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The Future of CD DVD Disc Media – Optical Duplication and Replication

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Hi this Matt from Kurb – if you’re working in a business related to CD’s and DVD’s and have just stopped by to read the article, I’d love to swap links – link building

Otherwise enjoy the article and if you’re interested in realistic and affordable deals on CD DVD duplication or replication we can supply almost anyone in the world!


I’ve just been looking at the potential of CD DVD media because my company makes most of it’s money from providing cd dvd replication and cd duplication – cd dvd printing in New Zealand, based in Auckland, but because of our service we can deliver great deals around the world, and you can be completely confident in our kurb brand and reputation and service to ensure your order arrives.

I’m reading some interesting arguments in my research. One main one is that software companies want their goods on disc for piracy reasons. More coments:

sadly my daughter has some friends who cant handle email attachments. So if they want a set of pictures, i have to burn a cd disc. Isn’t that crazy!

I have tried to tell her to email them but having them on a CD gives them something physical to hold, even though the images are not. The generational mindset has to evolve some more. The people she gives pictures to are one generation older then she is.

I think optical discs make great archival tools. However, I also agree that all media will at sometime be distributed over the internet (including television). In my country (US) I think it will take a long time to occur, due to the large land area and because of our slowness to adopt better technologies such as fiber-optic.

I think music will be on CD for a while to come. CD-Rs are much cheaper than flash drives and although they’re only one time use they work for audio CDs and the like. Call me old-fashioned but I don’t want to have to be online to do everything

No, CD/DVD is not dead, nor will it be anytime soon. They’ll still be around, decades from now. Won’t be using the exact same technology we use now, but whatever is there will support legacy media. First, an observation. Paper was invented millenia ago. It’s still around, despite the predictions of the past few decades of a paperless office / paperless society. They still print books, by the millions

But the thing is this: archiving. Specifically, powerless archiving. You put something on optical media you don’t need power to maintain it. You spring for metallic layer, you can be very liberal with storage conditions. By archiving I don’t mean just us users storing stuff off-line, I mean entities like corporations and perhaps more to the point, governments that must keep records going back decades. Many are invested heavily with CD/DVD archival technology and it takes very little overhead to maintain it. Comparable to the effort (expense is less actually) than maintaining mag-tape libraries which are still quite popular.

There’s petabytes out there stored on both optical and magnetic mediums, either aren’t going away any time soon.

Nevertheless there will be a need such as a weddings photo album in digital or video album provided to the client on a optical disc format. Esp when these days TIF files can be so large from these ultra MP cameras. Games and movies and purchasing software at the shop etc. +

Is this supposed to be a serious rebuttal? I love USB Drives and not only have quite a collection but make frequent use of them. That being said, however, I do not just give them away when needing to give data files to friends/clients/others. A CD/DVD is a cost-efficient and useful method of passing along data to those that need it. The CD/DVD is far from dead no matter what Jobs and his fanboys want to claim.

A big thing is when less device start taking discs and containing disc drives, researching this became a chicken and egg situation – as long as they duplicate cd dvd’s there’s be devices to take them – and blue ray adds to that

I only refer to going to a DVD store as NZ still won’t have capable internet in the next decade.And media compression in all its forms sucks balls.

This is the most interesting angle on the speed of change, technology is required to make it easier to use the internet to distribute information technology that won’t be widespread for a decade. If people can have higher quality non compressed files, they won’t want them. So what about usb sticks? One comment suggested businesses don’t like branding an item that can be re-purposed beyond their control. The disc has more visual impact and my client like to use discs to illustrate the content of the item.

a usb can’t tell you what it does by looking at it.

Which is important for archiving, any kind of storage device, no matter how large, can’t tell you what’s on it like a cd can.

Do they want to put a flash port and a hard rive in everything, how long will it be before your average 60 year old who will be 70 will completely comprehend flash drives in the way that we understand CD and DVD – as we’ve lived with CD’s for 25 years!

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that CD and DVD will still be around and there may be a market for an old school shop for CD’s vinyl etc., a may just wait for real groovy to go down, or marbecks etc, because people will still want to go somewhere and browse for music. A rare CD will become worth $10 or more, and we can sell CD’s we make ourselves, especially if we’re the only ones who do it, 100 bans each selling 100 copies and us making $5 on each one would be $50,000. Pretty cool really.

