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Limited Risk Growth: Auckland Copying and Marketing Services

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Kurb offers marketing and promotions services from Auckland to New Zealand and online services to clients internationally – check out the website for bargain deals on cd and dvd copying, auckland copying, poster services, internet marketing specializing in  music and small business marketing, talent management, seo, ppc, online video production and promotion,  graphic and web design -. .

Can we just make some money without having to go into retail or hire anybody else right now?

You look at all those businesses with premises and employess and you figure they must be doing alright somehow. Somewhere is a dude who owns a whole lot of businesses and makes a tonne and doesn’t spend too much money on anything not covered by business expenses.

That’s how real entrepreneurs roll.

But maybe they don’t. Maybe huge rents and huge payrolls prevent them from actually doing the kind of stuff I’ve done and grown fast.

Their businesses are 4 times the size of mine, but they’re probably making the same as what I am, and they’re riding on the back of 20 years work. Sure when youre 50 you may as well have a big pile of money and sit on it, and work if you want to, especially if it keeps you from getting older faster than you want to.

Maybe I do better by staying small? Maybe I’m too impatient. Should I just focus on growth that doesn’t involve risk?

The main idea that came to mind first is of course my pirate entertainer business. How much less commitment would it involve to bring that up to the point I was performing every weekend?

It would bring me in probably a similar amount of profit as if I had an assistant or a leased space, but without the huge commitment. Except I have to do the work myself. But in this case the work is simply showing up for an hour once or twice a weekend.

I have a miscellaneous group of projects I’m working on that I just combine into one knowing whichever is the first to spark, will probably be the one that I expand to add to my auckland copying, dvd copying and general marketing services.

The first was the shop, which presents an opportunity to establish myself long term in retail and hospitality which will always see its ups and downs.

There was another idea I thought which is somewhat secret that was high profit and high risk. Risky mainly in that it wasn’t particularly savoury. It could effect my brand. Issues would be raised over exactly what parties knew they were taking part in – it wasn’t completely transparent. It’s hard to do fair and open business that way.

Then there’s the talent agency but that is in no way short term. But I guess I could be making more effort now to streamline the activities for the future and develop the real estate so to speak of the online property.

I guess really it’s about mixing it all up. Pirates. Djing. Talent. Online Video. Even my other high risk idea flirts around the edge, it’s about employing a broad strategy to develop these areas looking for the spark that shows demand, potential profit, a revolving business model that works.

You’ve got to look at where the profit is made and compare that to the effort required.

I can earn $150 – $200 a sale with pirates

I can earn $500-$600 a sale with the high risk venture

I could go all into building my sites up and make $100 a week that way

I could work on a DJ night and gigging more for $200 a gig

I could focus on making videos for clients that were quality, that I could spend $100-200 making and charge $300-$500 for. Once I was making more videos, I’d have a platform for the talent agency to begin working on.

So compare – what is the easiest, painless and most likely to happen soon?

Pirates? DJing? Doing videos and developing talent?

Is it 3 times easier to do this than organise and cover myself in executing the high risk strategy. Is it twice as hard as trying to live on ads?  No. Man can not live on ad revenue alone!

Well why can’t I do them all? Because I want to focus on a strategy to build. There’s only so far the pirates can go as the business model works. SO short term it’s pirates, but long term I want to expand the entertainment available.

I want to earn money as a musician or entertainer. I want to develop my video platform. I want to work with other talent and develop it. If ads add to the kitty there, then fine, splendid.

And I want to be aware of where the high risk strategy can be executed securely.

So on each side lies the shop, the secret high risk concept, and ads – these are all offshoots to be carried on my progressive effort.

But the centre of that effort has to revolve around where I can connect value to profit. That starts with pirates as the most obvious step, but it looks as if video development may come second in this race, beating out music earnings and talent earnings that really can’t be dictated.

I can still creep confidently into the online video marketing space offering production, marketing and promotion as a package, thu slaying the foundations for my end game: A fully functioning ad advertising agency with in house talent.

music promotion game

What’s Next for This Auckland Marketing and Promotions Business?

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb!

Kurb offers marketing and promotions services from Auckland to New Zealand and online services to clients internationally – check out the website for bargain deals on cd and dvd duplication, auckland printing, poster services, internet marketing specializing in  music and small business marketing, talent management, seo, ppc, online video production and promotion,  graphic and web design -. .

