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Video Production Videographer Work Experience Auckland

Monday, September 1st, 2014



So I am on the hunt for people who can help me with my video production and youtube videos, developing these concepts I’ve got. Just paying them to come in when I need help, just getting them in on my terms, and paying them, and then hoping things can loosen up.

I need to pay them something, but I am also hoping they will get in behind what I am doing, they have to understand that I will pay everyone the same – not much at first – but the person who does the most work and helps out will be the one I’ll be calling back first.

If you want this kind of auckland video production work email

But I am really looking for people who want to help me, and i wouldn’t be surprised if I have people working for next to nothing soon, because I am encouraging them to support what I’m doing.

So What’s the deal? Just say, look, I’m giving you $40, I need you for at least 2 hours, maybe 3, just please come and help. Do extra, takeaway homework, you’ll be the one asked back. Maybe we can work it out so I can slip you $50-100 to do a lot of the editing work.

with two $40 pods I should be able to produce 2 x 2 minute videos every week. But I could make it 3 or 4, depending on who was around and wanted to rock, what we did together, what the vibe was.


I was just browsing star now for local people who work both behind and in front of the camera, who have skills and want to develop experience.

I run a successful promotions company, but long term I am developing my youtube channel with a combination of music videos, kids videos, comedy, vlogs, etc. it’s just a hobby for now but I would like to take it somewhere, so I am looking for more people I can work with to get more productive and make better content.

I am more of a front of camera person, and I can tell big gaps in my technical knowledge is letting me down.

It wouldn’t be very regularly and I cant pay a lot, but I will pay something.

Just finding out who might be interested. Thanks!


So yeah I do a range of stuff, I’ve had this one man band approach and worked with lots of keen models, doing the whole thing myself – mainly music videos at this point, but ive done plenty of skits, road movies, vlogs – organising, performing, shooting, editing, the works. needless to say, because I do that all myself I spread myself pretty thin and the effect is pretty cheap, and I accept I am selling myself short.

As I said I am not that technical, and mainly focused on my performance, so that aspect of my videos is suffering.

I thought it would be great to find technically experienced people who are also interested in jumping in front of the camera with me, so I can get the most out of it and keep my super streamlined approach running.

This is how I compete, by being small, fast, and agile.

I run a successful promotions business already we do printing and cd’s and dvd’s it goes great and I don’t have to attend to it full time.

I am also a chilldrens party entertainer, I dress up as a pirate, so there is a part of this that is already working as a business, it’s just my video production is not a professional operation right now, it is still my hobby but I am prepared to invest into it because I want to take it somewhere.

I would like to think if I could build a solid team with my previous business experience I could probably make this into a business opportunity also, but that is long term.

I would probably need help for a few hours once or twice a month. I will need to have several options just so we can all be flexible, im not relying on just you so youve got some freedom if you cant make it when I need a hand, and I can have a little network going.


So yes one response so far from some teenage girl – it’s as I’ve said before, we need to find jobs to put them into to begin their development. I am encouraged by bonnie, knowing that if I can get the girl through a few sessions with me, then they will find out what I’m about and worrying about the girls, like with bonnie, won’t be so much of an issue, worrying about whether they can handle themselves.

Now have had another girl interested – so we definitely have to start aligning what we want to do with where we can bring these girls on board.

We can put drunksploitation up there. RC1 episode, pirate stuff we definitely recognise.

The push to have our pirate story, our pirate dvd locked as a basis for our show is a business milestone, it means we can make a show we can take on the road.

And very clear guides pop into place here. I said I’d pay 2 people say, starting on $40 for 2-3 hours work helping me to make 2 x 2 minute videos.

$160 over 2 sessions of 3 or 4 hours for me, and that could create 8 minutes of footage for the weekly show. Well I’m trying to work with the concept, within the confines. Maybe a 5 minute show every fortnight? No you’re constraining the wrong parameters. Because we can’t go into that kind of production right now.

The fact is we would work through our stuff, right through to business stuff, we’re working the pirate stuff, we have our show, and pushing through out the other side to what else we can offer.

– pirate party / show
– DJing
– Girls appearance
– event management
– corporate video
– wedding video

We can go on adding stuff to the mix, we can crowdfund and all the rest, but what’s the conclusion its heading to?

Well me pulling in $500 a gig doing either pirate shows or DJ shows. and doing 3-4 gigs a week.

In order to do that we may have to really get down with these girls and tell them how it is if they want to breakthrough which means doing the work. From the work, the opportunities will arise.

Think of milford market day, lots of fairies coming down, lots of filming, a tight little ad for milford and pirates and whatever created.

Opportunities being worked.

But the resolution reached here is that there are so many possibilities, it’s mind boggling to orientate ourselves to that. Yes, use the dreams, pitch specific dreams to lure you forward because those are lures that work, even if it is to trick yourself into something meaningful.

You can have a plan like basically falling away from gigs to focus more on the cohort, because that’s a plan for now. Plans are for doing. Dreams are for focusing plans.

We’ve had some nice dreams and seen what they look like, we recognise the pattern, we can choose our path forward, we just need to make the right choices traced back to needs we truly recognise are legitimate. Money is not really a legitimate goal in of itself.


A major issue is that we are backlogged with so many videos to edit, it just makes me think we need to instigate our coaching regime weekly do get that caught up, and we will be blasting through because we know our financial goals are tight, to have that same hold suddenly erupt in video, that would be great.

But before we go in deep on auckland video production let’s look at what else there is to do.

The landing page for the cohort ads and links is going to be the next thing. We’ll start with some copy. Then design it up. Do we really think we’ll go forward? Now that we’re recruiting elsewhere? Well at some stage, of course.

We’ll give our interns interns.

We need to be thinking about how we’ll be bringing people on board moving forward.

Drunksploitation, Pirate videos, Editing – editing has to be seen as a big part of this now. The more I shoot, the more I fall behind.

Which means I can ask them to do the bees straight away. I could ask Michelle to edit the first bee video, the dnb bee girls. Then followed by the bonnie skits, I mean seriously that’s 20 hours of editing, 2 weeks going hard. Easily worth $500.

We could get help for NENB. Again, $80, 2 x $40 but this is also a great tester, because it’s so easy. But if we found someone with a good camera or who was into hipster emo cinematic stylistics, that’d be great, we would also of course do Flatmates. A really good camera person. Put aside $100. $500 for bees and bonnie. And then we come to all the gig footage. What we’re saying is though it’s a big job if we break $600 for that too then what we’re saying is we could jump forward swiftly with cash, I can see that now.