The most important thing would be getting that content online so you could give away 2 songs a week to your mailing list, have a 1000 strong cd a month club and be making $1 on each of those, these are things that could be working in 2016. Be realistic about 5 years ago.

The first mass market Cd’s came out 25 years ago, I got my first burnt cd 16 years ago from a friend who’s dad ran a recording studio. I remember when I was 21 I didn’t have a burner yet. 9 years ago we started burning and printing our own cd’s with stickers on them. Looking at this trajectory

9 years from advent to duplication technology
4 years for duplication to become commonplace
3 years for printing and presentation to become available – got my first usb around that time
4 years for my home service to originate

That was 5 years ago. 10 years ago, cd burning drives were online just coming in for everybody.

How soon will it be before people can share their important songs, videos, lengthy pdf documents and pictures to specifically targetted people? Especially if it’s a financial transaction?

You can you get people to pay, ensure a specific person is receiving a specific set of information, ensure that technology is capable – can the email and the bandwidth handle music, movies, HD pictures?

Especially as more people use video they’ll put it online, but how do they give out hard copies that can be watched easily on a high quality device?

Not all situations will be suitable for viewing online or on a mobile device. And again, fundamentally, when will there be a tipping point where most of society understands there is an alternative to CD’s and DVD’s for such purposes?

In my business experience, the majority are where I was 7 years ago, understanding cd and dvd can be provided and presented cheaply. More people are realising it’s cheap to do, more businesses are realising it’s easier to mail out a cd than a full catalogue. They want to use video but when controlling the distribution as I explained above,

Everyday people want to sell their products and so they are like the software companies who choose CD and DVD because they can control the distribution in a way they can profit. It’s also about the ordinary person. The ordinary person wants to sell their work or distribute it otherwise, beyond a website, how long will it be until everyday people can sell their music online, sell movies they make, sell documents and pictures, software even?

Software is a bad example because if you can make software, you can work out how to get it to somebody under the right circumstances. But everyday artists have to go through issues getting their products for sale online. How long until the multiplying amounts of everyday people who are in a band or make movies or share large amount of information who understand this?

I believe things may continue for 3-4 years, and then start to twist. Kids still use CD’s and DVD’s now, so they are naturalized. Anyone 25 – 60 does see the CD or DVD as a natural format again I’m talking everyday people, not early adopters.

A website you can download something still adds friction when a face to face transaction is more effective, what else facilitates this outcome or transferring information until there’s some kind of bluetooth socially based transaction it sounds like something that is culturally 20 years off.

I think my clientele in 5 years will be different but turnover will be the same. only after 7-8 years will turnover drop off, because there will be businesses who can no longer compete.

Kurb Using Bartercard in Auckland for CD / DVD, Marketing, Printing, Video

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Hi this is Matt from Kurb Promotions in auckland – soon we’ll be accepting bartercard for the following services:

– CD DVD duplication / CD DVD replication
– online marketing / small business marketing
– video production
– cheap colour printing


Right now I’ve been looking at joining bartercard which I think will be excellent for my business.

I’m not sure how much extra business it will generate, but I don’t think I’ll have any trouble

I think there are certain aspects to our business that really dispose it towards the bartercard model, let me just list a few of those:

– TARGET MARKET – the cd and dvd duplication and dvd / replication – burning, printing, reproduction, pressing, manufacturing – all that kind of thing that we do – is a service mainly directed toward other businesses – business that are “b2b” that mainly serve other businesses rather than private customers are best suited to barter because we haver services that are in demand by the businesses that use bartercard.

– LOCATION – we’re based in central auckland – covering sandringham, balmoral, mt. eden, grey lynn, three kings, mt. roskill, mt. albert, pt. chev, avondale, ponsonby, k rd, symonds street, westmere, penrose, onehunga, new windsor, st. lukes, western springs, kingsland, newmarket, that covers a lot of businesses who will use us and we can use them. if we were out in the wops, then it would harder for us to provide our service to other users, and it means we are close to many restaurants and businesses we wouldn’t and couldn’t use otherwise.

BUSINESS STRUCTURE – I am the one who stands to benefit from this, I am aware that the bartercard for me will be about treating myself – debt collectors, panel beaters, tailors and drycleaners, restaurants, massages etc., a lot of these things are treats, or things I would deliberate over spending money on but not if I had a grand to spend on it every month, because I think that’s where I’ll be aiming. I don’t think the actual on paper profits will be significant but I’ll have a pool I can dip into for little boost ups.

