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New Goals in CD Duplication DVD Replication for the Website

Friday, March 16th, 2012

I am driven by pure laziness to get my business up to the next level so I don’t have to deal with people wanting cheap printing and cd dvd duplication every day, I can’t handle it! They just keep coming and I don’t want to raise my prices, because I want the business to keep growing so we can keep offering cheap auckland printing and duplication.

I can’t leave my websites looking the way they are, it is unbecoming. And I can’t keep working so hard because that’s not success, no matter how much you earn. When I was on the dole, I did 0 hours and I made $200, now I do 60 hours, and if you do the math, it doesn’t matter how much I earn, I’ll never have it as good as I did when I was on the dole unless I reduce my hours while still having some income.

We have to bring in more people to cover tasks and jobs because I want my life back, and I don’t want to have a nagging feeling that my websites are aesthetically, a joke!

I’m very lucky because my adsense earnings appear to be kicking in again, so all the more reason to keep blogging – we just love that residual income even if it is only $5 a day!

But it’s getting so crazy I need to invest hard back into my business for cd printing and cd burning services and more equipment, but that would still only be a grand. More investment would be covering spending more on priority postage options, couriers, transport, stocks and supplies.

I am still looking to push the whole assistant thing and the driving is the most obvious one.

What are other kinds of jobs you will be doing this week?

Sending out invoices, accounts and such.
Meet accountant, sort out office.

What I need is a system to pass information on to employees. So I can leave knowing that

– This is the printing that needs to be picked up any idea of when it can be expected
– This is packaging that printing needs to go into
– Delivery Instructions

So for example

Polynesian CD replication – 100 cd’s in slimline cases with insert – collect 100 x insert – monday
Disability DVD replication – pack into 300 clear dvd cases
Metal Band CD duplication – pack into 200 standard jewel case

But yeah so few stuffs, really – but there are 5 jobs coming up requiring prints

Indie band CD duplication – 50 standard jewel case
Template – 500 standard Jewel case
singer songwriter cd duplication – 1000 jewel case
senior DVD replication – 250 standard dvd
speaker CD – 100 in slim dvd case

So I need to note these down somewhere that they can be viewed. On the laptop.

So the worker goes to the laptop, sees the jobs, rings the print shop to check schedule, checks packaging. Remember, there’s always packaging if there’s cd printing and cd inserts, so then to check inventory, so as to know whether to get more cases when making the trip.

100 slimline case
1750 cd jewel case
250 dvd case
300 clear dvd case
100 slim dvd case

I should really try to have this under control though, so any work can begin while waiting for printing. Any complete jobs can be packaged for delivery. Each job should have an address for delivery, or a contact number to ring when the job is done to arrange collection.

That way 2 trips to the post office can be avoided. Not that it matters really because they can stop at the post office on the way home.

One issue maybe scheduling pick ups. If a suitable time can’t be established . . . either a real courier, or a courier fee of $20.

What are we going to do about downloaded masters? Authoring DVD’s? We may give that job to dave.

With the CD dyplication jobs I send out to station 2 will be

– under 300
– multiple set ups
– non urgent
– non burned

Basically any job over 300 will be done here.

The polynesian job I would definitely give to station 2, but the IHC job would be done here. The lecture pdf series would be done at station 2 with $10 for a design set up. No brainer.

The big cd run bands are cd replication, the senior DVD duplication and the speaker I would do here, the 50 jobs for the indie bands I would farm out.

So let’s go over that process

Check print jobs > call print shop (I have to send print jobs)
Check packaging > package discs (I have to stock cases)
Collect Printing / Packaging / Do Deliveries + Postage (I need to provide addresses and contacts)
Finish Packaging / Arrange Deliveries and Pick Ups.


So the main thing with the website development is that I need a photoshoot for the main sites as we tackle them, and some of the sites may need new write ups. Not really a major.

The video production site really only needs a new write up, and obviously thoughtful positioning of videos. Focus on keeping it simple and professional with a mind to how we might expand in a year or two.

pirate site / blog
artist site
video production
kurb site
artist blog
kurb blog
music marketing blog

Trading With Duplication and Replication Business

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Well it’s that one again, the one where I’m trying to be a serial entrepreneur, or I’m trying to expand my business but it’s still cd dvd dplication that’s filling up my time and still continues to grow for me. With no advertising, just this blogging keeping my rankings healthy and word of mouth. It’s really exciting because I have more money than I really need, but that’s mainly because I am fairly modest I don’t really live that extravagantly.

But I think it’s important to keep pushing yourself towards new goals and the important thing for me is to not get distracted by the fact that my material circumstances are changing and stay focused on what the business needs in order to keep growing. The outcome of being more efficient and more profitable is a different matter – the point is that staying focused on performance is important so you don’t becoming complacent and coasting.

