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Auckland Pirates Video

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

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Hi it’s me Pirate Matty or just Matt when I’m at home and I just wanted to take the opportunity to make a video talking about my work entertaining kids, my experiences, and where there’s potential for the Pirate Matty character to develop.

So I started as a pirate working at the fairy shop where little girls could hold birthday parties in the fairy grotto when I was 19 – They were trying to meet the demand they had to do parties for boys and a friend knew I’d be perfect. So I became the mainstay of their boys parties as well as corporate events etc. I was in demand, and I got two big pay raises, but unlike in never neer land where peter pan didn’t grow up – no one plans to be a pirate all their lives, my interests turned elsewhere and I couldn’t maintain the commitment.

Fast forward a few years to the break out of my small business kurb promotions, internet marketing, entrepreneurism, I was looking for new business opportunities, something that was a service that paid well offering maximum profit margins, and yet was unable to be performed by few other competitors or made obsolete by technology. Suddenly realising I could return to doing pirate birthday parties and keep the full fee, tripling my pay, knowing that it was such an exclusive skill with a market in place – I knew it was a winner and I’ve been doing it for some 7 years now.

The reason I do it is because it is almost effortless to me, I know I have an unthreatening presence going in to a strangers home to entertain their kids and I am a natural performer, I have long since abandoned any kind of structure for my birthday parties other than a game to start and kid the kids interacting, and the treasure hunt as the finale, these two aspects book end the performance which essentially is just an amalgamation of the dozens possibly over a hundred parties I’ve improvised my way through with imaginative quests and adventures around the immediate space I’m in.

The pay is great, however it is really exhausting working with kids and I cannot quite work out why! But of course the reason I do it mainly is because of the human connection I get. Whenever I arrive I’m there to put on a show in a professional capacity, but the kids are only there to have fun, and when everybody is having a great time and the kids are happy, so the adults are happy, so I’m happy, it’s a great feeling. The kids don’t want you to leave, the parents are handing over the money with beaming smiles and praise.

As it was when I left the fairy shop, my passion in life isn’t to be a children’s entertainer, but when you’re good at something and it gives joy to people, of course you want to do it, it’s a great feeling, so as long as I am physically able to keep up with the young kids, I will likely continue to do it, but there also exists the possibly to branch out into doing more media content, creating a show for larger audiences that could be performed in schools or small theatres over summer, and touring to different parts of the country where I could also offer limited opportunities for private birthday parties also.

Bringing more women on board would create the opportunity to begin marketing parties for girls based on my brand, also giving me more performers I could use to develop more videos, which I see as a natural way to promote what we’re doing here on youtube. My experience in business is that you offer new ideas up and you see what your clients are interested in paying for, and that’s what you run with.

But of course as a performer the pirate matty character begins to share aspects of my personality and tell of a more personal story and philosophy, looking at how kids learn not just what is right and wrong but why it is right and wrong. Pirate Matty is child like – naively optimistic and self interested, making him adventurous and cunning – maybe too clever for his own good – character whose ambitions are usually challenged by basic dilemmas everybody faces in trying to get what they want and managing the competing interests within a group. Like a crew of pirates who rob and steal. Or the interactions between Pirate Matty and the fairies learning to reconcile their goals which alludes to how men and women can work together.

This to me actually reveals a lot of potential for Pirate Matty to do some interesting stuff aimed at a broader audience once you accept the premise that I am not a real pirate, I am merely an actor and that whether you’re a little kid or a grown up, a pirate or a businessman, life’s challenges have familiar aspects we can all relate too – and so there is a hidden authenticity there, in that not only do I play the role of an actor playing a children’s entertainer, but you can actually book me to perform at your kid’s birthday so narrative aspects of the story as “fiction” start to blur.

This aligns with something more personal to me – the ability to tell a story that resonates, especially when you’re able to create something that appeals to little kids but has profound meaning behind it.

So to wrap up well I’ve been doing pirate birthdays in people’s back yards for over 15 years and there’s no need for me to stop doing that any time soon, but I am excited about where things could lead. It’s about where I want to be that the audience wants me to be, I would love to develop my show, develop my content, bring more people on board, or perhaps even branch off into something with more cerebral or artistic undertones, but that’s just a matter of what opportunities come up, but one thing is for sure, Pirate Matt is me, and I’m Pirate Matty. Arrr!

Pirate Parties in Auckland: More Small Business Marketing Plans

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Okay time for another Auckland Small Business Marketing and Service update!

This weekend really kicked in for my pirate business and I can now see I can really make a go of it if I’m prepared to give up my weekends where necessary to keep this going.

I mean obviously this is a highly personalised niche service.

I’m throwing up the concept of when I will be forced to raise the fee to $200p/hour permanantly because I don’t see how it is avoidable. I’m just checking out the competition now.