– CAPACITY – I could easily handle another $1000 worth of business per week. Sure I’d have to jack up my operation a little, and be working hard again,

– REVENUE STRUCTURE our margins on cd / dvd duplication and cd / dvd replication are good, which means that a whole lot of orders coming through is not going to be a drag. Imagine if we were doing $1000 p/week in barter, which was costing me $500. Having to find $950 to spend my barter dollars on each week. Wow, now that would be interesting. I don’t see how it would be bad, or how I would be making more sales to bartercard people than direct revenue but it’s worthwhile considering.

The truth is I would struggle to spend more than $800 a week on bartercard. You have to be aware that at some point – well in my example, after $800, you’re forking out over $250 a week in costs for money you have to look for excuses to spend ecause you can’t save it. You can’t see it as a bonanza because if you really were doing $950 per week . . . well say you’re making $1500 per week . . . suddenly you’re $2100 per week BUT only $1150 of it is cash. Before, you were saving $750 in cash, now you’re only saving $400, and you’re obliged to spend $950. So you’ve got more than you can spend, and you can’t save as much as you liked.

Surely by that stage I would be living out of a restaurant? Every other night, I’d be getting a new suit every 6 weeks, car serviced, lawns mowed, debts collected, massages and teeth whitened, I’d be going through that damn book looking for whatever. You can’t say that if you were having to spend $800 every week, you wouldn’t get your moneys worth.

The thing that really swayed me was this talk about the broker attempting to keep up with your spending. They give you a $2,500 limit off the bat, so if you go out and spend all that, then it’s up to your broker to help you recoup it. I mean it’s not like you pay interest. They aren’t getting that back unless someone uses you.

So if I am to spend $2000 per month, they’re going to find me $2000 worth of business. Which will cost me $600. So effectively, for $600 I get:

Lawns: $40 Auto: $200 Restaurants: $300 suit + drycleaning: $500 massage: $50 treatments: $200 cleaning $100

I’m already running out and I’m only at $1380, and it’s not like we could get a suit every month!

Well in the listing there’s:

Computer hardware
carpet cleaning
costume / party equipment hire
food manufactures, fruit and veges,
“liquidated and surplus stock” – that could be fun.
second hand dealers
office equipment hire

There are a lot of printers, which suggests if I have money mounting up I can always pay for it with barter.

Alright now I’m plugged into the good stuff.
Microdermoabrasion: $92 intro, $152 after.

Awesome, one of my favourite indian restaurants, Satya, is already on there!
There’s a local thai place, another indian place, a cafe the next suburb over and another cafe on my route to town
and another cafe, a place on khyber pass, and 2-3 different bars.

What things would be best to get from bartercard?

Auto repair and panelbeating
housecleaning / carpet cleaning

Debt Collectors
Drycleaning / tailors
Dentist + Skin

I could see myself happily blowing a grand once

A Strategy for Online Marketing and Branding Results

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb!

Kurb offers a wide range of marketing and promotions services from Auckland to New Zealand and online services to clients internationally – check out the website for bargain deals on cd and dvd copying, colour printing, poster services, internet marketing specializing in  music and small business marketing, talent management, seo, ppc, online video production and promotion,  graphic and web design – or call me on 027 684 8250

Alright I’m about to get started on a major rehaul of the design, branding and general presentation of  the kurb promotions website, so the topic we’re on is basically general branding and presentation of your website for increased sales and growth!

The first post – promoting your small business brand online was the long approach.

The last post was developing online business with branding and design this was where we got into more conclusions about balancing out our business:

cd and dvd duplication as well as colour printing and colour copying services which we offer cheap, fast / urgent and with a high level of customer service is our core business and we have to respect that.

Music marketing and small business marketing has great potential but remains a challenge. SOme of the challenges can be tackled by redesign, revised presentation and new branding strategies.

supplementary online marketing services are too fidgety and finicky to be worrying about. Only small business markteing and online video marketing and production represent good opportunities both short and long term here.

Now I just wanted to go over any other general important points  as we look to launch into this series of articles on branding, design and presentation as this is probably my last article until tomorrow so I don’t want to leave good ideas in the dark!

It’ll be the CD and DVD burning and printing business as well as our auckland colour printing and copying that I’ll be looking to improve most rigourously. Why are we the best, and what can we do to prove it? What are the issues our clients are having? We need to take a big step back and look hard.