Planting seeds now, means fruits down the line, so, what can we invest into now that’s going to help us long term? Well it’s certainly time to go shopping and get more printers, get a new dslr camera, and a laptop that is decent for portability and connectability, my old toshiba has had it and I want to train myself to be more adaptable to mobile lifestyles.

The more I iron out and extend the potential of cd duplication and dvd duplication, the more I’m having time and resources available for other enterprises but the pirate stuff is very intensive, I have to be quite energised and focused to make moves forward there, it makes me wonder what I can fall back on that is less intensive to generate good results. It makes me think more about the opportunities in trading, especially if you’re an entrepreneur and you have downtimes throughout the day waiting on a call or appointment, the beauty of technology now is world markets at your fingertips.

So I’m interested in integrating trading into my entrepreneurial lifestyle because it’s a good fit. I think traders should be entrepreneurs also mainly because it keeps you grounded in the world of real value rather than floating, arbitrary value imposed by the markets.

I tend to flip between being aggressive and wanting to take the initiative with a new business idea, but then circling back to recognising I’m good where I am, what I really need to be doing is consolidating, so I saw the accountant today, I have a postage issue to sort, and of course I want to but the issue of websites to bed!

You got this stuff you’ve got to get cleared but sometimes it doesn’t just all roll out and so you have to look ahead to maximize your time – I can’t really do anything here and I have to make serious decisions with the website thing.

You’ve also got to understand what you’re doing – what are you doing to get where you want to go and what are you just doing because you’re doing it?

With the photoshoot we planned, it’s just not pressing because I don’t need to develop my business in that way, to a certain extent it’s the same with the websites, am I pushing these things? no but the smart move for me in business is to address these weak spots if im going to be diligent.

But just like the accountant or the dentist you see a serious web designer to sort out serious problems. I’m sitting there saying I’m sorted out but there’s a lingering issue that the websites don’t reflect well in terms of professionalism, no matter how well they work.

What are your priorities?

Artist site
Artist blog

– these 2, because I want to start my ad campaign

Pirate site / blog
Video site / blog

– these 2 because I want to develop the business slowly – not really urgent afterall

Kurb blog
Kurb site

– matter of pride, I just make an effort to make my flagship site a bit more appealing.

2 questions emerge. How much is it worth and do you need new photos?

Artist site / blog $300 – $600
Pirate site / blog – $200 – $500

Video site / blog – $100 – 200
Kurb blog – $100-250
Kurb site – $300-500

So total spend is ranged at $1100 – $3450

How does that sound? Well our current budget is $600 and I’m sure we could scratch up $500 justified in the fact it’s a full makeover of the only sites that really matter at all. Yes i’d like to do the talent one too, and revisit auckland copying, but that’s not the one right now.

When would we seriously feel that we had to do kurb? I think the idea is to focus on one site you most want to develop and go from there. We don’t feel that we need to push video production right now. It’s a clean up. We don’t want a lot of video production business right now, we want to have it ready to go for when cd dvd duplication and replication starts to tail off and I don’t think that will happen in the next 2 years. In fact we’ve got enough with cd dvd replication, gardening, pirate parties and trading to keep our hands full.

But that’s not what it’s about. It’s a good tester, and if we find someone good, give them the money to fix it.

Who is going to do the artist site?

The main idea with the artist site is getting it to a point I can advertise. Once I advertise I want to be able to have pages I can custom for the ads that feature a specific video or song, or angle or anything. I reckon we can have a ball with crazy ads. What are they doing after they arrive? Joining our facebook, soundcloud etc

We’re really interested in how fans, customers and clients behave in order to progress them further to a point where they are further engaged and that is leading to purchases, spending, or other activity that promotes the brand or company.

Getting on With Auckland Printing, Copying, Duplication

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Well it just keeps getting sillier around here I’m afraid, I’ve barely spent $20 on marketing and advertising in the last 3 weeks and the business just keeps pouring in!

You need cheap, quality cd duplication or dvd duplication with great service in new zealand

You want cheap colour copying and printing? a1, a2, a3, a4, flyers, posters, stickers, banners – we do great cheap printing deals!


Our cd dvd duplication and colour copying services in auckland and new zealand continue to surge forward! So what are we going to do? Well we don’t care about music marketing and video production and all of that for now! We just have to do the best cd dvd duplication and cheap printing services in auckland and all around new zealand.

