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Pirate Promotions in Auckland – Cheap Services For Entertainers.

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Hi I’m Matt, I’m a businessman (and entertainer too) working in entertainment services – cheap auckland printing, cd printing and duplication, dvd replication and copying, online marketing, websites – all great afoordabel services entertainers need in auckland and new zealand.

I’m really good atthe making money part, now I’m reaching for things that are more stimulating for me, but still make oney – that balance is fundamental, poverty is no good, bit neither is losing the spark in your work.

There’s several things I’m wondering about my business as it changes in nature, really about creative ways to grow the business – and when I mean grow, I don’t mean grow profit, I should say “develop” – I’m more interested in developing a sophisticated organisation than an organisation that makes more money, that’s just a happy bonus.

This is why I blog a lot more now, because I’m really in an ideas phase, looking for bigger and better ideas than “how to make more money”.

What ways can I better invest my time into the business long term? How can I grow my entertainment brands to provide a minimal supplementary income as partial validation, and provide just that bit of extra income that makes all the difference when treating yourself.

But then you get a problematic loop – You’re less worried about profit, you’re more creative, your activities are more wasteful as they may not provide good value, as it is unmeasured and perhaps unmeasurable, and then you’re stuck doing something no one cares about and making nothing from it – you’ve become completely self indulgent.

So while my entertainment brands are a priority for me at the moment it once again brings back the auckland pirate birthday party ideas back from the brink, they always hovered there because it is working, it is making money, and it is through entertainment.

My strategy is to build my pirate entertainer service over the next 2-3 years into somthing that contributes a good skill and can open some doors for more of my entertainment ideas.

Long term, it’s developing a road show and a sponsorship deal for my youtube video and website etc, where it would really pay off.

But for now I just want to be doing 2 parties most weekends and putting my prices up to $200, adding tinkerbell, and using her to get more girls parties, develop a show, and a brand.

Because I;ve established a toehold theres a web of opportunities that exist.

I could have 4 fairy parties booked and take $100 off each one. I could be doing 1 or 2 shows worth $500 a pop, I could start booking shows out of the city for tours, I could do some kind of videocast, youtube thing, but also if I’m going around promoting and filming myself, recruiting fairies, then I can also promote other stuff as well.

Put together a marketing deal for shops I go into, combining online with some kind of entertainment, performance.

I guess on one hand I just have to get out there and play with it, but I need to refine my pitches, if I’m in some store talking about marketing and promotion I need to be able to cover some attractive options without long winded details.

We need to be weary of getting involved in things we don’t want to be locked into. We can charge $300 for a website, $300 for video, $300 for an ad campaign – we can work out all these deals, but it’s not what we want! What it does offer, is a glimpse into ways we can jack ourselves up if we get into trouble with cd dvd duplication falling off.

So how do we ramp up the pirates?

– website design
– youtube videos, hopefully with tinkerbell
– more advertising

Then develop a show, and keep the videos coming.

Especially anything that could lead to us selling more dvd’s, like if you did some filming around the school and with the kids, and sold them for $10. Sell it as a package for $750 with 100 DVD’s.

How much should a shop pay to be in an episode of pirate matty? $500 at first, but that’s a long way off. Let’s not get too carried away just yet . . .


New Business Plans – Printing, Promotion, Video, Auckland

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

The business plan for our promotions and marketing business in 2011 is to grow slowly and confidently, meet our modest targets and hopefully have a surplus with which to cover as many debts as possible and some investment into more tools to make day to day business smoother and more stress free than ever.

We’ve just got our numbers back and it’s great news because we’re only a little short of our projected last revision, and the number is still great. Whether it will provide a complete buffer for the down season as well as pay for a few upgrades remains to be seen, it didn’t quite cross over from great to just stupid, it stopped short of being more money than I know what I’ll be doing with it, so still, excellent. But because forecasts tend to be optimistic and we’re passing through one of the tougher times of the year, immediately proceeding christmas, I think we can look forward to returning to a prediction that we will be making surpluses that are strong indicators that growth is at an optimum of potential, within a few months.

I also feel confident we’ll bounce back quickly into the year within a few months and I’ll have renewed energy to know we aren’t coming off a major financial setback, in terms of cash, we’re fine.

