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Auckland Pirates Video

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

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Hi it’s me Pirate Matty or just Matt when I’m at home and I just wanted to take the opportunity to make a video talking about my work entertaining kids, my experiences, and where there’s potential for the Pirate Matty character to develop.

So I started as a pirate working at the fairy shop where little girls could hold birthday parties in the fairy grotto when I was 19 – They were trying to meet the demand they had to do parties for boys and a friend knew I’d be perfect. So I became the mainstay of their boys parties as well as corporate events etc. I was in demand, and I got two big pay raises, but unlike in never neer land where peter pan didn’t grow up – no one plans to be a pirate all their lives, my interests turned elsewhere and I couldn’t maintain the commitment.

Fast forward a few years to the break out of my small business kurb promotions, internet marketing, entrepreneurism, I was looking for new business opportunities, something that was a service that paid well offering maximum profit margins, and yet was unable to be performed by few other competitors or made obsolete by technology. Suddenly realising I could return to doing pirate birthday parties and keep the full fee, tripling my pay, knowing that it was such an exclusive skill with a market in place – I knew it was a winner and I’ve been doing it for some 7 years now.

The reason I do it is because it is almost effortless to me, I know I have an unthreatening presence going in to a strangers home to entertain their kids and I am a natural performer, I have long since abandoned any kind of structure for my birthday parties other than a game to start and kid the kids interacting, and the treasure hunt as the finale, these two aspects book end the performance which essentially is just an amalgamation of the dozens possibly over a hundred parties I’ve improvised my way through with imaginative quests and adventures around the immediate space I’m in.

The pay is great, however it is really exhausting working with kids and I cannot quite work out why! But of course the reason I do it mainly is because of the human connection I get. Whenever I arrive I’m there to put on a show in a professional capacity, but the kids are only there to have fun, and when everybody is having a great time and the kids are happy, so the adults are happy, so I’m happy, it’s a great feeling. The kids don’t want you to leave, the parents are handing over the money with beaming smiles and praise.

As it was when I left the fairy shop, my passion in life isn’t to be a children’s entertainer, but when you’re good at something and it gives joy to people, of course you want to do it, it’s a great feeling, so as long as I am physically able to keep up with the young kids, I will likely continue to do it, but there also exists the possibly to branch out into doing more media content, creating a show for larger audiences that could be performed in schools or small theatres over summer, and touring to different parts of the country where I could also offer limited opportunities for private birthday parties also.

Bringing more women on board would create the opportunity to begin marketing parties for girls based on my brand, also giving me more performers I could use to develop more videos, which I see as a natural way to promote what we’re doing here on youtube. My experience in business is that you offer new ideas up and you see what your clients are interested in paying for, and that’s what you run with.

But of course as a performer the pirate matty character begins to share aspects of my personality and tell of a more personal story and philosophy, looking at how kids learn not just what is right and wrong but why it is right and wrong. Pirate Matty is child like – naively optimistic and self interested, making him adventurous and cunning – maybe too clever for his own good – character whose ambitions are usually challenged by basic dilemmas everybody faces in trying to get what they want and managing the competing interests within a group. Like a crew of pirates who rob and steal. Or the interactions between Pirate Matty and the fairies learning to reconcile their goals which alludes to how men and women can work together.

This to me actually reveals a lot of potential for Pirate Matty to do some interesting stuff aimed at a broader audience once you accept the premise that I am not a real pirate, I am merely an actor and that whether you’re a little kid or a grown up, a pirate or a businessman, life’s challenges have familiar aspects we can all relate too – and so there is a hidden authenticity there, in that not only do I play the role of an actor playing a children’s entertainer, but you can actually book me to perform at your kid’s birthday so narrative aspects of the story as “fiction” start to blur.

This aligns with something more personal to me – the ability to tell a story that resonates, especially when you’re able to create something that appeals to little kids but has profound meaning behind it.

So to wrap up well I’ve been doing pirate birthdays in people’s back yards for over 15 years and there’s no need for me to stop doing that any time soon, but I am excited about where things could lead. It’s about where I want to be that the audience wants me to be, I would love to develop my show, develop my content, bring more people on board, or perhaps even branch off into something with more cerebral or artistic undertones, but that’s just a matter of what opportunities come up, but one thing is for sure, Pirate Matt is me, and I’m Pirate Matty. Arrr!