Sure, I’ll be looking out for my pirate stuff, but other than that – well I’ll do my artist sites but I just don’t think we can bank on anything too much there. Not that we need to anyway. It’s also, I can’t really discount the idea that we keep running hot like this for 3 or 4 years. Do the math, the way my video marketing plans are going in 3 or 4 years I’ll have serious opportunities opening up because people are into my style. Whether it leads to money or whatever else is irreleavnt – there’s a good vibe there.

But in order to take care of business there’s a bit of a pincer movement in effect we know we’ve got to push the return of that one major debt, and get our websites in order. The stuff that comes up from the other side is not absolutely necessary. We don’t need to do a brochure, or hire an assistant, or beef up on trademe, those are all things we could do but right now we only need to sort out our tax, tax is the only real concern that we can’t put off.

I’m even thinking I need to stop blogging so much I mean crazy or what? Well I stopped my advertising! What if the jobs just keep rolling through? We need to sort out our tax for our peace of mind, but there are other more creative tasks I need to get on with in a creative manner. We’re getting the websites going. First Auckland Copying, then Pirates, Talent, and finally music blog, video production blog, and then this blog!

I’d be stoked to have all that done this year.

We’re gonna hit them one after the other, and then we’re going to need this photoshoot to happen. Why? Because if I think I’m so awesome then people need to see it.

What are the vibes I’m trying to put out there?

Well for my business shots you just need a trustworthy vibe.

– one with cd / dvd
– one with posters / flyers
– one with video
– business portrait
– hamming it up – I need like full length shots and shots of me pointing for websites.

We need pirate shots as well. I need to bulk up my pirate supplies for a proper shoot.

maybe I need a special shot for my music marketing blog. But I think as I move over to my artist shots we’ll grab one from that.

We want to do the classic look at me and my stuff picture – bmw, turntables, camera, monitors, bass guitar, laptop – riffing on this I reckon we can get a picture for the blog of me with all my music stuff.

But I think I want the intimate vibe, the noirish thing of an intimate portrait of me looking nice in a shirt and jacket and looking away

Me standing in the door of my bmw with a keen suit, we need that ready to go vibe, but also the I am your DJ, this is your ride. Maybe looking forward and looking back, standing in the door like “you coming?” The BMW represents the ride, the adventure to new places.


I’m thinking short term about what we can do right now and I pretty sure I’m moving all the cd dvd duplication gear to the spare room so I can make the front room into a client lounge area. Whatever works, however we can push forward, we’re doing it so well right now I only have to think how I might continue to cut my workload down. This is how we approach slowly building up an assistant into a full role without losing the plot.

Visiting suppliers is probably the biggest one now. Printers, Post Office, CD / DVD packaging, doing that circuit. What other jobs have we got listed for someone else to take over?

I just put some lists down here to remind me but it’s basically in a nutshell

packing up all the jobs and going on a post office / supplies run after organising all the ink, cd dvd supplies and printing based on emails forwarded by me.

THEN check outsourcing and classifieds, possibly do invoices.

So there’s an incline there.


packing and pick up / delivery run

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery, classifieds

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery, classifieds, outsourcing

packing, pick up / delivery run, co-ordinating supplies pick up and delivery, classifieds, outsourcing, invoicing

What am I then doing? Sales? pretty much. If somethings not clear, step in and sort it out.

– check jobs: audio masters to be downloaded / dvd authoring – quality control / track check

– check jobs: print masters checked and forwarded to print

– check jobs: any packing that has to be done – check cases / packages and addresses for orders

– checks inks and cd / dvd / packaging stocks – possibly written on board – for ink / cd – dvd supplies / printing pick up / post out

– DO: do packing and supplies pick up / posting

– checks outsourcing jobs – takes brief, posts job, hires, candidate, forwards to client, takes changes, forwards to worker.

– invoices drawn up, sent out, reminders, etc.

– checks trademe / classified listings, notes orders >>> see 1.

packing / postage

– mastering work – audio cd and dvd duplication masters

– outsourcing

– classifieds / trademe

So Mr my replacement comes in

– audio masters to be downloaded / dvd authoring – quality control / track check

– print masters checked and forwarded to print

– checks any packing that has to be done / packages and addresses orders

– checks inks and cd / dvd / packaging stocks – possibly written on board – for ink / cd – dvd supplies / printing pick up / post out

– checks outsourcing jobs – takes brief, posts job, hires, candidate, forwards to client, takes changes, forwards to worker.

– invoices drawn up, sent out, reminders, etc.

– checks trademe / classified listings, notes orders >>> see 1.

List of article subjects.

cd dvd duplication
– pirate stories and history
– children’s birthday parties (esp. with refrence to pirates!)
– glamour and fashion modelling
– promotion with cheap printing, flyers, posters

The Future of CD DVD Disc Media – Optical Duplication and Replication

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Hi this Matt from Kurb – if you’re working in a business related to CD’s and DVD’s and have just stopped by to read the article, I’d love to swap links – link building

Otherwise enjoy the article and if you’re interested in realistic and affordable deals on CD DVD duplication or replication we can supply almost anyone in the world!


