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Auckland Pirates Video

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

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Hi it’s me Pirate Matty or just Matt when I’m at home and I just wanted to take the opportunity to make a video talking about my work entertaining kids, my experiences, and where there’s potential for the Pirate Matty character to develop.

So I started as a pirate working at the fairy shop where little girls could hold birthday parties in the fairy grotto when I was 19 – They were trying to meet the demand they had to do parties for boys and a friend knew I’d be perfect. So I became the mainstay of their boys parties as well as corporate events etc. I was in demand, and I got two big pay raises, but unlike in never neer land where peter pan didn’t grow up – no one plans to be a pirate all their lives, my interests turned elsewhere and I couldn’t maintain the commitment.

Fast forward a few years to the break out of my small business kurb promotions, internet marketing, entrepreneurism, I was looking for new business opportunities, something that was a service that paid well offering maximum profit margins, and yet was unable to be performed by few other competitors or made obsolete by technology. Suddenly realising I could return to doing pirate birthday parties and keep the full fee, tripling my pay, knowing that it was such an exclusive skill with a market in place – I knew it was a winner and I’ve been doing it for some 7 years now.

The reason I do it is because it is almost effortless to me, I know I have an unthreatening presence going in to a strangers home to entertain their kids and I am a natural performer, I have long since abandoned any kind of structure for my birthday parties other than a game to start and kid the kids interacting, and the treasure hunt as the finale, these two aspects book end the performance which essentially is just an amalgamation of the dozens possibly over a hundred parties I’ve improvised my way through with imaginative quests and adventures around the immediate space I’m in.

The pay is great, however it is really exhausting working with kids and I cannot quite work out why! But of course the reason I do it mainly is because of the human connection I get. Whenever I arrive I’m there to put on a show in a professional capacity, but the kids are only there to have fun, and when everybody is having a great time and the kids are happy, so the adults are happy, so I’m happy, it’s a great feeling. The kids don’t want you to leave, the parents are handing over the money with beaming smiles and praise.

As it was when I left the fairy shop, my passion in life isn’t to be a children’s entertainer, but when you’re good at something and it gives joy to people, of course you want to do it, it’s a great feeling, so as long as I am physically able to keep up with the young kids, I will likely continue to do it, but there also exists the possibly to branch out into doing more media content, creating a show for larger audiences that could be performed in schools or small theatres over summer, and touring to different parts of the country where I could also offer limited opportunities for private birthday parties also.

Bringing more women on board would create the opportunity to begin marketing parties for girls based on my brand, also giving me more performers I could use to develop more videos, which I see as a natural way to promote what we’re doing here on youtube. My experience in business is that you offer new ideas up and you see what your clients are interested in paying for, and that’s what you run with.

But of course as a performer the pirate matty character begins to share aspects of my personality and tell of a more personal story and philosophy, looking at how kids learn not just what is right and wrong but why it is right and wrong. Pirate Matty is child like – naively optimistic and self interested, making him adventurous and cunning – maybe too clever for his own good – character whose ambitions are usually challenged by basic dilemmas everybody faces in trying to get what they want and managing the competing interests within a group. Like a crew of pirates who rob and steal. Or the interactions between Pirate Matty and the fairies learning to reconcile their goals which alludes to how men and women can work together.

This to me actually reveals a lot of potential for Pirate Matty to do some interesting stuff aimed at a broader audience once you accept the premise that I am not a real pirate, I am merely an actor and that whether you’re a little kid or a grown up, a pirate or a businessman, life’s challenges have familiar aspects we can all relate too – and so there is a hidden authenticity there, in that not only do I play the role of an actor playing a children’s entertainer, but you can actually book me to perform at your kid’s birthday so narrative aspects of the story as “fiction” start to blur.

This aligns with something more personal to me – the ability to tell a story that resonates, especially when you’re able to create something that appeals to little kids but has profound meaning behind it.

So to wrap up well I’ve been doing pirate birthdays in people’s back yards for over 15 years and there’s no need for me to stop doing that any time soon, but I am excited about where things could lead. It’s about where I want to be that the audience wants me to be, I would love to develop my show, develop my content, bring more people on board, or perhaps even branch off into something with more cerebral or artistic undertones, but that’s just a matter of what opportunities come up, but one thing is for sure, Pirate Matt is me, and I’m Pirate Matty. Arrr!

Auckland Pirates and Forex Video Productions

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Well for a start the pirate auckland birthday party entertainer has really taken off!

Maybe there was a google shake up in the search engine rankings that suddenly made my kids stuff take off – I had 4 bookings made this week, it was great. It means while I’m working on my trading I’ll have friday nights in and saturdays doing the kid’s parties

I guess that is one part of my business I am happy to let grow because it is established as an earner, it’s not particularly challenging other than the physical demands, but also provides potential long term for me to jack the thing up.

Of course being a children’s entertainer is not just about making money. Right now for me it’s all about the aspects that balance out with my forex trading.

Forex trading is pure speculative capitalism, there’s no craft or human aspect to it – outside of understanding the market flows and having a tight psychological game.

The only two ideas that I am serious about right now outside of my core business and trading is pirates and video production, and in regards to video prodction I am really using that as a lens to develop 3 areas I’m committed to: pirates, forex and my artist promotions.

It’s about limiting my exposure to projects so I don’t get stretched out and end up achieving nothing. The overlap means that I can be working ideas that complement each other and have overlap areas where I can make progress over two fronts.

Here I have a little forex video which is helping me get inspiration for how to produce forex videos. I just grabbed this clip because i’m looking at ideas of doing my own forex show.

But I am barely keeping up on here with new thinking and new development.

My forex trading has definitely gone next level now.

