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Build Up Fans and Customers Through Email List Building

Monday, August 16th, 2010


My blog had over 1,000 RSS subscribers when I launched my list, and roughly 500 to 1,000 unique visitors dropping by each day as well. This translated into 10 to 20 newsletter opt-ins a day, which I considered pretty good, though at the time I hadn’t optimized the opt-in area of my blog with good copy or video like I have today.

I continued to write my blog posts and started to write one email newsletter a week as well.

Slowly but surely my list grew. At the start of 2007, about a year later after adding the newsletter to my blog, I had 3,000 email subscribers. It was a good start, and I had a platform to grow my business from.

Ramp Up Lead Generation

I don’t like the term “lead generation” because it dehumanizes the relationship between you and your subscriber.

People who join your list can be considered leads, and when you talk business talk with business folk, this is the language people understand. However I believe it’s much better if you look at each of your subscribers as a real person who has stuck up their hand as interested in forming a relationship of mutual benefit with you. These people are “members” of your community, not leads.

Regardless of the terminology, you’re going to need to figure out ways to increase the number of people who join your list. This was the challenge I faced, though at the time I was happy that I could simply keep blogging and people will continue to find me and join my list.

Enter Social Media

In 2007 Twitter didn’t exist and Facebook wasn’t on my radar. Social media as a marketing force didn’t come into play for another year or two. From my perspective I was content simply writing blog posts and leveraging my free report to bring in new subscribers.

Over the next few years the online marketing landscape, and the blogosphere, became a whole lot more crowded. Facebook and Twitter became significant new sources of email subscribers, not to mention LinkedIn and other niche specific social community sites. Social recommendation tools like Digg, Stumbleupon and Delicious, which have the power to send hundreds of thousands of eyeballs at websites in a matter of hours, surfaced as powerful exposure tools.

And let’s not forget the mother of all social media sites – YouTube. Video wasn’t common when I started building my newsletter, but today it’s almost a mandatory requirement for every blogger and internet marketer to make use of. In fact it’s so powerful, you can leverage just exposure on YouTube, by publishing a consistent stream of videos and driving the viewers back to your blog to opt-in to your email list, as your main lead generation method.

Did You Read Between The Lines?

It’s now four years since I started my first email newsletter. Today I have almost 70,000 email subscribers and I continue to attract an average of 100 new subscribers every day.

These people come to me by conducting a google search, coming across one of my blog articles and then opting-in for my report and newsletter. Or maybe they get referred by one of my affiliates. Perhaps a friend recommends my blog or report in real life in the traditional word of mouth fashion. Maybe they watch one of my videos on YouTube at my Yaro.TV channel and then come to my blog. Perhaps they read one of my tweets spread by my followers, or stumbleupon my content, or follow a facebook share, or read about my work in a forum.

Online lead generation – or list relationship building – is a very holistic process today. This is a good thing, as there are countless channels of traffic you can get in front of if you’re willing to do the legwork. There are fundamentals you have to lay in place in order for the machine to work, but there’s never a shortage of audience if you’re in a niche people care about.

You truly can diversify your exposure points and construct a very stable source of new subscribers that requires very little effort to maintain. I’m living proof of this concept, as our countless other bloggers who have followed similar content and marketing strategies.

If you read between the lines in this article (actually I made it blatantly obvious), I’ve talked about 14 methods to attract new subscribers to your email newsletter. In case you can’t figure it out, I’ve listed the methods for you below.

14 Methods To Grow Your Email List

  1. Register an AWeber account and start your first email list
  2. Add an opt-in box to your blog
  3. Create a dedicated landing page for your newsletter
  4. Giveaway a free report
  5. Create a product and promote it using a launch process
  6. Recruit affiliates to promote your resources
  7. Create a Facebook fan page with an opt-in landing page
  8. Build a Twitter following and release great content to encouraging retweets
  9. Create a LinkedIn profile and interact in the community to build your network
  10. Become a quality user of Digg, Stumpleupon or Delicious to build your reputation power
  11. Start a YouTube video marketing campaign to drive traffic back to your blog and newsletter
  12. Buy a specific domain name just for branding your videos (like Yaro.TV)
  13. Encourage word of mouth and viral distribution by creating content that changes your industry
  14. Participate in on-topic conversations in leading forums in your industry

Social Media Marketing, PPC: Worst Case Scenario

Thursday, May 27th, 2010


for kurb promotions service in auckland: cheap, fast and fair!