I’ve just been looking at the potential of CD DVD media because my company makes most of it’s money from providing cd dvd replication and cd duplication – cd dvd printing in New Zealand, based in Auckland, but because of our service we can deliver great deals around the world, and you can be completely confident in our kurb brand and reputation and service to ensure your order arrives.

I’m reading some interesting arguments in my research. One main one is that software companies want their goods on disc for piracy reasons. More coments:

sadly my daughter has some friends who cant handle email attachments. So if they want a set of pictures, i have to burn a cd disc. Isn’t that crazy!

I have tried to tell her to email them but having them on a CD gives them something physical to hold, even though the images are not. The generational mindset has to evolve some more. The people she gives pictures to are one generation older then she is.

I think optical discs make great archival tools. However, I also agree that all media will at sometime be distributed over the internet (including television). In my country (US) I think it will take a long time to occur, due to the large land area and because of our slowness to adopt better technologies such as fiber-optic.

I think music will be on CD for a while to come. CD-Rs are much cheaper than flash drives and although they’re only one time use they work for audio CDs and the like. Call me old-fashioned but I don’t want to have to be online to do everything

No, CD/DVD is not dead, nor will it be anytime soon. They’ll still be around, decades from now. Won’t be using the exact same technology we use now, but whatever is there will support legacy media. First, an observation. Paper was invented millenia ago. It’s still around, despite the predictions of the past few decades of a paperless office / paperless society. They still print books, by the millions

But the thing is this: archiving. Specifically, powerless archiving. You put something on optical media you don’t need power to maintain it. You spring for metallic layer, you can be very liberal with storage conditions. By archiving I don’t mean just us users storing stuff off-line, I mean entities like corporations and perhaps more to the point, governments that must keep records going back decades. Many are invested heavily with CD/DVD archival technology and it takes very little overhead to maintain it. Comparable to the effort (expense is less actually) than maintaining mag-tape libraries which are still quite popular.

There’s petabytes out there stored on both optical and magnetic mediums, either aren’t going away any time soon.

Nevertheless there will be a need such as a weddings photo album in digital or video album provided to the client on a optical disc format. Esp when these days TIF files can be so large from these ultra MP cameras. Games and movies and purchasing software at the shop etc. +

Is this supposed to be a serious rebuttal? I love USB Drives and not only have quite a collection but make frequent use of them. That being said, however, I do not just give them away when needing to give data files to friends/clients/others. A CD/DVD is a cost-efficient and useful method of passing along data to those that need it. The CD/DVD is far from dead no matter what Jobs and his fanboys want to claim.

A big thing is when less device start taking discs and containing disc drives, researching this became a chicken and egg situation – as long as they duplicate cd dvd’s there’s be devices to take them – and blue ray adds to that

I only refer to going to a DVD store as NZ still won’t have capable internet in the next decade.And media compression in all its forms sucks balls.

This is the most interesting angle on the speed of change, technology is required to make it easier to use the internet to distribute information technology that won’t be widespread for a decade. If people can have higher quality non compressed files, they won’t want them. So what about usb sticks? One comment suggested businesses don’t like branding an item that can be re-purposed beyond their control. The disc has more visual impact and my client like to use discs to illustrate the content of the item.

a usb can’t tell you what it does by looking at it.

Which is important for archiving, any kind of storage device, no matter how large, can’t tell you what’s on it like a cd can.

Do they want to put a flash port and a hard rive in everything, how long will it be before your average 60 year old who will be 70 will completely comprehend flash drives in the way that we understand CD and DVD – as we’ve lived with CD’s for 25 years!

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that CD and DVD will still be around and there may be a market for an old school shop for CD’s vinyl etc., a may just wait for real groovy to go down, or marbecks etc, because people will still want to go somewhere and browse for music. A rare CD will become worth $10 or more, and we can sell CD’s we make ourselves, especially if we’re the only ones who do it, 100 bans each selling 100 copies and us making $5 on each one would be $50,000. Pretty cool really.

The most important thing would be getting that content online so you could give away 2 songs a week to your mailing list, have a 1000 strong cd a month club and be making $1 on each of those, these are things that could be working in 2016. Be realistic about 5 years ago.

The first mass market Cd’s came out 25 years ago, I got my first burnt cd 16 years ago from a friend who’s dad ran a recording studio. I remember when I was 21 I didn’t have a burner yet. 9 years ago we started burning and printing our own cd’s with stickers on them. Looking at this trajectory

9 years from advent to duplication technology
4 years for duplication to become commonplace
3 years for printing and presentation to become available – got my first usb around that time
4 years for my home service to originate

That was 5 years ago. 10 years ago, cd burning drives were online just coming in for everybody.

