more people are using google, etc. to find the services they want, so my strength in online promotion has meant I’ve risen with that tide, but because I’ve been going so long, at least half the sales I get are repeats or word of mouth.

It bodes very well for the future , and will probably have me reviewing being aggressive with cd dvd duplication again next year. But I can’t be aggressive with anything without the staff!

But how do we grow word of mouth and repeat business, is there any way to do what we’re doing, better or is it simply to do it knowing the next few years will probably be an easy run? I think we’ve been over its and it’s simple: don’t aim for more work unless you’ve got the system and people to handle it, otherwise I’ll just be stressed out.


Pirate birthdays are now a focus because we’re looking for those opportunities we can grow without too much stress. It’s not always easy gearing up for a party but it’s 1 hour and it’s done. I do need to be ready to put my prices up also. But it appears that youtube may be where I have the opportunity to make money, if I do a pirate video every week, and I’m getting 50,000 views a week, well I’m making $150 youtube partnership. That’s not too bad, because that’s what I’m talking about in terms of boosting income.

A key to this is that I don’t need more staff or resources in the short term to grow. It means lower commitment and being able to move forward here with th resources I have. Until I find good staff I have to maintain that approach. But what’s more interesting is that once you get to that level then I do become in demand, there are more possibilities opening up in terms of media etc.

Secondary income streams opening up, the main one I see is really doing youtube videos, as I said, and then well I’ve talked about shows – you perform to 100 kids for $5 a head for 40 minutes – well you’re making $500 a pop. it’s certainly something I have to build up to, but the marketing, and establishing myself in SEO, word of mouth, online advertising etc., that’s the important part for right now and anybody reading this.

You do your online marketing in advance. I don’t know when I’ll be able to support graphic design and music marketing and youtube promotion and video production so I’m not planning in advance, but the pirate birthdays is different, I can do it now so I can do the marketing now.

Auckland Duplication, Reproduction, Printing and Copying Website Looks Good

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

I just can’t relax until I’ve made a little bit of an effort with my websites for all the services we offer from cd duplication, dvd duplication, reproduction, printing, colour copying posters – a1, a2 – all that stuff we offer here in auckland new zealand – well it couldn’t hurt if I decided to really make all the websites look better and I’ve got the opportunity now.

If you’re interested in the best service and cheapest price contact me Matt at Kurb –

I mean, what is the obvious thing? The websites don’t LOOK like they should be doing that well, so with a little improvement, I’m sure it’s the easiest thing to do long term. If I was to be slacking off for the next few years, I could afford to do so if I didn;t forget the basics.

Website has to look good, for the benefit of that significant part of the market who look for visual cues of professionalism. I could be missing a whole part of the market who think that my sites are too cheap and it doesn’t give them much confidence in the level of my skills.

I am still chipping away on the auckland colour copying website, I am giving it a new, bolder heading without flowery pictures. The only picture I’m planning is a picture of myself, which will come later when I do my new photography, then I’ll decide if I really need a picture of printed posters and flyers for really stupid people to understand what the site is. Well you know – people just have to be instantly knowing what it is they’re dealing with, the cues have to be there.

I think a picture of me holding out some flyers and brochures in front a big poster should do, but it’s about revising and seeing what works, the only problem is that each revision can be expensive.

It’s just like with my video production, you actually have to make some thought out preparations to do something properly, thinking it through, or you’re just going to end up wasting time and energy.

As the copying site and the artist site comes right, now I’ll be thinking of my pirates site, then the talent agency. Yes, I would like to develop the music marketing and video production sites but there’s no justification right now, I don’t want the work, so it’s pointless to work on something when we’re not certain if we even want to go ahead with it.

The pirates will be about getting my man to go to the format with the thesis theme, and again on the marketing talent site. The marketing talent site needs a new front page. Here’s the bill:

artist site, links and pages redesign: $120
pirate and talent wordpress design: $120
talent front page design: $60

$300. Not bad. We’ll get on to the video production and music marketing sites then but I won’t think about it too much. I think we come up with some quick ideas for our talent site and just get them rolling.