What happened was I was forced to implement my new theories before I really had a chance to think them through properly, because that’s how insane the situation has become, it has far overshot what would have been my realistic appraisal fora worst case scenario.

Obviously I was not paying attention to the news but I have learnt from that mistake and have been studying trends. What I didn’t recognise was how deep the trends could reach, but there is enough to suggest I couldn’t have predicted things would get this bad, but because I have been modest, and I do have deep resources I can survive something no one else could have.

So I need to be smart and start coming up with the answers.

I can see how different techniques work in different scenarios. Switching technique depending on what the action and trends are like, or using one technique for one pair and a different one for another depending on the type of movement taking place.

It’s all about experience of how the markets move.

I need to stay on top of my forex thinking, and I need to start talking about new worst case scenarios and what my contingencies will be.

So first let’s go back.


I have had my first major wipe out in trading and I am sorely chastised.

But it happens to everyone.

Part of the cleansing process of my new resolutions is to see a way forward, and in business and in art, we know using other people is the key.

We know we need forex funding to push forward other priorities. But humans and markets are unpredictable and hard to control. But the aspect I can control is limiting the amount of jobs I am taking on. It’s not just freeing up time, it’s freeing up headspace from worrying about issues that are not of priority.

But I think we also have to accept we have too many ideas. Stress caused in the business is an example of an obligation I am maintaining without receiving a significant enough benefit from the stress and energy required.

Much like the pirates also, I am seeing that I am doing too much, and the things that are hard are the ones to go first.

Gigs, CD’s for musicians, Pirates. OThese use energy and focus.

The main issue is paying my bills when I am trying not too work so I can clear my head for more macro organisation of my life. In terms of aristotle, where are the goblins coming to cause me pain? Well if you didn’t have to worry about CD/DVD so much, you might be surprised.

I feel it is a good idea just to mitigate the flow of jobs while I am in a vital transition phase. It is vital that I am available and committed to my property and trading issues, but also I see opportunities to focus on removing stress.

What I am hoping is that by doing less work, I get other things done, which make me more positive. Finishing up video projects will get me more grounded and focused on how I want to move forward.

Having more time allows more maintenance opportunities to get everything prepared how it should be.

I should mention it was secondary account that wiped out, now my primary account, there would be no way of shrugging it off if I blew up my main account.

I am staying with this account even though it was the turkish situation that did me in in the end because I like the way there system is set up for the turkish interest payments. What I am thinking is that I am aiming in a year or two to have 50k in there, and $200k worth of turkish positions making $1800 a month. That’s a $21k return a year on 50 maybe $60k. So you could have $200k in there, and hold $600k in positions and make $5500 a month out of that.

Yes, it would tie up your capital but $66k return on $200k is just too good. What it means is that you have a true passive income – well you might check it every day I guess just to be prudent.

I did a little research it is as it seems. Yes it’s a great investment, but not when the ass drops out of the turkish currency as it just has, and well, I lost grands.

But that was because of inconsistencies in the platform which showed me and taught me a lesson about how an oversight can destroy your whole game. We have been guilty of oversights.

I’m just reading over what I wrote in my last entry because after a very dry and very modest last couple of months coping with the eurozone problems, a transition back into decent earnings became a very sudden and violent switch.

I thought as there was little data this week, it would be quiet, but it’s been the opposite, there’s no reason for traders to hold their breath and they just went in. Now I see why events are even more significant because they quieten markets in anticipation.

The catalysts were there a week ago when the process began with jobs friday, the USD establishing a huge gain on it’s already strong position on much better than expected employment data.

I can see here it was almost a discussion focusing on why I have continually renewed my commitment to trading given that there is so many lifestyle advantages – that once I could get to the point of establishing steady income without stress I am not tied to my business in auckland with all the stress of the clients, I can focus on trading at particular times and events to lessen the time I spend trading, and I can afford to pay other people to do all my other work.

3 Reasons why I felt focusing on trading has been my mission.

I am starting to think the only solution is to go even deeper to a new unprecedented level. Accept I need to put up another $10k to bring my account to $65k because the level at which I can establish myself earning around $2k a week

Yes breaking my term deposits costs me hundreds. Yes depositing $10k will cost me $250 just in fees.

But this is about changing my whole lifestyle from working 20 serious hours and 20 relaxed hours for little more than a grand, with lots of stress dealing with customer service vs. working about 6 serious hours and 20 relaxed hours, for $1500-$2k a week, with decreasing stress as my equity builds.

To have enough money not to really work except on easy jobs because it breaks up trading and avoid stress; To have enough equity that blowing my account is simply not likely; to have enough money on the table that I don’t have to work it constantly to hit my targets and instead focus on wed-fri night

Give up on the days altogether, especially earlier in the week unless theres an australian event, and try to learn to only check it once an hour at most over that time. That does mean being up at 10 on monday to sell on any weekend reactions.

What I am saying is that if this any other opportunity, playing for those stakes are definitely worthwhile.

The other thing about trading that makes it not gambling is skills for life.

I am learning the game. I am learning about these risk events. I am learning about the persistence of trends.

I realised this morning that even if I fried my main account, I am in this for life. Through dedicated persistence over 6 months, I have learned to

But lets move onto the next problem. It’s into july. Say Ive got $100k account with -$80k unprofitable positions. How do I get my money back?

Cool it down. By focusing on lowering your margin – that is, selling more than buying, eventually over time, your equity will rise. Of course by lowering your margin, you lower your profits. But if you’re already kicking $3k a week, you can probably handle a hair cut in the interests of prudence.

I can’t prioritise prudence because I’m still hungry for that $2k baseline level. When I get there, then I can look at doing housework, picking off individual positions. I know when I get to the other side I will be able to look at writing off my past sins.