By the time we were doing drunksploitation, which could be any time because we’re rolling in with tanks, I’m not doing gigs, I can spend on this.

Then pirates and lord perhaps even RC1 we would be way beyond our video requirements. But the girls would need more, and so on we ride!!

Value in Auckland Video Production

Monday, May 5th, 2014

Hi this is Matt at Kurb Promotions, Auckland and we offer a range of digital media content services for organisations and groups on a budget – Video / CD / DVD copying, printing, duplication – plus design, auckland poster printing and distribution, and video production.


So recently we decided to start cleaning up the blog by putting in a little more effort to make the blog a bit more interesting to read.

Rather than raking over the same minutiae of my business and various half hatched aspirations, I decided I wanted to attempt to make the blog something that if somebody found it, or I started directing people twoard my blog, or because they were interested in what I was working on, they could read and engage – more reader focused than a personal problem solving focus. I know I have some writing skills but if I don’t stretch them then I don’t have the ability to demonstrate them or put them to use improving my situation. I can’t link to my posts, because they are not good enough for the average reader, but by working on this, slowly, I may get to a point where I can begin letting people know I have a link, I have some writing.

When I post comments on others blogs, or a new community I find, then the trails that lead back to me don’t give the appearance I’m simply a muppet in the game trying my luck trying to drum up support and business, because I’m desperate to establish myself in this.

One of the little things I’m doing is I will be publishing more links which I feel have interesting points worth mentioning. Not necessarily to promotion, or specifically business related themes, but items of interest related to being more understanding or successful in various operations.

In a my clean up post I talked about an article discussing how you can work on yourself as much as you like but the results will only ever be measured in terms of what you can offer the world. If you’re not getting what you want, it’s only because you’re not offering enough to get it.

It doesn’t matter how much work you do to become a better person on the inside, the result it produces is what you will be measured by.

This made me think of my archiving work, my website work, my promotions on my artists site and how so much that I do is failing to provide value to the outside parties – the fans, the clients – I need to attract to make the thing work.

Even writing these blogs endlessly, I mean sure, it looks like I’ve plowed through over 1000 words today already but to what purpose? Make that 2000. Sure, it proves I can write a lot of words. But to what purpose is it all ultimately serving?

So we’ve begun by taking the step to make the blogs more readable and accessible so at least it provides a good look, I can’t really call myself a blogger just by vomiting words onto the screen for the purpose of pushing up search engine rankings, once they become readable articles, well then I have the opportunity.

One idea I had today was that it was time to get on with resolving the issue of all these blank printed discs we have that aren’t really doing anything. But then I realised, again . . . this is just a selfish idea that is convenient for me.

Does auckland, does new zealand want 1000 old CD’s burned with some crappy misprint on them full of my songs or videos? I’m not sure. Just because it’s convenient it doesn’t mean it’s something that’s worthwhile. What I think we need to focus on right now is what people want.

One idea that struck me though is that on one hand, you need to be valuable to other people in order to get what you want.

And yet the less you want, the less you are required to find a way to be valuable.

Let’s have a link then. This from philosophers mail

The dirty truth about Capitalism is not that it is inefficient, but that its ambitions as yet have been so lowly and so restricted.

When we get furious about bankers’ bonuses . . . What we really hate is the idea of bankers getting paid a lot of money when we can’t see how they have helped other people.

Rather than wanting to wind back big corporations, we should have a different and better ambition: we should want them to learn to make their profits by a strangely odd-sounding but in fact plainly obvious goal: truly helping other people.

I guess that explains a little of why we’ve chosen to blog this way, and leads to more to be said for trying to really help people, really look to what they want and need.


Because of this return to the value of production, we slowed up on our archiving project, and switched round and started firing out more videos. I’m not sure what we’re heading towards, but we know when you want to produce videos or anything else it starts with getting started.

We’re getting started showing our skills in presentation and fronting up.

What comes after that?

Well more videos. You have one more music video you want to complete in the next month. And also the cohort getting cohesive. We set up a page, and we set up ads, wow it’s really ambitious. But it is also the point from which our honest investigations into local new zealand youtube culture can begin, now that we’re cleaning this blog up a bit more so you can actually read and follow it.

So I want to reach out on star now. I want to jump on star now and say check out my music videos im doing teamed up with auckland actors on star now, who wants to get out there and make some god damn videos for youtube new zealand, okay???

So we get people starting to roll up because they want to be into video editing, they want to be shooting filming auckland youtube videos, theyre in there, doing the yards and we’re producing videos, a lot of videos, and we’re getting good, we’re getting better and better and youtube video production!

We’re doing pirate videos. This is serious. We have a lot of funny kind of “get out there and do it” kind of concepts we want to roll with but we need to get real we need to get serious with these cohort people who want to get out there and do it with us!

A lot of the material we’re doing now, is just warming up for more assured material coming further down the line because we know how the professionals, the showmen work – they have their routines which they work through, we just have to convey that kind of assurance.

But it’s a lot of work scripting and shooting these videos!


I have finally finished shooting 4 vlogs, wow how did it take me 48 hours to write and shoot 4 videos of me just sitting there talking? I guess I kind of forgot how hard this work is, but that’s a reminder that it’s not an easy skill which is what makes it valuable. Also it’s important we do some more this month, so we keep our youtube video presentation skills sharp.

The skill is only valuable as long as I can maintain my skill level and improve. Not that I see a big future in presenting videos! I just want to be able to push my efforts forward in this area, to take a shot, have a go, and comeback with thoughts on how to improve for next time.

I am now slightly confused about where I’m moving to now, and what my thoughts on this whole process will be.

The first answer is we go back to the 27 archive entries. But as discussed we also have video and the youtube video producers cohort on this list, and then music and video promo is the next thing coming up.

Are we ready for promo? Are we ready for the cohort? Before we ask those questions we can see how it’s all flying at us now we’re not working so much, the highway is getting chewed up as me roll through. It won’t be long until wide spaces begin to open up where we get to shape new priorities and new directions.

Yes I am sensitive to the fact that none of this is putting money in the pocket, it’s not arresting that issue of producing value and could be considered a distraction, but at the same time I salute the ability to march onward, we build on each hard fought step forward, we don’t know how many steps remain but we soldier on regardless, not tied to the belief that salvation lies around the next corner. We are ready to turn a lot of corners before we get back to where we want to be.