So then I need to think about my photo before I move ahead again:

– one with cd / dvd
– one with posters / flyers
– one with video
– business portrait
– hamming it up – I need like full length shots and shots of me pointing for websites.
– pirates

So it’s pretty weird to think at that stage, come january, there’sno more business development for me to do unless cd dvd duplication, reproduction, printing and copying drops off. If it doesn’t drop, then I’ll keep cruising – though staff will actually still be a big agenda. Getting staff to help me cover the work while pushing out little ideas like the online retail activity.

Specials and great everyday prices:

colour 100 x a3 / 200 x a4 / 400 x a5 / 800 x a6 = $95 Delivered (+ $15 for glossy)
200 x a3 / 400 x a4 / 800 x a5 / 1600 x a6 = $175 Delivered (+ $25 for glossy)

colour stickers: 100 x a6: $75 / 200 x a6: $110 / 400 x a6: $180

paste up distribution cost: a3: 70c a2: $1.20 a1: $2.25

colour 10 x a2 / 4 x a1 = $130 delivered

Ask about our weatherproof / Tearproof banners from $195

terms and selling points

– excellent prices on $50-$1000 spends
– free delivery
– 1-2 day turnaround
– so competitive on combined jobs
– poster / flyer distribution and design services
– cheap banners and sticker printing

colour printing, colour photocopying, colour copying sandringham, balmoral, mt. roskill, mt. eden, grey lynn, ponsonby, herne bay, three kings, royal oak, mt albert, westmere pt chevalier, avondale, new lynn, freemans bay, k rd, parnell, greenlane, epsom, remuera, newmarket, newton, kingsland, morningside

CD Printing, Colour Copying, DVD Production Company Grows Through Blogging

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Hi I’m Matt, the boss of kurb promotions – we specialize in dvd cd printing, cheap colour copying and dvd production, replication also! I blog here about ideas around promotion and small business.


Like I said my marketing skills through blogging is lethal, I savage the competition because I just blog on and on, I don’t even advertise any more and none of my competitors could blog away like I could and would it even work for their model? Blogging is now the only regular thing I do to promote my business – do many people come and read these blogs? Probably not! But google sees that I am producing fresh content that hasn’t been copied and is all very relevant to what I’m doing with cheap printing and cd dvd duplication and what not, and of course ranks me accordingly.

It could be because my content is old. It could be because over the years I’ve collected links to my site. But I think mainly it’s because every 48 hours I have new stuff which is brand new and fresh coming to my website – through my blog, and google ranks that as serious, and that ranking of course brings people who search form y money keywords right to my front page.

I’m a small business man, and I know internet marketing, and I run a promotions business which is all about providing cd printing, cd dvd copying cd dvd burning, and the cheap printing and all that so it makes sense I can blog about that and keep the whole thing moving nicely – i’m here in my business everyday, I can talk about hiring staff and putting in systems and how to focus on improving your business health over growth.

Year after year I’ve always handled the business constantly bursting to capacity and struggling to make sure it doesn’t burn me out. Seeing more cash is great, but seeing more sanity and serenity is even better! That’s why keeping your sanity is now a big part of this blog, I had to wake up and realise that making enough money to keep me happy was not my businesses biggest challenge, it’s actually

It’s funny because in a way you’re seeing me go back to just this casual old business which a guy runs and makes his living. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s so much in my nature to continually review and improve what we’re doing, we can’t help it.

But blogging just helps so much, I know it’s not for everyone but what did I do? I picked this skill that I have – that I can blog for endless hours – and used it as a way to promote my business.

What else could seriously be keeping my phone ringing with new leads?  Word of mouth is huge and continues to help us, our base expands the number of clients who use us frequently expands continually, but I still get many enquiries over this month since I stopped advertising.

So maybe we’re not done blogging yet! Because when an idea springs to mind,  where else do we go with it?

I used to plug away at my video production blog because I thought it was the most inevitable to take off long term, but I guess it’s not right to project too far into the future, you never know how it will turn out.

I started to think what if cd dvd duplication carries me along for another 5 years, a huge amount of time to refine more suitable and enjoyable business models than filming weddings.  Projecting I realised thw more succesful I am in business the less likely I will want to do things based on viability.