If things continue like this we will definitely be expanding into a shop and other new ventures as set out.

I just expect at least 2 months until business returns, and possibly 3, so if opportunities form, it’s good to be confident heading in, knowing you have the cash to back yourself going in and the confident to make it work if things don’t go so well.

We’ll be stocking up on supplies, we’ll be increasing advertising spend.

What other expansion directions to we have? We know we have to improve websites, and update our videos as we’ve planned.

In our business, the ladders are video production and entertainment to take us into future satisfaction, and we will have a plan should a shop become viable. Here is a short list of the format our auckland business services shop in grey lynn or newton would follow for set up:

– move all our stuff and set up cd / dvd duplication
– set up postering and cheap colour printing price boards and systems
– set up retailing and negotiate with suppliers
– music retail of client products and vinyl
– consider, food, hospitality
– take a community approach to considering how we can work with other businesses in the immediate area

With online marketing I will continue to respond in order to meet my modest targets, as long as I meet the target, I will not develop these concepts specifically unless of short term benefit.

Finally, talent, and online retail become snakes without a plan of attack – they just become tacked on where possible to other ideas to pave the way – such as the shop.

Entertainment will be a struggle to make profitable but it doesn’t need to be intensely value producing. We need to look at where we can improve the unimaginative strategies we are currently using.

Marketing Sales and Promotion with your Blog

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010


Kurb is an Auckland, New Zealand based marketing and promotions company that offers cd dvd copying, cheap printing and auckland poster as well as branching into affordable digital marketing – online marketing and online video marketing

our services include blog set up, blog development, blog promotion  – graphic design, youtube marketing campaigns, marketing and brand development for artists and full creative development and execution of digital marketing campaigns.


The best marketing strategy is of course to take action. That’s why I take action on my blog and write, it is a snow ball process that succeeds in slowly building traffic to my site over time. So long over time, but slowly all those words, cheap printing auckland, posters and cd dvd copying, it all builds over time like rock on the search engine, who is to repeat the years of work and content before me?

Brick by brick baby these things are built and if I get and develop a whole bunch of ideas in the mean time and I become a better writer, then wonderful.

that’s a funny one though, I write SO MUCH, and I don’t think I’m getting better. Maybe I ramble too much, and just get too journally but we’ve had this discussion. I get what I need from blogging in SEO and thought dumping. Idea dumping? Some kind of dumping.

I’m doing some kind of dumping, okay?

But overtime, those dumps attract buzzings and those buzzings turn into adsense clicks and possibly leads. It’s just a bit of a shambles, and true to my 80/20 approach I could make an effort to write something decent, but I don’t see it as being worth it. keep writing trash!

Such professionals. More traffic comes to the sites. You write garbage so they don’t come back. But it gets better, and they click ads. One day you’ve built enough clout that should you actually put a nice design on it and start posting decent material, in 3 months the foul stench of junk content will be gone and your sparkling empire can be built on a mountain of filth, and no one who comes to visit would ever know, who want to go back 200 posts, 18 months back and see all the garbage on your site.

Who cares?

Will it come back to haunt you? Maybe, I’m not nostradamus. I’ll just shrug and say I wrote it for SEO, besides, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m responsible for what I do. If I think writing trashy blog posts is a sin, then I’ll let you know when I change my mind.

I’m an entrepreneur, it’s up to my clients. Most of my clients google what they want and one of my 6 main pages come up, they never see this stuff which is the reason it comes up for everything under the sun.

So yeah, I just keep writing. Some people do yoga. I blog, I’m sure people who do yoga aren’t doing it fora an audience and neither am I.

I could outsource it, but would you outsource yoga? It’s me who gets the benefit of exercising thought, exercising turn of phrase and adding somewhat more dynamic thoughts to the great internet void than the average outsourcer.

At some moment I’m going to become more effective in this, and at that moment I won’t only benefit from advertising.

Although advertising is a big goal because I see it snowballing. If only I wrote about specific phrases that would sell heaps of adsense ads.

I make $5 a day from adsense, and if it was to be that I made $20 without even really doing anything that felt like work, really just dumping my thoughts, then it would make a difference.