A few extra hundred dollars, well up until recently, it would have made no challenge, and we have to remember out fortunes could easily change, and we have to prepare to answer the question of where we can go once we’re back on budget with our core services of auckland cd dvd reproduction and printing.

Assisting in Auckland CD Duplication and Copying Expansions

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Okay so coming into 2012 we have a funny situation, where cd duplication is still going really well, we have the opportunity to reach out in new directions, but we can’t overstretch ourselves or what’s the point? What I’m saying is why ruin a perfectly good business by overstretching yourself just to get another off the ground?

You’d think I stop blogging if I wanted to slow down the pace of my business but I’ve got too many ideas and ultimately we want to make the choices that will allow us to grow smart. At the end of the day, 2 successful businesses will bring me to my business goal. But we don’t want to risk one for the other, we want to keep our eye on the ball and develop our secondary enterprises at a sensible pace.

Do I even have to put “cd duplication” here on this blog any more? Cd dvd duplication and cheap printing for auckland and new zealand is what we do here, mainly, we just had to focus on that because it was the easiest thing to turn around – all kinds of marketing and video production and presentation we offered gets really complicated when you’re trying to do it cheaply.

I think the point is you could do a lot of things if you keep at it, it depends on the result you’re looking for. I think maybe business ideas get easy, it’s easy to say hey we can do this, but then opportunity cost rears it’s head – what’s the real opportunity you’re looking for? Is that the opportunity you’re actually missing out on?

We thought heading into 2012 that pirates was the right move. We thought was a great idea because it ticked so many boxes. It’s stiull a great idea, but we decided that if there were more low intensity options that offered the opportunity for a smaller commitment, they should be looked at and considered.

So we focus on where we can take our core activity, but we also consider the bigger picture, that there is always a finite amount of energy and time to put into any effort.

The bigger picture is why would we want to grow our business? To create more opportunities outside of just profit. I guess if we’re already thinking about more people, and assistants, then anyway we grow the business increases the viability of that person. Just doing the numbers now, it’s crazy I haven’t moved on this. It’s just opportunity cost again, because we need someone who can pick things up, so I do less – literally. We recognised that driving around is probably the first thing, and combining that with printing and posting duties.

Someone can’t walk into that job, they’d have to work with me. It’s still pretty stressful, what about me, why do I want to grow this business?

Well as I said, just a little bit of growth and I’m in a pretty comfortable place financially. I’m not raking it in, but it’s enough for me. At the moment I have enough, with another business going strongly I would have enough to do more things that I didn’t expect.

Because it’s good to push yourself forward, push yourself to your best. With help, I could do more, but more importantly when it comes to the business, I do less, and at this stage, to remove all that would leave me with a lot of time, I think – to think, and know what I really want to do with the opportunities I’ve been given.

So in a lot of ways it’s all about not just hiring an assistant to do more jobs so I do less, but being able to pay an assistant to provide the ability to push forward with new ideas.

I would be just focused on the important stuff – sales, debt collection, accounting, and then my growth strategies. You’ve got to think of the assistant as the person who can get you out of here.

You want someone who takes the client, sorts out their art and printing, sorts out their audio, sorts out the cd duplication order, packaging and posts it off, on the way collecting ink, printing and discs for the next order.

so the work they are doing is
– dealing with clients, printers
– driving around
– cd duplication packaging

and the areas we are consolidating in

– buy dvd player
– stockpile supplies
– get assistant

Then I just get on with my own little expansion agenda.

We were talking about giving someone trademe, getting them going with the trademe side of things. That is a bit of a luxury though really.

again I was talking about getting over to australia and getting some cd dvd replication action on there, connecting with melbourne operations to get the discs flying out, people I was talking to were talking about sales being pushed by peple who could come in and help me, targeting certain markets, replicating not only the business model but the marketing strategy also.

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Setting Up For Duplication, Websites, Support and Video

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Lizard Brain, Busy Work all these things are terms used by seth godin for things that can be done but may be just don’t have to be done.

Things that are only important to your business and work in that you feel they are important, you need this activity to feel as if you’re making progress. And so, for months and months I let accounts receivable pile up without chasing up the money I’m owed until it becomes a major psychological pressure point.

In recognising that, I’m looking at what is set to become a new pressure issue, the new issue that I skirt around and avoid.

Website design isn’t big. If I don’t improve my website design, the business won’t fall over. Nor the photographs.

I’ve got a new approach to staffing. From now on, if profit hits a certain margin, all the money after that will be put into an employment fund, and if I have money in that fund, then I will use it to delegate tasks. Again, I’ve set up an arbitrary redistribution system, I’ve regulated funds so that rather than asking questions, we get the outcomes. Workers coming in to do the jobs so I’m not stressed in any way and have the way clear to do boring things like chase money owed.

Right now there’s just 100 cd duplications to do, I have to do that myself, put when any printing comes in, any packing, driving if possible, then on they get. No complications about hiring people just pay them as the money is available.

When this big dvd duplication order comes in, I’ll instantly organise for the dvd printing and for it to be packed and done.

So websites aren’t an issue and assistants aren’t really an issue because we believe we’re working this stuff through. What you’re left with there is really video stuff which is around pirate stuff. And we’re setting everything up for that, more preperation can only be a step toward better execution.

Of course just doing it would be the preferred outcome but until then . . .

The idea of more computers is to facilitate focusing on creativity, but it also means there are 2 workstations should there need to be super printing. Let’s follow the plan.

> Buy new computer, set up new computer.

This means we have a new computer to possibly set up as a workshop,

> Install new DAW software

Then it’s my new studio

> Sort out laptop and turn old workspace into a work lounge.

This means selling my current computer and laptop and replacing that with one sit down good laptop. Why do I need a new lap top, when I have important programs on the other that would be hard to transfer, meaning I might have to keep it anyway? best to refurbish.

Then I set my turntables up in the front room, get it all set up for recording and filmings, and more of the same in teh work lounge, make it easy to switch over to set mode with ease. Then I’m prepared with my creative den where I can talk to clients and get deep on creative projects on my new computer, and a spot where I can relax and write and do internet work on my laptop during the day or when I’m buzzing around, and especially if I have workers in both rooms, both can work and watch movies / use the net, while I can chill in my work lounge set and answer emails or whatever it is I do.