I’d rather be a DJ and youtube personality than a marketing and promotions guy, provided I already had enough cash coming in, which is starting to feel more normal. I don’t want to make more cash, I just want to cruise along and do fun things with my business rather than make more money.

It’s quite frustrating to read over random video notes and see the same issues coming up – websites, brochures, ideas we were supposed to get off the ground, but didn’t – why? Because we were already doing so much work – I’m planning growth just as it’s exploding out my backside, we haven’t realised growing the business is not the biggest issue until now.

We haven’t realised that the brochure doesn’t matter because everything we wanted the brochure to do is already happening!

For me it’s about knowing that good websites will grow my business, knowing the brochure would help, heaps of ideas I’ve got would work, but for what?

Doesn’t it make sense to want to grow your business? I need more staff to do that. So I’m paying somebody $450 to come in for 30 hours per week. How much do I have to justify making more? Remember, I have to consider how much easier my life could become, maybe it’s only $300.

Cheap CD DVD Duplication Deals in NZ

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

How do you survive when it seems like you’ve been fired out of a cannon ball, I mean, we wanted to reach for the skies but this wasn’t what I had in mind!

You know this blogging I’m always doing doesn’t help the deluge of work we’re getting, I’ve cancelled my advertising and the business just keeps rolling in for our colour printing and cd dvd duplication services in auckland and nz. The only reason my cd dvd duplication and colour printing business is doing so well is because I’m that good at the marketing, and my brand has continued to grow – blogging build search rankings and more and more people are using google every day to find the cheapest deals.

Now it’s getting drastic! How do we actively qualify people we want to be clients and come and do jobs with us so we can regulate the amount of work we’re doing?

You can see why hiring an assistant becomes all the rage for me – if only it were so simple! Because it’s not. Hiring more staff is also a lot of work, in fact short term it is probably just as much work as doing everything my self. We have to look around elsewhere, what are our other options seriously?

We target particular jobs – flyer distribution, pirates, the ones that are most disruptive. We put our design fees up to $100 immediately. Strictly.

I think we need to look at where we’re being too generous – like throwing in the sleeves free on cd/dvd duplicatin job of 100 to 300 units because that’s a nice sweet patch for me. Cd duplication 100 units $175, with sleeve cd packaging, $195. DVD duplication 200 units usually $395, add the sleeve, $425. Sure it seems like counting pennies, And not getting the good vibes of letting something small slide for the customer, but that helps pay for the steps we need to take to make it less stressful for me.

If that’s more labour, than so be it.

Another thing I recognised today was that the cd dvd duplication business is at the heart of everything so I should always be looking to improve there anyway.

We’re improving supplies. We have several little tweaks to make to improve the equipment. I looked into the printer situation and I think we’ll be good. So the discs are good, we need to make sure the packaging is good, and the delivery is good. Doing design and stuff, well that’s just the deal, we’ll have to find some designers online to sort it out.

We honestly must take this stuff seriously, I don’t want to get too philosophical on a business blog but you can’t forget to live your life, don’t wait too late to find that out. My business does great, now I just need find out how I can get it to run itself.

I need to think seriously about pirates. I will keep pushing to rehaul the website, and I will do more videos when I get there, but I don’t see any other plans coming in, because something has to go. It means I absolutely have to get my photoshoot done so I can finish these websites to a half decent standard.

Then I can leave this, maybe I won’t even post on this blog? Would I really start doing so well that I would stop blogging? Well it’s fair to say that blogging is not what I dreamed of, it’s just a practical way of applying thought, playing wiht concepts and ideas and how they work for my business.

In future there may be more practical ways of expressing myself, but if I’m trying to play with business ideas then perhaps blogging is the best way to do it? But as I say, what’s the purpose, more money? Maybe I’ll begin blogging in a more solution orientated way.

Up and till now it’s always been about increasing cash and lowering stress maybe now I need to focus on big picture issues, if I have skills in business, maybe I can contribute those skills where I can see it’s appropriate. Maybe we’ll still blog on issues that confront us immediately, because focusing on the issues at hand are often the only way to get things done.

One day when things start looking more drastic, I’ll come back, I’ll blog, I’ll get my pirate entertainer thing going again, the video production, all these ideas are here where I’ll leave them for a year or two or such time as I need the extra income because it’s plain now I have to focus on cd dvd duplication.