Again, it’s hard to get decent prices! I’ll just have to go back to my previous place of employment which is still charging $175 plus a whole bunch of extras.

There’s also another guy who specializes more in props who charges $200 and I have an acquaintance who set his price at $250 but I think that is a little high.

I guess what it comes down to is

1: I’m a more experienced performer than most people at my old work or the guy with the props. I think my experience actually gives me an advantage because i know a “routine” is just going to get ruined, being flexible is the best thing.

2: My marketing is likely to develop to become far superior, it’s not a matter of competition if your competition is invisible and afterall there are only so many parties I can do.

Then it comes to extra services, but looking at everything extra I could offer, it just looks like it’s going to be a pain in the neck – doing stuff like cakes and decorations and all that kind of thing. It just becomes a big hassle for $20 here and there I just want to go in and get my $200.

I think what I will do is just have 2 options – either the straight 1 hour party or the everything package that includes a cake, decorations, filming and me being there for an extra half hour and that’ll be $500.

So really it becomes about how often I can do that. I like the idea of a sliding payscale but I’m not sure which way I want it to slide.

Should the 2nd and 3rd party be more because I’m in demand, or should it be less to encourage more people on the same day and therefore more free days for me, and that they’re less likely to get their ideal time?

what would be the time break up?

11 am / 12.30pm / 2pm

so 3 parties p/day is next to impossible.  I need to be thinking about a quick or budget service that can deliver value for $95

Or lower what they get for $150 so that $195 looks more appealling

okay now i’ve got it – 3pm will be $160 / 1pm $180 / 11am $195


North Shore / Waitakere / Manukau: $30 travel costs

Extra 30 minutes: $75

so that means I do have a good possibility of getting a 3 show day and making $535 a maximum of $1070 p/weekend but realistically $555 p/week if we were making a effort.

Don’t Mention Auckland Colour Copying, Online Video Marketing or Pirates

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Just read an article on Music Think Tank from Derek Sivers who reckons:

Tests done since 1933 show that people who talk about their intentions are less likely to make them happen.

Announcing your plans to others satisfies your self-identity just enough that you’re less motivated to do the hard work needed.

Which is a bit of a worry since I use my blog to really shake out all my new ideas, in fact I’ve kind of been in the habit of just writing articles everyday about what I’m planning and why as a focus exercise, but I guess maybe that’s different, because it’s part of strategising from here to there rather than gratifying myself by announcing grand plans.

The whole idea is to stretch into new territory.

I’m not sure if I posted this but anyway, yes new territory all very good. We’re a;ways coming up with new ideas, especially in winter!

Last year it was the newmusicmarketing forum which had some ideas going for it, in fact revisiting it, their really was some strong ideas exceptit was operating at a much larger scale then I could reasonably prepare for.

I’ve learnt a lot more in terms of my entrepreneurial approach these days, I’ve bee talking about it a lot on my music marketing blog because music is a very competitive arena to be working in.

I also got the idea back then of flipping sites, affiliate marketing and also the potential for adsense earnings that is, the ads you see on your right hand side.

Flipping sites, well I have over a hundred domains registered now and only about 20 are core to my business and another 20 are feeders, aside from client websites their is probably about 20 sites I could sell.

Some of the prime ones would probably be


All these urls represent businesses modeled on businesses that I am running successfully that could be sold as a business bundled with my marketing services.

These would be the most lucrative and I think it represents a good chance to sell locally to a fellow new zealander who coul dbe educated about their opportunities to make money online.

These are some MMO or “make money online” blogs but these really need to be developed before they can be sold in fact it’s probably more likely I would develop them seriously to see if I could rope in a whole lot of these young money hingry MMO kids that follow these blogs and do something with it but that’s for the future. I’m thinking of what I can sell now!

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I also have a bunch of sites for adsense just general travel, home improvement and health and fitness blogs. Adsense has really been struggling thoug hI’m lucky to make $20 p/week just from my regular blogs. I will keep on with the adsense as I’ve nothing to loose but still.

Last is affiliate marketing which I just didn;t want to go near because it just feels like a dead end for total suckers.

I was only encouraged because I read so many of these stupid MMO kids claiming to make money but in many cases they were just regurgitating the same BS that some guru further up the chain had spouted and that’s often what it’s about.

So yeah

That brings me to the links for what I am doing or was doing when I first wrote this draft.

In fact I went away from pirates and came back to it simply because of the mangaeability to profitability ratio, I can make good money there without needing too many resources or requirements

Again demand in a large market . . . with few suppliers in the Pirate Birthday stakes.

With Auckland Colour Copying, the results have been great in that I have immediately assumed a strong position in the google ranks for local searches due to my strong domain. This is a very competitive market but also, high demand.