With out online marketing packages it’s really about accessability. We’ve got to make it feel as if they’re jumping in easily, and again with the smaller branches of online marketing it’s avout accessability and understanding which points toward the packages and away from the 1 off service.

Finally though video and small business promotions need to be accessible we do need to give them an edge.

And whenwe come to our front page we also need to think about the approach from that direction, and those ideas spill over onto every page. Yes we need to communicate clearly what we do, but we can’t dilute that message.

Again a balance must be struck. Visitors should understand that we provide promotions and marketing services, but if they simply just want their cd’s or dvd’s or colour printing, then all of that shouldn’t stand in the way. Afterall, our main money comes from our disc duplication and our poster and flyer prints.

Whatever else we do, we have to be pushing for a good result, not something that will lead us into the same trouble we’ve had before, clients with little money but a lot of expectations.

If we’re going to sell an idea, it’s got tbe compelling.

So if I’m stepping back and seeing myself as a trusted brand who is committed to service, as well as high value and easy transactions, thenhow am I going to communicate that? I think again, we have to drill down and although we’ve made these general statements of how we’ll balance our efforts, we have to take it case by case.

expanding the success of our cd and dvd duplications will be different to breaking new ground for our video services and potential expansion of our small business marketing services.

Now we’re getting into the details and the front page of the website is as good aplace as any to start making out branding and design more effective and more compelling for more sales, growth and profit.

We’ll also start getting practical – if I know what I want to say, how do I say it?

More related points on that:

– videos are compelling and create trust and authority, but just like any content, must be focused!

– make offers relevant ie stop pushin less relevant services on every page

– use lower value services to promote higher value services

– create authority and realistic expectations by being honest about what you deliver, without scaring prospects off.

Auckland DVD Copying: Sales and Product Demonstration with DVDs

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Need CD or DVD copying Auckland?

Our company Kurb Promotions provides not only the cheapest CD and DVD runs on number under 100 but we’re also super fast and it’s convenient as we are located centrally in Grey Lynn, but we also pride ourselves on providing affordable CD and DVD production including CD printing and urgent CD / DVD duplication with a high standard of service and personal responsiveness to the needs of the client.

We like to say yes!


Call: 027 684 8250

and speak to me, Matt about the CD and DVD services you require.

We also provide:  Cheap Colour Copying and Printing // Cheap Online Video services – both production and marketing services

And of course a full range of online marketing services for any purpose!

Title: Selling a Car through DVD Duplication



The automotive industry is a difficult one if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Involving yourself in a buy-and-sell car business may offer you great income but only if you have enough money to begin at the top and are sure how to manage it. If you don’t have a sufficient amount of capital, you may start by being an associate. If you know how to drive, you may drive the car around the city for promotional purposes – ensure there is a “for sale” placard in the window of the car before you set out though! The one perk about selling cars is you do earn high commissions when a sale is made.

When selling a car you must be knowledgeable of what you are selling. This will allow you to provide credible information for the possible buyers. To effectively sell a car you should be able to describe which lifestyle it will best suit. Customers consider many factors when buying a car and it is your job to help find the car that suits them and their budget. Of course you could always tell them about the cars you think are suitable, but people will always respond to visual imagery more than verbal discussions. You may find DVD production will be effective in this instance.

For you to let many people know about the car you are selling, engaging in DVD production and duplication will be a very effective method for promotion. Through this DVD they will become more knowledgeable about the car without you having to discuss the car with each individual client repeatedly. In each DVD include your contact number so each individual who is interested may contact you for further information.

DVD duplication, in this instance, can therefore be used as a means of time-saving promotion in the automotive industry.

Auckland CD / DVD Copying and Duplication Services: Promoting Diversity

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Need CD or DVD duplication Auckland?

Our company Kurb Promotions provides not only the cheapest CD and DVD runs on number under 100 but we’re also super fast and it’s convenient as we are located centrally in Grey Lynn, but we also pride ourselves on providing affordable CD and DVD production including CD printing and urgent CD / DVD duplication with a high standard of service and personal responsiveness to the needs of the client.

We like to say yes!


Call: 027 684 8250

and speak to me, Matt about the CD and DVD services you require.

We also provide:  Cheap Colour Copying and Printing // Cheap Online Video services – both production and marketing services

And of course a full range of online marketing services for any purpose!