And of course it’s made to be easy so if I want to whip away stuff it can be a set. I mean if I’ve got a chilled writing and working spot, I want to have some music and maybe a spot to eat, smoke, have some drinks, I don’t know, not a full desk but an inobtruseive bench or table I can snatch away. But it’s also where the aerial is so if I want to get a TV, that’s where it has to go.

The point is – creative space for shooting videos, creative space for writing music and conducting promotional affairs, separate for more basic operations.

So when we’re doing our videos for pirates, and music, what then? The ad campaigns begin?

Getting on With Auckland Printing, Copying, Duplication

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Well it just keeps getting sillier around here I’m afraid, I’ve barely spent $20 on marketing and advertising in the last 3 weeks and the business just keeps pouring in!

You need cheap, quality cd duplication or dvd duplication with great service in new zealand

You want cheap colour copying and printing? a1, a2, a3, a4, flyers, posters, stickers, banners – we do great cheap printing deals!


Our cd dvd duplication and colour copying services in auckland and new zealand continue to surge forward! So what are we going to do? Well we don’t care about music marketing and video production and all of that for now! We just have to do the best cd dvd duplication and cheap printing services in auckland and all around new zealand.

Sure, I’ll be looking out for my pirate stuff, but other than that – well I’ll do my artist sites but I just don’t think we can bank on anything too much there. Not that we need to anyway. It’s also, I can’t really discount the idea that we keep running hot like this for 3 or 4 years. Do the math, the way my video marketing plans are going in 3 or 4 years I’ll have serious opportunities opening up because people are into my style. Whether it leads to money or whatever else is irreleavnt – there’s a good vibe there.

But in order to take care of business there’s a bit of a pincer movement in effect we know we’ve got to push the return of that one major debt, and get our websites in order. The stuff that comes up from the other side is not absolutely necessary. We don’t need to do a brochure, or hire an assistant, or beef up on trademe, those are all things we could do but right now we only need to sort out our tax, tax is the only real concern that we can’t put off.

I’m even thinking I need to stop blogging so much I mean crazy or what? Well I stopped my advertising! What if the jobs just keep rolling through? We need to sort out our tax for our peace of mind, but there are other more creative tasks I need to get on with in a creative manner. We’re getting the websites going. First Auckland Copying, then Pirates, Talent, and finally music blog, video production blog, and then this blog!

I’d be stoked to have all that done this year.

We’re gonna hit them one after the other, and then we’re going to need this photoshoot to happen. Why? Because if I think I’m so awesome then people need to see it.

What are the vibes I’m trying to put out there?

Well for my business shots you just need a trustworthy vibe.

– one with cd / dvd
– one with posters / flyers
– one with video
– business portrait
– hamming it up – I need like full length shots and shots of me pointing for websites.

We need pirate shots as well. I need to bulk up my pirate supplies for a proper shoot.

maybe I need a special shot for my music marketing blog. But I think as I move over to my artist shots we’ll grab one from that.

We want to do the classic look at me and my stuff picture – bmw, turntables, camera, monitors, bass guitar, laptop – riffing on this I reckon we can get a picture for the blog of me with all my music stuff.

But I think I want the intimate vibe, the noirish thing of an intimate portrait of me looking nice in a shirt and jacket and looking away

Me standing in the door of my bmw with a keen suit, we need that ready to go vibe, but also the I am your DJ, this is your ride. Maybe looking forward and looking back, standing in the door like “you coming?” The BMW represents the ride, the adventure to new places.


I’m thinking short term about what we can do right now and I pretty sure I’m moving all the cd dvd duplication gear to the spare room so I can make the front room into a client lounge area. Whatever works, however we can push forward, we’re doing it so well right now I only have to think how I might continue to cut my workload down. This is how we approach slowly building up an assistant into a full role without losing the plot.

Visiting suppliers is probably the biggest one now. Printers, Post Office, CD / DVD packaging, doing that circuit. What other jobs have we got listed for someone else to take over?

I just put some lists down here to remind me but it’s basically in a nutshell

packing up all the jobs and going on a post office / supplies run after organising all the ink, cd dvd supplies and printing based on emails forwarded by me.

THEN check outsourcing and classifieds, possibly do invoices.

So there’s an incline there.


packing and pick up / delivery run

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery, classifieds

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery, classifieds, outsourcing

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery, classifieds, outsourcing, invoicing

What am I then doing? Sales? pretty much. If somethings not clear, step in and sort it out.

– check jobs: audio masters to be downloaded / dvd authoring – quality control / track check

– check jobs: print masters checked and forwarded to print

– check jobs: any packing that has to be done – check cases / packages and addresses for orders

– checks inks and cd / dvd / packaging stocks – possibly written on board – for ink / cd – dvd supplies / printing pick up / post out

– DO: do packing and supplies pick up / posting

– checks outsourcing jobs – takes brief, posts job, hires, candidate, forwards to client, takes changes, forwards to worker.

– invoices drawn up, sent out, reminders, etc.

– checks trademe / classified listings, notes orders >>> see 1.

packing / postage

– mastering work – audio cd and dvd duplication masters

– outsourcing

– classifieds / trademe

So Mr my replacement comes in

– audio masters to be downloaded / dvd authoring – quality control / track check

– print masters checked and forwarded to print

– checks any packing that has to be done / packages and addresses orders

– checks inks and cd / dvd / packaging stocks – possibly written on board – for ink / cd – dvd supplies / printing pick up / post out

– checks outsourcing jobs – takes brief, posts job, hires, candidate, forwards to client, takes changes, forwards to worker.

– invoices drawn up, sent out, reminders, etc.

– checks trademe / classified listings, notes orders >>> see 1.

List of article subjects.

cd dvd duplication
– pirate stories and history
– children’s birthday parties (esp. with refrence to pirates!)
– glamour and fashion modelling
– promotion with cheap printing, flyers, posters

Support Assisting in Cheap Auckland CD DVD Duplication Services

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Hi it’s Matt from Kurb we provide cd dvd duplication, cheap printing and colour copying services and online amrketing and video production services – all on a budget for clients in auckland, new zealand and around the world.

So I’m continuing to blog a lot more here at kurb promotions even though this blog in particular isn’t bringing in a huge amount of traffic.