Kurb Promotions: New Zealand / AUckland – Grey Lynn / Sandringham / Glen Eden offers:

Auckland CD duplication and DVD duplication: Cheap and fast – super cheap deals on runs 1000 or under, great free pick up and delivery service – graphic support and free set up – simply a great service

Colour Copying Auckland: Another super fast,  and super cheap service – need 50 – 1000 colour copies

Online marketing for small business and online music marketing – including graphic design, web design, seo, online advertising, email management, social media, complete online marketing packages – or just whatever you need.

We’re also getting into video marketing – as always, cheap, fast, and fair! We make videos for online promotion, and we market them!

Alright I’m starting to see some of the problems you’re having, I wish I’d wish I’d been more attentive but my time is so stretched across this project – so you got to hear what i’m saying.

When you switched twitter accounts, you should have retweeted all the stuff we put up before, with only 3 tweets it looks bad, it looks like that whole newcomer thing I’m trying to avoid here. If you at least had a dozen I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened, thats why I got in there with your original account and got it kicked off.

They unsuspended your account even though you didn’t answer their last emails. So you got lucky.

With myspace, your account wasn’t verified either from the googlemail account, which I’ve done now and started adding bits, so we won’t have that problem happen again there, and my staff can get started.

I’m much more focused on this now, but it comes back to exactly what I was saying, if you don’t look like you’re involved, it’s not going to work.

I can only do what I do on the back of that, but as I say I’ll be a lot more attentive, but I’m trying to cover a lot of bases.

With adwords, I’m tooling around in there again – but we’ve got a problem too because again, your website has no text on it. With no text at all, google can’t tell anything about what it’s about and won’t run the ads.

The launch may fix this*, but it’s pretty important to your campaign to find a way of getting lots of relevant words on your site, preferably on the main page, underneath the main stuff possibly, or less preferably on another page that the main page links too, even surreptitiously – google sees all!

*nope this is serious – it’s all image based. Even the words are pictures, google won’t read it at all so we got to do something to add text to the site.

also, I’m going to send you some code for your designer to insert that covers the marketing side of that, he’ll know what to do. This, again will help – google sees all!

So I’m working on your adwords, I’m touching up your social stuff where I can (wish we still had those tweets from last account!)

I don’t really want to get in to the write ups/pr stuff for bloggers etc. right now because it’s a little bit diffusive.

But I’ve got plenty of time in the next few days to work through this, so you can call me or whatever, just want to prioritize and knock one thing off at a time. so send through that stuff so I can keep working up the social profiles.

Your ad campaign is getting closer to being done as I’m working on it now, but we need to fix the site, because google does not like what it sees (ie reads) right now.

Even if the press release could appear on the site, where it’s unseen – the designer can do this – at least it’s words on the site that google ads can work with.

Talk soon, sorry for the hard word, but to get moving we gotta fix this stuff.

okay thats the ads done for now – always room for improvement and more sophisticated campaigns but at least we have 5 groups with at least 5 different ad variations which is enough to start testing – once we have the site sorted out with some text!

also I think image ads will be really effective – they’re not cheap or as effective for laser targeting sign ups as text ads, but they’re great for visibility and exposure.

Below are the sizes if you want to get a designer on to these – I can do them, but they probably won’t be as great a job as your designer.

just remember my marketing advice – big words, and impact words that trigger. Combine the rich aesthetic with big bold upfront, punchy hooks

it’s also a chance to push your brand so the one thing people will know without clicking the ad is that you’re associated with certain brands and that’s it.

ad sizes:

300 x 50

Mobile leaderboard

468 x 60


728 x 90


250 x 250


200 x 200

Small square

336 x 280

Large rectangle

300 x 250

Inline rectangle

120 x 600


160 x 600

Wide skyscraper

as a side concept I have started putting together some ads that say that the song is a “leaked song” I think that has a really compelling allure.

Because it’s not just about collaborators – it’s the newness and compelling targets with the lure of being first to know. I think that’s a really good selling point at this stage.

i haven’t really delved into the political stuff because we need some clear concepts to run with, i can start with “who is your leader” but a few more would be great, the more variations we can test, the better

Where we’re at:

ad campaign:

is ready to go, it will work as it is.