Getting on With Auckland Printing, Copying, Duplication

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Well it just keeps getting sillier around here I’m afraid, I’ve barely spent $20 on marketing and advertising in the last 3 weeks and the business just keeps pouring in!

You need cheap, quality cd duplication or dvd duplication with great service in new zealand

You want cheap colour copying and printing? a1, a2, a3, a4, flyers, posters, stickers, banners – we do great cheap printing deals!


Our cd dvd duplication and colour copying services in auckland and new zealand continue to surge forward! So what are we going to do? Well we don’t care about music marketing and video production and all of that for now! We just have to do the best cd dvd duplication and cheap printing services in auckland and all around new zealand.

Sure, I’ll be looking out for my pirate stuff, but other than that – well I’ll do my artist sites but I just don’t think we can bank on anything too much there. Not that we need to anyway. It’s also, I can’t really discount the idea that we keep running hot like this for 3 or 4 years. Do the math, the way my video marketing plans are going in 3 or 4 years I’ll have serious opportunities opening up because people are into my style. Whether it leads to money or whatever else is irreleavnt – there’s a good vibe there.

But in order to take care of business there’s a bit of a pincer movement in effect we know we’ve got to push the return of that one major debt, and get our websites in order. The stuff that comes up from the other side is not absolutely necessary. We don’t need to do a brochure, or hire an assistant, or beef up on trademe, those are all things we could do but right now we only need to sort out our tax, tax is the only real concern that we can’t put off.

I’m even thinking I need to stop blogging so much I mean crazy or what? Well I stopped my advertising! What if the jobs just keep rolling through? We need to sort out our tax for our peace of mind, but there are other more creative tasks I need to get on with in a creative manner. We’re getting the websites going. First Auckland Copying, then Pirates, Talent, and finally music blog, video production blog, and then this blog!

I’d be stoked to have all that done this year.

We’re gonna hit them one after the other, and then we’re going to need this photoshoot to happen. Why? Because if I think I’m so awesome then people need to see it.

What are the vibes I’m trying to put out there?

Well for my business shots you just need a trustworthy vibe.

– one with cd / dvd
– one with posters / flyers
– one with video
– business portrait
– hamming it up – I need like full length shots and shots of me pointing for websites.

We need pirate shots as well. I need to bulk up my pirate supplies for a proper shoot.

maybe I need a special shot for my music marketing blog. But I think as I move over to my artist shots we’ll grab one from that.

We want to do the classic look at me and my stuff picture – bmw, turntables, camera, monitors, bass guitar, laptop – riffing on this I reckon we can get a picture for the blog of me with all my music stuff.

But I think I want the intimate vibe, the noirish thing of an intimate portrait of me looking nice in a shirt and jacket and looking away

Me standing in the door of my bmw with a keen suit, we need that ready to go vibe, but also the I am your DJ, this is your ride. Maybe looking forward and looking back, standing in the door like “you coming?” The BMW represents the ride, the adventure to new places.


I’m thinking short term about what we can do right now and I pretty sure I’m moving all the cd dvd duplication gear to the spare room so I can make the front room into a client lounge area. Whatever works, however we can push forward, we’re doing it so well right now I only have to think how I might continue to cut my workload down. This is how we approach slowly building up an assistant into a full role without losing the plot.

Visiting suppliers is probably the biggest one now. Printers, Post Office, CD / DVD packaging, doing that circuit. What other jobs have we got listed for someone else to take over?

I just put some lists down here to remind me but it’s basically in a nutshell

packing up all the jobs and going on a post office / supplies run after organising all the ink, cd dvd supplies and printing based on emails forwarded by me.

THEN check outsourcing and classifieds, possibly do invoices.

So there’s an incline there.


packing and pick up / delivery run

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery, classifieds

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery, classifieds, outsourcing

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery, classifieds, outsourcing, invoicing

What am I then doing? Sales? pretty much. If somethings not clear, step in and sort it out.