So I’ve been working hard to get the website rehauled, get new videos done for the site, not because I want to generate new business so much, as I want to be sure we’re not missing out because the standard of presentation is poor, and a year can go by quick without this sort of diligent maintenance.

Things can turn ugly quick also if your not keeping the foundations of your business solid. Probably 80% of the money I make comes from half a dozen pages on the kurb promotions website, so thats what I’ve been focused on, and I’ve already beaten back the tax monster this year, so I’ve really covered a lot of lost ground.

So the big question is what comes next?

An assistant would allow me to expand my general marketing base, which would be a useful precursor to building an agency, as would increasing my flirtations with video to a full blown affair.

One idea I had was just maybe taking some time to get better at my writing, well not better, but rather than just pushing out sub standard material, actually try and write consistent articles that have some quality.

Thats when I though of the idea of focusing on just improving what I’m doing now.

Do I have to open a space? Do I have to hire a marketing assistant? Do I have to do these things right now because I can? I know that the auckland cd and dvd duplication and copyinging services that are my bread and butter wont be looking so good in 3 years from now, it’s better to start working towards new ideas now then getting caught short under a wave of diminishing returns.

I know I want to hire a markerting intern / PA, I know I have to open a shop, I know I have to establish a talent agency and then finally establish a advertising agency proper.

I know I want to expand my pirate entertainer business, and also use my skills to develop a way of making money from more creative stuff that I do.

But 3 years is a long time to cover a little bit of lost ground.

Right now I can’t help but think that I have the opportunity to wait and see, and prepare by paying attention to the details. My writing could be better. By playing around with video I’ll get better there, start evolving that into something more disciplined and organized, with a clearer picture of how to provide for people who want cheap video production.

I had several simpler ideas for lifting revenue which wouldn’t leave me so exposed. Maybe that’s what I should be looking at but it’s the commitment thats the problem – a leased space or a hired assistant forces me to be active and commited to pushing through to the next level.

But these are really just little things, which would be nice for making me more comfortable now, but long term they’re not big ideas that I can back and grow.

It will be hard committing to a new staff member, a new space, and new creative content efforts, but they can be pushed to break even and beyond, my other fringe ideas couldn’t really generate more than a few hundred dollars here and there without committing more – overcommitting really – to something that does have limited potential.

Hiring a marketing assistant or intern, getting a space to happen, getting more committed to making strong video content, they are not only big steps in themselves but they pave the way to the ultimate steps: starting a bona fide auckland marketing and advertising agency, and establishing a powerful creative brand as an artist that carries inherent value.

But then it turns around on itself and says, well do I need that money now? Do I need to do that now? 3 years is a long time.  slight increase in profits would be nice, but I don’t need a big boost to my income. What I need to be for my businesses sake is prepared.


Tired of convention. Desperate for more adventures, don’t want to wake up every day and do the same damn thing.

Want to do things, make things.

Wanna meet a girl that could make me stupid again . . .

Auckland Marketing and Promotions: Retail, Design, Email, Talent

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Hi this is Matt Turner from Kurb Promotions, Auckland, New Zealand!

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We offer marketing strategies in small business, music promotion and video marketing to clients around the world that are comprehensive, affordable, and delivered with minimum wait and fuss.

You can also check out Auckland and New Zealand promotions services including

– dvd and cd printing and duplication – cheapest prices, and fast efficient, helpful service

colour copying and colour printing – a6, a5, a3, a2, dle – glossy, matt or on card we offer a great service for fast turnaround and delivery within auckland

Alright I’m back writing on my blog because it’s such a good way to generate more traffic to your site through search engines such as google but it also gives you the opportunity to get the gears turning over in your head, putting words down and thinking about how ideas for new business and marketing ideas can come together.

Now that I’m over a bit of a tumultuous patch and things are coming back together – again I’m thinking of new ideas not just to take my business to new places, but also ideas that can help my clients, and help me get new clients for the kinds of services I offer, which are mainly based around my internet marketing and promotion skills, which is really how I built my other businesses.

Sure if you need some posters of flyers or cd duplication, dvd burning, cd or dvd prinitng, give me a call, send me and email. But those are merely businesses that proved easy to develop off the back of my already established marketing skills.

Two of the big ones for me right now are opening a retail operation and bringing my website up to a much more professional standard than it is.

So firstly, you can read a fair bit about my plans for retail marketing and retail growth. But the scary thing is losing money to get the thing off the ground. It’s a gamble alright, but that’s what it comes down to, losing a lot of money upfront and I don’t know if I can tackle that without things getting stressful.