It’s as simple as this – business is going so well I’m almost begging for it to slow down! And so I took the step of cancelling my advertising while I could take the time to get on top of things, and the sales kept pouring through. Which means that I was doing those sales on word of mouth and search engine rankings alone. And the only thing I;ve done recently for my search engine rankings is continued to blog and of course when I’m blogging I’m always mentioning cd duplication, cd replication, cheap printing, auckland dvd duplication, keeping those keywords turning over – blogging about what I;m doing with the business – all original, not splattering links everywhere, just keeping the blogging slow and steady.

But I must admit I almost feel a moral obligation to keep growing the business because it means more people I can help, not just as a service but also helping put resources into things that are positive not just profitable – that’s something I can’t really do right now.

I must admit I need improvement in my leadership skills, I’m not really skilled at managing people. But I am pushing the office space further and thinking about adding ore staff again because it’s the only way out.

Now I’m thinking of somone who can replace more of the work I do. It’s a big ask but I think by foxusing on this outcome, I’m closer to a point where I can brreak away from my business I mean seriously, if all I had to worry about was making sales,  then I’d be sitting pretty. I will always do sales, that’s my power.

But what can I not do?

– packing / postage

– mastering work – audio cd and dvd duplication masters

– outsourcing

– classifieds / trademe

So Mr my replacement comes in

– audio masters to be downloaded / dvd authoring – quality control / track check

– print masters checked and forwarded to print

– checks any packing that has to be done / packages and addresses orders

– checks inks and cd / dvd / packaging stocks – possibly written on board – for ink / cd – dvd supplies / printing pick up / post out

– checks outsourcing jobs – takes brief, posts job, hires, candidate, forwards to client, takes changes, forwards to worker.

– invoices drawn up, sent out, reminders, etc.

– checks trademe / classified listings, notes orders >>> see 1.

So how will this work? Well with a vehicle it means replacement me can get ink or discs  or cd dvd cases etc. if they’re needed to pack jobs, printing as well.

I don’t think I will give mr replacement access to my email, I’ll just forward everything to a new kurb promotion  mail, and hopefully I’ll be in the habit of forwarding everything.

With the outsourcing it’s all about the flow system and the fact that with a dedicated person involved, we can move much quicker, and the replacement can also do invoicing and reminders from then.  With trademe they can update the listing, and do the postage, but it’s production they’ll have to look at, and building into a serious inventory.

That’s the long term jobs – building that inventory, and getting all our archives and everything organised.

So I moved the laptop to the office and started making room. On this laptop emails can be checked covering all specs:

numbers of discs and cases that will be needed, addresses for mail outs, details of print jobs . . . progress in outrsource jobs and trademe listings . . . email addresses and amounts for drawing up invoices. Put it this way – if this person knows how many cd dvd discs and cd dvd cases we need, knows what’s happening with printing, ink we need,  the addresses of the order,  and making up the invoices and where to send it, then that’s a whole lot of stuff I don’t have to do.

On this computer, files can be downloaded and cd masters created, and video files authored for dvd duplication, similarly discs can be made into image files and uploaded for cd replication and dvd replication. Of course all odesk stuff and trademe stuff can also be done from this console, as well as invoices drawn up and sent out.

I just see that as a simple checklist that can be performed based around 1 or 2 trips round the neighbourhood to pick up printing and ink,  discs, cases and packaging, and go to the post office to send off deliveries. In between cases and boxes have to be packed mainly – often, cases, prinnting and discs will not be available to pack, so there will be a wait – either a trip to the cases supplier or straight on to outsourcing and trademe issues.

With outsourcing there’s either a job to push forward with or not, with trademe it’s fairly straightforward – the inventory must be kept in order, and then posted out with the other orders.

So inventory is getting right down the end – have I mentioned the business archiving that I was talking about also? Well I have boxes of cd’s and dvd’s that are masters from all the jobs we’ve ever done, I don’t think it’s right to just throw them all out, but they will be slowly deteriorating. I would want to put them all onto  storage on a big 2tb hard drive, and then they would go into a crate full of stuff that basically I have digital copies of and the physical copies, I don’t know what they are. They retain some kind of meaning so although if I lost them I wouldn’t care, I still don’t want to throw them out – they can go live in the garage.

So I guess the process is to check each disk – possibly by seeing if it will duplicate – and then burn an image file to the hard drive back up, afterwards we can check that any files that aren’t exactly the same size aren’t just the same file. No, there are more issues. We need to check if a disk will play and we need to be able to do this fairly quickly, otherwise we will be burning images of corrupt and faulty discs. I’m starting to think I should get my new quadcore and then start it off doing this task.

So what do we do if a disk won’t play, but has something on it? I think the first step is to sort out all the discs that are mysteriously unaccessible – if they are accessible decide whether they are to stay or go.

Make 3 piles – to burn images, to trash and to hold until contents can be ascertained. There might be sub-categories – some discs to be straight ripped without an image burnt, and set down as decent discs or content, some we keep, and boring ones we leave at that and trash. I think sorting through them will start to bring up an idea of what we want to keep.

without actually checking we can probably tell which are worth keeping and checking out, which are probably worth biffing and the blacnk discs which are a mystery.

But it does make me think when we’re trying to create this archive and this inventory also, the crossover for one, and then constructing CD and DVD products for trademe that can be sold, if we can get some stuff on a disc and sell it for $5, then I can make $4. But the idea is always about building that fan club of people who will buy these discs, if you get people to pay $5 each per month then you get 1000 of them, then you’ve got a real thing going on. You’re making $1000 p/week from just a little cd and some trademe stuff?

possibilities start to open up – once I have once new person getting paid, then I go all out and get the unpaid intern so that I’ve got so much extra labour these guys can afford to mess around. as long as they’ve got the ink, the discs, the boxes, the cases, the printing they need, they should be able to get it done.

Cheap Online Promotional Media, Auckland Video, Websites

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Hi I’m Matt at Kurb Promotions in auckland the best service for the lowest price on cd and dvd duplication services, poster and flyer printing – a5, a6, a3, a4, a2, a1, and also a range of video production and online marketing services we’re developing to help organisations do something special with online media even on a small budget. My strength is really on how you can get the right promo services you need for less than you’d expect.

Cheap online video production and various video services is the long term area of development for my business so that’s been something I’ve been going over a lot here.

I just don’t see a new car as helping me to grow. Because f I keep my buffer up, that’s all we end up with, more money for toys that aren’t actually going to be any help to my video production.

The points to be made are that video will continue to be one of the most powerful tools available to almost everybody to create messages that resonate. Also we’ve talked about the youtube partnership program, which allows video makers to profit from advertising on youtube which creates a valuable new income stream for artists as they slowly rise in popularity.