– check jobs: audio masters to be downloaded / dvd authoring – quality control / track check

– check jobs: print masters checked and forwarded to print

– check jobs: any packing that has to be done – check cases / packages and addresses for orders

– checks inks and cd / dvd / packaging stocks – possibly written on board – for ink / cd – dvd supplies / printing pick up / post out

– DO: do packing and supplies pick up / posting

– checks outsourcing jobs – takes brief, posts job, hires, candidate, forwards to client, takes changes, forwards to worker.

– invoices drawn up, sent out, reminders, etc.

– checks trademe / classified listings, notes orders >>> see 1.

packing / postage

– mastering work – audio cd and dvd duplication masters

– outsourcing

– classifieds / trademe

So Mr my replacement comes in

– audio masters to be downloaded / dvd authoring – quality control / track check

– print masters checked and forwarded to print

– checks any packing that has to be done / packages and addresses orders

– checks inks and cd / dvd / packaging stocks – possibly written on board – for ink / cd – dvd supplies / printing pick up / post out

– checks outsourcing jobs – takes brief, posts job, hires, candidate, forwards to client, takes changes, forwards to worker.

– invoices drawn up, sent out, reminders, etc.

– checks trademe / classified listings, notes orders >>> see 1.

List of article subjects.

cd dvd duplication
– pirate stories and history
– children’s birthday parties (esp. with refrence to pirates!)
– glamour and fashion modelling
– promotion with cheap printing, flyers, posters

Cheap Auckland Printing, Copying, Posters, Flyers, A1, A2, A3, A4

Sunday, October 9th, 2011


colour 100 x a3 / 200 x a4 / 400 x a5 / 800 x a6 = $95 Delivered (+ $15 for glossy)
200 x a3 / 400 x a4 / 800 x a5 / 1600 x a6 = $175 Delivered (+ $25 for glossy)

colour stickers: 100 x a6: $75 / 200 x a6: $110 / 400 x a6: $180

paste up distribution cost: a3: 70c a2: $1.20 a1: $2.25

colour 10 x a2 / 4 x a1 = $130 delivered

Ask about our weatherproof / Tearproof banners from $195

Hi I’m Matt, I’m a small business owner with a lot of small business marketing experience – we’re doing great right now here in Auckland and I focus on providing cheap services from auckland to all of new zealand.


– cd duplication, dvd duplication, cd printing, dvd printing, cd replication, dvd replication

– cheap printing deals, poster and flyer distribution – banners, brochures, booklets, poster printing and flyer printing – a1, a2, a3, a4, a5, a6

– online marketing services and online video production services

How cheap printing, posters, fliers can help your business/organization?

Every small business needs to market its products and services if it’s meant to survive and grow. Advertisement brings to mind radio or TV spots or newspaper ads. These are expensive and quickly eat your promotion budget.. Don’t despair – there’s an often overlooked but easy and affordable way of promotion. Thanks to the availability of the cheap printing services, you can use catalogs, fliers, posters and other printed materials to attract customers. Let’s see when to choose the different marketing tools and how to use them efficiently depending on your company profile.

Choose cost effective means of promotion

The goal of any promotion is to attract the customers while maintaining your planned budget. Success of your printed materials campaign depends on the two factors. First, the materials must reach the consumer interested in your offer. Second, they should inspire the response to your offer. The style of the promotional materials and the way of spreading them should depend on the profile of your activity and available marketing funds. There’s one form of printed materials every business needs.

Always carry your business cards

Make sure that you never run out of the business cards displaying your unique selling point and the contact information. They can prove useful in the least expected circumstances. When exchanging contact information with private person, add handwritten note on the back side of the business card. You never know when your new acquaintance or his associates may need the service you offer. If your card is closer than yellow pages, guess whose business new customer will find.

Use fliers to develop interest in your offer

When you sell the product with the unique features, use the leaflet to introduce the benefits to the user. Ask yourself why they should use your stuff, and use this answer in the promotional pitch. Tell the customer what kind of problem you solve for him. People may not realize there’s product out there offering help for their problems – or they don’t even realize they have problem to be solved. This requires marketing research. However, you performed the analysis when designing the product and general marketing strategy. Use this insights for the “bait” type of leaflet, creating awareness of your unique products and services. When you sell the full range of products, try different approach to printed materials.