The market has been very hard for my style in this period because I rely on up and down movement, whereas this year its just be one trend mainly.

That I guess is the point I reached when I decided I needed to change my style.

The euro was flying down terrifyingly so I just worked crazy hedges. I had already started to thrash out some ideas about hedges on my business blog which is becoming increasingly less about promotions and more about trading, and after the crazy dive began, I realised I was going to have to put my new found ideas to the test.

The highs were pounded, I laid down bigger and bigger positions knowing I had the trend behind me, but always selling off when the reversals came so I was left holding less positions as the price withdrew, and throwing down bids recklessly as the price drove higher. It was so epic.

I had really got to the stage of having this real game like interaction with trading as if I’m trying to clock the level, and has been like that this week.

Trading just taking over everything and yet I can’t hep but think this is a turning point a huge battle has been fought.

This just flies in the face of the technique I was using last year of trailing off when a currency reached it’s peak. Now I just keep loading on more positions until it starts falling, then I rapidly pull out of as many of those positions as possible, knowing that any slip or retracement will be brief – the trend is quite clear. The euro will be hammered all the way to parity. Every chance it rallies is another chance to buy shorts, and ride them down again, so that your hedge is rising faster than your original positions are falling. The trick is to pull out before the reversal and take your profit, and let the reversal ease out your profit back to you knowing that the reversal also offers you the opportunity to hit the trend once again.

So firstly there’s a new technique for making money when the trend is smashing new highs.

There is also this aspect of hedging and when you’ve got deep hedges it means you can take risk. Yes you carry a perpetual debt maybe running $50k deep, but eventually you outpace it, much like a mortgage.

And finally, the new possibilities that open up once you can grab this profit and use it to liquidate specific rotten positions strategically to tidy your account up and prevent issues down the road with momentous shifts.

But when you’re hedging, why lose money on a ratty position, when you can hedge against it?

Because our people want to see our equity come home.

But there’s so much to say here with everything I am experiencing and learning . . . I will continue soon . . . because it’s time to to take the hedge to the edge.

Auckland Children’s Birthday Entertainment Services

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

To be a pirate or not to be a pirate? This is pretty funny because it takes me back 18 months ago when I was in the same position, with the same ideas, but now I’ve sat on this egg long enough and I feel bold and confident moving forward with my auckland children’s birthday ideas, especially now having met up with a fairy offsider just to give me support really.

Bounce ideas off, get a rapoort going, and develop something more than just a birthday party service and appearances, but also take the brand to youtube, do our auckland dvd duplication to produce and distribute that youtube material to build the brand, and also use that stuff to get into the schools. About thirty odd in auckland. 20 odd outside auckland we hit them with a tour.

Maybe in 18 months over that 2014/15 summer we could look at doing some public shows, $10 a head, and pulling in a grand. It’s school holidays right now, I’m saying if you charged $5 for a 40 minute show, it’s actually quite competitive and if you make $250 twice a day, and sell some food and merch to cover your costs, you’d be doing alright.

So let’s go back to how I saw it before . . .

I’m still moving the place around and triangulating my strategy here, particularly for my entertainment services, we know that the big goal for 2012 is to kick off our pirate situation. Our children’s entertainment services – auckland birthday parties is our main goal in 2012.

I think what we’re really aiming for is the show. We can start scripting and throwing down sketches but we need about 20 minutes of sketches and stuff, I’m just over on the pirate blog sketching something up. I see the show as throwing open a lot of doors if we can carry it all the way through.

So the plan is to maintain CD DVD duplication, replication, printing but develop children’s entertainment services.

I quickly recognised that the children’s entertainment stuff I’ve been doing has the best chance of going somewhere, but it’s not just about that. It’s a positive experience and I think it gives me a chance to get out there with my skills and interact and work with others which is important to me because profit and revenue is no longer my main priority.

We still use profitability as a measure of worth or viability to keep us anchored in that sense, there’s always a future is something that is effortlessly profitable.

We apply a plan to grow that business and make it more profitable so it can perform better in meeting my aims to serve the community – making kids happy, giving young actors work. It’s not necessarily then about bringing in revenue, it’s about building up the operation with people. Finding roles for those people that serve the growth of the business.

Get growth driven, and put money back into developing what I want to do in business. So while I consider the ultimate purpose of the enterprise, I designate clear steps that take us from here to the point we want to be at.

The first point was that we need the stage show, because that represents a significant step forward in services we can provide, from small birthdays to full on performances. For the stage show we need a script and a partner.

In signing up a tinkerbell fairy assistant, what direction can I get them on? We’ve got a lot of ideas about what needs to be done but we need to keep our people in circulation, I need to pay them, and not waste my money.

Going out doing promo. We need to pinpoint community events especially on the north shore we can target. Fairy Parties $100, Pirate parties $150, Pirate + Fairy $175

Youtube video production – we need to get the ads happening immediately, incorporating the fairies. I offer them $50 for at least 3 hours, to come and work on something, so I need a plotline to suggest why I keep meeting different fairies. But these can also be videos to showcase these actresses.

I want them to present for kurb and for cheap video production.

BOOKINGS – THIS IS THE BIG ONE – I just remembered I have a friend who is real good at bookings and stuff and would be perfect for being cut in on this. I can still book parties but anything else is for the agent to arrange. I actually have 2 different people who could do the job.

My plan as I’ve worked it out is to be doing 2 x gigs p/week at schools for $400 + $2 a DVD averaging about 100 DVD’s and so therefore paying my 2 fairies and agent $50 each and coming away with about $350, though there will be travelling costs etc.