Low margins, but low intensity as I outsource the whole job.

The main problem is the same as what I have with my new video marketing sites which also include video editing and video production – before I can even get serious about delivering services and developing the propositions behind the business, I must bring the presentation on the sites up to an acceptable level.

Auckland Marketing and Promotions Business Diary July 09

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Good chance for me to get back on this blog with some original content and go over some of my latest business ideas.

Last I left off I had Identified 3 areas for development – video marketing, auckland colour printing services, and my pirate birthday party entertainer service.

Since then I’ve been quite fortunate in getting access to staff members who can carry out video tasks so that’s REALLY moved to the fore especially since a lot of the same services that were similar that I was looking at providing seemed a lot lower value.

Particularly the graphic design service – there was no way we could provide a competitive service charging for jobs worth less than $200 because of all the customer service hassles it entails. You need to focus on business that is either going to produce high value returns or produce high sales and turnover but with limited commitment on the part of the entrepreneur.

This involves a cluster of services – graphic design and colour copying together with local poster distribution services – which makes you think it puts you in a good position to sell multiple services and to access larger parts of the market but if the margins are small, you know you’re going to be pushing uphill whether you’re making sales or not.

So I did move to focusing more on video because there is a large number of services that can be provided:

Cheap Video Production: producing short online video presentations for use on websites

Cheap Video Editing: Making video editing staff available at budget prices but still with a premium for me and my assurance of quality

Cheap Video Marketing:  is where we’ve been already m=working porincipally marketing videos online on youtube

So you’ve got a bunch of niches within a niche supporting each other and becoming a platform for the old cross sell, upsell etc.

But the pirate business has also made a come back. I guess the pirate birthday entertainer thing isn’t the most efficient business model but it’s got aspects to it also that are compelling.

Firstly the demand is there for something unique.  And secondly I can meet this demand with very little resources other than the fact that it is quite personally demanding having to entertain kids for an hour!

But the fact that it’s unique, that the demand is there and that I can provide the service easily without expense means it’s a very safe business model, it’s just not scaleable and of course it is quite disruptive to my lifestyle having to be prepared professionally on a saturday or sunday morning for a kids birthday party!

What about copying? Well the Auckland copying site is up. The problem with Auckland Copying of course is again the low margins. I mean when you compare a pirate job to a print job then just running some prints is a lot easier, except most of the jobs have margins of only $50-100, so really I need to be doing this at least half a dozen times each week to make it viable. It’s similar to pirates and less similar to graphic design jobs because the demand exists for cheap printing but the market isn’t saturated with options to the point I can’t compete with my  marketing skills.

And of course the issue with providing online services is the amount of maintenance and customer service required. When the service involves you being physically present or a physical product it’s going to allow for the product or service itself to be judged whereas online services require a lot more effort at the sales level and consultation.

So what’s the new plan? All the new ideas are still holding up strong to the point where other ideas trailing those top three will have to take a step back – which is principally graphic design, gig promotion, and blog promotion.

These are businesses I’ll be delegating to someone below me without to much concern for how effective they are for the time being.

Should I sell them? Maybe but I’m happy to let them sit for now – I need to improve the websites for my video and copying sites, as well as the ad campaigns accompanying them and then finally the system by which clients are consulted to be provided for in the best possible manner.

Again the pirate entertainment doesn’t require this as demand is so high, it converts despite the page being not particularly attractive or the marketing being that strong.

Easy in Auckland: Time for Video Marketing, Pirate Birthdays and Colour Copying Again.

Friday, June 19th, 2009

yup it’s that time of the night again.

Where I gotta talk about all my wonderful keywords.

Excellent cheap colour copying auckland and colour printing is the call out. You can’t really blog about it too much can you? But by blogging about posters and even poster distribution in auckland which we do then you can get enough mileage out of it to get some decent back links happening. But the low margins haunt me!!!

The auckland posters website really needs to be filled out also, but it’s NOT a! I’m really up in the air about this, so many jobs coming in for graphic design and posters that are just not appropriate for what we’re doing because we provide cheap colour copying of A3, A4, A5 in auckland as well as distribution and design services.

Video marketing and production? Well it’s literally point and shoot isn’t it? There’s not much else to be done just by sitting here. It will be a great way to help my general small business marketing anyway, but also I’m getting into it for my own creative reasons and I don’t believe I’ll need to focus on the smae things as I would with marketing the colour copying – adwords, seo, etc.

As for the birthday party entertainer situation . . . with the pirate parties and such well I don’t really know it’s a really hard commitment to make. I know that for a long time while I’ve got one of the pirate auckland birthday parties coming up where I have to entertain kids as a pirate – although lucrative is pretty demanding and disruptive to my personal time given that it is on weekend and earlier in the day. With thee marketing for the pirate stuff I’m not really too concerned, except that though I have had some success suprisingly, I really need to have videos and pictures of me up on the website if I expect to market it seriously.