I tend to think of adsense as just the small game, I like it because I can see it and count and I get the cheques without really doing anything . . . yeah I just said that. But I could get good. I could make my blogs good, and I know after a thousand or so posts, they will weigh heavy with authority, i could really start to ramp the scene.

Is it a waste of time, doing this writing when I’m not really saying a lot, when I’m building an intricate retirement plan of clicks all over the place. Oh and you know, a list and everything. I’d by then be funny enough to write a good list newsletter.

Because I wrote relentlessy on this blog instead of doing something pointless otherwise.

Maybe I should be running on a treadmill. Builds fitness y’know.

But if I write 2000 words today, shouldn’t I be getting 5c a word? Shouldn’t I be getting a hundred dollars? $150 nz seeing I’m just writing crap? Well I don’t realy want to write about some boring topic!

What even if you could make at least another $500 per week? Just from writing? Maybe I should be looking at writing my way to glory.

I think it’s closer to 3000 actually, call it 2500. If I’d sold 3 good 600 word articles for $30 I’d have like $140 new zealand dollars now. I would have made some money. But even at $30

Who’s to say that article won’t make or contribute to the making of $30 in my lifetime? Position the ads right on the page and it could happen! It’s the cumulation of these posts that will bring my blogs to the point where they will bring people to sign up and in years to come 10% of 1000 will spend $20 and I’ll be making $2000 a year . . . thats not that much. But if you add on $20 p/day for the ads and whatever leads that lead to whatever else . . .

I think it’s important to keep thinking about how writing nonsense about myself could make me more money elsewhere.

That’s if I can’t find something better that I both enjoy and can make money from. I don’t make hardly any money from this, but at least I have a successful business to back me up, and I like to talk about myself and have ideas!

The Concert, Touring and Gig Promotion Business

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Check out Kurb’s Gig Promotion and Music Marketing Services

This from Lefsetz

“The major labels create a culture that isn’t based on music, but on celebrity.”

Wait a second, I’ve got another one almost as good!

“…if in 1994 you’d wanted to understand what our lives would be like right now, you’d still be better off reading a single copy of Wired magazine published in that year than all of the sceptical literature published ever since.”Clay Shirky in the “Guardian”: ‘Paywall will underperform – the numbers don’t add up’

And the reason I quote Mr. Shirky is because in the above article he says:

“Everyone’s waiting to see what will happen with the paywall — it’s the big question. But I think it will underperform. On a purely financial calculation, I don’t think the numbers add up.”

And the reason I quote this is because most of the “Wall Street Journal”’s articles are behind a paywall, and therefore the newspaper has little impact on societal discourse, especially regarding music. Mr. Shirky says that the Web has unlocked social desires in the populace that have heretofore been dormant, lacking an outlet. And now people are exchanging information, playing along, investing their time for free. Boiling it down, if you want to get paid first and foremost, you lock yourself out of the equation. Only by allowing your information to be freely traded are you relevant in today’s society.

I’ll make it very simple. Those deejays that are never featured in TMZ or PerezHilton, they make light years more money than all those acts that believe it’s about publicity.

It ain’t about publicity, but music. A great deejay can make $20 million a year. As for his expenses… Let’s see…there’s no U2 mega-stage, no flock of roadies, no buses, just a first class airline ticket and a laptop, maybe some turntables too.

The Electric Daisy Festival had more attendees than Coachella. Think about that. Electric Daisy got a fraction of the press. Sure, everybody there was on drugs, it was about being there as much as the music, then again, isn’t that EXACTLY what blew up music in the classic rock era? You had to go to the show!

Do you really have to go to the shed to see has-beens or rip-off artists while you overpay for parking, beer and…

The stars?

Only known by the audience. Like in the sixties. Your mother knows who GaGa is, but David Guetta? Deadmau5?

Remember when music wasn’t mainstream, but an alternative culture? That’s the electronic music scene.

Quote number 3:

“How do you inspire them to come?”

Read the article to see who said this, but it’s the essence of our future. You don’t inspire people to come by offering lawn tickets for ten bucks, certainly not by offering service fee holidays. Then you’ve got a business proposition, and as long as you’re in that mode, you’re destined to lose. Commentators constantly chide Apple for overpricing its products. But the public seems to have no problem paying premium prices for iPads and Macs. The Apple Store is a temple with low pressure salesmen that glide you through a purchasing process that leaves you elated.

