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Media / Marketing / Promotions / Online Position in Grey Lynn, Auckland

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Again, preparing to try and find an intern / assistant / apprentice type person to train up so drafting out a copy for an online ad . . .

Hi, I am entrepreneur who specializes in online marketing and music management, I run several online businesses and handle up to a dozen music and entertainment clients from NZ and around the world at a time.

Once again, despite staff both here and overseas assisting with the business, I am having to turn down opportunities because I have my own personal priorities.

This of course creates the opportunity to bring on and train an assistant or an apprentice to get involved but the skills and experience needed working alongside clients, in online marketing, and in providing our local services, requires knowledge and understanding of what exactly we provide.

This is why this is a training opportunity rather than an offer of immediate employment which would suit a bright younger person of senior high school or university age who was able to commit at least some time initially to learning the broader nature of what we do.

This is a REAL music management, promotions and online marketing business and no training will substitute for experience in a successful working operation, in a position where you can learn the workings of such a business, and easily progress as there is clearly demand for what we do that we cannot currently meet.

Initially we’ll start you working online in music promotion so you won’t have to come in. I’ll be waiting to be impressed by someone who learns quickly and has an agile understanding of online promotion and dealing with the clients concerns by email.

At that stage, to progress you to a paid position which is what the ultimately is, you will have to come in and begin particpating in the more practical parts of the business.

Customer service is paramount, so your understanding of the full range of services we provide and responding to clients inquiries is vital.

But also we have over half a dozen staff working offshore, I need to train someone to keep these staff members on task in terms of our clients projects and goals, while reporting to me and to clients.

This is the role you’ll move into ultimately if you’re looking for high paid career opportunity. Obviously if within a year or two I could replace myself in managing the business that would be something I could definitely provide a generous salary for and also give you an invaluable skill set for business managament in the future.

But until then:

Deliveries and supply runs would also be included, obviously if you have access to a vehicle for a few hours at a time this would be a massive help.

Because Email is our main form of communication and written content still plays a major part in online marketing, good written skills are important.

Summary of what you’ll need to be considered:

Regular access to the internet

Strong written communication – good marks in English, History, Social Studies etc.

Experience and understanding of photoshop, video

Understanding of online social networks: youtube, myspace, facebook etc.

Access to a vehicle