There are two key angles to marketing with

Offer catalogs to attract careful shoppers

These colorful catalogs from supermarkets may seem annoying, but they really work. You can use different approaches to design your printed catalog of products or services. One option is to discount a few key products and feature them in the flier. This helps to attract bargain hunters and frugal folks. Remember, such materials have a short life, as such promotion never lasts for long time.

Other option is to list the stuff related to the current shopping trends like Christmas or holiday patterns. Third idea uses the catalog as the mail or phone order bait. If you use your cheap printed materials as such a middleman, remember to list all the relevant products with their details and prices. Your logo, prices and unique selling point must show up on the catalog. If you offer services or try to position yourself as an expert in the field, try yet another idea for leaflet design.

Show your expertise with educational fliers

Show your expertise and provide some useful information to the potential customer. This simple marketing technique makes people feel as if they owe you. They know that you not only talk the talk, but walk the walk as well. This type of printed materials promotion works best for service providers. Here are a few examples of the clever leaflets:

– A doctor presents the set of exercises helping the patient to deal with the pain.
– Lawn care company offers a leaflet discussing the best fertilization schedule.
– Barber shows which types of haircuts are all the rage during the current season.

Keep the leaflet short and useful. Remember to add your logo and the contact address on the folder.

Spread the leaflets where your customers lurk

Do you remember the students earning their pocket money by giving away the leaflets? That’s rarely effective, as most people throw the fliers away as irrelevant. You need to reach your potential customers with your leaflet campaign. To succeed, consider where you can find the consumers of your product. Add the flyers to the newspaper on the related topic; cosmetics sample in the magazine for ladies. Leave them in the office of the related, but not competing business; charity program leaflets in the church hall. Give them away in the strategically selected areas; accounting office can offer their fliers near the tax facilities. Put the leaflets in the mail boxes to organize protest against the new project in the neighborhood.

Use posters to promote your business

Will you organise free weekend activities or festival to promote your services? Perhaps some well-known authority will give a public lecture thanks to your invitation? Advertise such time sensitive events with posters spread in the popular areas. Just make sure you never break the local laws attaching your ads in forbidden spots! Consider renting the ad spot, so that the posters remain safe till the end of your campaign.

Reward faithful customers with free gifts

Proven law of marketing says that keeping faithful customer is more efficient than attracting a new one. Surprise your good buyers with a new year calendar or the notebook with your logo. They become more dedicated to you when they feel appreciated. The accessories can be cheap; intention matters more than money here. Remember to add your phone number or web adress to this stuff.

We have looked at the different ways of marketing your small business with cheap printed materials. From business cards to gifts, find the form of advertising which best compliments your company profile. Cost of printing your materials may be small, but the results provide a significant boost to your income!

At the moment I’m using my auckland colour copying website as a guinea pig for future revision of my business websites, you see the whole idea is it feels negligent to leave a good website that’s working but has just been slapped together as it is. Once it looks half way decent, I’m fine to just leave it until sales and leads drop below a certain level (less than 1 a week, say) or rise above a certain level (3 a day) which signals either way a new approach to be taken to lift leads or organise around the growing potential of the business is required.

With the auckland colour copying website – how can I improve on this? Probably with a more professional design and prices and videos arranged to work better.

What are we hitting people with when they arrive. It’s cheap, it’s easy, you can trust me. We need to let people know the prices, how to contact me and the terms which make it easy, and the video is there for extra assurance.

You want a list of the terms and selling points which prompt the visitor to decide if this is the best printing price / option and a quick list of some deals:

colour 100 x a3 / 200 x a4 / 400 x a5 / 800 x a6 = $95 Delivered (+ $15 for glossy)
200 x a3 / 400 x a4 / 800 x a5 / 1600 x a6 = $175 Delivered (+ $25 for glossy)

colour stickers: 100 x a6: $75 / 200 x a6: $110 / 400 x a6: $180

paste up distribution cost: a3: 70c a2: $1.20 a1: $2.25

colour 10 x a2 / 4 x a1 = $130 delivered

Ask about our weatherproof / Tearproof banners from $195

Also we need those terms and selling points

– excellent prices on $50-$1000 spends
– free delivery
– 1-2 day turnaround
– so competitive on combined jobs
– poster / flyer distribution and design services
– cheap banners and sticker printing

So we cover ourselves prices, terms/selling points and trust

The banner just says:

Auckland Copying – – 027 684 8250
high quality printing, cheap fast and easy – you can have it all!

and eventually a picture of me in the header, in the deals, specials, terms and selling points area also, and of course I’ll be in the video in the header.