How can we create music and gigs so enthralling that people can’t help but want to come? Oldsters lament the loss of marketing tools like MTV and the decline in power of radio. But if you’re looking backward, you’re missing the future. Success is about creating a scene, something that isn’t in your face, but draws you to it. Whether it be Bowie in the seventies or Deadmau5 today.

And I’m gonna let you in on a secret hiding in plain sight. Both Deadmau5 and David Guetta have deals with EMI. Sony, trumpeting their success with Susan Boyle? That’s an evanescent inspirational story, that’s not inspirational music. But these deejays, it’s not about fame, but what comes out of the speakers, the entire environment. Hell, it’s public knowledge that these two deejays are signed to Terra Firma’s company, but you’d be fascinated by the details of the deals…

Final quote:

“Sales aren’t an accurate measurement of popularity, he told me. ‘My fans are all computer literate. For every album I sell, it’s passed on to 30 other people.’”

Passability, not sales, that’s what’s important. Pay attention to BigChampagne, not SoundScan. How do you create something so good people want to steal it, need to turn others on to it, that’s the question you should be asking, not HOW DO I GET PAID!

As we can see by the electronic music scene, there’s plenty of money extant, you’ve just got to drill down and create irresistible music.

Furthermore, these electronic music festivals aren’t cheap, tickets are nearly a hundred bucks, but that’s no impediment if you’ve got to be there, if you’re trying to have the time of your life!


Ticket sales for all the concerts in the country combined has dropped to a new low, and many big-name acts are under-performing. How could this happen? Maybe because all the bands are old and no one wants to see them.Don’t feel too bad for the concert industry: They still grossed $965.5 million in the first half of 2010, although that’s down 17 percent from the same time last year. Some of the acts who didn’t do as well as expected might be to blame. Who are they? The Eagles (old), the Jonas Brothers (ancient in tween years), and the American Idol finalists (old the week after they were voted off). Some bands have canceled their tours like Limp Bizkit (old), the Go-Gos (old), and Christina Aguilera (washed up), and the Lilith Fair (old back in the ’90s) scaled back its scheduled dates. Do concert promoters know what decade they’re living in? Guess what, guys: the Flock of Seagulls/Men Without Hats double bill probably isn’t going to do big business either.

Some of the acts that made scads of money were Lady Gaga (still new and drawing record crowds), Taylor Swift (fresh out of the box), Justin Bieber (young, but approaching middle age in tween years), and James Taylor and Carole King (both youn—say what?!). OK, some nostalgia acts performed well, like the Taylor/King gang up (really, can your mother resist a good rendition of “I Feel the Earth Move”?), AC/DC, and Bon Jovi, but mostly the bands that tanked seem to be a bit stale.

Pollstar, the trade publication for the concert biz, says people “may be turned off by piggish top-tier prices, resentful of ticket add-on fees, and downright angry when they hear about discounted tickets after they have paid full price.” All true, but people will suffer through all that to see a band they really love. So maybe this isn’t “the economy” or horrible ticket monopolies engaged in price-gouging and just a batch of bad acts.

Auckland Promotions and Copying Services: Retail Plans

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Call Matt on 027 684 8250 for kurb promotions service in auckland: cheap, fast and fair!

Kurb Promotions: Grey Lynn / Sandringham / Glen Eden offers:

Auckland CD duplication and Auckland DVD copying: Cheap and fast – super cheap deals on runs 1000 or under, great free pick up and delivery service – graphic support and free set up – simply a great service

Colour Copying Auckland: Another super fast,  and super cheap service – need 50 – 1000 colour copies

Online marketing for small business and online music marketing – including graphic design, web design, seo, online advertising, email management, social media, complete online marketing packages.

We’re also getting into video marketing – as always, cheap, fast, and fair! We make videos for online promotion, and we market them!

Recently been talking about updating our website, but now we’re back talking about retail!

Just thought I’d take a break from my schedule of posts on rehauling the web design and rebranding our flagship kurb promotions site to get back onto another big plan I’ve been hatching of moving my small business growth strategy into retail!

I like the idea of retail because it’s a hard and fast challenge.