One things for sure it will be a real challenge, but it’d the clear and present challenge of it that makes it so alluring. When you’re in retail you gotta go out after them, you can’t afford to sit on your hands, but like I’ve learned in business, when you’ve got something solid going on, when you’ve managed to hang on and get established, you’ll do well as more and more of your business comes from repeat and word of mouth customers who trust your brand.

That’s what I’ve managed with kurb and I’m ready to do it all again!

Then I need to get my websites looking respectable, and there’s been plenty of overseas outsourced designers who have had a crack but just haven’t come up to the standard I need to really use the website as a tool to let people know that what we’re doing is serious – it’s easy to sell them cd or dvd duplication services or colour printing, posters and flyer distribution because these people need it now and they’re looking for a good fast service and a nice cheap price.

But when it comes to other aspects of what we offer there needs to

As I saw on a recent TED talk – “It’s not what you do that people buy, it’s why you do it”

And I really want to use our web redesign as a chance to really express our brand and what we do so people  understand what we offer – that you can get good service, you can get the marketing and promotions stuff you need, but it doesn’t have to cost you the extra price of having traditional providers with all their expenses dragged along as baggage adding to the cost of what you’re trying to procure.

Why do we do what we do? Because there’s a cheaper way, that we can provide exactly what you need.

Also, another subject I’ll be branching out from is that I’ve actually managed to make some affiliate marketing sales on my blog, which has made me start taking this form of income seriously.

There are some quite straightforward blueprints laid out to take you from blogging away happily for therapy and growth like I do to actually making some money, and now that I am making a little money, I’m beginning to take it a lot more seriously, and considering the immediate steps I could take.

The first is to establish an email list with an autoresponder and start building up sign ups. Usually you do this by offering something of value for free in exchange for the sign up.

Then once they’re signed up, you have a pre written series of newsletters that go out and offer different products for generous commissions – that’s how you make your money, and it builds up over time as you build your list.

But you’ve got to have some great emails that people want to read, and of course you’ve got to build your following – usually from blogging, then your search rankings from that work draw in visitors who sign up based on the free offer you make.

For my artist blog I’m working on a facetious “How to be awesome” free report offer, and for my talent agency, I’m just getting straight into the hard work of preparing the newsletters that will keep the talent on their toes to perform the necessary steps to get them in the position I’m in – ready with a website and an email newsletter to make money!

There’s obviously an opportunity to do something with music marketing as well but of course the challenge is moving from writing reasonable blog posts to actually offering high quality newsletters that people will want to receive in the hope that they may buy something.

This could go anywhere in terms of the affiliate marketing, although it takes work to build up a trusting audience, and that’s why I think it’s better to stay focused on just a few little niches that like my music marketing create other opportunities to make money outside of simply doing the affiliate marketing and email list building strategy.

While my artist blog and activity there is more about my own expression and earning a dollar is supplementary, obviously with the other opportunities there are more direct ways to get the business side really happening.

Because once you have a revenue and business model in place, then you simply have to feed people into it, and respond to them and what you feel they want from you in order to motivate them to buy your affiliate offer products and services.

That’s why I’m looking at my talent agency plan. Setting up a talent agency is no walk in the park.

It’s all about reputation. Once you’ve got a reputation, all the people who think you can help them begin to gravitate towards you, but without a track record, how will I get my talent agency off the ground?

Well it starts with a lot of writing. That’s what we’re doing.

A lot of writing and links too – brings in the google searches, and by pushing them to the email list, you build that core, but of course as I outlined, you need to have the content, both on the blog AND the newsletter that motivated them to take that action.

You can do some ads, but of course, well it costs, so as always with ppc, ads what have you – make sure it works before you dive into it, and of course unlike the cd duplication, dvd duplication, colour printing services I use my advertising to push, you’re most likely outcome is not an immediate sale, so it’s a longer game you’re playing.

So just like the blogging, the writing, the linkbuilding and seo I’m doing for my other sites, it’s the way forward to attaining that initial critical mass.

Auckland Promotions and Copying Services: Retail Plans

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Call Matt on 027 684 8250 for kurb promotions service in auckland: cheap, fast and fair!

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Auckland CD duplication and Auckland DVD copying: Cheap and fast – super cheap deals on runs 1000 or under, great free pick up and delivery service – graphic support and free set up – simply a great service

Colour Copying Auckland: Another super fast,  and super cheap service – need 50 – 1000 colour copies

Online marketing for small business and online music marketing – including graphic design, web design, seo, online advertising, email management, social media, complete online marketing packages.