But then it comes to summer holidays, and I bet you can book mega shows or make some kind of connection so you can be doing at least a show a day. There may be a pay cut involved, but I reckon I could do 5 shows a week, what’s more we could be in the holiday spots all over january doing shows every day. I mean if for 30 – 40 weeks of the year you do 2 shows a week and make $650+ then it comes to the holidays and you’re doing 5 shows a week for $1250+ and travelling . . .

And you know you’d be doing at least one birthday a week for $150 also!

That’s all sweet but I can imagine doing tours where I do pirate shows during the day, and gigs at night. Fly in on a wednesday, do 2 pirate shows and 4 gigs, score $1800, and get out. You can’t really think about the money, it’s about the holiday, the adventure. If we’re up in auckland making $1200 from cd dvd duplication and cheap printing and $300 from gardening, and $800 from pirates, then we’ll be happy to just get away without the need to make cash because we’ll still probably pull $1500 if we’re smart. I just fly 2 x return, that’s . . . okay let’s count it:

flights: $600
accom: $300
petrol: $300
manager: $250

See this is the thing. If we stayed in christchurch for a week and did 4 shows, we could make $1600 and only spend $500 on petrol, accom, manager, $300 for flights, then go to touring and do 3 gigs and a pirate show, see if we can cram in some pirate performances in queenstown or wanaka, but basically, $1200 in, $600 out for that leg, come out $1200 better off, so pay my fairy $250, and after 8 shows in 6 days, come off it $950 richer.

That’s with a vehicle materialising from nowhere. But remember, for 3 days, all you’ll have to do is the one show,

tues/wed – 1 pirate show, chances to add others, – $800
thursday – DJ flies in, pirate show chch, ashburton, timaru, gig in wanaka $600
friday – pirates queenstown wanaka, gig queenstown – $600
saturday – gig anywhere, invercargill – $400

– flights $700
– travel $250
– accom $300
– agent $300
– fairy $200

still $650 in, sell 400 dvd’s for $600

wednesday – pirate show, wanaka/queenstown – $500
thursday – pirate show, invers – $700
friday – wherever
saturday – pirate show and birthday gig – $300

flight – $400
accom – $250
travel – $200
agent – $200
fairy – + $450 – $150

– $150


I think flights may have been pricier then and I wasn’t thinking of doing pirates and DJ’s on the same day. It’s a very similar plan, except I’ve made a few modifications now and I guess they are more ambitious.


If I set up a new computer and everything in the next room, all I have to do is get my laptop up to spec so I can do online stuff on it, that way I can completely take away the desk and computer I use now. I could have a stereo and TV and they would be either on that shelf or in front of the fire place.

– It is pretty funny that I come back to this post on the auckland children’s birthdays and I am talking about office organisation when now, 18 months later, I am reversing all these plans and coming up with a new crazy plan.

Auckland Pirates and Weird Business Ideas

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

Did you see that? Back posting again on the Kurb blog after like less than a dozen posts in the last year? We are ressurrecting, baby!

We’re organised mainly around keeping our cd dvd duplication and cheap auckland printing operations flowing forward, or more to say under control in terms of management and growth, making tiny improvements and efficiency gains where possible. This remains important to our business, but while things are improving over time we are looking at long term projects.

The pirate thing is a definite long term project – it might be more efficient if I was geared to making moredoing childrens entertainment, and it would really build the brand over time also. But where could I fall back?

I am also thinking about streamlining, because when overheads are low, and you’re under less pressure to do work, life is so easy, the downside, is you need to still be able to handle opportunities for big jobs.

if I can at least use my business skills to create cohesion and co-operation, progress, even if it doesn’t make a lot of money, it doesn’t matter, because it might turn out I don’t need the money anyway. I just need to feel I am not being lazy.

It doesn’t matter what you go get, as long as you get something. Just the philosophy of getting up and going to a plan. What kind of a plan? Well once the money is good, and it almost pretty much already is, then you think about ideas that can bring people together, working and getting good productive energy going in doing that.

So how far could I go with the pirate? Reasonably? 3 shows or appearances a week for $700. Skype $100. Youtube = 100k views x.3c =30,000c = $300, let’s say, $100, at a real go. Imagine if after a few years, you had this wide clientele of weird people and rich kids who wanted pirate matty skype sessions.

But like I said, I could just become a marketing coach, a life coach online, why not, just make my price like $25 for 40 minutes and see if I can get people into it, then put it up to like, $50. It’s so crazy, but if I can earn $150 a day talking to weird people on skype for 2 hours a day by pricing my service super low and acting all professional and together, not even pretending i’m serious, just to see, I’m in. I like to do weird stuff, and I can experiment – I mean lets check it out, I can do a skype session anywhere really, and I’m not pretending to be an expert, I just become a cheap personal therapist, I’m totally unqualified, but at least I can simulate the experience of talking to someone who is understanding and wise. For $50. Haha!

mitch well he’s gone, where’s he gone to next
well he’s very gone and got upset
he didn’t like the weather and he didn’t like the food
that surely can be no good!

Mitch! Oh, mitch! where has he gone to, mitch!
he didn’t like the weather and he didn’t like the food
that surely can be no good!

Haha I just got into doing some pirate content and it was good. What are you trying to do with pirate videos? Get more going for pirate matty’s brand, knowing that if I can do a video a week for pirate matty, it would get it’s go on and I could start incorporating video into the whole thing more.

3 normal appearances or shows = $700 vs 3 shows + video, well = at least $1100 I should think.

I could use the pirate matty blog to write about spots in auckland for kids and use my blog that way to bring in searches from parents looking to take their kids around auckland.