The 21st century has brought a major advancement in technology, allowing the spread of messages to reach individuals on a global level. However, the most difficult aspect of spreading the word is still how to reach a specific targeted market considering the diverse, ever-growing population of people in different countries.

DVD duplication has the ability to help play an important role in spreading your message. After each copy has been produced one could request the aid of friends and family in distributing the DVDs – this is when your message will be “out there”. Remember, the primary highlight of your DVD must be the point you are trying to convey. DVD duplication can assist getting your word in circulation; however it is the DVD content that must be convincing enough to make people interested in your work! For example, if your plans are to unite people to protest against a certain authority figure your message may be distributed through DVD duplication, however the DVD content must be persuasive enough to stir such riotous emotions within individuals.

Modernisation should be viewed as a bettering of society allowing us to use our advanced resources for our own advancement. Nowadays, it is not only the likes of Hollywood producers who are able to use DVD technology to their advantage. Any individual who with a little know-how and software can use DVD distribution to their advantage as an effective method to uniting individual and creating awareness of bigger issues in life. Yet, it must be remembered that with such powerful resources comes greater responsibility. DVD duplication should be used morally and never abused for malicious or unethical purposes.

What’s Going On With Kurb’s Online Promotion Services, Auckland

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Alright just delivering another fresh update to the blog.

I am seriously thinking about taking on more staff to cover some of the work we’re doing here at Kurb.

That is, the work we’re doing here in New Zealand.

Most of our core business still revolves around CD and DVD duplication service, Music Marketing services which we offer worldwide, and the various print jobs we’re involved in doing.

Of course there are other Online promotions services we provide, but they are very specific business services that we add on to our marketing services for both musicians and small business marketing. We do those often and I guess we’d be looking for someone who can facilitate and administer the production  and delivery of both the CD duplication and the DVD duplication service.

Another part of course is providing the artwork for both the CD/DVD production and the printing and colour copying services we offer.

The artwork has to be taken from the clients file and check to see if it is consistent with the standard of print quality either for CD printing and DVD printing or colour printing jobs such as printing posters, or printing flyers, before it is sent away for printing.

This also includes the printing of CD and DVD covers and other packaging.

Then once the printing has been completed, it must be picked up and either posted or delivered to the client unless it is CD or DVD packaging that must be compiled.

Sometimes, clients will require graphic design services which is great because we provide cheap graphic design. Someone working here with us would again have to co-ordinate between the graphic designer and the client and provide instructions and delivery online.

Finally, co-ordinating the music marketing services we provide making sure that the campaigns for the music artists we work with are on task and progressing, again co-ordinating workers overseas such as graphic designers, web designers, advertising people, co-ordinating social media etc.

Kurb provides a range of online music services. Check out

Our Music Marketing Blog

For more information, tips and advice on music promotion, management and music marketing online.

Other services we provide are:

Gig Promotion

youtube marketing

music video production

CD / DVD Duplication, Burning, Services + Processes

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

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The cd/ DVD duplication has created a new wave in the field of entertainment. We duplicate to store music and data and other important information so the main motive of this is preservation of data. What is the meaning of duplication and how music plays a vital role in our lives this is what this article is going to deal with. So here we go based on the description.

A CD DVD Duplication is a process where discs are “burned” In a more basic case the Cdr’s are the same as what you can purchase in a store.  There are also sticky labels that you can put on your disc.  The problem arises when heat elements, such as the inside of a car cause the label to bubble and in some cases peel away.  So you put this in yhour player and leave paper inside of the drive sometimes leaving permanent damage.  Or the player could just reject the disk.  Then, there are printable discs.

How are the music cd’s are duplicated in cd’s.

Music is an inseparable part of the lives of most people. Almost everyone in the world likes to listen to music in some form or another. Gramophones, then vinyl and cassettes were the traditional means used for listening to music. However, today due to the advancement in technology, there are several innovative products available to help us listen to our favorites music. CDs and DVDs have become the most popular storage mediums that have replaced the use of these traditional means.

A CD, or a compact disc, is capable of storing approximately 80 minutes of audio whereas a DVD can store approximately six times more than a usual CD. Also, CDs and DVDs offer good audio quality compared to traditional devices. CD mastering is unknown to most people. A professional sound engineer with sufficient knowledge can carry out the CD mastering process. At the time of producing audio and video CDs and DVDs, mastering is one of the most important processes.