We’re also getting into video marketing – as always, cheap, fast, and fair! We make videos for online promotion, and we market them!

Recently been talking about updating our website, but now we’re back talking about retail!

Just thought I’d take a break from my schedule of posts on rehauling the web design and rebranding our flagship kurb promotions site to get back onto another big plan I’ve been hatching of moving my small business growth strategy into retail!

I like the idea of retail because it’s a hard and fast challenge.

The overall concept is starting from the services I provide in auckland for marketing, promotions, not only will I have a base for fast and urgent turn around of the services we provide such as CD and DVD duplication, copying, reproduction as well as poster prinitng, flyer printing as well as general online marketing and promotions but I would also extend that into products that aid smaller operators with meeting their promotions needs.

There is going to be continued fracturing and breaking down of smaller groups and individuals wanting to express themselves by pursuing their own projects, whether that’s music, cultural or sports groups, schools, various individual art projects and small business promotions, and I’m aiming for us to extend our role there.

There’s a do it yourself attitude that’s not only aided and enabled me in business but it’s allowing all sorts of individuals and groups to express themselves in new ways. It doesn’t matter what people want to do, their always going to need to create awareness and exposure as well as using products and services to help define themselves to a wider audience.

We’re already recognised for our cheap affordable discount budget prices and without losing quality service from our company business,  now we’ll be moving into products, and delivery of services that are more immediate to the user.

You need a colour copy, you need internet access, then it will be there just like your average internet cafe or copy shop.

You need media, plasticware, packaging, art supplies, that will be there also, and the expertise to help you, so you come in looking for some plastic things or you need some colour prints or to use the internet and grab a coffee then you can get those things, but it’s once you move beyond that – once you need the website design, the cd and dvd, the printing, the posters, the online marketing,that’s when you need higher end expertise.

You need high end equipment and you want someone who speaks good english to explain it to you, earnestly, you want someone ther in that old fashioned way who will give you advice about what you need when you’re tackling promotions and marketing, whether high end equipment, a physical promotional material to be rpelicated, or online media services.

So yeah I might be driving out to the city fringe warehouse putting 20% on the price of certain high end items for specific functions, special cameras, printers, media items, hard drives, phones, ipods, accessories, ink, whatever.

And I want to push that brand out there over the years, a one stop shop for low end marketing and promotions. It’s a place where people are attracted to, and that may be a hassle, but it will trickle up in terms of branding and people recognising it as a place to go to invest in promotion, and to get promotions services.

And you need the outlet too. Again, like copying or the internet cafe or selling coffee, it’s not going to be a huge money earner, in fact it will be a hassle at first, but slowly, it’s about cultivating that brand that customers can come down and get what they need, and our customers need promotion. We need huge posters in the window promoting our clients and we need to sell our clients stuff, because having the stuff available, being an outlet is what it’s about, providing promotions.

Initially I wanted to save on overheads by setting up out of the way where rent would be cheap, but then I started examine the wisdom of this, because although internet marketing and online promotions is my specialty area, it is really a case of having all your eggs in one basket and although I definitely plan to leverage my internet marketing skills to get my retail operation off the ground, I want to take that challenge on of getting people into the shop.

Now I’ve thought through the plans for my retail operation and the branding and the marketing and the stock and what have you and there are just a few little issues niggling at me there which are stopping me from ploughing into it with gusto and looking at the options.

The main one is the reality of losing money for 6 months at least, I estimate realistically about $5000-$15000 before it starts breaking even.

It will take 6 months just to get everything in there – internet computers, a colour copier, coffee machine, the stuff we’re likely to need to perform multiple services – one of those booths that print photos, ink refiller, what else are we going to do?

Cut keys? Send faxes? Y’know? Just walk around town looking at what retailers are offering and who is using these services, and accept that it is annoying that you have to build a clientele out of $1, $2, $4 service transactions.

Then the place will have to be stocked, first with plastics and supplies, with food, with our technical offerings, and then, in true retail spirit, I want to move into basically offering anything of value I can purchase in bulk and believe will be of genuine interest to anybody who needs it amidst our clientele.

I also see targeting tourists, especially the twentysomethings, they’ll have need for the services but they’ll also want a cultural connection with the locality. Also out of towners, I know what it’s like on tour or road trip when you arrive in a new place, you want to arrive at that place where you can check your email, grab a coffee, catch up on what’s happening locally.