How much for pirate matty skype sessions? $50 for 40 minutes $20 for 15 minutes. Skype bed time stories! Y’know, you could really build the brand until you were able to approach other brands about being a brand ambassador, so yknow in ten years time I could have both the nice young ladies and pirate matty brands being rolled with big sponsorship packages so all I have to do is manage the girls and myself as a pirate in respect of the brands, and probably have someone else running whats left of kurb – posters, printing,

Wow think of that getting good cash just to think up 2 webisodes and manage the websites, youtube, social media. It’s about the brands there. Think long term about the brands, that even having kurb, pirate matty, soul science, romantech, nyl, whatever, around for a decade will make them valuable.

I just like ways of making money that are valuable because of my personal service, and are fully versatile, I can take it anywhere. Skypey things can go anywhere, but also your market is everywhere, you just need your quirky niches and you could have a fruity online asylum where the patients don’t know if theyre the stars of some web hype or resolving their personal issues so it’s weird.

Okay now I’m getting weird myself, I just like crazy ideas that motivate me to find where creative, fun ideas crossover with actually viable ones.


Of all my offshoot projects there is one that is already working and presenting different possible opportunities and that is a pirate kid’s entertainer. I am already doing a party almost every week.

Because of the preparation it’s not really as lucrative as it might seem – I may earn a lot in a short time but there’s a lot of effort that goes into it. But 3 things that happened recently pointed out the opportunities to grow.

Recently I did a 3 hour appearance in a community event situation and it was great. Firstly, I managed to go 3 hours AND I managed to fit into an environment that wasn’t a birthday party, it sort of opened up a new market – I’ve got birthdays, shows which are mainly for schools, and now the whole idea of this fair/market day audience, any community event.

I am also doing a ninja character, just going to show I can have more characters, for different themed parties and basically tack myself on to various themes that work not only for parties but themes fairs and events where they would pay me to wander around for a few hours, and I believe I could turn this into serious promo.

But when is kicking up this going to be required? Not this year, not in 4 months, really. Next 4 months is mainly video production, it becomes about content, content that shows my future projects in music and children’s entertainment can be successful.

What kind of videos am I needing to do? I’m framing the search for tinkerbell, and then the creation of a show.

Well now I’ve done this video!

What’s that video about? Showing I can push these kinds of videos out quickly. I can push out content for pirates but I can also produce the whole thing by myself in 4 or 5 hours, and that video is worth $NZ500 easy, in the US or australia, europe.

Basically the goal is the stage show. And I need a partner to help me work on that.

What do I do if I can’t find a partner? Well I will find a partner, it’s just about what I can do with the resources I have currently.

Use the resources we have currently and also see what we can achieve in a wider sense while limited with the resources we have. We may not be able to move forward with pirates without people we can work with, but where can we move forward?

Managing Pirate Marketing and Photos

Monday, January 9th, 2012

So we really need to pick up the pace and chime in with our business goals for 2012.

SO the photoshoot definitely has to be done but I’ve lost my list of the things I have to shoot for.

I must admit we were all very keen for pirates, but I think we got a little too excited! We need new projects but it needs to be manageable, it needs to be something we can pull off!

Prepare, and then execute. How can I film if I’m not prepared with materials at the ready? If I’m not going to do a photoshoot or fully push my pirate business, what can I do to improve the business, and I mean, really isolating the actions we can take to make a big improvement, reducing stress, and bringing more enjoyment and organisation.

Assistant! It’s right there, the person to back me up moving forward. The person to back me up moving forward in video, in my websites, tax, photo shoots, everything I need to do.

It almost makes me consider that blogging is important now simply because every blog is progress for the search engine rankings, and it’s not as if writing blogs are much of a risk.

What could be riskier, bolder and more advantageous than blogging? Than keeping on keeping on about dvd duplication, cd duplication all the auckland printing and copying services? At the crux of it, links that lead to that stuff are what’s going to work for us. Blogging, link building, and smoothing out the process is what will work.

I’m still not convinced I need to do the photo shoot until I have more of a focus on growing core business which means being in control of my staff situation.

I need photos for:

– my pirate website,
– cd duplication, cd printing, packaging dvd duplication
– cheap auckland printing
– video production, including cheap auckland wedding video production services

Those are the main businesses I’m working on now where it’s good for people to come along and see me, my face, being happy and trustworthy, and then decide to buy.

It does return us to the fact that my business is working without photos of me looking goofy on every page but we have to think long term, especially with printing and video production.

But the whole video production, pirate thing you have to remember when you’re pushing video production you’re also pushing youtube partnership, you’re pushing awareness of your video production services and the talent we have available, and also the bookings we can manage to run doing that stuff.

So do launch it off all our little armada of business ideas we’re focused on we need to get advertising for pirates and cheap auckland printing services running again so we can keep building on that stuff. But then again, only if we get to february and things aren’t picking up.


But we will definitely be advertising pirates again even if it’s the only thing, I might start tipping $20 a week into it at least. Then we’ll need a new front page with some stronger visuals, pushing the $175 party anywhere with a fairy, and putting out roots for the kinds of things we’ll be offering in future, a dedicated fairy page for fairy birthday parties.

So we’re hoping ramped up adwords, with picture ads, plus youtube videos which will hopefully enhance our landing pages, as will new photos and nicer presentation.

I hope we wont have to go to flyers, but we have to be doing parties every weekend.


The idea is to really hit them with that deal but we’ll have 40 minute parties too:

PIRATE: $125
FAIRY: $95

Just to have those options, plus the appearance concept, we’ve got to push this stuff.

kids dvd
big job
DJ mix cd duplication
photography dvd

Super Auckland Video DVD Production Services

Monday, December 19th, 2011

I am getting so super organisational at the moment! I guess well, I might even start blogging about something that matters or makes a difference because as I’m getting more organised my brain is speeding up and I’m getting stuck into things faster.