I think that just about covers it?

Other than that, what would we worry about, add some articles and blogs, get some links, keep trucking!

What do we really need to do but bring people to the site and broker for their colour printing? Anything and everything else comes later. Y’know if we start brokering more than $25k worth of colour printing, maybe I’ll think about stepping up

colour printing, colour photocopying, colour copying sandringham, balmoral, mt. roskill, mt. eden, grey lynn, ponsonby, herne bay, three kings, royal oak, mt albert, westmere pt chevalier, avondale, new lynn, freemans bay, k rd, parnell, greenlane, epsom, remuera, newmarket, newton, kingsland, morningside

Stressed Out in Small Business, Auckland, New Zealand

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Boy, stress levels around here have really gone through the roof recently and it’s kind of hard to understand why things have become so stressful.

It’s definitely been a cumulative thing – it’s not just one or two big issue, it’s been a continuous stream of tiny little nagging situations that pile up on each other and when you don’t get a chance to take a break it starts to mount up and compound on itself.

I don’t think I feel ill because of stress, but I’m certainly picking it’s a contributing factor, and of course has shut down the energy I would have available now to get on top of the situation, which is compounding it.

So what mistakes were made that caused problems?

the flyers – the flyer distribution around auckland – that was a tough job to take on when it was urgent. Again, that was my fault for taking on a stupid job.

the learning to drive DVD – print errors and broken dvd cases

the rugby video to dvd conversion – didn’t realise “double sided dvd” – which was then lost – nightmare, but it was just a complete curveball

same day short run cd duplication – these guys were pretty rude, but it shows I need to be more thorough about guys rushing urgent jobs.

council issues surrounding poster placements – This was the real blow, it wasn’t the one that pushed us over but it’s the one that did the most damage

the dvd’s with the hole not centred – purely pedantic. you have to take those hits, just bad timing

wrong tracks burned to master – this an area we need to take hold of, we know that, when bands email their tracks so many different things have gone wrong. When we burn from the master, it is never a problem. My mind is just going over all the times we’ve had to repeat jobs and I swore to charge people if they wanted to email their tunes. $25, though that doesn’t nearly cover the drama, I don’t want to be seen to be milking it.

There were a few issues with packages not arriving also.

So it’s easier to see when you’ve calmed down that, well . . . these things happen, but we want to stop them happening again, because the piling on of mistakes is where the problems start, one or two or even three can be dealt with. We just have to go easier and beef up on making sure clients don’t push for too much because they can push you right over until the dominoes start falling.

So in a way it’s been good to really remind me how important it is not to take on too much work. But there’s also been another interesting development – I’ve now gone 5 days with no advertising and the leads have not stopped flowing. It’s unlikely I will turn them back on for up to another week now, which indicates something really interesting – that blogging and SEO is really what’s keeping my online marketing efforts so strong. The honest truth is I only do two things to promote my business – adwords and blogging. I can’t think of anything else.

So what does that mean? I could save $50 a week? I guess, but there would be certain categories such as cheap printing, pirates and talent management that may suffer, but that could be covered with $50 p/month. But $50 p/week isn’t really much at all, it seems callous to disregard.

It makes me think that blogging away here like this is giving my enterprises a lot of depth and that what I’m actually doing with content and media should be considered more.

But we still have to be sensitive and aware of the main issues that have to be dealt with.

With debt collecting it has got to the point at which if I can just deal with Metro then I feel like I can cope, my accounts receivable will be at the level I have deemed acceptable to not be concerned about. That doesn’t mean taking a holiday, we’ll still target the laggard, but even now there’s only about 8 long term debts.

Then our websites become a real serious issue it’s almost maddening now, I think we understand that tackling that one last big debt, once that’s done, the fact that my websites don’t look good will be a major issue.