Another strategy is looking at it as 100 people who will spend $10 every week there, and then 1000 people who will spend $10 every month there.

Anyway back to the issues – It will cost money over the first 6 months to get it running and it will lose money over the first 6 months as we struggle to get the $100 p/day I need to keep the thing running – paying the rent and the wages.

And that’s the real issue. The real issue is going into not knowing what the future will hold when you know it’ll lose ten grand before it can even get started.

Negotiating that reality will be one of the hardest tests.

A Strategy for Online Marketing and Branding Results

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Hi I’m Matt from Kurb!

Kurb offers a wide range of marketing and promotions services from Auckland to New Zealand and online services to clients internationally – check out the website for bargain deals on cd and dvd copying, colour printing, poster services, internet marketing specializing in  music and small business marketing, talent management, seo, ppc, online video production and promotion,  graphic and web design – or call me on 027 684 8250

Alright I’m about to get started on a major rehaul of the design, branding and general presentation of  the kurb promotions website, so the topic we’re on is basically general branding and presentation of your website for increased sales and growth!

The first post – promoting your small business brand online was the long approach.

The last post was developing online business with branding and design this was where we got into more conclusions about balancing out our business:

cd and dvd duplication as well as colour printing and colour copying services which we offer cheap, fast / urgent and with a high level of customer service is our core business and we have to respect that.

Music marketing and small business marketing has great potential but remains a challenge. SOme of the challenges can be tackled by redesign, revised presentation and new branding strategies.

supplementary online marketing services are too fidgety and finicky to be worrying about. Only small business markteing and online video marketing and production represent good opportunities both short and long term here.

Now I just wanted to go over any other general important points  as we look to launch into this series of articles on branding, design and presentation as this is probably my last article until tomorrow so I don’t want to leave good ideas in the dark!

It’ll be the CD and DVD burning and printing business as well as our auckland colour printing and copying that I’ll be looking to improve most rigourously. Why are we the best, and what can we do to prove it? What are the issues our clients are having? We need to take a big step back and look hard.

With out online marketing packages it’s really about accessability. We’ve got to make it feel as if they’re jumping in easily, and again with the smaller branches of online marketing it’s avout accessability and understanding which points toward the packages and away from the 1 off service.

Finally though video and small business promotions need to be accessible we do need to give them an edge.

And whenwe come to our front page we also need to think about the approach from that direction, and those ideas spill over onto every page. Yes we need to communicate clearly what we do, but we can’t dilute that message.

Again a balance must be struck. Visitors should understand that we provide promotions and marketing services, but if they simply just want their cd’s or dvd’s or colour printing, then all of that shouldn’t stand in the way. Afterall, our main money comes from our disc duplication and our poster and flyer prints.

Whatever else we do, we have to be pushing for a good result, not something that will lead us into the same trouble we’ve had before, clients with little money but a lot of expectations.

If we’re going to sell an idea, it’s got tbe compelling.

So if I’m stepping back and seeing myself as a trusted brand who is committed to service, as well as high value and easy transactions, thenhow am I going to communicate that? I think again, we have to drill down and although we’ve made these general statements of how we’ll balance our efforts, we have to take it case by case.

expanding the success of our cd and dvd duplications will be different to breaking new ground for our video services and potential expansion of our small business marketing services.

Now we’re getting into the details and the front page of the website is as good aplace as any to start making out branding and design more effective and more compelling for more sales, growth and profit.

We’ll also start getting practical – if I know what I want to say, how do I say it?

More related points on that:

– videos are compelling and create trust and authority, but just like any content, must be focused!

– make offers relevant ie stop pushin less relevant services on every page

– use lower value services to promote higher value services

– create authority and realistic expectations by being honest about what you deliver, without scaring prospects off.

More Challenges in Marketing and Small Business Auckland

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

I’m Matt from Kurb Promotions – we do promotions, copying, printing, cd and dvd duplication and design and online marketing for clients and customers all over the world, new zealand and right here in Auckland!

contact: or visit our site at

Okay well I just got started back into this blog by reigniting my plans for my own retail space where I could get to grips with retail business and I’malso firing up my blog again.

The idea behind the blog is it does contribute to the overall search engine rankings off my site as its seen to be growing and relevant. Right now I’m just continuing to build the clout of this rolling mass, but as time goes on and I ad more posts, rather than just writing randomly I will begin to refine the methods I use in using my blog to attract more visitors, more awareness of my business and more customers.

