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Get your a video presentation produced and promoted online for under $1000!!!

kurb is making cheap and easy for small businesses to have a video presence online.

Video marketing presentations are a powerful way to market online, not only can they bring your businesses brands, products and services to life as part of your existing website, you can also use powerful online platforms such as youtube and other social media sites to attract more business through your video content.

Kurb Promotions is connecting people with effective online marketing solutions that are affordable and great value.

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Basic ongoing video promotion and distribution, with social and search marketing support:

Independent: $500 3 months
Business: $900 3 months

Basic video production and promotion campaign, Vflyers or Vblogs, distribution and promotion, with social and search marketing support

Independent: $900
Business: $1200

Music video or video presentation with video promotion and distribution, with social and search marketing support:

Independant: $1200
Business: $1900

Shooting / Editing + Post Production – Basic / $750 // Extended / $1200

We allocate half a day – 4 hours – for travel and shooting, whatever set up is required and filming, plus another four hours for editing – this includes adding titles including your web domain for promotion on youtube etc., and original royalty free music. However much we can get done in this window given the content and the subject matter of the video is what we provide.

Animated video / $500

If you simply need an animated presentation putting together images you have with titles and perhaps a voice over without having to add any footage we shoot

Basic Youtube Set Up and Promo / $200

From my personal experience, the videos I created for Kurb have helped me to make a tremendous connection with viewers who then became clients. This is why I knew that this was an essential service to offer to

When it comes to engaging new customers and clients, nothing beats the

The service we offer at Kurb was developed so that small businesses and organisations can get videos made simply and cheaply with the whole process taken care of.

We shoot footage, we edit, adding titles and music, we upload online so that you can add to your website or blog. It’s all one easy process, executed in a straightforward manner so that you begin to benefit from online video exposure for your brand, products and services/

As part of the package we can also include online video marketing which includes distribution and promotion of your video over multiple networks, and a dedicated campaign to increase views and engagement on youtube.

Should you need a blog or a website you should definitely contact us regarding a package for you online promotion needs.

Our packages can also include social media marketing – facebook promotion, myspace promotion to further the reach of your video online, as well as search engine and highly targeted pay per click online advertising.

The price and the concept:

Our proposition is simple: We make you a video and take it from production to promotion. It is our proposal to spend half a day preparing and shooting a script either provided by you or created by us, using the resources we have or you are able to make available to us in that time.

That means if you require me to present the video for you I am happy to do that.

Your needs are best discussed with us so we can estimate a fair price but here is an upfront breakdown of what the costs are likely to be.

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