Recently I was interested in how to get more productive because I had this habit of doing everything that needed to be done at the beginning of the day and then slumping out kind of directionlessly, so in the afternoon I was bumming around when I needed to be pushing other agendas I had planned.

So practically we turn up 3 examples:

– I have to do my tax or I’ll keep stacking up late fees and interest. Because it’s hard to understand and it always seems like I owe more tax than I thought it seems like this untamed beast.

– I have to continue archiving to know where I’m at with every single physical and digital item in my possession. Total control of my environment in order to create gardens of creative and innovative space free from being tied down to concerns of objects that we don’t know really if even matter.

– The childrens entertainment concept is clearly leading out of the gate in terms of where I want to develop my business. We have to PLAN video production and photography

But if you follow what I’m thinking you’ll see that before you can do something creative and strategic, you have to plan, but before you can plan, you need to unclutter your mental and physical process, but before you can unclutter, but you can’t unclutter yourself and rid your gardens of weeds if you have serious actual situations to deal with.

But I don’t need to deal with tax, I can just wait for it to become a problem and then deal with it, but the problem is tax and acc together, if I deal with the tax first I can then tackle acc, they’re a slippery bunch, you can just tell that give them half a chance amd they’ll be racking up insane penalty fees for anything you can think of. That’s what I’m worried about, them getting cheeky and sneaky like that.

How can I seriously unclutter my life when I’m never sure a nasty surprise from that lot isn’t coming? I’ve seen this stuff play out, suddenly you owe grands and you’re not sure how you got there. That’s what my gut is telling me.

The point about being diligent is progressing to a point of what? Nothing can go wrong? Now we’re talking about the end game. The point of diligence is to be prepared and aware, when your prepared and aware you can get everything processed to where it needs to be, and the point of processing is to create a pure and streamlined environment for planning based on creative and innovative thought.

My tax is ready to go, I only need to spend a few hours getting it in order and I can go to the accountant. The new business is much the same.

So in the spirit of the first call, to diligence, what do we need to be aware of? All our administration being sorted out. Then it’s marketing and assistant. Stocks up and ready to go. Power up and out.

I guess we won’t know where the next place it is we have to be smart is until we come up against it.

Sorting and archiving. Even approaching writing and video, the archiving won’t be done, because we have boxes of physical material to digitize and apply, and really, will much happen if I don’t wildly push this archiving?

Well then you’re coming back to core motivations, it’s about why you choose to move forward in the direction you choose. Pirates is the best way for me to play a part. I look in financial advantages and I can contribute more money to getting my video production going and my pirate thing going.

I don’t think there’s any point in pushing marketing talent right now, I think this energy is better focused now on pirate stuff.

Pirate stuff is all planning!

After I meet my fairies, I just think we get straight to cranking out youtube stuff! From that I’ll get good ideas for our little show, roll them up and get to my girl who’s going to do all the agency booking, what do we need to be doing?

– meeting and filming fairies
– arranging ideas for a show.
– updating website
– adwords
– photos and videos

What’s the online wave of attack once you’ve got this sorted?

Sure we want to profile our fairies but the most important thing is pirate matty and a fairy


I look at some of the stuff on my to do list and I really think is this something I need to just not think about now? What about my music marketing blog, that continues to get lots of hits? If I had to chose between the music marketing blog, the video production blog and the auckland copying which would it be? Copying probably makes me the most money but it’s already kind of done. the music marketing and the video blog is a hard choice but I don’t think I should even worry about those choices to be honest they just don’t matter now.

Cheap auckland printing is a funny one because it’s an easy way to make a few hundred dollars but it can sometimes be a hassle answering emails etc. in the new years it will be the pirate thing I’m pushing with ads, and maybe auckland copying. How can I push my music marketing if I don’t even want to do music marketing?

Developing New Business Auckland Printing CD DVD Duplication

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Hi, It’s matt here from kurb we do heaps of CD’s, DVD’s, posters, printing, banners, booklets, flyers, websites, cheap video production!

I’ve pretty much decied that while my cd dvd duplication and cd dvd replication and the cheap colour printing and we’re offering here in auckland keeps going well, we’ll just be focusing on one new business. If one business is going well, develop new ideas one at a time.

The one I’ve decided on is my business doing pirate themed birthday parties, why did I choose this one?

First the ones that missed the final cut for focused business development were video production, music marketing services, graphic and web design, and talent management. All of those things involved a lot of dealing with customer expectations and I’m not good at it.

The advantages of the pirate thing is that the expectation is clear and forcefully limited – it’s 1 hour.

The money is good. It’s not really that hard and it’s satisfying. The big issue scaling will be difficult. But not impossible and scaling means a different thing.

I have already started blogging there some, writing stories. At the moment our marketing techniques have to be in line with our goals.

Our first goal is to be doing a two birthday parties every week. Ads, videos and blogs can do that. also when we do our pirate adventure videos, we’ll try and get out there in the community and get visible. We want a bigger audience for our youtube videos anyway.

That will be the next step that opens up, demand for the videos, but the better at storytelling I get, the closer I’ll get to having a show I can do. By the time I’ve got blogs up, videos up, and a show I’m doing then I’ll have to get more serious about what I’m doing on the website and having a dvd I can peddle also.

When I improve my website I can start selling other stuff and other peoples products, special links and ads on the site. Also I have the marketing platform then to jump to working with other people – that is having other pirates, fairies etc. who I do bookings for and split the revenue.

so you got:

party p/week: $200 – 600

1 x performance: $500

DVD: $100

online income: $100

apprentice: $100

How many views per video do I need yo be getting before I ask for $1000 for a video? 20,000.