Retail space also holds that appeal of making my general business dealings far more visible. Not only does it increrase visibility for my existing services but it gives me a base from which to test new ideas.

The challenge is mainly in that you go cold into the space with only marketing know how and business smarts to get things moving and quickly – there’s rent to pay and other sundry expenses.

When you’re selling nothing, that can all add up to a whole lot of hurtin’.

I’m lucky in that I already run a number of businesses and services that I could use such a space to promote, but that’s not an end in itself, it’s just a positive to cling on to that might tide me over, because realistically, I know you need at least a year in business before you can build up enough goodwill to keep coasting along, and this is all while maintaining a competitive strategy.

It’s all about getting and maintaining that positive branding, long enough to see you into profitability.

So my strategy is opening the doors, setting up the cash register and starting with the services I already offer – cd and dvd duplication, colour copying, design and web marketing services. My concept is very much about carrying that brand forward and connecting with the idea that people out there want to bring their personal projects to life – they need printing, they need design and cd and dvd copying, they need a website and videos made and put on youtube.

They need to develop their email lists, they need comprehensive ideas that can bring these elements together to create something compelling that will attract their audience.

When they walk in the door, that’s what I’m there to offer them. Technology, made affordable, made powerful for the little guys. From there it’s about serving little guys in other ways, with other products – also as some retail operations such as copying and plasticware, general office supplies become too low margin to exist in certain retail spots, we take over those services.

One challenge is the amount of people who will come in requiring services but not want to spend more than $20 – just getting one copy, etc. You don’t want a shop full of people wanting one copy of a print, or asking questions over buying some $5 item. Well that’s easy, don’t offer cheap items and have a minimum order policy.

That won’t stop people coming in and expecting that level of service for small budgets – it’s just a matter of feeling through. In the beginning you may have to make some concessions.

The final challenge is in keeping what you make available appropriate to the niche you’re serving. So you offer promotions and marketing services to small players. You also offer copying, plastics and other selected items that are required by local businesses and those in need of promotions outcomes.

Finally you move to meet the market directly, responding to whatever people appear to want to buy. That means you’re aware that everybody needs sustenance and clothing, so the appeal is very broad, but how do you dilute your brand by suddenly having a coffee machine and a clothes rack there?

To me you take this obvious need forward practically. You can afford to charge $3.50 for a coffee because unlike the cafe you’re not relying on heavy volume – selling 100+ cups p/day to make your rent.

So yeah I’m just continuing to rake over what challenges I’ll be facing moving into a small retail business and how I can insulate myself over the short term while we build brand and goodwill.

I need to see the advantages in branding and awareness for the business I now currently conduct.

I need to identify the needs of my market in order to provide them with products they’re willing to buy

I need to grow by supplementing this core with even more diverse products and services tailored exactly for those people who are coming through the door.

They may be there to grab some CD / DVD copies, but if I cansell them a web design, or some plastic thing, and make them a coffee too, then I’ll have a foundation under which my little shop will flourish.

Long term it’s about getting 100 people who are going to walk in the door each week and spend $20, because they identify with the brand and feel good about arriving to spend their money and get a deal. Once you’ve got that core audience, it’s about serving them.

Maybe you don’t want the band to sell their CD’s in your shop. But you want the band and their fans to come down and spend money, so you humour them. You build community and then you build profits.

Summary of Auckland Services Growth: Copying, Printing, Marketing, Video and Pirates

Monday, November 16th, 2009

So in summing up this series related to

cd copying

cheap printing

music marketing

online video services

pirate birthday party entertainment

The goal was to outline marketing and business development strategies to grow four of our main services

I’m not sure i’m going to do a great job summing up right now I didn’t even finish the articles, but side by side we can see that all ventures must maintain activity at a certain level so that base costs involved with having the resources and the staff to meet this demand regularly with relative ease don’t become overbearing.

The old businesses of Music Marketing and CD copying, I know them inside and out, I just need the staff in place. I am aware that cd dvd duplication makes more money and is less fuss, but if I could contain and grow the music markeitng services they would have great potential with the right staff, and I could move further into small business marketing confidently.

It’s all about delegation.

The printing and the video still need to have effective marketing in place. The presentation and targeting has to be improved, and the SEO must be done and I’ve got to put decent amounts of advertising behind each one to investigate what is possible.

But there’s no doubt that even if it takes another year, i can bring it up to this standard, and then it will be the same issue – management and delegation of responsibilities.

We’ll have staff members managing cd dvd copying as well as printing, now I just have to get them to manage the staff who are already available for video marketing snd music marketing services.