I would like to spend another hour working on different ad variations before launch. variations are the key.

social media:

As i mention it’s quite hard co-ordinating these workers, once they’re working, then I’m dressing up the image on the profile as we discussed, then I want to get you more involved in well – being involved! I want perceive your voice in a social media presence. You gotta do this stuff, not just because it’s standard practice, but while my staff are attracting activity, my job is to help you get the most out of it,

But also, written word is such a powerful form of promotion and building authority on google you can’t avoid it, we’ve got to create away to express your voice, that communication through social media.

seo backlink building:

I can’t build backlinks until the site is launched, it’s bad form on google to build links to a site that doesn’t exist yet.

blogging / publicity

That’s what I’m supposed to be doing now.

Kurb Promotions Auckland: Online Marketing, Video Production, Printing, Copying, Promotion

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Kurb Promotions are experts in marketing and promotions services for small enterprising organisations all over the world.

Cheap copying, printing, cd and dvd disc duplication, online video production and marketing  and a host of online marketing services for small organisations including web design and management

Did you realise that some of our graphic design, web design and video production services start for a s little as $97?

Yes you can have a website or a video promotiong your website for just $97.

In Auckland you can take advantage of our cheap colour printing services which is excellent if you need a short run of flyers, posters, brochures, or any cheap printing materials that you may need.

Don’t forget we also offer cheap graphic design so if you need flyers, posters or other printing needs also designed we can handle that when you come to us for cheap printing.

Of course if you need prints delivered we can deliver free anywhere in New Zealand, which goes for our CD and DVD duplication services.

CD DVD pressing services, CD DVD manufacture services, CD DVD reproduction services, or company, quality, professional, low cost, discount duplication – whatever you want to call it we can do it for you – some of the cheapest prices on bulk disc duplication in New Zealand!  Just remember CD DVD duplication is quicker and cheaper then CD DVD replication.

Alright it’s time to keep posting on the Kurb blog with lots of orginal content that is going to pass Google’s duplicate content filters and give our little site lots more visitors and lots more authority where I’m linking to toher pages in the kurb business network.

Now should I be attempting to make sense or would everyone who reads this blog already understand what I’m doing?

You see I’ve got almost 500 posts on this blog now and that’s a huge help when helping this site to get indexed for lots of long tail search terms especially in New Zealand where our physical business is most active.

There are many online marketing services that we offer for small organisations and small business in New Zealand that require our marketing support and love our low prices and individual tailored services – and we know what works because we use these strategies ourselves.

If you need a PPC adwords expert and solid strategies for succeeding in Search engine rankings Kurb can do all of this at one cheap price that won’t destroy your marketing budget and allow you to experiment with these modern advertising methods.

You’ll need competitive content also such as video production and marketing – you know when our clients can produce videos for as little as $97 that this level of competition is what you will have to meet to focus customers attention on what you can offer and what makes your organisation different in the role you perform.

Email management and blog promotion are also essential ways to build long term customer engagement and brand awareness, because when people are searching for answers on google and your blog can address those specific concerns, that opens a door for you to become a trusted expert for whom which you’ll be a reference for their particular concerns or in future.

Kurb Promotions Music Marketing Services Available

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Need seriously professional online music business support?

My name is Matt Turner and my company Kurb specializes in online music business – marketing, management, strategy and business models for artists and organisations.

We do websites, design, online advertising, video promotion and production, email management, brand strategy, content marketing, administration . . . everything basically.

We tailor online solutions that are comprehensive and affordable. I run a team of staff in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh and here in New Zealand which offers insurmountable value in online music marketing to musicians in the US or Europe.

Our fees start at US$200 p/month which gets you 4 hours from me building your online marketing and branding strategy and 10 hours from our support team in design, social media, video, and content.

You simply won’t get this standard of service and expertise at this price elsewhere.

Contact me, Matt:

we are used to working with individual clients 1-on-1, but the service we offer involves me discussing what those clients need specifically for their campaigns.

Our standard package involves a 3 month campaign costing $US600 and that pays for 12 hours from me and 30 hours from my support staff over 3 months. It is in that time that I consult with the artist, agree on a number of priority services the artist will need and then execute.

Because we like to provide a service that is responsive to the needs of the artists, that’s why we commonly charge in such units of $200 for a months work that represents 4 hours form me and 10 hours from my staff each month.

Individual services that make up our campaigns consist of

Website + Blog set up + design: $US300
Covers website design, set up, blog, hosting + domain name for one year.