It is within my scope to add another $1000 to my income from this pirate themed stuff, but there has to be some perspective. I can’t make $2000 from cd dvd duplication and $1000 from pirate entertainment, it’s too much work and it doesn’t match with my goals. My goals are in art and creativity and working all the time doing cd and dvd duplication and pirates and printing is not getting me any closer to that.

I need to keep it under control. That is the auckland printing and cd duplication services, what happens when . . . well do I just stay like this? only on slow times under $1500 would I dare work on expanding pirates, what’s the first significant step? I think video the way I want it is the only step until the opportunity allows that I expand pirate stuff.

Blogging and video. Ads on standby to let fly when they’re needed whether it’s in 3 months or 3 years, because either is a possibility.

The idea is to focus on your list. Now I’m making new lists. Sites will roll out, and they’ll be amended with decent photos of me. There’ll be a new car for the business and I won’t run around any more except to resupply plastic. I’ll have to think about packing for the cd dvd replication.

I’ve got more time so the archiving continues, but while we have the chance right now, lock down this business so it’s all in order.

– pictures
– audio
– scanning
– cd dvd duplication projects

CD DVD Copying, Printing, Video Production – Smart Choices

Friday, November 11th, 2011



right now I am hopeful for a lot of new opportunities in business, we’ve been on a long journey. Business, enterprise, industrious works – that’s what I do, but you have to remember to keep yourself growing personally – it’s not just all about business, because business for the sake of itself isn’t a way to live.

Wanting to bring wealth and jobs to your community is admirable, but you’re part of this too – dreams have to be kept in check by the foreseeable reality.

When your business starts growing, and you’ve established a core service as I have with cd dvd duplication, cd printing and general printing services, you look to replicate that success but it’s different when you’re already maintaining one successful business. You need concepts to minimise drain on your time and energy, because committing to new ideas could honestly see you going backwards, and losing the foothold you’ve got with your first business.

Last night I was talking about my pirate entertainer thing that I do. This was all about focusing on one aspect of my business I’d like to improve and feel I could improve. It’s not only the pros of this venture such as that it pays well and that it gives a good feeling afterwards but also avoids the pitfalls of some of the services I will be downsizing such as graphic design.

When I’m a pirate I turn up for a set time, and then I leave. Graphic design and web marketing, video production can sometimes go on and on, and it’s hard to set expectations that are clear with clients.

I think it’s important to focus on a limited amount of ideas, I can see now in the past I tried to have too many ideas going, I wanted it all to happen and I just had blind faith that if I got the train steaming, the tracks would be there. Now I’m focused on laying tracks in front of me. There’s things I know I can’t do unless I have an assistant to help me manage everything, or it just wont work.

Pirates is a whole different thing, because I’m not relying on resources I don’t already have. This is really key because I don’t have to expend in any opportunity to get established, I am established. The other options – video production, talent, haven’t shown any promise. Music Marketing has had it’s moments but none of this can happen without somebody else driving it, or 4, 5 years from now when what I’m doing starts to slide.

When you think about video production long term you can look at the income in different ways. We used to think about doing a video job worth $500, but how many views is that a week? 125,000? 3 channels with 50 videos on them averaging 1000 views a week each? I’m just saying. And of course it rolls over, the more performances I do, the more people watch the videos, the more it’ll get around what I’m doing and the more it grows.

I guess what I’m saying is that I may have my hands full and the move from cd dvd copying and duplication to doing video and entertainment may not be that structured. It may take years for cd duplication to decline, but it may take years before I’m making $600 every week from performances and youtube partnership etc.

It’s interesting, the point is I don’t really have to worry about pushing anything but pirates and doing my videos, if 6 months I’ve done a whole lot of video and interest is building, then excellent. But until my cash starts to drop then I won’t be interested in any projects. Or I will kick the video production and video marketing packages off at $947. Even with that deal it just screams out that I would have to pay people come in and sort all the cd dvd copying stuff out while I did the video production.

Don’t forget the wedding video production stuff as well. It’s all on – except it’s off. It’s all ready to throw the switch, but it could be years before that switch gets thrown.

We leave cd dvd copying, printing as it is
We grow pirates
we do more gardening or we leave that where it is.

we get assistant, open up marketing and more video production. etc, etc.

So seeing as pushing pirates and gardening is the only thing, we’re pretty limited in our focus around marketing the pirates. All we need to focus on is pirates. We’ll talk about the real options and how to do it.

Growth for Pirates, Printing and Promotions, Auckland

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

There are always new opportunities in business but the important thing is to focus on what matters to you – it’s your business, you should get the things you want out of it. The mistake I often make is in thinking that more money, more profit, more revenue more turnover is what matters, and for the first few years, getting going becomes an obsession.

But as I’ve not only grown my business but actively shut down parts of it to reduce the stress on me, you begin to appreciate a little more that it’s a different approach taken when you’re looking to capitalize on your success, rather than grow something big from the beginning. My best idea recently allows me to pull back if I get too busy, but also stockpile so there’s no wasted effort. It is a limited enterprise, but that’s not an issue because I only want something small I can grow with low maintenance.

I want to have ideas on the ground so that if my main business declines, I have options. There’s another business there that just needs 3 months hard graft to get up and running rather than a year or more.

A lot of the old ideas were all about rolling out this business model and replication of systems but systems so often break down and as you progress you start to ask yourself whats the value in constantly fixing them? Business like that for the expanding entrepreneur doesn’t work because they divert attention and frazzle the wits. You’re looking for low maintenance business commitments.

How do we get there?


It’s almost as if from this point I can only expand with an assistant baring everything that would have been lumped on me as the entrepreneur forging the way. What do I do with all the music marketing, youtube promotions and graphic design, website design – all these enquiries coming in for me? I know better than to take them on. But when does it get to the stage that an assistant could make a living out of my offcuts?