How soon will it be before people can share their important songs, videos, lengthy pdf documents and pictures to specifically targetted people? Especially if it’s a financial transaction?

You can you get people to pay, ensure a specific person is receiving a specific set of information, ensure that technology is capable – can the email and the bandwidth handle music, movies, HD pictures?

Especially as more people use video they’ll put it online, but how do they give out hard copies that can be watched easily on a high quality device?

Not all situations will be suitable for viewing online or on a mobile device. And again, fundamentally, when will there be a tipping point where most of society understands there is an alternative to CD’s and DVD’s for such purposes?

In my business experience, the majority are where I was 7 years ago, understanding cd and dvd can be provided and presented cheaply. More people are realising it’s cheap to do, more businesses are realising it’s easier to mail out a cd than a full catalogue. They want to use video but when controlling the distribution as I explained above,

Everyday people want to sell their products and so they are like the software companies who choose CD and DVD because they can control the distribution in a way they can profit. It’s also about the ordinary person. The ordinary person wants to sell their work or distribute it otherwise, beyond a website, how long will it be until everyday people can sell their music online, sell movies they make, sell documents and pictures, software even?

Software is a bad example because if you can make software, you can work out how to get it to somebody under the right circumstances. But everyday artists have to go through issues getting their products for sale online. How long until the multiplying amounts of everyday people who are in a band or make movies or share large amount of information who understand this?

I believe things may continue for 3-4 years, and then start to twist. Kids still use CD’s and DVD’s now, so they are naturalized. Anyone 25 – 60 does see the CD or DVD as a natural format again I’m talking everyday people, not early adopters.

A website you can download something still adds friction when a face to face transaction is more effective, what else facilitates this outcome or transferring information until there’s some kind of bluetooth socially based transaction it sounds like something that is culturally 20 years off.

I think my clientele in 5 years will be different but turnover will be the same. only after 7-8 years will turnover drop off, because there will be businesses who can no longer compete.

Kurb Using Bartercard in Auckland for CD / DVD, Marketing, Printing, Video

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Hi this is Matt from Kurb Promotions in auckland – soon we’ll be accepting bartercard for the following services:

– CD DVD duplication / CD DVD replication
– online marketing / small business marketing
– video production
– cheap colour printing


Right now I’ve been looking at joining bartercard which I think will be excellent for my business.

I’m not sure how much extra business it will generate, but I don’t think I’ll have any trouble

I think there are certain aspects to our business that really dispose it towards the bartercard model, let me just list a few of those:

– TARGET MARKET – the cd and dvd duplication and dvd / replication – burning, printing, reproduction, pressing, manufacturing – all that kind of thing that we do – is a service mainly directed toward other businesses – business that are “b2b” that mainly serve other businesses rather than private customers are best suited to barter because we haver services that are in demand by the businesses that use bartercard.

– LOCATION – we’re based in central auckland – covering sandringham, balmoral, mt. eden, grey lynn, three kings, mt. roskill, mt. albert, pt. chev, avondale, ponsonby, k rd, symonds street, westmere, penrose, onehunga, new windsor, st. lukes, western springs, kingsland, newmarket, that covers a lot of businesses who will use us and we can use them. if we were out in the wops, then it would harder for us to provide our service to other users, and it means we are close to many restaurants and businesses we wouldn’t and couldn’t use otherwise.

BUSINESS STRUCTURE – I am the one who stands to benefit from this, I am aware that the bartercard for me will be about treating myself – debt collectors, panel beaters, tailors and drycleaners, restaurants, massages etc., a lot of these things are treats, or things I would deliberate over spending money on but not if I had a grand to spend on it every month, because I think that’s where I’ll be aiming. I don’t think the actual on paper profits will be significant but I’ll have a pool I can dip into for little boost ups.

– CAPACITY – I could easily handle another $1000 worth of business per week. Sure I’d have to jack up my operation a little, and be working hard again,

– REVENUE STRUCTURE our margins on cd / dvd duplication and cd / dvd replication are good, which means that a whole lot of orders coming through is not going to be a drag. Imagine if we were doing $1000 p/week in barter, which was costing me $500. Having to find $950 to spend my barter dollars on each week. Wow, now that would be interesting. I don’t see how it would be bad, or how I would be making more sales to bartercard people than direct revenue but it’s worthwhile considering.