Myspace Promotion: $US100 p/month
This covers 3000 actions per month – friend requests, comments etc.

Youtube Promotion: US$500
This package Guarantees 25k+ views and also includes free “Basic Video Production”

Video Production Basic: $US100 // 1 day project
Supply your footage/images/mp3 and titles for your basic online video

Video Production Advanced: $400 // 5 day project
Supply your footage/images/mp3 and titles for your online music video
We can also shoot video as requested, also comes with 10k+ youtube views free

Website Promotion Package: $400
This involves an ad campaigns on Google and Facebook that guarantees over 100,000+ impressions and 5,000+ highly targeted and qualified visitors to your artist site. This also includes a Search Engine Optimisation campaign to get your site to the first page on google for a number of relevant search terms.

Artist Branding package: $200 p/month
This combines Myspace, Facebook and Twitter marketing with blogging, managing artist profiles, distributing content and developing viral and interactive fan management strategies – this is more oriented to managing social media promotion then actual marketing and promotion.

That’s a basic run down of most of the key services we provide. With the ongoing online music marketing service we often provide a lot more, however this group covers most of the significant services we offer.

we aim to provide a comprehensive online marketing and
management service for artists, which often means we help artists to
evaluate which strategies are going to be appropriate for them.

Immediately I’m recognising:

– You need an official website which will allow you to sign up fans to
an email list and interact with them regularly there, we provide
websites as well as email list management, and google website

– you want to promote your youtube. Our service can get you 10,000’s
more views on your videos as well as more subscribers and attention

– the 2 most effective techniques we are using right now are online
advertising and article marketing. From this technique we are taking
artist to being able to sign up new fans every day to their list
within 6 weeks.

– we have 3 video staff available who can edit and produce video
footage and video for youtube editing together video, sound, pictures
and titles with effects.

All this and more is covered by just $400 upfront payment. If you’re
happy with the service you receive you can pay a 2nd installment of
$200 to continue our promotion, if not, you receive all designs,
campaign data, and videos and are under no obligation to pay.

Viral Marketing through Social Media Networks

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Need marketing services? Talk to online marketing experts at kurb – Auckland, New Zealand  – about viral marketing campaigns and small business promotion . . .


promo packages that are comprehensive, affordable and personal.

Possibilities of Viral Marketing:

More powerful than spreading ideas is building an idea that spreads itself. Whether a video or other media, the essential concept is the power of an idea to proliferate by way of online sharing. The success of a Viral Marketing campaign is never assured and taking risks to put forward powerful branding messages or leverage powerful value propositions that engage so deeply that it spreads online or through word of mouth is a long shot but always has the potential to be outrageously successful with a bit of character and flair.

The viral marketing refer to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viralprocesses, analogous to the spread of pathological and computer viruses It can be word-of-mouth delivered or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet. Viral promotions may take the form of video clips, interactive Flashgames, advergames, ebooks, brandable software, images, or even text messages.

The basic form of viral marketing is not infinitely sustainable.The goal of marketers interested in creating successful viral marketing programs is to identify individuals with high Social Networking Potential (SNP) and create Viral Messagesthat appeal to this segment of the population and have a high probability of being passed along.The term viral marketing has also been used pejoratively to refer to stealth marketing campaigns—the unscrupulous use of astroturfing on-line combined with undermarket advertising in shopping centers to create the impression of spontaneous word of mouth enthusiasm

So viral marketing is nothing but a new way of introducing marketing techniques.

In fact it’s totally new and totally awesome becaus through staying comnnected to customers, fans, evangelists and audiences you are getting more presence and exposure than ever in front of them by communicating the power of your services.

You can also leverage the whole situation by launching excitng offers and innovative propositions that set the internet abuzz with people talking about what you’re doing.

Top 10 Music Marketing Strategies Online 2009

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Need music marketing strategies?

It’s $600 for the first 3 months. You get help with EVERYTHING listed below in this article. You pay $400 upfront and if you’re happy after 3 months, you pay us the next $200.

Email, Matt: – let’s talk about where you’re at with promoting your music and what you need to complete the picture and launch an online marketing campaign.

Includes: Youtube Promotion // Set Up + Blog Promotion // Graphic Design

Kurb’s music marketing services are:

Comprehensive – that is we cover everything in house

Personal – We provide fresh strategies for YOUR act based on your marketing needs, not some “one size fits all”  solution

Affordable – Our workers are co ordinated in New Zealand, Phillipines and India.  That means you won’t get this level of service and expertise for this price anywhere else.