How does the assistant fit with what I want to do personally? That’s why I always have my reservations, I don’t want to waste time telling some employee what to do when I’d rather be doing what I want to do.


I have not been advertising for 2 months now which means these blog sessions that help my seo are pretty much the only form of marketing I am doing and I am always looking for ways to leverage my blogging even further than simply writing more and more. A readership would be nice, but at the end of the day, it’s the search rankings that matter and SEO and it’s modern state must be considered.

Writing blogs is great, but article marketing doesn’t really seem to suit the bill because of how no follow has spread. Writing often serves me well but a little bit of organic action – links, fans, buzz, whatever, well it couldn’t hurt. I think we need to recognise how we can repeat the success of the cd duplication services and apply that to new ideas.

Focus your advertising, blogging, link building etc. on pirates or talent or whatever new ground you’re trying to break.


Blogging is not responsible for 100% of sales obviously, it just keeps my search ranking up, and people are coming to my site, seeing my deal is straight up, and it’s all happening from there, more people are using google, etc. to find the services they want, so my strength in online promotion has meant I’ve risen with that tide, but because I’ve been going so long, at least half the sales I get are repeats or word of mouth.

It bodes very well for the future , and will probably have me reviewing being aggressive with cd dvd duplication again next year. But I can’t be aggressive with anything without the staff!

But how do we grow word of mouth and repeat business, is there any way to do what we’re doing, better or is it simply to do it knowing the next few years will probably be an easy run? I think we’ve been over its and it’s simple: don’t aim for more work unless you’ve got the system and people to handle it, otherwise I’ll just be stressed out.


Pirate birthdays are now a focus because we’re looking for those opportunities we can grow without too much stress. It’s not always easy gearing up for a party but it’s 1 hour and it’s done. I do need to be ready to put my prices up also. But it appears that youtube may be where I have the opportunity to make money, if I do a pirate video every week, and I’m getting 50,000 views a week, well I’m making $150 youtube partnership. That’s not too bad, because that’s what I’m talking about in terms of boosting income.

A key to this is that I don’t need more staff or resources in the short term to grow. It means lower commitment and being able to move forward here with th resources I have. Until I find good staff I have to maintain that approach. But what’s more interesting is that once you get to that level then I do become in demand, there are more possibilities opening up in terms of media etc.

Secondary income streams opening up, the main one I see is really doing youtube videos, as I said, and then well I’ve talked about shows – you perform to 100 kids for $5 a head for 40 minutes – well you’re making $500 a pop. it’s certainly something I have to build up to, but the marketing, and establishing myself in SEO, word of mouth, online advertising etc., that’s the important part for right now and anybody reading this.

You do your online marketing in advance. I don’t know when I’ll be able to support graphic design and music marketing and youtube promotion and video production so I’m not planning in advance, but the pirate birthdays is different, I can do it now so I can do the marketing now.

Creative / Lucrative Balance with Auckland CD DVD Printing and Duplication

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Hi I’m Matt I’m a young business guy from Auckland. I run a few businesses, I do great deals on cd duplication, Dvd printing and replication of discs as well as cheap auckland printing deals – photocopying, colour copying – a1, a2, a3, a4, flyers, posters the lot. On the other hand I also build websites and promotions campaigns for artists, but I more do this the way I want to do it, it’s more of a creative thing than making an earn.

Getting on top of my debtors is really getting me in a good mood to do business – light and carefree because I’ve got my cash in the bank where it wants to be, not causing a worry while I wait on proceedings, it’s amazing how clear headed you become when major obstacles are removed, suddenly all you see is miles of clear highway.

In terms of major priority projects, it’s just leaving websites though I have narrowed my focus now to my artist site, my pirate site, amd perhaps the talent management site.

Cheap video production, music marketing, cheap graphic design, they kind of take a back seat, because they are not at the extreme of either making money or beig especially creative – video production does present a lot of creative opportunities, but it takes awhile to establish your reputation to the point you can charge appropriately for the work you’re doing.

At the moment, only charging $200 – $500 for online video production and making youtube videos means the earning don’t compete for what I make duplicating CD’s, CD Printing, CD replication etc. However, Auckland copying is something I still want to keep building but it’s that thing again – right now I don’t need the money, so it will be a slow process.

I’m really only focused on cd duplication, printing, dvd replication, printing etc and the cheap printing, colour copying for the profit, while building up my birthday pirate entertainment business as the flagship for my entertainment brands.

Building up my brands means focusing on website development and video production specifically for those sites first. And a photoshoot to get the quality of presentation at it’s highest.

But of course my strategy for my pirate business is to bring someone on board specifically to help with that. Then they could take assistant roles perhaps such as trademe and classifieds? I was also out doing some flyer distribution today which made me remember the brochure if I had all those brochures to give out it would really make the work worthwhile.

But I am seriously launching operation tinkerbell, I just want to work how seriously, don’t we have anything else major to do? Yes sort out some last debtor issues. Yes get video production rolling, but, tinkerbell is really part of that.

So again now we project forward – the sites are done, pretty photos, ads are ramped, archives are laid in there . . . it’s then putting together what we can for the best primary content which includes top video content. Video is the best way to reach people en masse with short attention spans, so go to youtube and make my pirate story brand, my entertainment brands and my talent management brands rock with excellent online video production and online video marketing.

Pretty soon it will just be content and staff – looking at what the real mission is here and seeing how people and content projects can add to those goals and make them more valuable to the people who pay in various ways to enjoy it.

At some point video must become part of the service we offer in an increasingly present way for my brands – that’s where things get lucrative. Hopefully!