But there are still serious maintenance and growth issues around how horrible my websites still look, they look bad and they don’t function as well as they probably could either. A lot is just housekeeping that’s been ignored and can’t be ignored forever but in some cases, the house isn’t being kept because it’s really just a tent.

Only dealing with the last of my debtors will get this out of my head and me in a new space of clarity and focus in my business – it works two fold because not only is the issue resolved, but suddenly I have new found liquidity to back me up.

I can look at the issues of web design and development and say ok – we need to push this forward even if it’s going to cost more money because it’s holding us up. We want to move forward focusing on online video production, online content, video content, but if we’re worrying about people shirking, and why we can’t seem to get a single half decent website design online, then we can’t really move forward.

I don’t expect video production to be easy, I expect another year or two working on it to get it to happen, and I can’t have my efforts there undermined by websites that don’t really feel professional when pushing cd duplication cd dvd media, cheap auckland printing, cheap online video production

I need strategies to get this website presentation nailed. Especially because once I sort it out for myself, I can then use the contacts to off these online marketing services to others. It verges on embarassing trying to peddle online marketing when your sites look so very unimpressive. So the plan is to get a number of projects going so I can produce at least one good web designer who I can keep on.

My artist site is completely locking up, the second designer can’t seem to place anything up on the page. I believe a lot of outsourced web designers misrepresent what they do. They rely on templates, just like I do, and I don’t want a template, a template does feel completely constrained and characterless, it doesn’t strike you as being original,

The other sites for development tests are:

cheap video production
talent management

This is the issue, how do I hire someone for these sites and expect a good design?

Auckland copying needs that new plug in I bought, the landing page one.

The music marketing blog needs a full thesis redesign, but I need new photos.

New photos is part of the whole process. When you tak ethe step to making your website really super nice, then you need super nice photos. Imagery – whether by video or by photoshoots is required to project a professional and inspiring brand. Right now it is essential that my website projects a decent level of professional branding so that I can begin to promote it – I want a platform to deliver blogs, songs and videos onto that perform the basic functions of a website, and one of the most important functions is projecting a professional look.

But once the sites are done, you freshen up and deploy new advertising campaigns online, where I’m already strong, and you have that platform, that stage to present your primary work. You can focus on that and blogging to back it up.

I mean if I do a great viral video campaign or a brilliant song, my website is not going to be up to the task of turning casual fans into real fans which means you’re missing out and you’re not ready. It doesn’t help me creatively to feel unprepared in an online business sense.

If something connects online, or I get coverage somehow, then when fans come looking on google, they will find me and they will have plenty of material to help them decide I am worthy of their attention and then offer social networks, blogs and principally my mailing list as the best options so that I can supply fans what they value, and I have the opportunity to realise that value as income.

These are the online steps that must be fulfilled before I can seriously advance my content. I want the ability to see if I can connect good content to revenue – but I need the fans and the platform to do so. But don’t most people see your video on youtube? And hear your song on radio or online radio etc.? yes sure, but then what do they do?

They google you to find out more. If they find a totally cool website that blows their mind, of course they’ll sign up for email, connect on social networks and download the free giveaways. And so until I get my websites looking more decent, I have to keep blogging and juggling ideas until I can come up with something, finally get some decent websites with some decent visuals up, get my content curated nicely.

Besides dvd duplication and cd replication and cheap auckland printing, as well as pirates of course, I am still commited to auckland video production and online video promotion because of all the different ways that content and connect with people. But establishing the website is as fundamental as the content itself.

If I do good content I can laser target the advertising, I can have a special landing page and make new advertising campaigns for every video. If I could actually buy real views for 5c, paying $50 for 1000 views may be worth it if it creates 100 fans and 10 of them become supporters. It becomes about gathering those core supporters to your mailing list and activationg them – where once you produced auckland video to attract new fans, you move towars videos that activate current fans to spread the word and take actions leading to revenue.

You can have a video to explain the deep inner workings of how money is made from blogging about insurance, mortgages and loans.

But it’s almost like this with videos on your website – you could have the tastiest dish in the world but if you served it on a dirty old, chipped, disgusting plate, how would it taste? Would it look good?

We need much better website presentation before we can break out with our video and music content. But when the platform is established, that’s when we have to step our blogging up to the level of doing one or more strong newsletters.

strong video content and search engine results, advertising, brings fans to the site where you are trying to convince them to download or watch/stream more stuff, connect on social media and sign up for email updates. Once you have got them hooked, connected and on updates, you just need to keep the primary content coming out and blowing them away, while blogs and newsletters become sly tools to encourage revenue in a hundred and one smart ways.

It really seems simple. Once the website is up, you just supply awesome video and music to the front page by way of youtube and music players, then once you’re up to date there, fire of an update, post a blog or work on collating a newsletter depending on what you have material for. As you content becomes more mature, your website must be more mature, as your content becomes more mature, the more you can develop your social networks, blogs and sites for income.

Pirate Promotions in Auckland – Cheap Services For Entertainers.

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Hi I’m Matt, I’m a businessman (and entertainer too) working in entertainment services – cheap auckland printing, cd printing and duplication, dvd replication and copying, online marketing, websites – all great afoordabel services entertainers need in auckland and new zealand.

I’m really good atthe making money part, now I’m reaching for things that are more stimulating for me, but still make oney – that balance is fundamental, poverty is no good, bit neither is losing the spark in your work.

There’s several things I’m wondering about my business as it changes in nature, really about creative ways to grow the business – and when I mean grow, I don’t mean grow profit, I should say “develop” – I’m more interested in developing a sophisticated organisation than an organisation that makes more money, that’s just a happy bonus.

This is why I blog a lot more now, because I’m really in an ideas phase, looking for bigger and better ideas than “how to make more money”.

What ways can I better invest my time into the business long term? How can I grow my entertainment brands to provide a minimal supplementary income as partial validation, and provide just that bit of extra income that makes all the difference when treating yourself.

But then you get a problematic loop – You’re less worried about profit, you’re more creative, your activities are more wasteful as they may not provide good value, as it is unmeasured and perhaps unmeasurable, and then you’re stuck doing something no one cares about and making nothing from it – you’ve become completely self indulgent.

So while my entertainment brands are a priority for me at the moment it once again brings back the auckland pirate birthday party ideas back from the brink, they always hovered there because it is working, it is making money, and it is through entertainment.