Kurb’s top 10 Music Marketing, Promotions and Online Artist Management Strategies for 2009

1: WEB DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT: Most musicians can’t succeed online because their websites don’t provide a compelling experience for fans or prospects who visit their site. You can’t afford to see your website as a static platform. Your website is your channel from which to interact with all those who are not yet fans. It must develop at least every month. Continued commitment to developing website design and content that more effectively express your brand as well as deepen your fans experience, so that they are confident and invested enough to make purchases . . . then sales happen. Industry people who provide opportunities are a whole seperate group from your fans and also have to be addressed through your website as the primary point of formal introduction to your brand.

2: PPC MANAGEMENT / ADWORDS: Pay per click advertising on Google and other content networks is the fastest and most powerfully qualified option for advertising spending in 2009. With as little as $20 p/week you can begin highly measured and precisely targeted campaigns with us on Google Adwords. Adwords is great for any musicians who have put the necessary preparation into building a platform that will retain fan engagement – which is where we also assist artists to build a strong online presence from which to engage (blog, mailing list, video, see below) –  and is effective when targeting genders, age groups and cities/regions. Even amateurs can return positive ROI advertsing on Google through Adwords, but there are many common mistakes made by those who don’t understand how the system is balanced. Experience in using the PPC can lead to radically enhanced results, in terms of minimmizing adwords costs.

3: EMAIL MANAGEMENT: Maintaining relationsips with fans through email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to generate dependable recurring revenue over time. It’s the best way to manage fans in such a way to optimise engagement that leads to sales later. We provide professional email management solutions for all our clients, but those who are interested in email marketing should know you will have to build your contacts first through other online marketing efforts, most often a blog, and then maintain your mail out, which is going to need content. Once you can graduate to greater levels of automated email marketing, you can implement powerful systems to create wealth with minimum maintenance.

4: SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Anyone who tells you they are a social media expert had better be ready to back that up with proof. Social Media Marketing is not a strategy for ROI for musicians. The aim of social media is to build meaningful relationships with engaged social media users who have the power to build a powerful, authoritative and authentic viral word of mouth. Just like blogs, building a strong social media presence has many benefits for musicians, often it’s the first and easiest way to start negotiating fan relationships and building heavily branded platforms and presentations. It’s just social media promotions strategies must remain practical in terms of the bottom line.

5: BLOG PROMOTION: Blogging is still a top strategy for music marketing as long as it doesn’t interfere with normal operations or become your only marketing strategy. Because a well maintained blog developed over months has so many advantages and develops your marketing platform in so many ways – reinforcing your whole online marketing effort from SEO, developing customer service, website development, good content paublishing practices – the work put in to build a lively and dynamic blog will never be wasted. We provide blog set up, blog design, blog promotion and can even create content and run your blog for you.

6: ONLINE VIDEO: Online video is the new power in online marketing. Fans seek engagement, trust and authority with musicians products, services and brands – particularly as the range of what’s available begins to diversify dramatically. Fans seek stories that give commodities and their brands value and credibility and video is the most powerful way to engage people and quickly create trust, authority as well as impact. Musicians using video in new, more and different ways to communicate with fans will have a much greater opportunity to appeal, and online video is only going to get bigger and continue to steal more influence from traditional TV.

7: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION AND MARKETING: Search engine marketing is still the most powerful marketing technique accessible to entrepreneurs on small budgets, but precisely for this reason that SEO finds itself at #5 on this list. SEO is competitive. SEO is a challenge for new websites and new promotions. Ranking highly in Google for your favoured keyword search terms is better than any advertising and would give you unmatched access to your market. But the results of SEO work can vary. A Successful SEO campaign takes research, it requires a lot of tedious tasks, and that of course costs. I will underline how powerfully effective our SEO can be but you must have the patience and commitment for it if you are in a competitive niche or you’re not hypertargeting some incredibly specific niche angle.

8: Article Marketing: Article Marketing leverages written content for exposure that can be syndicated far and wide to provide exposure to click through traffic as well as considerable SEO benefits. Article syndication as well as freelance article creation is offered as part of our general online marketing strategies. If you don’t have time to build your web presence, it’s better we create monthly content for you then having no new content at all, essential to online marketing is the snowball effect of more content going out online, more backlinks leading back to your site and more traffic.