Earning With Cheap Video Production

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Hi Matt from Kurb here just with a little introduction to our cheap video production and our youtube promotion service

Did you know you can get a video produced for and promoted on Youtube by us for less than nz$500?

That’s right we provide a complete and great value service to get your enterprise up online and seen – it beats a radio or television commercial by far for choice and whats more – it’s always there!

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Are you a mother who wants to earn extra income without sacrificing quality time with your children? Do you already have an idea of the business you want to pursue but don’t know how to advertise it with a small budget? An easy, cost-effective method to earn extra income on a small budget is through cheap video production and advertising.

For example, if you are a mother who enjoys cooking and have already developed a new recipe to sell – cheap video production can help you take your cooking career to the next level.

The process of cheap video production is not as difficult as it sounds. Taking the example of the cookery video – in the comfort of your own kitchen you can capture yourself preparing an original, self-titled recipe. Through cheap video production you can present a lecture on how to prepare this dish, or tips on how to enhance the taste of a certain menu.

Once the demonstration has been recorded and edited you can present this completed video production to the public. It is advisable to present it to family and friends initially. When they like it, it will be much easier for people to discover your culinary capabilities through your friends. If this plan works for you (and it should) you may already notice earnings with those copies you made. However, if cooking isn’t your style, there are plenty of things you can make a demo of. When choosing a niche to film, consider your hobbies and interests. You may give tips in stitching, drawing, or even baby-care for first-time parents.

Cheap video production helps bring balance between time with your children and being a businesswoman. By doing this you are taking control of your life, enhancing your time management and organisation skills, but still living your life to the fullest!

Cheap Online Video Production and Marketing Experts Auckland, New Zealand

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Hi Matt from Kurb here just with a little introduction to our cheap video production and our youtube promotion service

Did you know you can get a video produced for and promoted on Youtube by us for less than nz$500?

That’s right we provide a complete and great value service to get your enterprise up online and seen – it beats a radio or television commercial by far for choice and whats more – it’s always there!

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Learning more about Video Production

Videography, or what is commonly known as video production, is actually the process of videotaping, editing, and delivering a modified product of the original video. Basically, it is the act of creating artistic recorded presentations with the use of such tools and resources as a video camera, recording editing tools, and handy video production softwares. Once these resources have been obtained and one is ready to begin filming, it is in the videographer’s best interest to create a film that will be of interest to artists and film-goers and therefore, will be shown in topical theatres.

There are three common types of video production that we should be familiar with. The first is that of “corporate events videography” and videos are filmed at seminars, conferences, symposiums, and training events. This type of video production will allow it’s viewers to be mutual, while simultaneously record in patch happen. Often two cameras will be necessary to capture and film the event from two different angles.

The second type of video production is that which is used for special occasions such as nuptials, birthdays, graduations, and the like. Mostly shots are taken by patch where the event is happening and there are thin retakes. This, once again, will require two cameras to capture the event from different angles.

Lastly, the third type of video production is the “motion picture recording production”. This form of videography is when you develop an original storyline and display it through film to be presented to a group of public viewers, be it family or otherwise.

Title: Engaging Yourself in Video Marketing


In all you do which involves marketing the advisable thing to do is to consider how you can possibly capture the interest of your targeted consumers, and whether or not the product you are marketing is suitable for the target group. When it comes to affordable marketing you should first study your product in relation to your market. While picturing your success, plan what type of market your product will best serve. This could be difficult as there are many differences between people, and these should be noted. However, remember that the public do not look only for calibre but also for credibility. You may need to enlist the assistance of some friends to work as actors for your cheap marketing video, which may be most easily, recorded using a hand-held camcorder.

Once you are prepared to record your marketing video you should concentrate on a topic that is unique. Spend some time studying other marketing videos to devise something that has some originality and difference. However, whenever you can refer to these videos and study that calibre to include it in your own. Remember, high quality and calibre will make for a better video and greater proportion of viewers.

Once you are prepared to distribute your marketing video you must be in the correct position to spread the news. YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites to make this possible. Other sites include study blogs, and including the video on your own website increases the chances that other individuals will come across it.

Title: Misleading Advertisements and Video Marketing

Undeniably it is really becoming frustrating in that after every click you end up closing your web browser’s window after reading a statement asking you to pay a certain amount before getting the service you need. Not to forget the spam mails tirelessly flooding your inbox and you yourself never quite understand its intention. When it comes to spam mails it is best to report it as spam so that next time you receive a mail from that sender, it will not be sent to your inbox. Furthermore, sometimes these advertisements contain viruses – another reason for your headache.