The process of CD mastering can also be termed as the final polishing and editing process. Using the CD mastering process, the final finishing touches are given to songs or tracks before making copies. The process of CD mastering is extremely crucial as it ensures that your final product has an excellent sound quality.

Professionals who have a complete setup of state-of-the-art and high-tech facilities usually carry out CD mastering. Editing and arranging the songs in a proper sequence are just some of the steps involved in the mastering process. If you want to make your CDs sound great, then opt for CD mastering.

How are recording being done.

It is common for people who want to share good music with others. So when their church choir is at its best, many people make recordings so that they can share it with their family, friends and others in the choir. Many people prefer to have their very own copy of these kinds of CDs, have them labeled and get professionals to duplicate copies of the CD to give others. There are many CD replication companies that can transfer these music files onto CDs and even edit the content to ensure that it all fits on the disc.

CD replication companies are the best places to go when you want CDs that are close to the original in quality, because they create masters, press out the original data and print images on the CDs. You can even ask these CD replication companies to package and shrink-wrap the finished CDs so that they appear completely professional. CD replication companies also come in handy to those upcoming musicians who have a variety of songs, which they have created themselves. Sending good quality copies of these compositions to record producers are the only hope of ‘making it big’ for these artists. A professional looking and sounding CD can make much more difference than a hand made CD, which has writing on it with a black marker. Here is where a professional CD replication company can make a huge different to a person’s life. With the professional services that these CD replication companies offer, even an amateur artist can sound as good as a professional in the industr

The cost of recording music is presently falling and as a matter of fact, more and more people have started producing music on their own for demos and for circulation purposes. After producing music, it needs to be distributed and most people prefer to do it through music CDs. However, in order to create multiple copies of their discs, most musicians opt for CD duplication. The term CD duplication may confuse you. CD duplication is actually a simple and legal process in which data from a master CD is copied to several other discs, as long as you are the rightful owner of the content on the master CD. It is usually done with the help of a device called as CD burner or writer. CD duplication is the best option for producing smaller runs of CDs. By using high-quality CDs for duplication purpose, you can make sure that your music CD sounds well.

Promoting Auckland Business and Copying Services

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Need Copying services?

Colour Printing or CD / DVD Copying services?

Email Kurb Promotions – Auckland, New Zealand:  For fast and awesomely cheap deals: //

Well here we go. It’s that time of the night and I don’t have too many ideas on how to promote my buiness right now but as I say, writing some content just like I’m doing right now is never a bad idea!

Yes that’s right there’s this idea of gravity on the net. The more I talk about something ion my website the more likely it is that I’m going to start returning pretty good search resuts and so when I don’t know what the next step in promoting my business is going to be I just post another blog about it including the keyword links.

So there’s lot’s of copying services available through our outfit here in Auckland, New Zealand – you can either get CD or DVD duplication – especially cheap cd copying – and it’s fast aswell. We offer a great service with free graphic set up and delivery too so we make it really easy – and of course affordable with out bulk discount budget prices.

But also your colour copying and printing – If you needAuckland colour copying, kurb pormotions are the ones to email –

Again because we provide a quick and easy service that’s so cheap! Not only have we got access to the best deals but we deal with you on the phone and through email in a way that you understand and we are able to support you in getting the result you want chould you require in formatting, optimisation, and we also have an extremely cheap graphic design service providing design for your posters, flyers, prints, booklets, brochures and any other colour copying and printing you may require.

It’s straightforward just to email and have your prints ready for delivery at the quickest instance – either in Auckland or, as I mention free delivery in New Zealand.

Cheap Auckland CD / DVD Duplication: Promotion and Marketing Strategies

Sunday, June 21st, 2009


Kurb promotions provides duplication and copying services as well as a range of online marketing, print and design services for organisations, artists and small businesses worldwide!

EMAIL: CALL/ 027 684 8250

Duplication of CD/DVD has become a major way of promoting marketing and has proven its effectiveness. This idea was derived from the movies which we see in theatres and become simple in CDs/DVDs. We watch and enjoy these movies at the comfort of our home in a more affordable price. From simple medium of entertainment, CDs/DVDs are now widely used to promote products and services because of their portability and the ability to duplicate them to a certain number and spread their contents. And of course, in any kind of entertainment there are both pros and cons or bad side and good side, and since entertainment has become a recipe for an effective marketing strategy, it’s now up to the people who have to decide.