9:Viral Marketing: More powerful than spreading ideas is building an idea that spreads itself. Whether a video or other media, a competition or a mash up – or even a piece of software or app – the essential concept is the power of an idea to proliferate by way of online sharing without any secondary involvement from the artist. The success of a Viral Marketing campaign is never assured and taking risks to put forward powerful branding messages or leverage powerful value propositions that engage so deeply that it spreads online or through word of mouth is a longshot but always has the potential to be outrageously successful with a bit of character and flair.

10: Community building: Again building a community around your brand makes long term commitment and personal contribution unavoidable – this ia successful strategy if executed well, and timed well in an artists career trajectory. But you can’t just create community based loyalty to a musician overnight. Certainly, strategies to nurture your community and provide functionality by way of a forum or other platforms to encourage different kinds of interaction and user driven content creation around your brand can be provided easily and inexpensively and provide great leverage, but early on there will need to be a dedicated effort to inject activity into the community space. This can be more time consuming and long range than many small businesses are prepared for.

Phone me Matt on: +64 (0)27 6848250

$US600 – 3 Months Duration includes:

Website/Graphic Design and Development
Blog Set Up and Development
PPC / Google Adwords Management

Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing
Youtube Promotion
Ongoing consultation


1: Website Development
2: Google Adwords / PPC
3: Blog Promotion
4: Online Video Marketing
5: SEO
6: Email Management / Marketing
7: Article Marketing
8: Social Media Marketing
9: Viral Marketing
10: Community Building

Facebook Marketing: Social Media Marketing and Promotion Ideas

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Need help with small business or entertainment marketing strategies? – Kurb Promotions in Auckland New Zealand offers comprehensive services to cover all aspects of marketing your project or organisation online.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook. Myspace, Youtube and other Social Media Marketing – including Facebook Ads, Google Search Optimisation and Google Adwords – Graphic Design, Blog Promotion, Email List building, Video Marketing – there’s so many ways to build your business and brand online and Kurb has built a reputation for supplying high quality services at an extremely competitive rate internationally!

Talk to us today:

Everyone is talking about social networking, and many claim social networking to be the panacea for all of your marketing ills. Marketing on social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter can help you boost the size of your email list and help you grow your business. The key to success with this strategy is making sure that members of your target market are in your network.

Facebook is very strict and very particular about how its participants contact each other. Facebook limits the number of new invitations that can be sent in a given day or week. The exact number is a Facebook secret and unknown to the public, but if you exceed this secret amount you can get booted from Facebook. However, I think if you stick with no more than 10 per day, you will probably stay within their limits. Secondly, you are permitted only 5000 friends in Facebook, so if you’re successful in this strategy, you may ultimately need to create a waiting list of friends.

How do you find your target market in Facebook? Whether you’re an experienced social networker or just a newbie, here are 10 secrets to growing your target market network in Facebook:

1. Update-to-date profile and/or Fan page: Before you begin a “friending” (i.e. request to become another’s friend), be sure that your profile is up-to-date with an accurate description of what you do, your interests, and your contact info, including your web site URLs. If you have multiple businesses, invite people in your appropriate target market to become fans of your niche-specific fan page.

2. Follow the gurus. Follow leaders in your field/industry and “friend” them. Anytime you make a friend request, include a personal note, as that will improve the likelihood that they will accept your request. Say something like, “I’m a big fan and have been on your ezine/blog list for several years. I’d love to have you in my network in Facebook.” Once they have accepted your invitation, make comments about their status updates to help you get on their radar and in front of their networks.

3. Friends of friends. Take a look at the people in the network of your industry leaders, as they are probably part of your target market as well, and send friend requests to those of interest to you. When you friend someone that you only know by association, send a personal note as well, like “I discovered your profile in <name here>’s network and would like to get to know you better by adding you to my network.”

4. Use groups. Look for groups that may contain your target market. In your search for groups, use keywords that describe your niche, your industry, your geographic area, the interests of your target market, or whatever other terms you might use to find members of your target market. Join and begin to participate in the group so that they begin to get to know you. Then peruse the member lists for good prospects, sic as the members you’ve connected with or have gotten to know. Since you won’t be able to view the profiles of the group members because they aren’t in your network, much of your decision-making about whom to friend may be based upon appearance or how you might be connected to them via other friends in your network5. Check your lists. Friend people that you already know from your high school, college, alumni associations, and places of employment if they fall within your target market definition.

