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Cheap Online Promotional Media, Auckland Video, Websites

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Hi I’m Matt at Kurb Promotions in auckland the best service for the lowest price on cd and dvd duplication services, poster and flyer printing – a5, a6, a3, a4, a2, a1, and also a range of video production and online marketing services we’re developing to help organisations do something special with online media even on a small budget. My strength is really on how you can get the right promo services you need for less than you’d expect.

Cheap online video production and various video services is the long term area of development for my business so that’s been something I’ve been going over a lot here.

I just don’t see a new car as helping me to grow. Because f I keep my buffer up, that’s all we end up with, more money for toys that aren’t actually going to be any help to my video production.

The points to be made are that video will continue to be one of the most powerful tools available to almost everybody to create messages that resonate. Also we’ve talked about the youtube partnership program, which allows video makers to profit from advertising on youtube which creates a valuable new income stream for artists as they slowly rise in popularity.

But there are still serious maintenance and growth issues around how horrible my websites still look, they look bad and they don’t function as well as they probably could either. A lot is just housekeeping that’s been ignored and can’t be ignored forever but in some cases, the house isn’t being kept because it’s really just a tent.

Only dealing with the last of my debtors will get this out of my head and me in a new space of clarity and focus in my business – it works two fold because not only is the issue resolved, but suddenly I have new found liquidity to back me up.

I can look at the issues of web design and development and say ok – we need to push this forward even if it’s going to cost more money because it’s holding us up. We want to move forward focusing on online video production, online content, video content, but if we’re worrying about people shirking, and why we can’t seem to get a single half decent website design online, then we can’t really move forward.

I don’t expect video production to be easy, I expect another year or two working on it to get it to happen, and I can’t have my efforts there undermined by websites that don’t really feel professional when pushing cd duplication cd dvd media, cheap auckland printing, cheap online video production

I need strategies to get this website presentation nailed. Especially because once I sort it out for myself, I can then use the contacts to off these online marketing services to others. It verges on embarassing trying to peddle online marketing when your sites look so very unimpressive. So the plan is to get a number of projects going so I can produce at least one good web designer who I can keep on.

My artist site is completely locking up, the second designer can’t seem to place anything up on the page. I believe a lot of outsourced web designers misrepresent what they do. They rely on templates, just like I do, and I don’t want a template, a template does feel completely constrained and characterless, it doesn’t strike you as being original,

The other sites for development tests are:

cheap video production
talent management

This is the issue, how do I hire someone for these sites and expect a good design?

Auckland copying needs that new plug in I bought, the landing page one.

The music marketing blog needs a full thesis redesign, but I need new photos.

New photos is part of the whole process. When you tak ethe step to making your website really super nice, then you need super nice photos. Imagery – whether by video or by photoshoots is required to project a professional and inspiring brand. Right now it is essential that my website projects a decent level of professional branding so that I can begin to promote it – I want a platform to deliver blogs, songs and videos onto that perform the basic functions of a website, and one of the most important functions is projecting a professional look.

But once the sites are done, you freshen up and deploy new advertising campaigns online, where I’m already strong, and you have that platform, that stage to present your primary work. You can focus on that and blogging to back it up.

I mean if I do a great viral video campaign or a brilliant song, my website is not going to be up to the task of turning casual fans into real fans which means you’re missing out and you’re not ready. It doesn’t help me creatively to feel unprepared in an online business sense.

If something connects online, or I get coverage somehow, then when fans come looking on google, they will find me and they will have plenty of material to help them decide I am worthy of their attention and then offer social networks, blogs and principally my mailing list as the best options so that I can supply fans what they value, and I have the opportunity to realise that value as income.

These are the online steps that must be fulfilled before I can seriously advance my content. I want the ability to see if I can connect good content to revenue – but I need the fans and the platform to do so. But don’t most people see your video on youtube? And hear your song on radio or online radio etc.? yes sure, but then what do they do?

They google you to find out more. If they find a totally cool website that blows their mind, of course they’ll sign up for email, connect on social networks and download the free giveaways. And so until I get my websites looking more decent, I have to keep blogging and juggling ideas until I can come up with something, finally get some decent websites with some decent visuals up, get my content curated nicely.

Besides dvd duplication and cd replication and cheap auckland printing, as well as pirates of course, I am still commited to auckland video production and online video promotion because of all the different ways that content and connect with people. But establishing the website is as fundamental as the content itself.

If I do good content I can laser target the advertising, I can have a special landing page and make new advertising campaigns for every video. If I could actually buy real views for 5c, paying $50 for 1000 views may be worth it if it creates 100 fans and 10 of them become supporters. It becomes about gathering those core supporters to your mailing list and activationg them – where once you produced auckland video to attract new fans, you move towars videos that activate current fans to spread the word and take actions leading to revenue.

