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The connection and reach offered by online video and viral is now totally simple and affordable

You can have an online video clip and marketing campaign created for you for less than $1000!

At kurb promotions we develop create and market an online campaign just for you - did you think you could ever make and distribute your own video commercial to thousands of people for less than $1000? We develop concepts, present, produce, promote and provide general online marketing support for your online and viral video campaign requirements - contact Kurb today:


Online Video Promotion from $197
Online Video Production from $397


Youtube views guaranteed

for $395:

Basic video promotion and
distribution, with social and search marketing support

for $795:
Basic video production and promotion campaign, Vflyers or Vblogs, distribution and promotion, with social and search marketing support

for $995:
Music video or video presentation with video promotion and distribution, with social and search marketing support

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+64 (0)27 6848250


Hey it's Matt from Kurb here with a fresh menu of what's on offer with our video promotions packages right now.

You'll know that we do online marketing separate from youtube, that's why we offer a variety of packages. We do video promotion to build exposure and views for your video, but we also offer a full range of online marketing strategies to integrate with and get the and of course we do video production, and yes you can hire me to do exactly what I'm doing here right now and provide a face to present your videos.

If you're interested in what we can offer you in terms of video promotion, online marketing and video production - good value at super cheap prices just email me Matt from Kurb at and I'll be happy to connect with you over skype and discuss how we can deliver a quality video campaign for you at an amazing price.


If you just want a whole tonne of people to see your video on youtube we have a variety of techniques we use, some are faster than others, and some are better for ensuring your video is exposed to a quality audience of viewers, and much of course depends on your video.

It's often a combination of techniques we use to ensure a guaranteed amount of views, but unfortunately I can't give you a hard figure on how much I charge for guaranteed packages because youtube is always changing, the effectiveness of various techniques we use can vary and it often depends on your video, driving traffic from both within youtube using the system cleverly or driving traffic throughinbound links from a variety of sources, advertising, search rankings, social media and similar high traffic sites.

The price for 20,000 views is going to vary from between $150 to $250 depending on further requirements of the campaign but 100,000 can be $350 to $800 depending on the video, the campaign, and what's working for us. That's also why I tend to ask for at least 1 - 3 months to ensure we meet your guarantees as it's not an exact science guaranteeing authentic views on youtube.


Often the more your video it's backed up by solid online marketing happening outside of our youtube promotions, the better you'll be able to connect with your target audience. That's why additional support we can provide in search engine optimisation, online advertising, social media, publicity, blogging, web development and fan interaction. It's best to discuss how wider online marketing can support your outcomes.

It usually takes more than watching a video once to convince people to buy something if that's your outcome, so that's why I suggest it's important to look further than just youtube to meet your aims.


We also over simple video production packages which allow you to have a professional online video presence. Simple animated videos with titles and narration are less than $200 while videos just like this with someone like me presenting for you are less than $400 to create exactly to your requirements and include free promotion!

What makes this so appealling is that we can create videos for you that support your original video or even provide a series. We're here to use our experience and creativity to work with you to develop a strong concept for your online video presentation that has the ability to reach out to your audience and get them active and responding to your message.

So don't forget if you want to discuss with me any aspect of the youtube promotion, online marketing and video production we can offer you to create a strong connection with online video marketing and distribution of information contact me Matt at, you can get my skype details off me there if you want to discuss further how we can work together.

Until then look out for the videos we'll be producing and the campaigns we're launching to become one of the pluckiest little digital video marketing outfits and I look forward to hearing your plans for online video development soon. Cheers.

Get your a video presentation produced and promoted online for under $1000!!! We do basic online videos starting at $NZ197

kurb is making cheap and easy for small businesses and organisations to have a video presence online.

Video marketing presentations are a powerful way to market online, not only can they bring your businesses brands, products and services to life as part of your existing website, you can also use powerful online platforms such as youtube and other social media sites to attract more business through your video content.

Kurb Promotions is connecting people with effective online marketing solutions that are affordable and great value.

Phone me Matt on: +64 (0)27 6848250 //


From my personal experience, the videos I created for Kurb have helped me to make a tremendous connection with viewers who then became clients. This is why I knew that this was an essential service to offer to kurb clients both inside and outside of New Zealand.