The overall concept is starting from the services I provide in auckland for marketing, promotions, not only will I have a base for fast and urgent turn around of the services we provide such as CD and DVD duplication, copying, reproduction as well as poster prinitng, flyer printing as well as general online marketing and promotions but I would also extend that into products that aid smaller operators with meeting their promotions needs.

There is going to be continued fracturing and breaking down of smaller groups and individuals wanting to express themselves by pursuing their own projects, whether that’s music, cultural or sports groups, schools, various individual art projects and small business promotions, and I’m aiming for us to extend our role there.

There’s a do it yourself attitude that’s not only aided and enabled me in business but it’s allowing all sorts of individuals and groups to express themselves in new ways. It doesn’t matter what people want to do, their always going to need to create awareness and exposure as well as using products and services to help define themselves to a wider audience.

We’re already recognised for our cheap affordable discount budget prices and without losing quality service from our company business,  now we’ll be moving into products, and delivery of services that are more immediate to the user.

You need a colour copy, you need internet access, then it will be there just like your average internet cafe or copy shop.

You need media, plasticware, packaging, art supplies, that will be there also, and the expertise to help you, so you come in looking for some plastic things or you need some colour prints or to use the internet and grab a coffee then you can get those things, but it’s once you move beyond that – once you need the website design, the cd and dvd, the printing, the posters, the online marketing,that’s when you need higher end expertise.

You need high end equipment and you want someone who speaks good english to explain it to you, earnestly, you want someone ther in that old fashioned way who will give you advice about what you need when you’re tackling promotions and marketing, whether high end equipment, a physical promotional material to be rpelicated, or online media services.

So yeah I might be driving out to the city fringe warehouse putting 20% on the price of certain high end items for specific functions, special cameras, printers, media items, hard drives, phones, ipods, accessories, ink, whatever.

And I want to push that brand out there over the years, a one stop shop for low end marketing and promotions. It’s a place where people are attracted to, and that may be a hassle, but it will trickle up in terms of branding and people recognising it as a place to go to invest in promotion, and to get promotions services.

And you need the outlet too. Again, like copying or the internet cafe or selling coffee, it’s not going to be a huge money earner, in fact it will be a hassle at first, but slowly, it’s about cultivating that brand that customers can come down and get what they need, and our customers need promotion. We need huge posters in the window promoting our clients and we need to sell our clients stuff, because having the stuff available, being an outlet is what it’s about, providing promotions.

Initially I wanted to save on overheads by setting up out of the way where rent would be cheap, but then I started examine the wisdom of this, because although internet marketing and online promotions is my specialty area, it is really a case of having all your eggs in one basket and although I definitely plan to leverage my internet marketing skills to get my retail operation off the ground, I want to take that challenge on of getting people into the shop.

Now I’ve thought through the plans for my retail operation and the branding and the marketing and the stock and what have you and there are just a few little issues niggling at me there which are stopping me from ploughing into it with gusto and looking at the options.

The main one is the reality of losing money for 6 months at least, I estimate realistically about $5000-$15000 before it starts breaking even.

It will take 6 months just to get everything in there – internet computers, a colour copier, coffee machine, the stuff we’re likely to need to perform multiple services – one of those booths that print photos, ink refiller, what else are we going to do?

Cut keys? Send faxes? Y’know? Just walk around town looking at what retailers are offering and who is using these services, and accept that it is annoying that you have to build a clientele out of $1, $2, $4 service transactions.

Then the place will have to be stocked, first with plastics and supplies, with food, with our technical offerings, and then, in true retail spirit, I want to move into basically offering anything of value I can purchase in bulk and believe will be of genuine interest to anybody who needs it amidst our clientele.

I also see targeting tourists, especially the twentysomethings, they’ll have need for the services but they’ll also want a cultural connection with the locality. Also out of towners, I know what it’s like on tour or road trip when you arrive in a new place, you want to arrive at that place where you can check your email, grab a coffee, catch up on what’s happening locally.

Another strategy is looking at it as 100 people who will spend $10 every week there, and then 1000 people who will spend $10 every month there.

Anyway back to the issues – It will cost money over the first 6 months to get it running and it will lose money over the first 6 months as we struggle to get the $100 p/day I need to keep the thing running – paying the rent and the wages.