My strategy is to build my pirate entertainer service over the next 2-3 years into somthing that contributes a good skill and can open some doors for more of my entertainment ideas.

Long term, it’s developing a road show and a sponsorship deal for my youtube video and website etc, where it would really pay off.

But for now I just want to be doing 2 parties most weekends and putting my prices up to $200, adding tinkerbell, and using her to get more girls parties, develop a show, and a brand.

Because I;ve established a toehold theres a web of opportunities that exist.

I could have 4 fairy parties booked and take $100 off each one. I could be doing 1 or 2 shows worth $500 a pop, I could start booking shows out of the city for tours, I could do some kind of videocast, youtube thing, but also if I’m going around promoting and filming myself, recruiting fairies, then I can also promote other stuff as well.

Put together a marketing deal for shops I go into, combining online with some kind of entertainment, performance.

I guess on one hand I just have to get out there and play with it, but I need to refine my pitches, if I’m in some store talking about marketing and promotion I need to be able to cover some attractive options without long winded details.

We need to be weary of getting involved in things we don’t want to be locked into. We can charge $300 for a website, $300 for video, $300 for an ad campaign – we can work out all these deals, but it’s not what we want! What it does offer, is a glimpse into ways we can jack ourselves up if we get into trouble with cd dvd duplication falling off.

So how do we ramp up the pirates?

– website design
– youtube videos, hopefully with tinkerbell
– more advertising

Then develop a show, and keep the videos coming.

Especially anything that could lead to us selling more dvd’s, like if you did some filming around the school and with the kids, and sold them for $10. Sell it as a package for $750 with 100 DVD’s.

How much should a shop pay to be in an episode of pirate matty? $500 at first, but that’s a long way off. Let’s not get too carried away just yet . . .


Blog and Web Content to Develop Web Property and Business Online

Friday, August 12th, 2011

I am still getting more leads but I’m not really too worried.

You could call that negligent customer service and there’s a good argument for that, but my argument is that sales really only helps the business short term, and doesn’t help at all if you’re unable to see the bigger picture. I need to make sure my clients pay their bills, and I need a clearer vision of how things could play out in the next 10 years before I go tearing off in one direction or the other.

That’s why I love blogging for nutting this stuff out. Making that extra sake for an extra few hundred bucks, sure, could be the start of something much bigger, but how big do you want to get? So big that you’re always trying to make an extra few hundred by fitting that last job in?

It’s better to have a plan to disentangle yourself. Which can take many directions, but this after all is a business and promotions blog, so it’s probably smarter to discuss how we can live more productive, profitable and stress free businesses than curtail our standard of living.

I’m focused right now on web property. It’s a broad premise – a veritable garden of possibilities for growing new business.

So from amongst almost 80 sites I own, I’m developing a bunch of websites I’ve picked out as having a long term advantage, because in promoting them, I’m promoting a service I can offer, I’m creating opportunities to get paid through advertising, and finally, the asset value of the website. If I can’t sell something off it for whatever reason including being too successful elsewhere, I can still make money advertising, and failing that, sell it.

In ten years time, my prize specimens such as graphic design cheap could easily be worth $10,000. That’s the value of prime real estate.

Securing some advertising recently totally randomly made me realise there’s a future here, because if I build these now, in 5 years time they could be just humming away making a few dollars a day – 20 of them, I just have to renew my domains and hosting.

At the moment I’ve just been blogging away and it takes a lot of time. I’ve been looking at outsourcing freelance writers, but it is so much about building brick by brick, that’s why I see the need for more skilled writers who can look at the sites we’re trying to develop and contribute articles that people want to read.

The question is whether paying outsourced people $5 an article is really going to help in the framework of developing these websites. Well that’s why we focus on the websites we are trying to leverage for further earnings elsewhere. Auckland Pirate website and our video production website – well in fact music marketing and auckland colour copying also, then modelling and our artist websites – there are all motivations that exist there beyond just covering $5 to pay an outsourced freelance writer.

Will $5 paid to a writer eventually come back in advertising? I think we need to be more aware of where our advertising revenues are coming from, that way we can post articles on the relevant sites and see some returns from advertising. Finally, it’s the sites that one day we know we will sell or put to gainful employment otherwise.

I guess that’s why the graphic design site and the youtube promotions site are candidates to eventually be sold, because with graphic design it’s very demanding for the money you make, while on the youtube promotions site, I can’t advertise through google becuase I’m using “youtube” a google trademark. But what’s a little spending on articles if you sell up for $10k and manage to get some advertising and/or services running – albeit modestly in the years it takes for it to gain value?

I think there’s a bigger point to be recognised about reinvestment also.

So it’s my job to develop these sites. I am already using web design and blog design to develop the presentation, but because hiring writers is cheap, and more importantly, it makes me say . . . blogging is taken care of – well, what do I do next once I hire writers?

At the moment I am spending at least 10 hours blogging a week. By spending $50 on writers, and a few hours on editing, I am still geting the same amount of content out there. But I need to get decent content people want to read.

Just as this advertising deal I got comes up, it raise the idea of having quality material for an audience, having someone who you can work with to go with a story that you know will work. I was looking at new zealand writers because they could provide articles that would interest new zealanders. We could use this blog to post generally topical items, just to get local visitors aware of what we do.

By posting about adidas jumpers or happy feet or anything that is really topical in new zealand, visitors will come, see we do cd dvd duplication, video services, cheap printing etc, and then we’re building the brand.

We really have to identify the site because we would quickly flip the blog to quality content – we couldn’t have one random bad post, the metamorphosis from spammy poor content caterpillar blog to social media destination butterfly won’t work if you interrupt the process.

Where can we focus higher quality effort? These are the sites I am working on – upgrading presentation and adding blog posts – for more business, advertising revenue and a decent sale price

pirate birthday videos
music video marketing
viral video marketing – explosions
Auckland copying.
NYL / modelling video talent
artist sites

as far as I’m concerned, music marketing has crossed the line into higher quality content, but it’s a hard one to get writers to understand what I do.

But if I could get quality new zealand writers . . . and stage it as a me vs. them panel type situation where I get them to lay out their assumptions and research and then address it, such as ” is buying twitter followers, facebook likes and youtube views a smart move”. It’s a whole different approach in finding something worth writing about, first.

This works for pirates also because of what I want to do with this site.