You can have a video to explain the deep inner workings of how money is made from blogging about insurance, mortgages and loans.

But it’s almost like this with videos on your website – you could have the tastiest dish in the world but if you served it on a dirty old, chipped, disgusting plate, how would it taste? Would it look good?

We need much better website presentation before we can break out with our video and music content. But when the platform is established, that’s when we have to step our blogging up to the level of doing one or more strong newsletters.

strong video content and search engine results, advertising, brings fans to the site where you are trying to convince them to download or watch/stream more stuff, connect on social media and sign up for email updates. Once you have got them hooked, connected and on updates, you just need to keep the primary content coming out and blowing them away, while blogs and newsletters become sly tools to encourage revenue in a hundred and one smart ways.

It really seems simple. Once the website is up, you just supply awesome video and music to the front page by way of youtube and music players, then once you’re up to date there, fire of an update, post a blog or work on collating a newsletter depending on what you have material for. As you content becomes more mature, your website must be more mature, as your content becomes more mature, the more you can develop your social networks, blogs and sites for income.

Media / Marketing / Promotions / Online Position in Grey Lynn, Auckland

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Again, preparing to try and find an intern / assistant / apprentice type person to train up so drafting out a copy for an online ad . . .

Hi, I am entrepreneur who specializes in online marketing and music management, I run several online businesses and handle up to a dozen music and entertainment clients from NZ and around the world at a time.

Once again, despite staff both here and overseas assisting with the business, I am having to turn down opportunities because I have my own personal priorities.

This of course creates the opportunity to bring on and train an assistant or an apprentice to get involved but the skills and experience needed working alongside clients, in online marketing, and in providing our local services, requires knowledge and understanding of what exactly we provide.

This is why this is a training opportunity rather than an offer of immediate employment which would suit a bright younger person of senior high school or university age who was able to commit at least some time initially to learning the broader nature of what we do.

This is a REAL music management, promotions and online marketing business and no training will substitute for experience in a successful working operation, in a position where you can learn the workings of such a business, and easily progress as there is clearly demand for what we do that we cannot currently meet.

Initially we’ll start you working online in music promotion so you won’t have to come in. I’ll be waiting to be impressed by someone who learns quickly and has an agile understanding of online promotion and dealing with the clients concerns by email.

At that stage, to progress you to a paid position which is what the ultimately is, you will have to come in and begin particpating in the more practical parts of the business.

Customer service is paramount, so your understanding of the full range of services we provide and responding to clients inquiries is vital.

But also we have over half a dozen staff working offshore, I need to train someone to keep these staff members on task in terms of our clients projects and goals, while reporting to me and to clients.

This is the role you’ll move into ultimately if you’re looking for high paid career opportunity. Obviously if within a year or two I could replace myself in managing the business that would be something I could definitely provide a generous salary for and also give you an invaluable skill set for business managament in the future.

But until then:

Deliveries and supply runs would also be included, obviously if you have access to a vehicle for a few hours at a time this would be a massive help.

Because Email is our main form of communication and written content still plays a major part in online marketing, good written skills are important.

Summary of what you’ll need to be considered:

Regular access to the internet

Strong written communication – good marks in English, History, Social Studies etc.

Experience and understanding of photoshop, video

Understanding of online social networks: youtube, myspace, facebook etc.

Access to a vehicle

Online Media, Marketing and Business: Some Projections and Predictions for 2009

Friday, December 26th, 2008

From Emarketer,

  • Video ad spending will run counter to overall economic developments, rising by 45% in 2009 to reach $850 million
  • Search marketing spending will grow by 14.9% in 2009, to $12.3 billion. Search marketing is not recession-proof, but it is recession-resistant.
  • Total US Internet ad spending will increase to $25.7 billion in 2009, an 8.9% growth rate.
  • Online retail sales (excluding travel) will grow by only 4% in 2009—the first full year to feel the impact of the economic crisis.
  • E-commerce will be a growing revenue stream for social network sites. Expect both MySpace and Facebook to enhance their self-serve advertising systems to allow consumers and businesses to buy and sell real-world goods and services.
  • Traditional Media: Continues Hurting: Newspaper advertising will continue to decline in the new year more than any other medium. Industry-wide cutbacks will continue, and there will be some consolidation.
  • The 800-lb. online video gorilla, YouTube, announced in Q4 2008 that it would carry full-length television programs supported by ads. Expect to see similar properties compete with it in 2009.

Also, TV advertising revenue is expected to decline for the first time ever in 2009, by a noticeable 4.7%, but this is a recessionary blip, 2010 it is expected revenue will rise again by .5% but is it likely this is some foreshadowing of what to expect in the not too distant future?