While surfing the web you will come across with an advertisement, but more often than not it will never give you what you are looking for. Most likely it will lead you to another affiliates website which doesn’t contain the correct information you require, thus deterring you from clicking such links again. There are even cheap video marketing strategy links that greatly entice anyone looking for that information however it often turns out to be pornographic content. Cheap video marketing has been abused by many. Often it is useful to read articles rather than depending on different advertisements and video marketing, as by reading credible content you discover facts that will give you information you need. However, as videos are more visual they can effectively catch anyone’s attention making them more effective than any printed advertisement.

Hip Ways of Teenagers and Video Production

In this 21st century era of modernisation, the young adult of the present generation have defined their own way of expressing themselves. The advanced scientific developments we have today allow these young citizens to maximise usage of their resources as creative tools. They are given the opportunity to reach out to others, communicating in their own way.

First in the list is fashion. Clothing has always been a number one priority for teenagers and youth. It is through their fashion and with their style that they are able to express their personality. Teenagers make sure that they look and feel good in what they wear, as it is at this developmental stage that they begin to feel self-conscious about how they look. Of course, fashion is not about clothes solely. It also refers to hairstyles, accessories, and shoes. It is not just about what is the latest either, it is about self-expression. It doesn’t matter if your personal style doesn’t please others, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Internet is a vital product of technological development nowadays being an integral part of people’s lives. It is a medium of communication that better serves people, and allows large one to have a larger circle of friends to socialise through popular social networking sites like MySpace. These social networking sites allow teenagers to express themselves by customising their accounts and blogging where they are able to share whatever thoughts they have.

Many teenagers are also working with the concept of cheap video production. They record videos to capture moments with their family and friends, and sometimes their talent. With the help of modern gadgets like digital cameras and mobile phones they are able to engage in cheap video production.

Of course, expressing one’s opinion has never been wrong as long as it is not meant to destroy or humiliate another. For teenagers, they still require guidance as they may be going through some growing pains and the videos may lead to some negative publicity for others. Therefore, it is best to supervise teenagers when granting permission to experiment with cheap video production.

New Business Services: Youtube Video Production and Video Marketing

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Youtube Video Promotion Special:

If you simply need an animated presentation putting together images you have with titles without having to add any footage we shoot

Basic Package: $97: Basic animation, editing, titles, sound, slideshows and basic effects, 5 minutes max

Production Package: $297 Standard animation, sourcing of footage and editing of your footage, titles, sound + voice over, effects 8 minutes max

Project Package: $497 – this involves more detailed animation, titles, detailed sourcing and editing of footage, detailed effects – I can also present your video if you need me to write and/or delvier a script presenting information on your business or products, 10 minutes max


Recently I have been reinspired to get my online business pumping again.

Firstly reading about cheap and simple services dominating because they can perform the task most of the time  without all the added complexity and expense of other products and services that were essentially developed for an era of far more technological restraint then what we are experiencing now.

They give the example of the mp3 – how it changed the music industry when it was discovered people would rather have a convenient format then a high quality format and that we have quickly accepted the mp3 as the new – albeit lower – standard.

From my music marketing to my cd and dvd duplication business I have followed the same strategy. Providing the most I could at the lowest possible price.

I never claim that I’m the best or that what I offer is better quality, but I always claim that it’s better value. Dollar for dollar what you get from me and my business is more than the competitors.

My service is better than the lowest and my price is better than the highest.

This has really motivated me in my business because I’m aware that I am well adapted for these conditions and that there is a number of opportunities that I have been fairly blase about.

The blog promotion, nah I dunno, too much messing around – too low value, not enough profit on each sale. If I had one individual to manage it, then we could look at it, but honestly it’s just sitting there getting authority so there’s no need to panic.

My idea of colour copying and colour printing services continues to have a lot more traction due to the demand, but again the low margin value means

Video is where it’s at.

Cheap Video Production – I’ve got my video guys already shooting footage, collecting pictures and designing animated titles, effects, cuts – cheap video editing – they’re editing video footage I’ve provided and finally we have the cheap video marketing that capsit off guaranteeing increased youtube views through youtube video marketing campaigns.

So the employees are there and ready to work, and provide a high value product working in an exciting medium.

And just right then rigth now I added a new design to the three pages, so it’s worth checking out the video services available!