6. Facebook-recommended friends. Facebook typically recommends friends based on your current friends list when you log into your profile. I’ve found these recommendations to be pretty solid. Take them up on their recommendatíon and add those folks to your network.

7. Add by interest or industry. Do a people search by job title, industry, geographic location, or interest. Those people with those terms in their profile will show up in your search, and you can request to add them based on common interests.

8. Build the relationship. Once you friend someone, you need to begin to get to know them and start them on the like, know and trust journey so that you become their top-of-mind expert in a particular area. Begin building the relationship by posting a quick “thank you” note on their wall, as well as a comment about something on their profile that interests you or in which you have in common. Watch for their status updates, as well, and comment on these when appropriate

9. Create a group. Once you’ve got about 500 followers, create a group for your target market. Provide the group with useful content and and ask questions to stimulate discussion and get the members to return to participate in the group. You can post articles, links to blog posts, or videos you have created. Invite group members to any free virtual or face-to-face events you’re hosting.

10. Integrate into your plan. No marketing strategy works unless you consistently implement it over time. As a newbie to Facebook, you might want to spend as much as 60 minutes per day researching friends and participating in groups. As your network grows, you many spend only 15 minutes 3 times per week on Facebook. The key to success is to put this strategy on your calendar and make it a routine part of your ongoing Internet marketing tasks.

While social networking is an inexpensive marketing tool and can be effective in helping you grow your business, maintain your other marketing strategies, as well, and simply add this strategy to your marketing mix. A well-rounded Internet marketing plan that includes social networking.

Thinking Smart about Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Need Online Marketing and Personal Branding and Social Media Marketing services that are practical, affordable and not just fancy trimming?

We offer graphic design, web design, seo marketing, ppc marketing, basically you need for your project or enterprise to get more exposure  online without hitting you hard in the pocket or giving you headaches.

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Those who have been reading my blog for a while know my mantra when it comes to effective bootstrap small business marketingThink like your customer!

For example, since not every type of customer looks to the web for information, not every business necessarily needs a web page.  The same limitation holds true for social media.  It only works if it is where your customers for information.

Even if websites or any of the new media sources out there are the right way to reach your customers, you still need to be clear about your intention with any form of promotion.  What do you want your customers to do at your website?  What do you want them to do with your use of social media promotion?  Bootstrappers can’t just throw a bunch of marketing stuff to the wall with their promotion and hope something sticks.  You have to be intentional in what you do with any form of promotion.

And finally, keep in mind that their are probably a billion websites out there and almost as many people trying to use social media to get business.  You can’t just build it and they will come.  You need a strategy to get people to notice your message and push them to act.

Gene Marks offers his thoughts on using social media:

We’ve been misled as to the benefits of social networking sites. Many of us are finding that these tools do not live up to the hype, especially for small business. Once we start digging deeper, we’re finding a lot of challenges.

Marks discusses five myths about the use and effectiveness of social media for promotion.  This is a good read for anyone currently trying to use social media or thinking about using it.

Social media can be an effective tool.  But, you need to understand if it works for your customers.  If it does make sense as a tool for your target market, the next step is to determine how best to make social media a productive part of your promotional mix.

Marks is not out to prove that the new media people are using to promote their businesses do not work.  There are many examples of the effective use of Twitter for marketing and businesses built through sites like Facebook.

In fact, I can guarantee that he understands that the new media can be effective if used properly.  After all, his public relations person nagged me long enough to get me to blog about his article!

In general the answer to this question is always but the answer is much more involved. Sure cyberspace marketing is worthwhile but as with any type of marketing it is only worthwhile if it is done well. For example you crapper spend thousands of dollars on a television marketing crusade but if no one sees your commercials or your commercials do not reach your direct conference and generate sales, the advertising was not worthwhile. So perhaps a more appropriate answer to this question would be that cyberspace marketing is worthwhile when it works. This is a rather vague statement but this article module investigate the issue further and vindicate how you crapper attain cyberspace marketing work for your business.