Auckland Children’s Birthday Entertainment Services

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

To be a pirate or not to be a pirate? This is pretty funny because it takes me back 18 months ago when I was in the same position, with the same ideas, but now I’ve sat on this egg long enough and I feel bold and confident moving forward with my auckland children’s birthday ideas, especially now having met up with a fairy offsider just to give me support really.

Bounce ideas off, get a rapoort going, and develop something more than just a birthday party service and appearances, but also take the brand to youtube, do our auckland dvd duplication to produce and distribute that youtube material to build the brand, and also use that stuff to get into the schools. About thirty odd in auckland. 20 odd outside auckland we hit them with a tour.

Maybe in 18 months over that 2014/15 summer we could look at doing some public shows, $10 a head, and pulling in a grand. It’s school holidays right now, I’m saying if you charged $5 for a 40 minute show, it’s actually quite competitive and if you make $250 twice a day, and sell some food and merch to cover your costs, you’d be doing alright.

So let’s go back to how I saw it before . . .

I’m still moving the place around and triangulating my strategy here, particularly for my entertainment services, we know that the big goal for 2012 is to kick off our pirate situation. Our children’s entertainment services – auckland birthday parties is our main goal in 2012.

I think what we’re really aiming for is the show. We can start scripting and throwing down sketches but we need about 20 minutes of sketches and stuff, I’m just over on the pirate blog sketching something up. I see the show as throwing open a lot of doors if we can carry it all the way through.

So the plan is to maintain CD DVD duplication, replication, printing but develop children’s entertainment services.

I quickly recognised that the children’s entertainment stuff I’ve been doing has the best chance of going somewhere, but it’s not just about that. It’s a positive experience and I think it gives me a chance to get out there with my skills and interact and work with others which is important to me because profit and revenue is no longer my main priority.

We still use profitability as a measure of worth or viability to keep us anchored in that sense, there’s always a future is something that is effortlessly profitable.

We apply a plan to grow that business and make it more profitable so it can perform better in meeting my aims to serve the community – making kids happy, giving young actors work. It’s not necessarily then about bringing in revenue, it’s about building up the operation with people. Finding roles for those people that serve the growth of the business.

Get growth driven, and put money back into developing what I want to do in business. So while I consider the ultimate purpose of the enterprise, I designate clear steps that take us from here to the point we want to be at.

The first point was that we need the stage show, because that represents a significant step forward in services we can provide, from small birthdays to full on performances. For the stage show we need a script and a partner.

In signing up a tinkerbell fairy assistant, what direction can I get them on? We’ve got a lot of ideas about what needs to be done but we need to keep our people in circulation, I need to pay them, and not waste my money.

Going out doing promo. We need to pinpoint community events especially on the north shore we can target. Fairy Parties $100, Pirate parties $150, Pirate + Fairy $175

Youtube video production – we need to get the ads happening immediately, incorporating the fairies. I offer them $50 for at least 3 hours, to come and work on something, so I need a plotline to suggest why I keep meeting different fairies. But these can also be videos to showcase these actresses.

I want them to present for kurb and for cheap video production.

BOOKINGS – THIS IS THE BIG ONE – I just remembered I have a friend who is real good at bookings and stuff and would be perfect for being cut in on this. I can still book parties but anything else is for the agent to arrange. I actually have 2 different people who could do the job.

My plan as I’ve worked it out is to be doing 2 x gigs p/week at schools for $400 + $2 a DVD averaging about 100 DVD’s and so therefore paying my 2 fairies and agent $50 each and coming away with about $350, though there will be travelling costs etc.

But then it comes to summer holidays, and I bet you can book mega shows or make some kind of connection so you can be doing at least a show a day. There may be a pay cut involved, but I reckon I could do 5 shows a week, what’s more we could be in the holiday spots all over january doing shows every day. I mean if for 30 – 40 weeks of the year you do 2 shows a week and make $650+ then it comes to the holidays and you’re doing 5 shows a week for $1250+ and travelling . . .

And you know you’d be doing at least one birthday a week for $150 also!