And that’s the real issue. The real issue is going into not knowing what the future will hold when you know it’ll lose ten grand before it can even get started.

Negotiating that reality will be one of the hardest tests.

Earning With Cheap Video Production

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Hi Matt from Kurb here just with a little introduction to our cheap video production and our youtube promotion service

Did you know you can get a video produced for and promoted on Youtube by us for less than nz$500?

That’s right we provide a complete and great value service to get your enterprise up online and seen – it beats a radio or television commercial by far for choice and whats more – it’s always there!

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Are you a mother who wants to earn extra income without sacrificing quality time with your children? Do you already have an idea of the business you want to pursue but don’t know how to advertise it with a small budget? An easy, cost-effective method to earn extra income on a small budget is through cheap video production and advertising.

For example, if you are a mother who enjoys cooking and have already developed a new recipe to sell – cheap video production can help you take your cooking career to the next level.

The process of cheap video production is not as difficult as it sounds. Taking the example of the cookery video – in the comfort of your own kitchen you can capture yourself preparing an original, self-titled recipe. Through cheap video production you can present a lecture on how to prepare this dish, or tips on how to enhance the taste of a certain menu.

Once the demonstration has been recorded and edited you can present this completed video production to the public. It is advisable to present it to family and friends initially. When they like it, it will be much easier for people to discover your culinary capabilities through your friends. If this plan works for you (and it should) you may already notice earnings with those copies you made. However, if cooking isn’t your style, there are plenty of things you can make a demo of. When choosing a niche to film, consider your hobbies and interests. You may give tips in stitching, drawing, or even baby-care for first-time parents.

Cheap video production helps bring balance between time with your children and being a businesswoman. By doing this you are taking control of your life, enhancing your time management and organisation skills, but still living your life to the fullest!

Cheap Online Video Production and Marketing Experts Auckland, New Zealand

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Hi Matt from Kurb here just with a little introduction to our cheap video production and our youtube promotion service

Did you know you can get a video produced for and promoted on Youtube by us for less than nz$500?

That’s right we provide a complete and great value service to get your enterprise up online and seen – it beats a radio or television commercial by far for choice and whats more – it’s always there!

Check out out videos: at

Email me, Matt:

Learning more about Video Production

Videography, or what is commonly known as video production, is actually the process of videotaping, editing, and delivering a modified product of the original video. Basically, it is the act of creating artistic recorded presentations with the use of such tools and resources as a video camera, recording editing tools, and handy video production softwares. Once these resources have been obtained and one is ready to begin filming, it is in the videographer’s best interest to create a film that will be of interest to artists and film-goers and therefore, will be shown in topical theatres.

There are three common types of video production that we should be familiar with. The first is that of “corporate events videography” and videos are filmed at seminars, conferences, symposiums, and training events. This type of video production will allow it’s viewers to be mutual, while simultaneously record in patch happen. Often two cameras will be necessary to capture and film the event from two different angles.

The second type of video production is that which is used for special occasions such as nuptials, birthdays, graduations, and the like. Mostly shots are taken by patch where the event is happening and there are thin retakes. This, once again, will require two cameras to capture the event from different angles.

Lastly, the third type of video production is the “motion picture recording production”. This form of videography is when you develop an original storyline and display it through film to be presented to a group of public viewers, be it family or otherwise.

Title: Engaging Yourself in Video Marketing


In all you do which involves marketing the advisable thing to do is to consider how you can possibly capture the interest of your targeted consumers, and whether or not the product you are marketing is suitable for the target group. When it comes to affordable marketing you should first study your product in relation to your market. While picturing your success, plan what type of market your product will best serve. This could be difficult as there are many differences between people, and these should be noted. However, remember that the public do not look only for calibre but also for credibility. You may need to enlist the assistance of some friends to work as actors for your cheap marketing video, which may be most easily, recorded using a hand-held camcorder.

Once you are prepared to record your marketing video you should concentrate on a topic that is unique. Spend some time studying other marketing videos to devise something that has some originality and difference. However, whenever you can refer to these videos and study that calibre to include it in your own. Remember, high quality and calibre will make for a better video and greater proportion of viewers.