When it comes to engaging new customers and clients, nothing beats the personal connection of video marketing - presenting and promoting you, your brand, your services and products, and we also have myself and other trained contacts who are able to present your video for a professional touch.

The service we offer at Kurb was developed so that small businesses and organisations can get videos made simply and cheaply with the whole process taken care of.

We shoot footage, we edit, adding titles and music, we upload online so that you can add to your website or blog. It's all one easy process, executed in a straightforward manner so that you begin to benefit from online video exposure for your brand, products and services.

As part of the package we can also include online video marketing which includes distribution and promotion of your video over multiple networks, and a dedicated campaign to increase views and engagement on youtube.

Should you need a blog or a website you should definitely contact us regarding a package for you online promotion needs.

Our packages can also include social media marketing - facebook promotion, myspace promotion to further the reach of your video online, as well as search engine and highly targeted pay per click online advertising.

The price and the concept:

Our proposition is simple: We make you a video and take it from production to promotion. It is our proposal to spend half a day preparing and shooting a script either provided by you or created by us, using the resources we have or you are able to make available to us in that time.

That means if you require me to present the video for you I am happy to do that.

Your needs are best discussed with us so we can estimate a fair price but here is an upfront breakdown of what the costs are likely to be:

Video Marketing

The benefits of television advertising have allowed businesses to build powerful marketing and branding campaigns for over half a century now through television,

Why is video marketing the hottest thing in online promotion right now? For the first time, on an extremely small budget, you can market and brand your music, ideas, services or products to the world by constructing compelling demonstrations and short promotional pieces and broadcast them to the world! I've talked about building relationships online with your fanbase or customers or potential clients - well video marketing is massive because people are interacting with your content on a whole new level - its all so much more real than words and pictures on a page.

Youtube is one of the biggest sites in the world connecting 124 million users - think of the potential for your project to really take off - well Kurb provides both promotion and production packages to get your video content going global with the potetntial of bringing you in touch with a vast range of new contacts and no

The explosion in video marketing is based on the way technology has delivered the means to create and distribute video on next to nothing and this "lo-fi" approach to video production has gained traction as an easy way for new and smaller niche players to enter the medium.

Again with many of the services Kurb provides, these packages are designed to provide access to technology on a budget to those who up until now could never considered something like this, and delivering unrivalled value.

If you already have video content our we have services and methods in place to maximise your distribution and promotion through online platforms. Social promotion of videos involves not only the automation techniques which have made Kurb so effective on both both social and video sites, but also distribution and exposure on a continually expanding list of worldwide video content providers.

If you are looking to produce new content, we are currently preparing to launch our production unit delivering another affordable solution from Kurb. As always we will be leading by example, and encourage you to check back at the kurb site and blogs when our first videos become available.

A simple minute long video introducing people to your website is enough to get started. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate - just someone talking about or "endorsing" the band, the brand the product etc. But from that simple starting point the sky is the limit.

Nowhere will you find the combination cutting edge expertise in online promotions and viral video marketing alongside the great value offered by kurb video production, giving you the power to create powerful and personal promotions messages with access to the medium of video production and marketing like never before.



K.urb provides a full range of packages for artists to guide and support your act through to sustaining a career in the music industry. Kurb is changing the way music is promoted in Australasia. Find o





Shooting / Editing + Post Production - Basic / $667 // Extended / $1167

We allocate half a day - 4 hours - for travel and shooting, whatever set up is required and filming, plus another four hours for editing - this includes adding titles including your web domain for promotion on youtube etc., and original royalty free music. However much we can get done in this window given the content and the subject matter of the video is what we provide.

Animated video / $467

If you simply need an animated presentation putting together images you have with titles and perhaps a voice over without having to add any footage we shoot

Basic Youtube Set Up and Promo / $197
10,000 - 20,000 views guranteed


Graphic design services


Kurb provides the following cutting edge services and strategies with full comprehensive package options starting from $200 p/month for talent and
$350 p/month for businesses


Special packages for small businesses and venues

Comprehensive and affordable packages covering complete online, disc and street campaign options and more for entrepreneurs and small businesses

promotions and management packages for artists

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