The truth is I would struggle to spend more than $800 a week on bartercard. You have to be aware that at some point – well in my example, after $800, you’re forking out over $250 a week in costs for money you have to look for excuses to spend ecause you can’t save it. You can’t see it as a bonanza because if you really were doing $950 per week . . . well say you’re making $1500 per week . . . suddenly you’re $2100 per week BUT only $1150 of it is cash. Before, you were saving $750 in cash, now you’re only saving $400, and you’re obliged to spend $950. So you’ve got more than you can spend, and you can’t save as much as you liked.

Surely by that stage I would be living out of a restaurant? Every other night, I’d be getting a new suit every 6 weeks, car serviced, lawns mowed, debts collected, massages and teeth whitened, I’d be going through that damn book looking for whatever. You can’t say that if you were having to spend $800 every week, you wouldn’t get your moneys worth.

The thing that really swayed me was this talk about the broker attempting to keep up with your spending. They give you a $2,500 limit off the bat, so if you go out and spend all that, then it’s up to your broker to help you recoup it. I mean it’s not like you pay interest. They aren’t getting that back unless someone uses you.

So if I am to spend $2000 per month, they’re going to find me $2000 worth of business. Which will cost me $600. So effectively, for $600 I get:

Lawns: $40 Auto: $200 Restaurants: $300 suit + drycleaning: $500 massage: $50 treatments: $200 cleaning $100

I’m already running out and I’m only at $1380, and it’s not like we could get a suit every month!

Well in the listing there’s:

Computer hardware
carpet cleaning
costume / party equipment hire
food manufactures, fruit and veges,
“liquidated and surplus stock” – that could be fun.
second hand dealers
office equipment hire

There are a lot of printers, which suggests if I have money mounting up I can always pay for it with barter.

Alright now I’m plugged into the good stuff.
Microdermoabrasion: $92 intro, $152 after.

Awesome, one of my favourite indian restaurants, Satya, is already on there!
There’s a local thai place, another indian place, a cafe the next suburb over and another cafe on my route to town
and another cafe, a place on khyber pass, and 2-3 different bars.

What things would be best to get from bartercard?

Auto repair and panelbeating
housecleaning / carpet cleaning

Debt Collectors
Drycleaning / tailors
Dentist + Skin

I could see myself happily blowing a grand once

Creativity vs Profit in Small Business Development + Duplication

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

We are looking for a focus of new business in 2011 and we’ve already decided that although cd and dvd duplication remains at the core of our business activity here at kurb, we are always developing new ideas.

But we accept that new ideas must put creativity and enjoyment first, this is a commitment to the future that we will be happy continuing to do this work over time.

Good things do take time to develop.

So what have you got?

Profitable: Video Production, Pirates, Shop
Marginally Profitable: Entertainment brands, talent management, music marketing, online retail

Low Barrier to Entry: Pirates, Entertainment Brands, Music Marketing, Online Retail
High Barrier to Entry: Shop, Video Production, talent management

High Creativity: Entertainment Brands, Video Production, talent management
Low Creativity: Pirates, Shop, Music Marketing, online retail

We’ve got to remember we’re already using dvd copying and cd duplication as our main money makers, the idea behind this is to look at ways we would most enjoy making money through creativity.

Let’s try again and look at the “cons” issues:

video production: a lot of technical work

shop: a lot of financial risk and commitment

entertainment brands: lots of commitment, low profit

pirates: lots of commitment, not motivated

talent management: uncertain trajectory, low profit

music marketing: not motivated, low profit

online retail: low profit

It keeps suggesting that perhaps although video production would be difficult and challenging, and entertainment brands and talent might generate small incomes, I should do these things as I want to.

online retail remains on the backburner because it can’t significantly raise creativity, profit or enjoyment, so it’s a harsh call for online retailing.

pirates and shop are possible money making ventures if we see that as suitable, as is music marketing, it depends on how confident or desperate we are.

Pirates and music marketing depends on the opportunities available, a shop is the same but it also depends on how stable the rest of the business is.

If business goes well, I will open a shop, if it stays the same I will do pirate birthday party entertainment, if it gets worse I will be grabbing at any music or online marketing opportunities I get!

It’s making me think because I am always comparing one business against another in terms of my commitment to doing it, and I’ve lost my commitment to music marketing in the same way that there are too many graphic design projects that are just not worth taking on because the budget is to slim.

What we should really be examining is our ability to throughput, and if I had a new assistant who would be helping me with that for 8-12 hours, then more would get done.

Basically there are too many jobs I love to avoid so certain things dont get done. WIth a new assistant, especially just a really cheap typist secretary type, then I would just have them sitting with me working through every admin, music marketing, online retail, youtube promotion, all that stuff that is just typing online, I would lie back and we would deal with it.