That’s all sweet but I can imagine doing tours where I do pirate shows during the day, and gigs at night. Fly in on a wednesday, do 2 pirate shows and 4 gigs, score $1800, and get out. You can’t really think about the money, it’s about the holiday, the adventure. If we’re up in auckland making $1200 from cd dvd duplication and cheap printing and $300 from gardening, and $800 from pirates, then we’ll be happy to just get away without the need to make cash because we’ll still probably pull $1500 if we’re smart. I just fly 2 x return, that’s . . . okay let’s count it:

flights: $600
accom: $300
petrol: $300
manager: $250

See this is the thing. If we stayed in christchurch for a week and did 4 shows, we could make $1600 and only spend $500 on petrol, accom, manager, $300 for flights, then go to touring and do 3 gigs and a pirate show, see if we can cram in some pirate performances in queenstown or wanaka, but basically, $1200 in, $600 out for that leg, come out $1200 better off, so pay my fairy $250, and after 8 shows in 6 days, come off it $950 richer.

That’s with a vehicle materialising from nowhere. But remember, for 3 days, all you’ll have to do is the one show,

tues/wed – 1 pirate show, chances to add others, – $800
thursday – DJ flies in, pirate show chch, ashburton, timaru, gig in wanaka $600
friday – pirates queenstown wanaka, gig queenstown – $600
saturday – gig anywhere, invercargill – $400

– flights $700
– travel $250
– accom $300
– agent $300
– fairy $200

still $650 in, sell 400 dvd’s for $600

wednesday – pirate show, wanaka/queenstown – $500
thursday – pirate show, invers – $700
friday – wherever
saturday – pirate show and birthday gig – $300

flight – $400
accom – $250
travel – $200
agent – $200
fairy – + $450 – $150

– $150


I think flights may have been pricier then and I wasn’t thinking of doing pirates and DJ’s on the same day. It’s a very similar plan, except I’ve made a few modifications now and I guess they are more ambitious.


If I set up a new computer and everything in the next room, all I have to do is get my laptop up to spec so I can do online stuff on it, that way I can completely take away the desk and computer I use now. I could have a stereo and TV and they would be either on that shelf or in front of the fire place.

– It is pretty funny that I come back to this post on the auckland children’s birthdays and I am talking about office organisation when now, 18 months later, I am reversing all these plans and coming up with a new crazy plan.

Pirate Parties in Auckland: More Small Business Marketing Plans

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Okay time for another Auckland Small Business Marketing and Service update!

This weekend really kicked in for my pirate business and I can now see I can really make a go of it if I’m prepared to give up my weekends where necessary to keep this going.

I mean obviously this is a highly personalised niche service.

I’m throwing up the concept of when I will be forced to raise the fee to $200p/hour permanantly because I don’t see how it is avoidable. I’m just checking out the competition now.

Again, it’s hard to get decent prices! I’ll just have to go back to my previous place of employment which is still charging $175 plus a whole bunch of extras.

There’s also another guy who specializes more in props who charges $200 and I have an acquaintance who set his price at $250 but I think that is a little high.

I guess what it comes down to is

1: I’m a more experienced performer than most people at my old work or the guy with the props. I think my experience actually gives me an advantage because i know a “routine” is just going to get ruined, being flexible is the best thing.

2: My marketing is likely to develop to become far superior, it’s not a matter of competition if your competition is invisible and afterall there are only so many parties I can do.

Then it comes to extra services, but looking at everything extra I could offer, it just looks like it’s going to be a pain in the neck – doing stuff like cakes and decorations and all that kind of thing. It just becomes a big hassle for $20 here and there I just want to go in and get my $200.

I think what I will do is just have 2 options – either the straight 1 hour party or the everything package that includes a cake, decorations, filming and me being there for an extra half hour and that’ll be $500.

So really it becomes about how often I can do that. I like the idea of a sliding payscale but I’m not sure which way I want it to slide.

Should the 2nd and 3rd party be more because I’m in demand, or should it be less to encourage more people on the same day and therefore more free days for me, and that they’re less likely to get their ideal time?

what would be the time break up?

11 am / 12.30pm / 2pm

so 3 parties p/day is next to impossible.  I need to be thinking about a quick or budget service that can deliver value for $95

Or lower what they get for $150 so that $195 looks more appealling

okay now i’ve got it – 3pm will be $160 / 1pm $180 / 11am $195


North Shore / Waitakere / Manukau: $30 travel costs

Extra 30 minutes: $75

so that means I do have a good possibility of getting a 3 show day and making $535 a maximum of $1070 p/weekend but realistically $555 p/week if we were making a effort.