Once you are prepared to distribute your marketing video you must be in the correct position to spread the news. YouTube is one of the most popular social media sites to make this possible. Other sites include study blogs, and including the video on your own website increases the chances that other individuals will come across it.

Title: Misleading Advertisements and Video Marketing

Undeniably it is really becoming frustrating in that after every click you end up closing your web browser’s window after reading a statement asking you to pay a certain amount before getting the service you need. Not to forget the spam mails tirelessly flooding your inbox and you yourself never quite understand its intention. When it comes to spam mails it is best to report it as spam so that next time you receive a mail from that sender, it will not be sent to your inbox. Furthermore, sometimes these advertisements contain viruses – another reason for your headache.

While surfing the web you will come across with an advertisement, but more often than not it will never give you what you are looking for. Most likely it will lead you to another affiliates website which doesn’t contain the correct information you require, thus deterring you from clicking such links again. There are even cheap video marketing strategy links that greatly entice anyone looking for that information however it often turns out to be pornographic content. Cheap video marketing has been abused by many. Often it is useful to read articles rather than depending on different advertisements and video marketing, as by reading credible content you discover facts that will give you information you need. However, as videos are more visual they can effectively catch anyone’s attention making them more effective than any printed advertisement.

Hip Ways of Teenagers and Video Production

In this 21st century era of modernisation, the young adult of the present generation have defined their own way of expressing themselves. The advanced scientific developments we have today allow these young citizens to maximise usage of their resources as creative tools. They are given the opportunity to reach out to others, communicating in their own way.

First in the list is fashion. Clothing has always been a number one priority for teenagers and youth. It is through their fashion and with their style that they are able to express their personality. Teenagers make sure that they look and feel good in what they wear, as it is at this developmental stage that they begin to feel self-conscious about how they look. Of course, fashion is not about clothes solely. It also refers to hairstyles, accessories, and shoes. It is not just about what is the latest either, it is about self-expression. It doesn’t matter if your personal style doesn’t please others, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Internet is a vital product of technological development nowadays being an integral part of people’s lives. It is a medium of communication that better serves people, and allows large one to have a larger circle of friends to socialise through popular social networking sites like MySpace. These social networking sites allow teenagers to express themselves by customising their accounts and blogging where they are able to share whatever thoughts they have.

Many teenagers are also working with the concept of cheap video production. They record videos to capture moments with their family and friends, and sometimes their talent. With the help of modern gadgets like digital cameras and mobile phones they are able to engage in cheap video production.

Of course, expressing one’s opinion has never been wrong as long as it is not meant to destroy or humiliate another. For teenagers, they still require guidance as they may be going through some growing pains and the videos may lead to some negative publicity for others. Therefore, it is best to supervise teenagers when granting permission to experiment with cheap video production.

What’s Going On With Kurb’s Online Promotion Services, Auckland

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Alright just delivering another fresh update to the blog.

I am seriously thinking about taking on more staff to cover some of the work we’re doing here at Kurb.

That is, the work we’re doing here in New Zealand.

Most of our core business still revolves around CD and DVD duplication service, Music Marketing services which we offer worldwide, and the various print jobs we’re involved in doing.

Of course there are other Online promotions services we provide, but they are very specific business services that we add on to our marketing services for both musicians and small business marketing. We do those often and I guess we’d be looking for someone who can facilitate and administer the production  and delivery of both the CD duplication and the DVD duplication service.

Another part of course is providing the artwork for both the CD/DVD production and the printing and colour copying services we offer.

The artwork has to be taken from the clients file and check to see if it is consistent with the standard of print quality either for CD printing and DVD printing or colour printing jobs such as printing posters, or printing flyers, before it is sent away for printing.

This also includes the printing of CD and DVD covers and other packaging.

Then once the printing has been completed, it must be picked up and either posted or delivered to the client unless it is CD or DVD packaging that must be compiled.

Sometimes, clients will require graphic design services which is great because we provide cheap graphic design. Someone working here with us would again have to co-ordinate between the graphic designer and the client and provide instructions and delivery online.

Finally, co-ordinating the music marketing services we provide making sure that the campaigns for the music artists we work with are on task and progressing, again co-ordinating workers overseas such as graphic designers, web designers, advertising people, co-ordinating social media etc.