Auckland Video, Music, Talent – Comparing Business Growth Strategies

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Kurb offers marketing and promotions services from Auckland to New Zealand and online services to clients internationally – check out the website for bargain deals on cd and dvd copying, auckland copying, poster services, internet marketing specializing in  music and small business marketing, talent management, seo, ppc, online video production and promotion,  graphic and web design -. .

Well I think we have a plan for what’s next.  But what’s next after what’s next?

It’s good to have a very clear view of where this is all heading and what steps should naturally follow one after the other.

We know we need a marketing assistant or marketing intern to begin building the capacity and inhouse skills working on the small business marketing and music marketing campaigns we’re already involved in and developing the scope and reach of such marketing campaigns.

We know this should be done before we consider moving into a proper commercial space because at the end of the day, hiring more staff is less risky and closer to returning direct profit than the commitment of running a space.

The end goal this is heading to of course is running a serious agency, or establishing some kind of productive creative hub.

When I have a solid assistant, a solid network, a solid commercial space, then that will be the next step, creating and gunning for campaigns where we can pull in 5 figure contracts.

The way I plan to do this is to start executing such a campaign for exposure of our own brand and services. This might be worth talking about next – how and what over the next 2-3 years these kind of campaigns will look like.

I’ve already played with an old spice idea as a way of providing rapid response internet exposure at a fraction of the cost.

I think using video is the way ahead for not online what would fall under the development of my video marketing agency into a full fledged media agency, but also ways to make in roads in the areas of DJing, pirates, event promotion etc. – if online video can increase my toe hold, then it bares consideration that these ventures could be developed further.

ultimately it ends in 2 ideal destinations – full sponsorship creatively from a big brand, or a fully functioning auckland advertising agency or media agency

I guess I am coming to a funny stage in my business here at kurb, in that I’d like to make more money, but not really that much more, in fact I’m more interested in quality of life and all that jazz to be honest.

That’s why I wanted to prioritize not only more modest developments, but developments which I would personally enjoy and get satisfaction from – things to do with children’s entertainment, DJing and my own music entertainment brand. Perhaps before I go into hospitality myself, I should be arranging another regular night for which I’m paid.

If I knew CD/DVD duplication would keep me going and would never change or fade, would I be making these plans? Probably not as vigourously to be honest. If I could rely on the money I make from old technology – or rapidly declining technology, then I would probably be happy at where I’ve arrived but it’s inevitable that you always want to push for slight improvements that provide a little satisfaction.

I’m interviewing for a PA / secretary / assistant at the moment.

So compare – what is the easiest, painless and most likely to happen soon?

Pirates? DJing? Doing videos and developing talent?

Is it 3 times easier to do this than organise and cover myself in executing the high risk strategy. Is it twice as hard as trying to live on ads?  No. Man can not live on ad revenue alone!

Well why can’t I do them all? Because I want to focus on a strategy to build. There’s only so far the pirates can go as the business model works. SO short term it’s pirates, but long term I want to expand the entertainment available.

I want to earn money as a musician or entertainer. I want to develop my video platform. I want to work with other talent and develop it. If ads add to the kitty there, then fine, splendid.

And I want to be aware of where the high risk strategy can be executed securely.

So on each side lies the shop, the secret high risk concept, and ads – these are all offshoots to be carried on my progressive effort.

But the centre of that effort has to revolve around where I can connect value to profit. That starts with pirates as the most obvious step, but it looks as if video development may come second in this race, beating out music earnings and talent earnings that really can’t be dictated.

I can still creep confidently into the online video marketing space offering production, marketing and promotion as a package, thus laying the foundations for my end game: A fully functioning ad advertising agency with in house talent.

Back To Website Design and Development

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Alright, I must – and I am determined to execute the redevelopment of my website.

In the end I decided to do it myself because I was tired of spending far too much money when designers weren’t seeing my vision for a website that would offer my clients a direct understanding of what I was able to offer them

I needed cheap web design!

Sure it needs to be pretty and presentation professional, but that still comes second to communicating to clients what they need to know to understand the advantages we offer in terms of great cheap prices and awesome, trusted service for cd dvd duplication and cheap printing in Auckland and New Zealand as well as our host of online markeitng and video services for artists and small business operators around the world.

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb!

Kurb offers a wide range of marketing and promotions services from Auckland to New Zealand and online services to clients internationally – check out the website for bargain deals on cd and dvd reproduction, cheap printing, poster services, internet marketing specializing in  music and small business marketing, talent management, seo, ppc, online video production and promotion,  graphic and web design – email or call me on 027 684 8250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 027 684 8250


This is part of a series of blog posts I’ve been writing on the major rehaul and redesign of our website and branding here at kurb promotions:

The first post – promoting your small business brand online was the long approach.