Duplicating or multiplying the contents of CDs/DVDs can be a very easy process, duplicating softwares are scattered over the cyberspace and they are very easy to use, you just have to consume 5 minutes of your time to read the ‘help’ menu. But then, using CDs/DVDs might have issues about the quality and the audio or video contents they have inside. A minor scratch on the CD/DVD can ruin the whole content that’s why effective handling should also be in mind. Unlike brochures and ad flyers, where you will learn about the products or services in a glance, CDs/DVDs need a player to see what it is all about. Using effective labels that will introduce the products or services briefly and inviting enough so that the potential customer will be willing to get a player and watch the CD/DVD can resolve this issue.

Always remember that the first 7 seconds of the video content is critical. Unlike in movies where the audience has to spend about 2 hours to get the essence of the movie, in marketing it’s a different story. In a fast paced world where everybody is busy multitasking, the CD/DVD should start by communicating with the viewer by stating what it is all about and why the viewer should watch it ‘till the end. It should also be brief enough so that the viewer will not get bored watching the same messages over and over again. Without this aspect, duplicating your CD/DVD will be useless.

Duplication of CDs/DVDs may sound cheap but spend some time studying the cost of the discs, the hours it take for duplicating a certain number of copies and the manpower it requires. Having a systematic way of keeping track of the costs and benefits is very much important in marketing. Make sure that the copies of CD/DVD will not end up in the trash can without getting inside the video player first; if you compromise on the quality then you are wasting your time, money and effort.

Auckland: Online Video Marketing, Pirate Birthday Parties and Colour Copying

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Video Marketing, Colour Copying Service in Auckland, New Zealand, Kid’s Pirate Birthday Parties – what do they all have in common?

I like to write about them!

Why do I write about them? Because it’s all part of a smart small business marketing strategy. When you’re using a blog to market your website for strong Search engine optimisation, the best strategy is to simply keep adding relevent content.

And these were three areas I determined that I want ted to spread my business out to. With My main businesses – CD duplication and DVD duplication I was very aware that there were limitations to how far the business could grow due to certain factors, mainly that I would need a lot more investment to take that business further and I had already established much of the base I needed to grow it far as I would want given that the marketing was strong enough.

Certain others included that there a lot of logistical requirements and intensive production processes that would continue to make that business demanding the further committed to it I became. There was already an element of intense organisation which I already manage which would only increase and I didn’t really favour that as a method to further business growth.

The second business I run full time is my online music marketing and small business marketing services, now this is such a wide and broad are to cover that I’m often refining exactly what the service I’m offering is.

Mainly I’ve worked in the music industry because I’m familiar with it as my background. However, with the music clients I often found it was uncertain trying to deliver a service when the industry conditions meant a lot of artists were unwilling or more usually unable to invest heavily to back their brand and talent. But because of my range of skill and my own experiences in online marketing in the last few years I realised there would always be key areas I could focus on under the umbrella of internet marketing and that’s why I really focused on online video and production.

I decided to begin promotion and developing video marketing because I had special skills to contribute, and these were the same skills that have motivated me in business and in life in general: getting a better deal. Just like websites and graphic design and all the other services you’ve heard me mentioning – I often look at the prices and know that these services could be provided and a much cheaper and affordable budget discount rate for those who were attracted to simply trying or experimenting with a new marketing strategy, or required tasks or services but without expensive additonal costs for inflated services addon and conveniences that were simply beyond requirements.

Kid’s Pirate Parties I got back into as a Auckland Childrens entertainer because I felt like it was new and a challenge for me to do new things, although even more so than the cd dvd duplication services – it is lucrative but extremely intensive, so it’s not really a growth area, just something I’m doing because I like the idea and it is worth my time.

Lastly is the Auckland colour copying services which I set up because I was able to get such good deals through my supplier it became profitable to attempt to extend this as a regularly profitable service I offer that is straightforward and high value because we offer free delivery and other high service options that are cheaply included in our auckland based services alongside cd duplication and the other niches that form a natural bridge with the colour copying and printing: poster services and cheap graphic design, so that within auckland you are able to get poster and flyer materials designed, printed and distributed or placed and one super low price.

So if you’re looking for marketing services in Auckland, Kurb promotions is the one!

Specialists in cd dvd copying, music and small business marketing, and now . . .

online video marketing, auckland childrens entertainers and cheap colour copying auckland.