Adwords ppc is really the way I guess, but then it depends on the service required, because a video will always be a long project with such open ended ambitions, and I would be moving focus away from my music marketing, I hope I’m not signing up for more trouble as i get it right.

But now I’m thinking the music and video marketing will just tumble into one product with my video brand as it grows.

But just tlike the posters and the cheap graphic design, sometimes I will get to sit back and have an animated video or video presentation made up by an outsourced specialist but sometimes I will have to hit the street and get it happening myself. Just like the pirate thing – there’s no such thing as easy money, if you’re making it, you’re earning it.

Maybe I don’t realise I’ve already done it?

Auckland’s Best Marketing and Promoting Services Company

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Alright! It’s Me, Matt from Kurb here in Auckland, New Zealand – if you need promotional products or marketing services please do not hesitate to contact me: // 027 6848250

I handle all aspects of online marketing as well as street marketing here in Auckland – including full print and design services.

What I’ve got here is an article written by one of my staff mebers overseas. By getting them to write articles I put on my blog like this, it helps increase this sites google rankings, getting me more traffic and more business. For more ideas on how to get more traffic and more business, talk to me!

  • Using cd/DVD duplication for promoting marketing
  • The duplication of cd/DVD has become a major way of promoting marketing. The movies which we see in theatres has become simple in cds/dvds and because of we watch these movies at home in a more affordable prices for any kind of entertainment there are both pros and cons or bad side and good side it’s the people who have to decide.

    1. Youtube video marketing.

    The most happening thing in the field of entertainment is this process of using you tube and video marketing those are the days were people used to hop from one place to another in the search of information after the advancement in the field of computer and after the emergence of internet all the info is just a click away. In you tube you get all the information from education to cinema and we get to see live videos promoting all field so thanks to advancement in the field of computers.

    1. Cheap video production

    Cheap video production is nothing but producing quality videos at a more affordable prices videos like corporate presentations for sales & marketing, health and safety, company conferences and seminar material for companies of all sizes. There are so many companies who give these kind of offers which helps peoples of different areas which helps the people to know more about hat they are dealing with.

    1. Grapic design services
      Graphic design has given a new definition to creativity, combining technology and skills. For graphic design purpose designers make use of different types of communication tools. The term graphic design can refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines, which focus on visual communication and presentation. Various methods are used to create and combine symbols, images and words to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. It is yet another proven fact that the right designs will increase your sales.
    1. Cd and DVD cover/label design
      A cd/dvd cover label is the information that you add directly to the DVD disk. You can make DVD cover labels for downloadable movies or copying backup DVDs. In addition, you can place an image to the DVD disk for family videos. This type of label allows you to quickly search through your collection for the DVD you want to watch.
    1. Artist management and the music industry
      Artist management deals with the unpredictability of current music business models, along with the staggering array of music-related opportunities available to reach the success edge it will go to the most knowledgeable individuals operating with the right mixture of financing, talent, foresight, planning, timing, and game plan execution.
      Music business latest trend which is booming up like any thing let it be jazz to hip hop or blues it has rocked the whole world we have created legends in the field of music and are still in the process of making many so lets the music continue.
    1. Chill out music and relaxing music
      There is no much difference between these two kinds of music chill out music is when you need a break from your tiring work and where u can hang around with your friends. You need relaxing music when you are broken or find some kind of peace to your mind all of us undergo stress in our work place doctors do say that these kinds of music relaxes you and makes your mind to come to normal.
    1. Pirate birthday party
      Pirate Themed Party is the most expected birthday party for all kinds of age groups and the most interesting game which all the people play is the treasure hunt. This treasure hunt should include several clues that the pirates will need to follow to find the final hiding place of the treasure, which of course should be buried. Then the surprise begins and the winners gets all kinds of jewels and precious stones which are hidden so throw a pirate party and have fun.
    1. Colour copying Auckland posters and flyers for marketing
      Colour posters and flyers for marketing has become a major tool because they use of vegetable oil instead of mineral oil in UV colour flyers is indeed one of the most basic reasons for producing such splendid results. Furthermore, the UV gloss flyers are free from elemental chlorine. The flyer printing produces best possible results as it is printed in full colour resolution onto 350gsm gloss art card, and is then varnished on both sides using UV gloss varnish. This results in fine quality printing for flyer printing.
      Colour flyer printing appears to be more appealing and attractive when dealing with products because it provides maximum presentation, as in the case of posters, magazines, catalogues or brochures. The coloured flyer printing gives flawless results and the fastest turnarounds .So, when advertising, it is always suggested you opt for coloured printing just to get the maximum output from your targeted audience.
    1. A career in modeling
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