Just remember our services are available in grey lynn, ponsonby, westmere, sandringham, pt chev, mt albert, mt roskill, mt eden, epsom, newmarket, kingsland, eden terree, newton, parnell, remuera, hillsborough, three kings, royal oak, greenlane, herne bay, freeman’s bay and all over auckland and new zealand.

We also offer cheap auckland printing and photocopying, banners and posters – a2, a3, a4, a1 printing and posters.

Moving Business Forwards With Auckland Wedding Video Productions

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

I’ve just organised our first cheap auckland wedding video production to go ahead so that’s a real major – for me, the first sale is huge because it proves that your business model CAN work.

I have written so many blogs here and have gone over so many different angles and the cheap auckland wedding video company plans were the best because it’s a service that’s in widespread demand, takes some skill, and therefore is quite profitable.

So it’s not not just because I got one person interested in our auckland wedding video services, but people get married every weekend, so there’ll be no shortage of work available.

I don’t like to take a lot of risks in business any more because if you’re personally happy with the growth you’re enjoying why work yourself silly? Isn’t it better to wait for the right opportunity to expand to present itself? With these video production opportunities becoming available, I am confident that I am well placed to step it up if and when we see a drop off in CD and DVD duplication and printing orders, which as I’ve said, may not be for another 3 or 4 years.

But what’s better than one great positive business prospect? 2, 2 great business prospects, yahahaha!

I guess even though I’m happy with where my business is at, and where my finances are, I still have energy available to commit to business and video and various auckland promotions services and I have the opportunity to plant seeds, that in years to come, make my transition out of CD and DVD duplication easy and smooth and I guess – it’s like I said, I had one great idea with CD and DVD copying and now I’m no longer poor, if I can just have one more idea that good, I can probably get rich – rich enough for me anyway, a couple of million to chill on is all I need I’m not some scrooge!

But that’s what I identified – one decent idea or a couple of okay ones is all I need to relax my lifestyle, earning and saving a little more than I budgeted for is only going to continue to take me to a safe place – to me, I could probably live comfortably off the interest from 2 million and still probably do a little bit of leisurely work for the odd treat, but that’s going to take 21 years. So the next factor to consider is that I don’t want to spend the next 21 years worrying about money.

So although CD replication and DVD printing services in Auckland and New Zealand are enough to keep me going for now, just a little bit of something new happening, going on, growing under my feet, is all I need to relax a little. That’s why I stay interested in new opportunities.

Business is what I’m good at, so I’m hoping to use business opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences rather than simply make more money, I think long term, it’s a great holistic approach to have.

A lot of the strategies I’ve looked at for expansion haven’t really been seriously profit motivated more testing and experimenting but that’s also very worthwhile, except it’s easy to meander when revenue isn’t priority, because you’re just skirting around the idea of scalable viability.

With the shop / retail ideas, there is a new spot available in town which I am looking at, but it still comes down to whether I need to take a risk. The issue being that not taking a risk has meant I find myself in a relatively stable scenario.

There’s two options. Stay safe, stay focused on my task list, because their are always mundane tasks, or let loose a little and keep scanning for new ideas and new opportunities. If you commit to something you’re committed. But if you allow the right opportunities to find you, at the right time, sure it may get frustrating being patience and waiting to make a serious move, but it may be the smartest choice.

I have a lot of website services – children’s birthday parties, cheap auckland wedding video production and other auckland video production services, not to mention my artist and entertainment sites that just all really need to be improved with better presented and organised websites, talent management also, I can’t really expand until there;s something there that people can see is good.

So does that mean I’m more interested in a retail operation because it’s more exciting than my other business ideas and it allows me to lift my lifestyle while making it viable to do so. If that’s the case, it’s still a good reason – but perhaps to risky to warrant, where there are still opportunities for action that are advisable with less risk.

I guess the issue is feeling boring and stagnant when I might be being prudent.

Everybody out there is always om about how you’ve got to fail and make mistakes in order to succeed, and I’ve failed plenty and it’s just not pleasant. Especially where I’m at, where I’m not really dead serious about expanding my business I just want to be aware of the opportunities that could exist. So perhaps I need to look at things that would be exciting and interesting without a big commitment or risk.

That’s encompassed by blogging about talent management and our video production work including auckland wedding video services, and our blogs and online music marketing for our artists sites, but it sort of isn’t really happening.

Which comes back to the websites being lacklustre, and barely really suited for the kind of business we want to bring in especially when we’re trying to establish trust.

Should we keep pursuing auckland wedding video business as it’s profitable and there’s a deep market to be one over with trust, as well as picking up creative skills? Of course.

But should we go out and get a new shop just because it feels like action, and looks like glamour, even though I know I have debts that need collecting, administration, and websites that need to be improved? Why don’t you get all that sorted out first, then start with your big ideas?

Well I’m just looking. Just browsing – put it this way, the issues obviously are the jump in costs and the hassle of moving. But there’s a lot of reasons why the space is desirable:

– location for business: not only would it be more handy for clients but being in town makes it not only more accessible for new and different services such as cheap printing auckland city / cbd for example.

– location for tenants: where and however I would need to get tenants, I would have no problems getting students.

1 location con: I’d be further away from the printers and disc suppliers.

At the moment I have 5 rooms and a large kitchen and a garage. 1 bedroom, 1 workroom and 2 storage rooms, the 4th largest room for a possible tenant

The new place has 4 rooms, an open plan living room with a small kitchen. If I had one bedroom, 1 workroom and 1 storage room, I could still have a living room and room for a tenant. However my bedroom would be smaller but I’d have a living room I’d have to share. And sharing is a big deal.

That’s really what’s at issue here. Would I swap living alone for the chance to have a great location where I can get my business and life happening?

on one hand it feels risky, like something could go wrong, but on the other, it seems to locate me closer to a whole lot of action.

It’s about finding $250 per week. If I needed a tenant I could get one, but could I manage the situation? Could I manage without one? I’m thinking after 6 months, I will find new ways to make income from the spot to make up the difference, where I have to.

Unfortunately it comes down to Graham. If I can get him in there, then I can cover my bills until the time I forced to seek other alternatives.

The only way I can justify the risk is if I can cover myself with Graham, and it doesn’t work out, well I know I can get more tenants, because if the location.

But ultimately I want no tenants, or to be super selective, but how will I ever afford that? You don’t think it’s realistic profits can rise by $200 to make it worth it?

I need to look at the place.