One of the most base principles of marketing is to attain sure you reach your direct audience. This is so important because your direct conference is the people who are most likely going to be interested in purchasing your products or services. It is much easier to sell your products or services to those who already have an interest in the products and services you have to offer than it is to convince those who are not interested in your products or services at all. As an example consider a playing who sells fishing rods. You module want to market your products to those who enjoy fishing either competitively or as a leisure activity because among this conference you are likely to find people who may be interested in purchasing a new fishing rod. It would attain sense to place an advertizing for your playing on a website selling bait and tackle or a website which organizes fishing trips in exotic locations. Conversely it would not attain sense to place your advertizing on a website selling telescopes because you are not likely to reach a large direct conference here. There may be some stargazers with an interest in fishing but your advertising dollars and efforts would be better spent placing advertisements with websites more closely attendant to your business.

Another factor to consider when purchasing advertising space on another cyberspace website is traffic the amount of traffic the another website receives. This is significant because you want to place your advertizing on a website which is closely attendant to your possess and likely to attract a similar conference but you also want your advertizing to receive a large amount of attention. For this think it is important for your advertizing to appear on a website which receives a great amount of traffic apiece month. This module help to ensure your playing is getting a great deal of exposure finished this advertising.

When it comes to cyberspace advertising, there is a fine line between great advertising and spam. Some playing owners get carried away disagreeable to get as much exposure as possible and crapper sometimes go overboard and wind up being considered spam. cyberspace users who see your advertizing in a couple of key locations module likely notice the advertizing and may be compelled to visit your website immediately or may keep your website in mind for future use. However, cyberspace users who see your advertizing everywhere they look are likely to analyse your advertizing as spam. This crapper be bruising because they are not likely to visit your website because they expect it to not be worthwhile.

In any online marketing crusade it is important to carefully monitor the results of your marketing efforts and attain changes to your crusade as necessary. This is important because you want to attain sure your marketing efforts are paying off and the best way to do this is to evaluate the results of your advertising carefully. One way to do this is to place specially coding in apiece one of your advertisements so you module know which advertisements are generating playing for you and which ones are not. You crapper use this aggregation to end whether you should modify the ineffective website or stop running these advertisements. If you end to modify them you module want to continue to monitor the results to determine whether or not the changes made the advertisements more effective.

Small Business Social Media Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

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Small businesses have the most to gain by using social media because

  1. They tend to have smaller advertising budgets
  2. The owner tends to be more engaged in the business
  3. Larger companies are moving slowly and have more bureaucracy

With this in mind I can only think the main thing holding small business back is either fear of the unknown or lack of ideas for what to do. Fact is social media need not take up a great deal of resources if you are careful. Here are some social media tactics anyone can do in an hour or less …


  • Do keyword research to find what people are looking for
  • Research Social Bookmarking sites to see what has been popular in the past
  • Browse Q&A sites for good questions that you can answer
  • Find forums where they discuss your subject

Content and Links

  • Blog about the wants, needs and interests that you unearth
  • Guest post and comment on blogs to create connections and links back
  • Use flickr and YouTube and create topic-relevant media and video conversations


  • Create content to promote in social bookmarking sites to get awareness, links and traffic
  • Advertise on Facebook and StumbleUpon
  • Create video responses to YouTube videos


  • Search twitter to find people discussing the subject and also to drive people to your blog
  • Ask and answer questions at LinkedIn
  • Join Facebook groups or start your own
  • Connect up all your Social Media profiles

What other social media tactics can you think of that a small business should try?

More Quick Social Media Online Music Promotion Platform Tips

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
  • Facebook, Myspace and also…..Bebo – got a reputation for being ‘Pop’ but there is a big diversity on there.
  • is also very good, especially when combined with Facebook Pages
  • can be used to make updating profiles easier, and works with MySpace & Virb
  • Use RSS on sites as much as possible to cut down on duplication.
  • Google Calendar can help with tour dates and event info. Use Google Analytics on everything.
  • Reverb Nation has some excellent tools but lacks sufficient audience numbers to gain mass exposure – however, the widgets can be really useful on MySpace and Facebook.
  • If an artist has a strong fan community then is fantastic, and can be combined with Reverb Nation, Google Cal, Flickr and Facebook
  • YouTube is often missed as a social network but it can work really well if you can build sufficient numbers of subscribers – start by creating channels.
  • Use to measure buzz
  • Use to see who is talking about an artist
  • Use Yahoo Pipes to create aggregated feeds and run through Feedburner to create the ultimate artist RSS feed for fans
  • And finally, use to see which fans have beaten you to your artist name