Kurb provides a range of online music services. Check out

Our Music Marketing Blog

For more information, tips and advice on music promotion, management and music marketing online.

Other services we provide are:

Gig Promotion

youtube marketing

music video production

Cheap Online Video Production and Marketing Services

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

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Cheap Online Video Production and Marketing

Email: to talk about your online video production and video marketing requirements! Our service is cheap but still professional, get in touch today. We also specialize in youtube promotions

Alright just a little announcement going on from Kurb as we continue on our mission to give artists and small businesses branding and marketing support that is affordable enough to be worthwhile.

That’s why we’re presenting this dirt cheap online video production and marketing package – because in the beginning, you don’t want to spend heaps on your music videos, you just want to have one.

US$150: 1 of basic dirt cheap videos

US$250: 2 basic dirt cheap videos

US$500: 2 videos + some video marketing

US$600 2 videos and full 3 months video marketing

What do you need?

– Photos

– Titles: A list of titles you want to appear (such as your website etc. – often you might want to have your website visible on the screen throughout the video)

– Footage compressed for the web if you can supply
– Music or other audio content: if you are a musician we’ll want an mp3 to use, if you are a business or other organisation, I am happy to provide music from a pool of legitimate sources free of charge

Payment: Is through Paypal (which accepts Credit Cards) or we have the option of Moneybookers

With Social Media and so much of Web 2.0 technology either you’ve got something up your sleeve to exploit some loophole in the platform or you’re just playing it clean and leveraging as much from your content as possible.

I was talking about using content as promotion in itself; Internet marketers talk about “owning more of the net” creating more online “frontage” and opportunities to be found and connect.

Also, video is a great way to take your website to the next level if it’s still pretty static – by using short online videos to introduce certain products – in the case of musicians this could

One great idea for such a video as I’m describing is to simply serve as advertisement for a product you’re launching – especially an audio product where you can edit the audio yourself to present snippets of your songs, and we can easily work with the material you send us to put corresponding visulas, photos, footage, titles to the music.

Online, it’s worth putting together the kinds of modest video productions we offer simply just to be more visible. If you don’t have a youtube at all, this is a great way to get involved NOW, not months later while you’re preparing the album and juggling a whole lot of creative stuff, put that pot on simmer NOW to get things started and heating up.

FINALLY: We can also set up video portals now too, that is websites like youtube that are awesome if you have a lot of videos you like to upload and present it means we can now add video galleries to sites.

Another cool way to present your content.

Viral Marketing through Social Media Networks

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Need marketing services? Talk to online marketing experts at kurb – Auckland, New Zealand  – about viral marketing campaigns and small business promotion . . .


promo packages that are comprehensive, affordable and personal.

Possibilities of Viral Marketing:

More powerful than spreading ideas is building an idea that spreads itself. Whether a video or other media, the essential concept is the power of an idea to proliferate by way of online sharing. The success of a Viral Marketing campaign is never assured and taking risks to put forward powerful branding messages or leverage powerful value propositions that engage so deeply that it spreads online or through word of mouth is a long shot but always has the potential to be outrageously successful with a bit of character and flair.

The viral marketing refer to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viralprocesses, analogous to the spread of pathological and computer viruses It can be word-of-mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet. Viral promotions may take the form of video clips, interactive Flashgames, advergames, ebooks, brandable software, images, or even text messages.

The basic form of viral marketing is not infinitely sustainable.The goal of marketers interested in creating successful viral marketing programs is to identify individuals with high Social Networking Potential (SNP) and create Viral Messagesthat appeal to this segment of the population and have a high probability of being passed along.The term viral marketing has also been used pejoratively to refer to stealth marketing campaigns—the unscrupulous use of astroturfing on-line combined with undermarket advertising in shopping centers to create the impression of spontaneous word of mouth enthusiasm

So viral marketing is nothing but a new way of introducing marketing techniques.

In fact it’s totally new and totally awesome becaus through staying comnnected to customers, fans, evangelists and audiences you are getting more presence and exposure than ever in front of them by communicating the power of your services.

You can also leverage the whole situation by launching excitng offers and innovative propositions that set the internet abuzz with people talking about what you’re doing.