The second post was developing online business with branding and design this was where we got into more conclusions about balancing out our business:

And the last post was a strategy for online marketing and branding

website promotions and branding work diary

website branding and presentation: cheap and fair

So now I have developed a new basic design – it’s not quite as pretty as I would like, but it at least gives me the focus to zero in on what I’d like to achieve.

We already talked about really coming through with those branding concepts that we provide extremely competitive prices,but also a great service, and really getting those key brand messages to come through.

In practical terms, outside of dressing it up – we present prices and my direct contact details, which is kind of representative of the practical elements of great price and service.

The main pages I am focusing on at the moment are the main pages where people are visiting and actually buying.

That makes the cd dvd duplication pages as well as the printing and postering pages most important because that’s always where I’m doing the most of my business.

Meanwhile, the small business marketing and the video marketing pages both do a lot of traffic, but I get hardly any business, because I’ve never really focused on improving the pages to the point where they actually connect.

Especially as I recognised all online, music, small business and video marketing and promotions need a fair amount of explanation and authority building.

It’s okay with cd and dvd copying services as well as cheap colour printing to just sell the deal and the service.

But i’s no point bringing people to the small business marketing page and going on about SEO, PPC, web design, email, social media, video and the rest without introducing myself and what I bring to the table.

It’s about people buying why I do what I do, not what or how I do it.

CD and DVD duplication copying burning reproduction Auckland

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

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A Strategy for Online Marketing and Branding Results

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb!

Kurb offers a wide range of marketing and promotions services from Auckland to New Zealand and online services to clients internationally – check out the website for bargain deals on cd and dvd copying, colour printing, poster services, internet marketing specializing in  music and small business marketing, talent management, seo, ppc, online video production and promotion,  graphic and web design – or call me on 027 684 8250

Alright I’m about to get started on a major rehaul of the design, branding and general presentation of  the kurb promotions website, so the topic we’re on is basically general branding and presentation of your website for increased sales and growth!

The first post – promoting your small business brand online was the long approach.

The last post was developing online business with branding and design this was where we got into more conclusions about balancing out our business:

cd and dvd duplication as well as colour printing and colour copying services which we offer cheap, fast / urgent and with a high level of customer service is our core business and we have to respect that.

Music marketing and small business marketing has great potential but remains a challenge. SOme of the challenges can be tackled by redesign, revised presentation and new branding strategies.

supplementary online marketing services are too fidgety and finicky to be worrying about. Only small business markteing and online video marketing and production represent good opportunities both short and long term here.

Now I just wanted to go over any other general important points  as we look to launch into this series of articles on branding, design and presentation as this is probably my last article until tomorrow so I don’t want to leave good ideas in the dark!

It’ll be the CD and DVD burning and printing business as well as our auckland colour printing and copying that I’ll be looking to improve most rigourously. Why are we the best, and what can we do to prove it? What are the issues our clients are having? We need to take a big step back and look hard.

With out online marketing packages it’s really about accessability. We’ve got to make it feel as if they’re jumping in easily, and again with the smaller branches of online marketing it’s avout accessability and understanding which points toward the packages and away from the 1 off service.

Finally though video and small business promotions need to be accessible we do need to give them an edge.

And whenwe come to our front page we also need to think about the approach from that direction, and those ideas spill over onto every page. Yes we need to communicate clearly what we do, but we can’t dilute that message.

Again a balance must be struck. Visitors should understand that we provide promotions and marketing services, but if they simply just want their cd’s or dvd’s or colour printing, then all of that shouldn’t stand in the way. Afterall, our main money comes from our disc duplication and our poster and flyer prints.

Whatever else we do, we have to be pushing for a good result, not something that will lead us into the same trouble we’ve had before, clients with little money but a lot of expectations.

If we’re going to sell an idea, it’s got tbe compelling.

So if I’m stepping back and seeing myself as a trusted brand who is committed to service, as well as high value and easy transactions, thenhow am I going to communicate that? I think again, we have to drill down and although we’ve made these general statements of how we’ll balance our efforts, we have to take it case by case.

expanding the success of our cd and dvd duplications will be different to breaking new ground for our video services and potential expansion of our small business marketing services.

Now we’re getting into the details and the front page of the website is as good aplace as any to start making out branding and design more effective and more compelling for more sales, growth and profit.

We’ll also start getting practical – if I know what I want to say, how do I say it?

More related points on that:

– videos are compelling and create trust and authority, but just like any content, must be focused!

– make offers relevant ie stop pushin less relevant services on every page

– use lower value services to promote higher value services

– create authority and realistic expectations by being honest about what you deliver, without scaring prospects off.